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In fact, different face shapes call for different beard styles. Following are the rules that will help you achieve what we like to call “optimal beard.” Mustache styles for face shape.

For the perfect facial hair styles, here is the guiding principle to keep in mind.

Now, match your genetic geometry with the most flattering facial-hair style. It might sound unreasonable, but this is a fact that the shape of your head actually dictate your beard style and how you grow your beard. Are you more of a basketball or a football or a rugby ball?

Find The Best Beard Style For Your Face Shape – Step By Step

In fact, you don’t want to end up looking like a badminton shuttlecock! In spite of all this, all face shapes are wonderful and unique and should be celebrated as such. But above all, good maintenance is the secret to a lustrous beard.

Efforts and practices should be made to keep beard healthy and soft. As a matter of fact, if you want to put your faith behind geometry and symmetry, then there are some tips to help you out.

If you are going to grow a beard, make sure you grow the right one. Brush up on your knowledge and trim any chance of picking an unflattering beard style for your face. But first and foremost, take a look in the mirror and use our guide below to identify your face shape and make all future grooming decisions clean-cut. There are a lot of different beard styles that include stubble beard, French Beard, etc. Make sure you choose according to your face.

What Face Shape Am I?

How you can find what shape your face is? It’s very simple. First, just arm yourself with a flexible tape measure. Secondly, take the following measurements, and record each as you go:

Forehead: Make sure to measure across your face from the peak of one eyebrow arch to the peak of the opposite arch.

Cheekbones: While measuring across your cheekbones, make a start and end at the pointiest part below the outer corner of each eye.

Jawline: Make sure to measure from tip of your chin to below your ear at the point at which your jaw angles upwards. Remember to multiply that number by two to get your jawline measurement.

Face Length: For measurement of face length, measure from the center of your hairline to the tip of your chin.

Once you have taken these measurements, please note which is the largest of the four. Afterward, compare it to the below profiles to see which best describes your face shape:

Oval: in oval face, face length is greater than the width of the cheekbones, and forehead is greater than the jawline. Moreover, the angle of the jaw is rounded rather than sharp.

Rectangle: In case of rectangle face, face length is the greatest measurement. Forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are also similar in size in this.

Triangular: For a triangular shape face, jawline measures greater than cheekbones, which measure larger than forehead.

Round: If you have a round face, then cheekbones and face length have a similar measurement. They are larger than forehead and jawline. This will also have a similar measurement. Moreover, the angle of the jaw is soft and much less defined.

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Heart: For a heart shaped face, forehead measures greater than the cheekbones and jawline. The chin is pointed in this case.

Square: For a square face, all measurements are fairly similar. However, in this case, the angle of the jaw is sharp rather than rounded.

Diamond: For a diamond shaped face, face length measures largest. Then, in descending order: cheekbones, forehead, and smallest is jawline. The chin is also pointed.

How To Find The Best Beard Style For Round Face

“For round face, grow hair longer on the bottom, shorter on the sides”

For a round face, cultivating a large, unkempt beard will only serve to turn your head into a bowling ball. Therefore, to combat this, you need to work on the angles.

It is commonly said that a rounded face shape benefits from having a triangular-shaped style. King Leonidas is a great example of round face beard.

Having a round face does not necessarily mean you are overweight. Regardless of your size, you can have this. The biggest advantage of round face is that most beard styles go great with this face shape. But if you really want to downplay the roundness of your face, certain styles work best.

What is an ideal style for you?

If you want to slim down and lengthen the face, go for a beard that is relatively long at the chin and shorter on the cheeks. Try to trim the hair closely on the sides and leave it longer along the jawbone, and longest at the chin.

Hence, keep the sides short and let everything under the chin grow fully. Moreover, for your sideburns, they should end in a tip and curve just under your ear lobe. For your hair, use a fashion style with lots of volume, since short hair really enhance the face’s round features.

Find The Best Beard Style For Square Face

“For square face, keep hair fuller on the chin, shorter on the sides”

Contrary to a round face, where you want to highlight the angles, for a square face you have to soften them. Hence, similar to guys with round faces, you want a long but narrow beard to add length to your face without widening it. This is because your face is more angular than a round one, so it becomes important to shape the beard as it grows.

Keep in mind: try sculpting it into a rounded, more oval shape as it becomes fuller. So, keep hair fuller on the chin, and shorter on the sides!

What is an ideal style for you?

For a square face, to conceal your features and add roundness, go for a long beard with a mustache or goatee. Try to make sure to cut the hairs fairly short so that the beard does not look too bushy, which can accentuate and make prominent your square profile. Moreover, you can also maintain a 3- or a 10-day beard, so long as you keep it looking rounded.

Try to avoid beards that are big and thick, or a shaggy look. Remember that a square beard with sharp lines and right angles will not be flattering with a broad jawline. So, to complement this face shape, you need to ensure that the chin area is rounded or triangular.

Best Beard Style For Triangular Face

A matter of fact, triangular faces have a relatively pointed chin that elongates the face. Therefore, boys really want a beard that lessens the appearance of length of face.

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What is an ideal style for you?

Following tips will help you get an ideal style for beard for triangular face. For the purpose of balancing out your face’s shape, try to wear thick whiskers along the sides of the face, but remember not at the chin. Go for thick sideburns, with a shaved chin. Just keep in mind that sideburns are essential allies for triangular faces.

Therefore, to make the jaw look wider, we suggest keeping them long as well as thick. Moreover, if you really like, you can even let your sideburns grow out midway along your jawline. Try to avoid the long beards that accentuate the face’s shape.

Find The Best Beard Style For Oval Face

“Oval faces are a middle ground between the other shapes, therefore most styles will work well with these”

Oval faces are in fact the most symmetrically pleasing. Guys with this shape can attempt just about any type of beard style, with little risk for how it will affect the symmetry. Keep in mind that bushy on the sides and short on the bottom will usually look just as flattering as short sides and a fuller length.

So long as you don’t go trimming sharp angles into it, you should find that most beard styles complement your bone structure! If you have an oval face cut, just remember anything or almost anything goes with this face shape. While trimming your beard, make sure to simply balance out the bottom of the face.

What is an ideal style for you?

Want to get an ideal beard style for oval face? Here is the tip: oval-shaped faces look great with a moustache, a five o’clock shadow, a goatee, a long beard, a full beard. Make sure to avoid a goatee that is too long, and could overstretch the face’s profile.

Best Beard Style For Rectangular Face

“For rectangular face, keep the sides fuller, and the bottom shorter”

Rectangular faces are wide at the forehead and chin. So, many people want to shorten and round in the face while softening the angles. For a rectangular face cut, a beard with a short bottom and fuller sides will add width to your naturally more narrow face.

As a matter of fact, this is a much better option than growing a long, narrow beard that counters all laws of symmetry. For perfect beard style for rectangular face, keep the sides fuller, and the bottom shorter.

What is an ideal style for you?

To get a perfect beard style, break up the evenness with triangular shapes. If you like, go for a shorter beard, without a goatee, but with thick sideburns, cheeks and a moustache. This will look better on rectangular face. Try to avoid wearing just a mustache, which will accentuate the rectangular shape.

Best Beard Style For Diamond-Shaped Face

A diamond-shaped face is in between oval and square face. This face shape features prominent cheekbones, an imposing jawline and a finer, longer chin. For this purpose, you have to square your features as much as possible. A guy with diamond-shaped face has got wide cheeks and a narrow forehead and jaw.

This means it is best to keep the sides short, while growing out the bottom of the beard. Try to keep the chin hair slightly shorter than the rest of the bottom. Moreover, you can also give this illusion and look by sculpting the beard into an oval shape with a good beard wax or oil.

What is an ideal style for you?

For an ideal beard style for diamond-shaped face, go for a thick beard that covers the chin or for long sideburns that even out the face and soften its features. In this case, moustaches and goatees are discouraged, since they highlight the pointed appearance of the chin.

Find The Best Beard Style For Heart-Shaped Face

If you have a heart-shaped face, try to even out the shape of the face, to compensate for the thinner jaw and wider brow.

What is an ideal style for you?

Here is the best tip of beard style if you have a heart-shaped face. Just go for a full beard with a somewhat scruffy look to give the impression of a wider jaw. Moreover, if you want to make your chin look less pointed, let your beard grow on the neck, to just above the Adam’s apple.

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Try to avoid the sideburns that are too thick. Try to keep them short to ensure they do not widen the face, which is already broad in this area.

Also, this is a common issue nowadays that mostly men can’t grow proper beard and even if some facial hair come out on their face, they are uneven patches which don’t look good at all.

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