What would i look like with a mustache. 75 Spectacular Soul Patch Beards to Wear in 2018

The soul patch, formerly known as the “jazz dab”, became increasingly popular in the 50’s and 60’s among hipsters and artists alike. The person responsible for its popularization was the one and only Dizzy Gillespie, famous jazz musician and trumpeter. More recently, there has been a new wave of soul patch beard styles to enter the scene incorporating a more modern and edgy look. Mustache and soul patch name.

What Does a Soul Patch Look Like?

For the past few decades, the soul patch has been dealing with a rather undeserved hatred. It’s such an inoffensive little thatch of hair, after all. It can range from a small area with just a few hairs—so few you can count them—to a larger thicket as big as the pad of a thumb. Originally, it was nothing more than a neat nest of facial hair nestled right below the lower lip. That’s it. Simple, right?

These days, soul patches are often paired with mustaches, goatees, chin straps, and sideburns. Back during the early days of jazz and blues and soul, when cool cats like Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie were trendsetters, it stood on its own as a signature statement.

From that point on, the beatniks and hipsters of the 1950s stole the look—surprise, surprise—and it morphed into something altogether different. The facial hairstyle, which is also known as the Mouche or jazz dot, began to go downhill. It’s due for a comeback.

How to Grow and Shape a Soul Patch

It’s not at all difficult to cultivate a soul patch, but you need patience to spare. Growing it is the hardest part. As the hair grows in beneath your bottom lip, you’ll hate it in the beginning. Your friends might tease you about the splotch of dirt below your lip because that’s what a stubbly patch resembles—dirt.

Obviously, that’s where patience is essential. Let everyone make their jokes. Just concern yourself with shaping your soulful new thatch. That involves carefully shaving around it, particularly on your chin. Be oh so careful not to take out a chunk of your patch as you groom.

Who Should Wear a Soul Patch?

There are only two rules about who can wear a soul patch. In the first place, you have to be a confident, self-assured dude who doesn’t care about anyone else’s opinion. Remember, the soul patch’s reputation isn’t highly regarded right now. You can bring it back to Cool Town, I know you can, but only if you’re not bothered by what others think. A guy who relies on the opinions of other people won’t have a patch for long.

Other than that, any man can bare his soul (see what I did there?). What I mean is that soul patches go with any facial shape. The patch is one of the few facial hairstyles with that much versatility.

Is a Soul Patch Considered a Beard?

The answer to this question is simple: yes... and no. See, that debate rages among facial hair connoisseurs the world over. There is no consensus. Those who are for the idea of defining the soul patch as a beard have varied and valid points, but so the folks who fall in the “against” category.

Technically speaking, however, the patch is a beard. After all, it’s a thatch of facial hair. It’s located on your chin. It’s a beard in the same way a goatee is still a beard—that is, kind of.

How to Pick the Right Soul Patch Style: 5 Tips

Hair color matters. If you have dark hair, then you can get away with a smaller jazz dot. Fair-haired fellas need a fuller mustache. This is a question of visibility, really.

The texture of your facial hair plays a part, as well. Fine, soft hair may need more growing time and more space on your face. However, thick, dense, or coarse facial hair will quickly form a mouche.

Your bottom lip can change the appearance of your patch. Thin lips aren’t flattered by small soul patches, but don’t let it get too wild, either. The jazz dot is made for a full, shapely mouth.

Do you want to wear a mustache with your mouche? What about a goatee or a full beard? Thinking about sideburns, too? The patch is meant to be worn all by itself, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a signature twist.

Your skin tone makes a difference, at least when compared to the color of your facial hair. Some skin tones simply look better smoothly shaven.

Stylish and Trendy Soul Patch Beards

Whether you have a full beard, goatee, or are partial to an amazing mustache, here are some of the coolest soul patch beard styles we love. Hope you’ll love these too!

1. The Curl Up

This beard style is made to highlight the mustache and soul patch while the beard sits quietly in the background. To achieve this style, use a bit of mustache wax to curl up the ends of your mustache, shave your beard down to a very low cut, and shape the soul patch so that it compliments your chin.

2. Thick but Tame Soul Patch

For men who prefer a little less hair, but still want to sport the combo, this beard style features a thick, long, bold mustache and clean shaven face coupled with the soul patch. To achieve this, keep the mustache full and trim and comb the hairs down so that it has a cleaner appearance.

3. With a Beard

Even though it’s not the original conception of the patch, you have to admit that it looks fly with a beard. This is thicker and a bit fuller than a chin strap, but even that style works.

4. The Conservative

In this look, both the mustache and soul patch are cut down significantly. This gives the face a more classic and clean look without too much hair or stubble, while still attaining the mustache- soul patch combo.

Teenage mustache styles

5. Add a Dash of Mustache

A dapper mustache can elevate pretty much any style, but when combined with the soul patch it gives a classic type of sophistication. Forming a mustache-soul patch combo will take a bit of practice, especially if you’re looking for something to compliment your face. Here are a few combination ideas to get you started:

Make The Soul Patch Lively

Adding some flair to your soul patch beard style can take your look from plain to daring. While most of these styles aren’t typical for an everyday look, they can be a fun way to show off your artistic beard styling skills. Here are a few unique and whimsical styles that you can achieve with your soul patch:

6. Intricate Sideburns

This gives you the best of all worlds featuring a clean-cut mustache, soul patch, beard and styled sideburns. To achieve this look, trim the mustache and beard low, shave off the majority of the beard leaving a moderate amount of chin hair, form your soul patch and style your sideburns however you’d like.

7. Be Bold and Daring

This daring look is a bit non-conventional, but the uniqueness of it could be pulled off for a type of ComicCon or Halloween costume. This look features a set of graduated triangles branching up from the border of the jaw line.

8. Superhero Status

Another amazing look for a ComicCon type of convention is this Batman symbol. While this look may require a bit of skill or even a stencil, you’ll be sure to turn some heads wherever you may go.

9. Artistic Expression

This look features an amazing and precise beard cut-out design, which is highlighted by the trim mustache and small soul patch. This is a great way to show off your beard design skills, especially if you’re known to sport a daring design.

10. A Non-traditional Spot

John Travolta sports this very unconventional way of rocking a soul patch- beneath thin chin instead of below the lip. Just shave the face clean, leaving a small patch of beard on the tip of the chin.

Take It To The Chin

A lot of men who wear soul patch prefer their patches to extend to the chin instead of staying right below the lip. This gives the soul patch a little bit more flair. It is a great way to sport a soul patch if you’re trying the style out for the first time. Here are a few chin-length soul patch styles to try out:

11. Thick Strip

This trendy unique beard style is edgy as it leaves a small amount of hair underneath the chin for the soul patch to extend to. Just trim the beard down low and style as a strip that extends to a small patch of beard below chin.

12. Thin Strip

This soul patch has been trimmed very thin. Being the only hair on the face it gives the look a slight edge as it highlights the graying nature of the beard.

13. Grow Soul Patch Out

Here’s a soul patch beard that not only extends to the chin, but is coupled by a long beard as well. This look would require you to maintain the shape of the soul patch by trimming down the surrounding hairs and allowing the patch to grow freely.

14. Thin to thick soul patch

Here is an everyday look which features a chin-length soul patch that gradually widens as it extends to the chin. The hair of the beard is trimmed very short, allowing the soul patch to be modest while still looking edgy.

15. Trim but Bushy

Everyone knows that Billy Bob Thorton is well known for his soul patch swag. To achieve this look, create a clean, defined edge on your soul patch as it extends to your chin.

Mini Soul

If you don’t want a soul patch that is too prominent, there are ways to style it so that the hair is still there without being too noticeable. Allowing the patch to remain small, as opposed to it being the highlight of the style, can tie together any look you’re going for. Here are some styles featuring a mini soul patch beard.

16. The Modest Patch

If you have no problem rocking a bold mustache, then this beard style may be for you. To achieve this, leave your stache moderately thick and shave the majority of your beard off of your chin area, leaving a small soul patch underneath the lip.

17. Barely There

This look features a very thin, barely visible soul patch. To achieve this look, shave off the majority of your facial hair, leaving hair in the area of the soul patch. Trim the soul patch down so that it’s set right in the middle of the lips.

18. Clean Shaven

Here’s another small soul patch that features no beard, mustache or sideburns. Again, you’ll want to shave your entire face, leaving only a small patch of beard beneath your lower lip.

19. Leave the Beard

This is a great full goatee look that features a mini soul patch. Just style your goatee as usual, but fade the area between your soul patch and chin for a more laid-back look.

20. Keep a Thin Beard

Here’s another great care-free goatee that features a mini soul patch. What makes this look so great is the fact that the style is so clean-cut while still looking effortless.

Moustache style for round face

Give Your Soul Patch a Goatee Look

Although a soul patch is technically considered a ‘type of goatee’, this is a great way to try the soul patch into your look. Just style your goatee as usual and add a soul patch to it for a modern, conventional, everyday look. Since goatees are quite common, there are plenty of different styles and looks to choose from when trying to find the best combo to go with your soul patch. Here are some great goatees featuring soul patches:

21. The Grizzly Goatee

This goatee extends up the chin, giving the jawline a more chiseled look. The hair is trimmed but left slightly longer to give the style a more carefree look. Pairing this with a carefully trimmed soul patch turns this look from plain to daring.

22. The Thick Goatee

The Rock is sporting a fuller goatee with a slight hint of the soul patch, which is mimicking the thin shape of his mustache.

23. Clean Cut

Here’s a clean shaven goatee with a prominent soul patch. This is a popular look among goatee wearers that can be rocked by pretty much anyone.

24. Short and Simple

This goatee look gives a more effortless feel, as it is a bit carefree in appearance. The soul patch is very small but gives the look a more polished finish.

25. Effortless

Here is another effortless look, featuring a goatee with a more prominent beard and soul patch and some new growth peeking out.

26. The Tony Stark

The awesomeness that is the Tony Stark goatee, the mustache is detached from the chin, but offers a soul patch that extends to the chin into the beard.

27. Mustache and Beard

Here is another goatee style that offers a mustache that is detached from the chin, but this one offers just a small hint of soul patch right beneath the lip.

Buried in Beard

It’s not often that you’ll see a full beard and soul patch combo, but it is an attainable, semi- carefree way to incorporate the soul patch into your style. If you’re a man who doesn’t want to give up the full beard, here are a couple of ways to sneak in that soul patch:

28. Short and Full

This style offers a full beard that has been trimmed short and faded at the sideburns. A small soul patch is cut out from the chin portion to offer a bit of uniqueness and style.

29. Long and Full

Brad Pitt is serving some serious soul patch in spite of his wild-child beard. The patch was carefully cut out, making sure to emphasize the shape around his mouth without taking off too much beard.

Classic Soul Patches

If it’s not broken don’t fix it, right? There’s not much to it- just shave your face clean, leaving a small patch of hair beneath your lip for the most simple and classic way to showcase this style. Here are some of the best classic soul patches on the internet!

30. Thick and Clean

Howie Mandel is known for his signature soul patch style. He keeps the hair thick but cleanly shaped beneath the middle of the bottom lip.

31. Short and Thick

This style features a smaller soul patch trimmed down to about ½ an inch below the lip, giving a more modest version of the classic soul patch.

32. Short and Thin

Billy Ray Cyrus rocks a smaller soul patch, just below the middle of his bottom lip. You can try this if you have a medium long hair like this.

33. Moderately Sized

Billy Bob Thornton is well known for his classic soul patch style. While he’s been known to feature a chin-length soul patch, here he is sporting one that reaches to about 1 inch below the lip.

34. Edgy Rocker

Rock ‘n Roller Bruce Springsteen has a broad, thinly cut soul patch that almost reaches the chin, giving him a more edgy look.

35. Jazz it Up

The originator of the soul patch, Dizzy Gillespie, rocks a fuller styled version of the soul patch.

36. Sandy Sprinkled

Observe what’s happening here: a blonde soul patch against the mildly tanned skin. The lighter blonde sprinkles of hair and the width of the patch make it stand out without being overbearing.

Mustache 2016

37. Red Carpet Soul Patch Style

This look features a more modest mustache and a bit of stubble to give it a more carefree look. Trim the mustache down, but leave it a little thick and style the patch right below the middle of the bottom lip.

38. Perfect Dot

Don’t you like how neatly formed that is? It’s the perfect dot. This is the patch you want to perfect if your mouth is on the thinner side.

39. With a Goatee

Do you dare mimic that Backstreet style? A sprinkling of extra stubble almost turns Brian’s goatee into a beard, but you get the picture.

40. A Detail Patch

This soul patch isn’t the star, but it’s a major detail. Everything else is going on here, too, but the mustache still manages to catch the eye. I’m digging the formation of it, as well.

41. Significant Soul Patch

This beard style for those persons who has a knack for seeking attention. Keep a soul patch consisting of black and thick hair. Make sure the other parts of the face are cleanly shaven to get the maximum effect of this significant soul patch.

42. Mel Gibson Special

The superstar from the Brave Heart movie, Mel Gibson has recently been appreciated highly for the new beard style that he is rocking. He let the soul patch grow downward with a skin-tight handlebar mustache.

43. Decency at Its Best

If you want to get a decent soul patch even with a formal look, try this one. This soul patch is soothing to the eye and also have a fashion value within it.

44. Jaw Beard with Soul Patch

A soul patch can be associated with beards covering other parts of the face. One can try it along with some jaw hair and a chevron mustache. It will surely look stunning.

45. Long Sideburns with Long Soul Patch

Sideburns are considered a handy element of both beard style and hairstyle. Long sideburns and long soul patch beard make a great pair in terms of creating a great beard style.

46. Horseshoe & a Beard

If you ask us what could be the best beard to get along with a horseshoe mustache, our suggestion will be to go for a horseshoe. A horseshoe mustache looks the best with a soul patch beard.

47. Tiny Triangle

Let your soul patch look like a triangle just below the lower lip. Shave off any facial hair other than a soul patch to get the complete attention centered around the triangle.

48. Lower Goatee

Goatee beard has an own way of styling but it adds a new dimension to the beard style when associated with a small soul patch. Let’s rock the goatee beard with the glam of a soul patch.

49. Western Soul

Slicked hair with a well-groomed mustache is one of the identical styles of the western people. And a soul patch will be the cherry on the top of this style. You will look more than awesome with this beard style.

50. Short Soul Patch with Long Hair

If you are confused about what beard style you should do with the long hair you have, check out this one. The beauty of long hair has been increased to a greater degree because of the presence of a short and small soul patch.

More Soul Patch Styles for 2018

Hope you have enjoyed our list of soul patch beard styles. Soul patch looks amazing if it blends well with your face shape and size. You can try just coloring the style with a pen to see how it suits you.

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