How to make moustache look thicker. Different Mustache Style and Mustache Growing Guideline

Today keeping a beard is in the fashion trend. Some people also like to keep mustache with their beard. So here I come to tell you about the different mustache style and mustache growing guideline. How to trim pencil mustache.

Define Mustache:

The facial hair which grows on the upper lip is called a mustache. There is confusion about mustache and mustache. In British English, it is known as a mustache and in American English, it is known as a mustache. You can style your mustache in different ways by trimming and styling with good mustache wax.

Different Style of Mustache:

You will be surprised to know that there are different types of mustache styles. The all have an own unique identity on their style. To grow a mustache you definitely should know all about them. So now let’s talk about different mustache style.

Handlebar Mustache Style:

A Handlebar mustache is usually known, as the name implies, by its intelligible edges. The middle of this types of beard ought to be unbroken maintained at a standard, affordable length; all the hassle and glory in such mustaches is dedicated to the perimeters, which might be full-grown out for months. To finish it perfect look by curling your edges you can use beard balm and beard wax. And twist them with your finger daily. We called it also a Nobel mustache.

Petit Handlebar Mustache style:

Petit Handlebar is the lighter version of the Handlebar mustache. Unlike handle bar mustache its length should be the size of your mouth. For maintaining the size you can use the trimmers.

Chevron Mustache Style:

Chevron mustache is the classic mustache. It is defined as thick mustache which will give you a bold look. It will fully grow a mustache at the length of your lip size.

Dali Mustache Style:

The Dali mustache definitions come from the ‘The World Beard and Mustache Championships’ which is said that this style is should be “narrow, Long points bent or curved steeply upward; areas past the corner of the mouth must be shaved”.

English Mustache Style:

English mustache style is almost same as the Dali style. It is define as it is a limited style including long bristles from the inside over the upper lip, pulled to the sides and with tips somewhat upturned.

Horseshoe Mustache Style:

Horseshoe mustache style is pretty much famous style. It is like inverted U and also looks like a horseshoe for that reason the name came. It is the thick mustache wrestler, cowboy, and the bikers are mostly like this style very much.

Moustache styling tips

Fu Manchu Mustache Style:

The shape of Fu Manchu is almost same but it is thinner and the length extended beyond the base of your chin.

Pencil Mustache Style:

Pencil mustache is as thin as a pencil outline. The growing process is very much easy just you need to be careful when you trimmed it.

Pyramid Mustache Style:

The pyramid mustache style named as it is looked like a Pyramid which is defined as a wide base tapering into some extend slightly below the nose, with or without a locality within the center.

Lampshade Mustache Style:

As like the name this type of mustache, style looks like lamp head part. The Lampshade is fairly low-key style.

Boxcar Mustache Style:

Boxcar style is a bold and yet simple style to try out for yourself. Just keep the sides, top and bottom straight and angular and you can get this style.

Major Mustache Style:

The Major mustache style is also known as the Double Boxcar style. Because it seems that, the two smaller Boxcar mustaches reassemble in your upper lip.

Toothbrush Mustache Style:

This style made its fame by the great comic actor, producer, and director Charlie Chaplin.

Mustache with your face:

Like beard, you also need to choose mustache style according to your face shape as well as your lip shape. So here I will give you some tips which will help you to choose the best mustache style for you.

Different mustaches pictures

First, you have to consider on your Lip shapes

If you have a thin lip you can grow a bigger mustache which might be growing around the corners of your mouth. This will help you to add volume to your face and make your upper lip look more grounded.

On the other hand, if you have a thick lip in this case you does not need to add volume to your face for that reason a thin or pencil mustache is perfect for you.

Now you already know about the different types of mustaches and which style is suit you the most. Now the question is how you can grow it faster. Here I tell you some step which you need to follow,

First, you have to give your mustache time for growing properly. In the first age, it may grow thin which makes you feel a little bit awkward. But if you grow your mustache and beard together then it may grow in a nice way.

Only growing your mustache is not the right, besides its, you also have to trim your mustaches. It will help you to grow your facial hair in nice shape. In this case, you can use the good trimmer for the perfect shape.

The most important par is you have to trim your beard and mustache regularly because it will help you to give your preferable shapes. You might need to utilize a trimmer to trim the tails of your mustache that go to the sides of the mouth. You will likewise need to shave everything under your jaw, on your cheeks, and around your mouth. Try not to touch your mustache again after an introductory trim.

Sometimes it will take more time for some person. In this case, you may feel different types of irritations. So you need to hold your patients and give time your mustache to grow.

Fat man moustache

To advance facial hair development, pay consideration on your eating routine. Eat nourishment rich in soaked fat, protein, and vitamins An, E, and C. Practice consistently and take a lot of rest to stay fit. Staying sound will enhance your testosterone levels that will empower facial hair Development.

For be clearer you can see this video:

To grow a perfect mustache you also need some extra care. Now I will give you some tips which help you to grow your mustache faster smoother and in perfect shape.

Bottom Line:

I think This is the process you can care and grow your mustache. If you have any Question about mustache feel free to contact us.
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