Proper mustache trimming. Face Shape Vs. Beard: Which Beard Style Is Best for You?

Wondering what beard style will suit your face? Whether you’ve tried growing a beard before or this is your first time, it’s always good to have an idea what you could look like in different styles, especially that not all styles suit all face shapes. With facial hair trending in our modern days, it’s quite fortunate that they’ve become an acceptable trait in most workplaces. Mustache styles for face shape.

If you’re thinking to go as the trend suggests, then it’s best to follow some specifications, instead of going for what you think looks best on you. Since although beards and mustaches are a matter of taste and a lot of times reflect your personality and image, they make a huge difference in terms of complimenting your face shape by grabbing attention towards them. And so, you should be careful while choosing which style to acquire.

Beard Styles for Different Face Shapes

A lot of face shapes have more than one style that goes with them. But as along as you know which styles compliment your features, you can then concentrate and modify the style so that it enhances some aspects of your taste and personality. This guide will suggest several face shapes and which beard styles go with them, so make sure to take a few minutes to see which styles suits your face and taste best.

Round Face

When your face is round and you have full cheeks, then your aim would be to make it appear more slim and oval. To do so, you should avoid growing the sides of your face and instead concentrate on growing it longer on the bottom. This way you would avoid making your face looking even more round and chubby. Consider adding a sharp mustache that meets your goatee for a narrower look.

Go to: Goatees, Moustaches, Van Dyke.

Avoid: Full beards, bushy sideburns, mutton chops.

Square face

If your face is angular with prominent edges, then you can choose whether to enhance the edges of your beard or make them softer.

Beard styles no moustache

To make your facial appearance look softer, go for a beard that has short sides and is a bit longer on your chin. This way your beard will soften the edges of your face and make it look more round instead.

To make your face look edgier, or at least not lose its edges, then go for a short beard with hard lines.

Go to: All over beard, goatees, mustaches.

Avoid: Depends on whether you want an edgy or a soft look.

Rectangular Face

If your face is rectangular and you’d like to make it look shorter, then you can go for beards with a short bottom and mustaches. Those two will make your face look less elongated and softer on the edges.

Go to: Short box beard, chin curtain, mustache.

Hairstyle with beard and mustache

Oval Face

This is usually the ideal shape that most men want to acquire the feel of. It’s like the middle ground between other shapes. And so, any style you go with will look good.

Go to: Anything and everything.

Avoid: Whatever you don’t like.

Diamond Face

If you have wide cheekbones and narrow jawline and would like to square up your face a bit or make your chin less prominent then opt for full beards or extended goatees, these two will cover your chin and broaden it.

Go to: Extended goatee, full beard, mustache.

Avoid: Long goatee (if your aim is to broaden your chin).

Thick mustache and beard

Below is an infographic showing different facial shapes vs beard styles which will help you decide what you should try.

If your face shape doesn’t fall into any of those categories and isn’t sure how to style your beard, then follow the mere basics of whether you want to soften the edges or make them sharper, elongate your face it or make it look shorter. The good thing about beards is that you won’t reach a point where you’ll regret a style since it can be shaved up and regrown within days. With these given basics, try to create your own style or combine several styles together, in a way where it’ll reflect your image and follow the trend.
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