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Every guy can grow out some short peach fuzz and call it a beard, but it takes a real man to unleash its full potential. Mustache for face shape.

The key point is to properly match the beard length and style to the shape of your face. Not every beard will suit every man the same, so don’t think that just because you saw it on Leonardo DiCaprio you are able to pull it off as well. As we all know, beards are an epitome of a sexy man who knows what he wants.

In order to have the right beard style, you must first determine your facial shape.

Measuring Your Facial Shape

After you write these numbers down, find the intruder. It is the largest number that you’re interested in. You can either have a: Take a tape measure and a piece of paper.

Measure the following parts:

Forehead: Measure the distance between the peak of your eyebrow arches. Write that measurement down.

Cheekbones: Start at the sharp bump below the corners of your eyes. Spread the tape across your face and mark the distance.

Jawline: Set the tape on the widest points of you jaw and measure the distance between them across your face (approximately an inch from your ears).

Ways to trim mustache

Face length: Measure the distance between the center of your hairline down to the tip of your chin.

Determining Your Facial Shape

Round – Characteristics of a round face are large cheekbones that are almost the same length as your entire face. These two are bigger than your forehead as well as your jawline, while the angle of the jaw is pretty soft.

Square – If all of your measurements are somewhat similar, then you have a square face. This makes the angle of your jaw sharp.

Oblong – Your face length number is the largest, while the rest is smaller and quite similar in size.

Diamond – Yet again, your face length is the largest. After that, your cheekbones are the largest, then the forehead and lastly the jawline. The chin is pointed.

Triangular – Characteristics are a very large jawline with smaller cheekbones followed by the smallest forehead. The face length can be any size.

Oval – The length of the face is larger than the cheekbones, while the forehead is quite larger than the jawline. The jaw is rounded.

Mustache mustache

What Beard Style To Go For?

After you determine your face shape you can proceed with the shaving and styling. Studies have shown that beards are a sign of strength, dominance, and power. No wonder men are trying to step up their beard game.

The styles you see below are simply recommendations, and you don’t need to follow them completely but instead just soak in the knowledge and find out which beard style matches your facial shape best.

Go shorter on the sides and longer at the bottom. You will need to grow out a lot of hair on your cheeks and sideburns in order to get the slimmer face. The hair on your chin, as well as the neck, should always be styled and trimmed accordingly. Men with this face type can go for the goatee as well. Another great option is the so-called Garibaldi beard.

This is the type that Abraham Lincoln had.


Since square faces have relatively smaller jaws, they will look the best with more hair on their chin and a lot less on the sides and the neck. Trimming your neck hair is a must for this beard style! Don’t let your cheeks, nor your sideburns be covered with bushy hair. Go for a full goatee or even a chin strap. The so-called Anchor Beard is a great beard inspo!


Full on the side and shorter on the bottom! You should maintain and trim your neck hair as well as chin hair while growing out sideburns and cheeks. Two great options are the Mutton Chop or a full beard. Just maintain the length while constantly trimming your neck and chin area.


Chin hair is a must for the diamond face shape! Try to go a little a little wider on the sides and on the cheeks. A full beard or the style called the Balbo are great ideas. Men that have a diamond face can also grow a full mustache.

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You should draw the attention away from your chin and focus it on the hair on the upper parameters of your face. Don’t go for the hair on the cheeks because you are trying to make your jawline appear smaller. Keep the hair short on the chin. A beardstache or a full-grown mustache are a great option for this face type.

Also, short to medium stubble goes quite well with this face shape.

This is actually the most common face shape that allows men to rock any style that they desire! Oval faces look good with a lot of options. Most of the time, men will grow a full beard with a mustache and proudly show it off.

Now you know what the perfect style for your face is. Be sure to follow the proper steps in order to achieve your wanted look. In case you are lacking some hair at the moment don’t worry.

Men can grow even up to 25,000 facial hairs every 24 hours and easily cover their entire face, meaning that you will be able to pull off your desired look in no time.
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