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As we head into the colder months, more guys are deciding to grow out their beard and rock some facial hair. With more facial hair, you have a lot of options for choosing a style. However, all those options mean nothing if you don’t know what style works best with your unique facial structure. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Mustache styles for face shape.

There are five distinct facial shapes and figuring our which yours falls into will determine which style of facial hair will work best for you. The five shapes are:

Read the descriptions below to find your face shape and our recommended facial hair style that complements your individual bone structure. For any of these styles, use a fresh edge of your Bevel razor to get a sharp line for a clean, groomed shape.

This facial shape is characterized balanced proportions and even curvature. If you fit the round facial shape criteria then try a strong masculine shape. A good choice is a stylized, circular beard, worn a lot by celebrities such as Kanye West. A circular beard is a mustache that continues along the sides of the mouth until it connects with the facial hair on the chin. This facial hair style worn with low cropped hair is always a winner. Just make sure you have a good razor and high-quality shaving cream on hand.

How to grow and style a moustache

The key feature of a square shaped face is a strong jawline. This facial shape is considered the most masculine, giving men a boxer-like ruggedness. We suggest a facial hair style that softens your bone structure such as the all-over beard cropped low and close to the face. For a beard that works great at the office or after hours, you can get a bit more stylized with it by using your razor to clean up your lines and angles. This all-over beard is low maintenance and a great way to bring a lightness to your features.

This shape is longer then oval shape, but is works well for a variety of different styles. A beard is also a great option for this shape; just remember that it’s best not to cut the sides too short. A beard will not only fill out the face, but will also help make the face appear more balanced. This look is simple to keep up and requires only minimal maintenance along the cheek bones and jawlines with a razor.

This shape is distinguished by a wide jawline and a narrow forehead. A thick, medium weighted beard coupled with a longer hairstyle does wonders for these proportions. The main focus with this beard is to determine and maintain a length that does not avoid overly accentuate your chin.

Moustache and soul patch

A heart-shaped face is most notably wider at the temples than. For balance, it’s best it’s best to keep more length when it comes to your hair. A full beard or long, thick, yet structured sideburns are very flattering for this shape.

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