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Looking for beards for round faces? You’ve come to the right place.

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Certain fashion trends only work for certain body types. Obvious, right? Certain beard styles really only work for certain faces, and some styles work best on a round face. If you’re like me, you have a rounder face as opposed to an elongated face. In fact, when I was growing up, my brother used to call me Mr. Potato Head or peanut head. I was always teased for my round head and face, but I have learned to embrace the roundness.

It is well known that beards have many positive effects. You can find other articles here about the benefits of growing your beard. Women like them. They are good for your health. Beards are a natural confidence booster. They make you appear more masculine and more manly. With all these benefits, who doesn’t want to grow a beard? But choosing the right beard style is critical. If your beard doesn’t fit your face, it may still improve your health, but it won’t accomplish the other goals. Remember the big guy in the skinny pants? Right. Having a beard that doesn’t fit your face looks just as goofy as having clothes that don’t fit.

When I began to grow a beard, I quickly learned that certain beard styles just didn’t work with my round face. I had to experiment. There are so many different things to consider when trying to find the beard style that is right for you. Bone structure is what determines your facial shape, and it plays a huge role in what type of beard you should rock. I struggled to find the right style for my face. Sometimes when I try something new, I realize it doesn’t work, so I have to start over. I have done my fair share of research into this area, and I want to help you. So let’s look at some of the best beard styles for round faces:

Light Stubble

We’ll start off with something simple, yet stylish. The light stubble look is something that will always be in style. The light stubble is one of the most popular beard styles for men with

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round faces. But this look doesn’t only work for men with round faces. It looks good on any man. I’m not sure what it is, but women love the look of stubble. There is something strangely alluring about the shadow that draws women to it.

The great thing about the light stubble beard is that is incredibly easy to maintain. To start with, you just let your beard grow for a few days. That’s all there is to it to get started. Remember how I said it’s super easy to maintain? All you have to do is keep it trimmed up so that it doesn’t start to look wild. Trimming is the most important thing when it comes to maintenance of this beard style. Just keep it trimmed up nicely, and you can pull off the light stubble look indefinitely.


Keeping the simple thing running, the goatee is an easy beard style to grow and maintain, and it works phenomenally on round faces. The goatee can be paired with a mustache, or it

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can be worn with a clean upper lip. Personally, I prefer to keep my top lip clean. When I grow my mustache, my skin breaks out on my top lip and it is incredibly uncomfortable.

To style the goatee, simply shave off all of the hair from your beard except the hair on your chin. There are many different shapes of goatees, but the concept is generally the same: shape it like an anchor. The goatee is a perfect style to make your face look slimmer. A few months ago, I decided to shave my goatee. I was shocked at how much fatter being shaved made my face look and decided that I would never be clean shaven again. I would always have at least a goatee.

Mustache names

The Van Dyke

The Van Dyke gets its name from Sir Anthony Van Dyke who was a renowned painter in the

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17th century. The style requires a little more work than the goatee and light stubble, but it is still relatively easy to shape and maintain.

You can start the Van Dyke one of two ways: you can either start with a full beard, or you can start with a clean shaven face and only allow the parts of your beard grow that are necessary to pull off this look. All you need to do is shape your chin hair into a point, grow your mustache, and keep the sides of your face clean shaven. This look will give your round face a longer, manly yet classy look.

Defined Full Beard

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For a long time, I wore beard styles that required shaving the side of my face. Recently, however, I started wearing beard styles that require the use of hair on the side of my face. Maybe you’re in the same boat I was and you’re ready for a change.

A simple style change would be to grow a defined full beard. You are able to save time by just allowing your beard to grow. There is not a lot of maintenance required when allowing your beard to grow. But once your beard reaches its perfect length, you simply have to keep it trimmed up and keep your neckline clean. With this style, you’re not going for a lumberjack look. You’re going more for the businessman look. This look is a perfect combination of ruggedness and class.

Long Beard

Long beards have come into the spotlight in recent years. In fact, long beards are the style

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now. I cannot remember any time in my lifetime where long beards have been considered the in look. Whether you are a hipster or a lumberjack, the long beard is a look that will work for you if you have a round face.

For this look, you simply have to let that glorious face fur of yours grow. That’s it. No shaving certain parts, no trimming (at first). Just let it grow. Once your beard has reached the desired length, you may want to trim the hair on the side of your face to give it the shape that you desire. The long beard will without a doubt draw anyone’s attention away from the roundness of your face and to the amazing carpet on your face. Your long beard will definitely command respect.

How to shape your mustache

Klingon Beard

Beards for Round Faces | Image via Wahl Total Grooming

The Klingon beard gained popularity due in part to the show Star Trek. This look requires a bit more work and maintenance, but it’s a perfect look for men who want to pull off a tough looking beard with a round face.

This beard style may be more acceptable in a professional setting than a long beard, but it still retains a tough look. You will have to allow the hair along your jawline to grow. and the hair needs to grow up to the corner of your mouth as well. Keep your upper lip shaved for this look. If the hair gets too long, you will lose the shape of your beard.

Mutton Chops

General Ambrose Burnsides is the man who brought this amazing beard style to light. His

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visionary beard set the groundwork for so many men.

This look will require more work than the others we have looked at already. You will have to keep your neckline clean and let your sideburns (named after the visionary General himself) grow. The length of your sideburns is totally up to you. Some prefer to keep them nice and trimmed; others choose to let them grow to a great length. You are able to pull off this look either with or without a mustache. You also need to keep your chin hair shaved off. The bare chin is what makes this look so unique.

You need to know that if you decide to allow your sideburns to grow longer, this may make your face look even rounder. But no one will care that your face looks more round after they notice the amazing pieces of face carpet growing off of your face.


Beards for Round Faces | Image via

The Bandholz beard was popularized by Eric Bandholz, the founder of Beardbrand. This look is the definition of rugged. Bandholz himself was in the corporate world until he began to receive negative comments on his beard.

To pull off the Bandholz, you will need some extreme patience and guile. You need patience because this magnificent beard style is not going to grow overnight. No, you will be working on it for several months. You need charisma because you’re not going to look like you’re at the top of your game. No, for a bit, you’re going to look pretty rough. After about 6 months, you will be able to start shaping and cutting your beard. The top of your sideburns will need to be kept trimmed to a shorter length. As your beard progresses down your jawline, you will want to let it get longer. Not only does your beard grow long with this style, you need to let your mustache grow to all of its glory as well.

Military moustache styles

The Ducktail

The ducktail beard is one of my favorite beard styles. The combination of ruggedness and

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style is rarely ever demonstrated in such a dynamic display.

Maintenance of the ducktail is not a simple task though. It takes time and work. Again, you will need to allow your beard to grow to a decent length. You should shoot for about 2-4 inches. Since facial hair generally grows at about ½ inch per month, you will have to have some patience to achieve this look. Once your beard reaches the length you want, you need some trimmers, scissors, and time. Rushing will only mess up your look. You will want to keep the sideburns trimmed short, and as the hair progresses down your jawline, you will allow it to grow longer into a point at your chin. Growing your beard into a point will help your face seem longer and slimmer.

What do you think?

Choosing the right beard style can be a difficult task. Having a round face can make that decision even more difficult. Unfortunately, there is not a universal beard style that looks great on all men. For most of us, it is trial and error until we get it right. If you shoot for a certain style, but it doesn’t work out, try another one. The great thing about a beard is that if it doesn’t work out like you planned, you can start over.

So what do you think? What style do you think works best with a round face? We would love to hear your opinions and experiences in the comment section below.
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