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Facial hair is undeniably the “in” thing to rock these days, and has been trending for a few years now. Whether it’s James Harden, Idris Elba or the cult following behind Mad Men, more and more men are choosing to grow out their whiskers. If you’re torn on whether the look is right for you, check out a few tips on how to line up your facial hair for that well-groomed look. Moustache line up.

It should be a given, but whether you want a full beard, or a simple goatee, growing out facial hair takes patience. So while you wait, keep your look together by using a trimmer, followed by the 3 P’s: preparation, practice and patience.

If this is the look you want, start with your neckline. The simplest way to find it is to bend your head forward, revealing the natural crease that is your neckline. If you place your index finger above your Adams apple, that’s a good indication of your neckline.

Next, wash your neck as you would before shaving. Then, lather the bottom portion of your neck using your Bevel razor, and shave off the hair beneath your neckline. Once you’re done, completely dry your neck.

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To sharpen the edges, use your trimmer and gently create an outline along the crease of your neck. The natural fold in your neck will be your guide. All you have to do is take your time. Shaving off the hair underneath will give you better visibility to guide you along the way.

How full you want the beard on your face is a matter of preference. Once you’ve determined that, clean the blades on your trimmer and get to work. I like to start from my sideburns and work my way down. I gently clear away any hairs above the line I’m creating and work my way down.

For me, maintaining a goatee is the simplest of the facial hairstyles. How full or narrow you want your goatee to look is again a matter of preference. Once you’ve got that figured out, prep your face as you would before shaving to clear away all facial hair grown around the shape of your goatee. I like starting here because a freshly shaven face creates a clearer path for my line up. I start just beneath my nose and shape the top of my mustache, and work my way down. If your goatee is more narrow, there will be more space between the base of your nose and your upper lip. Once I’ve completed my left side, I repeat on my right side.

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Maintaining a freshly groomed look takes practice but in the end, it’s well worth it.
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