Handlebar mustache and beard. Beard Guide: Select The Best Beard Style For Your Face Shape

Beards are the modern symbols of swag! Every guy desires to grow a beard, but the trouble augurs when the question arises: Which kind of beard style will suit you more? No need to brainstorm, the solution is right your face. As they say, “The best beard styles are those that complement your face shape.” Best mustache for round face.

This guide will take you choosing the right beard style with respect to your face:

1. Beard Style For Round Face

A round face depicts the most symmetrical topology. Such faces should keep short on sides and long on to the bottom. You can definitely go for the goatee or the chin-strap or a full-circle beard. Thus creating an impression of longer and more pronounced chin.

2. Beard Style For Oval Face

Ovals are one of a kind guys having the liberty to get away with various beard styles that other guys find tough. They are actually in the midst of all other shapes. You can opt for a handsome mustache, long or even a subtle beard.

Movember styles 2015

3. Beard Style For Square Face

As analogous with the round face, the square face should opt for a certain beard style that scales length to their face. It will look attractive with more hairs on the chin too. The fav styles are a goatee, anchor or the Balbo beard.

4. Beard Style For Rectangular Face

This garners more width than usual, so you need to focus on softening angles. Because who wants to exaggerate the long shape you already have. Try for a shorter beard on the chin and sides. A Garibaldi beard will be the best suit for this face.

5. Beard Style For Diamond Face Shape

The diamond shape has its peak at cheekbones. Hence, the goal should be to square your facial features. Try to go light on the mustache or a thick beard that will enhance and soften your side features.

How to grow a pencil thin mustache

6. Beard Style For Triangular Face

No, it’s not something 3 sided face but concerned with a pointed chin which resultantly elongates your face. So apparently switch to the beard which keeps the look short and intact. The best possible path would be to opt for beardstache.

7. Beard Style For Heart Shaped Face

Bearing generally a smaller face, heart shape calls on to check out the full beard and overcoming the boredom. A goatee can also serve well alternatively but accompanied with regular trimming.

So the path is here and you can pick the most suitable all along. But it’s futile if you fall off your schedule. Better groom it regularly and you will have never to worry about your style.

Movember mustache guide

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