Wear a moustache. Hipster Style - Men with long hair

Men with long hair

Sometimes we see men with long hair, it seems that is returned to the “hipster” style. We hold that when a man decides to let long hair, looking to differentiate themselves and have their own style. Oddly enough, one of the reasons why men decide to let long hair, it is to avoid frequent visits to the salon. Mustache long hair.

To encourage this change we must consider that a good amount of hair and patience to keep it healthy is required, worst of all, the transition between the two long, such as when the hair is still too short to put it behind her ear. No doubt it is the least elegant time of this style.

This look is striking men and women but note that not all men are made to wear long hair. Grow their hair requires courage and perseverance.

This trend takes increasingly harder and revives on the runways of Fall 2015 Menswear-known designers like Marc Jacobs, Dsquared2 among others. As we have seen, the male mane today marks an authentic style on the runways transported to the city, so the style “hipster” showing hair as natural as possible, but messy. The beard and mustache are main features of this style, remember that a beard, but carefully, given that we are looking bohemian touch. Choosing to combine it with a mustache and stubble fully will complement the hipster style.

That’s how Jared Leto has set the trend in a famous Red Carpet wearing long hair and beard and mustache collected days. Undoubtedly, he made that look, an example for many others who have been encouraged to take on campaigns renowned fashion designers and the Street Style of large cities. The Swedish model Ben Dahlhaus originally stylish surf & hipster, was known after starring in an advertising campaign for the brand of luxury watches Brathwait.

Spanish mustache style

As you see, he breaks the tradition of thin and delicate patterns. His tanned skin, bluish green eyes, long hair and bushy beard makes it unlike any seen before. Notably he has been listed as one of the most handsome men in the world according to recognized internet portals. Besides Ben Dahlhaus, renowned celebrities have worn and carry this look. We can mention Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Jared Leto, among others. Recommendations for men hairstyles with long hair

Does the sleek look is not your style? The tousled hair can also combine well with your suit or tuxedo. Note that the gel is exclusively reserved for evening events.

For a surfer look is important to avoid leaving the dryer to dry your hair outdoors and comb with your fingers accentuating some strands and can be used to highlight hair wax.

We recommend that men with long hair and feminine features should opt for beard and mustache to get male and accentuate features.

Long hair can disturb in your sports activities, to avoid it, clear your face with a headband style to the athlete, or pick it up with a rubber hair. For those keeping hair up in a ponytail, the beard is the ideal complement for that look.

Indian style mustache

After choosing the style not forget to care for your hair nourishing masks, do not expose it to sunlight with oils, these ends up damaging it. We have asked women to give us opinions about men wearing long hair and called us a lot of attention a large majority love them and others were appalled a man with long hair and even have trouble adjusting to the idea of being with a man with hair as or longer than them.

We believe that men with long hair have a mysterious look and emit vitality and virility. Sometimes, this look can also make them look younger, rebellious surfers, hipsters, hippies, among other authentic views.

How do you think about this new trend of long hair on men?

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