How to make your mustache grow longer. 3 Facial Hairstyles That We Will Always Love , Bevel

In an age where weird is cool, and new is always better, very few things have general appeal. Nothing seems timeless. Classics are forgotten. But when it comes to men’s facial hair some things never change. These three facial hairstyles will always be favorites. Mustache for face shape.

Nothing shouts masculinity like a full, hearty beard. But understand this: a full beard requires commitment and dedication to constant maintenance. The rate of growth for your beard depends on genetics. So, while some man will see full growth in a week, for others it might take as long as three weeks. Once you have your beard at the desired length, the most important step is to get the proper supplies for grooming: anti-dandruff shampoo, conditioner, comb, brush, and a trimmer.

Anti-dandruff shampoo will help prevent irritation and itching, and eliminate the dry flaking skin that can make your beard appear unseemly, while conditioner will make your beard soft and healthy. The comb and brush are necessary for styling. And lastly, a trimmer will help regulate beard growth, so that you don’t have uneven hairs sticking out.

This is what a real mustache looks like

When it comes to the “stache,” a bit of grooming and personal consideration will take you a long way. A good mustache accents your facial shape. For a square face, go for a heavy mustache that extends beyond the corners of the mouth. Men with oval faces should aim for a triangle shaped mustache to round out your face. When the shape is figured out, then it’s all about using a single blade razor to keep it styled and small scissors to catch stray hairs. And don’t forget that some good mustache wax can help add some flair to a mustache of any style.

From Leonardo DiCaprio to Brad Pitt, the goatee’s popularity has never been so high. Because goatees can take on multiple forms, it’s best to grow out a full beard first. Once your beard is grown, a single razor and a comb are really the only basics you need. For extra care, it is a good choice to keep a trimmer around. But before you start to grow this style, take into account these few things. Thinner goatees are considered more appropriate for strict professional settings, while the thicker, fuller goatees are more accepted in business casual environments.

Moustache styles for face shapes

Well-groomed facial hair is a must, but now that you know a few styles that will always be highly favored, you can stop focusing on what style to choose and instead focus on how to make it your own.
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