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Having the right cheek line is the most important factor when growing a full beard, as your beard style can go warily if you have a bad cheek line. How to line up a mustache.

Choosing the right cheek line can help you optimize your full beard style and thereby express your masculinity and unique appearance. You must have the right knowledge to create a cheek line that highlights the density, texture, color and other characteristics of a full beard style.

It is not in copying from others that you can acquire a good cheek line, as there is no such perfect way to shape up your cheek line, excepting, to take the help of a professional barber to choose a cheek line that could be best suited for your full beard style.

How To Shape A Cheek Line For Your Beard?

Decide whether you want to have a natural cheek line or a defined one, depending upon the type of your full beard. While the natural cheek line can make your beard look softer and your face larger, a defined cheek line can give your beard an edgy, sharper and neater look.

Visualize your cheek line with the help of a trimmer guide, defining the start and the endpoints on the cheek. Let the hair on the cheek line grow naturally. The starting point is the bottom of the sideburns and the endpoint is where the line meets the side part of the mustache.

Once you have defined the cheek line, start trimming along the line and even set the trimmer guard to 0.4mm to go down to the lowest. Regular shaving above the cheek line will help you maintain the facial hair growth. Depending on your skin tone, keep your cheek clean by shaving regularly.

Rugged Perfection Cheek Line Style

A natural rigged beard style can look sophisticated if the cheek line is maintained properly. The neck, as well as the cheek line, should be faded and the beard trimmed every week.

Mustache styles for your face

Standard Goatee Beard Style

By Standard Goatee, we mean a tiny patch of hair, called the soul patch which covers a small portion of the chin and the rest of the face is cleanly shaved. To perfect the goatee grooming, you should know how to fix the cheek line, using a quality trimmer.

Van Dyke Goatee Beard Style

The van dyke goatee beard style is a popular style in recent years. This goatee beard style is the combination of the standard goatee and the chin goatee, with a disconnected mustache. The cheek line is shaved clean and smooth to give more effect to this beard style.

Sweet and Short Goatee Beard Style

A tiny soul patch, beard and a clean shaved cheek line constitute this sweet and short goatee beard style. You have the option to extend your mustache to your beard or have it detached.

Balbo Beard Style

The Balbo beard style is a 3 piece combination of goatee shapes, which include the chin strap, goatee and a handlebar mustache. Proper shaving is required along the cheek line to make this goatee beard style accentuate the chin.

The Soul Patch

The chin looks awesome when styled with a soul patch. This is one of the common goatee styles for round face. This style looks like the chin puff,where the hair under the lips travels along he cheek line. This beard style is an unconventional beard and cheek line style.

The Detached Goatee

The striking features of this cheek line beard style are the chin beard, soul patch and the mustache, which makes this beard style prominent. The beard has been trimmed low along the cheek line.

How to make a good mustache

Classic Goatee Beard Style

The mustache is attached to the beard, which is perfect for men with round face. Notice the shape up of the cheek line which accentuates the chin structure.

Imperial Napoleon Cheek Line Beard Style

This is a popular goatee and mustache style where there is no beard, with only the mustache being styled and the cheek line detailed. Instead of the mustache being connected to the beard under the chin and the lips it is connected to the hair on the cheeks.

Circle Beard Style

The Circle Beard style is for those having a square shaped face. The hair on the sides are kept full all along the cheek line. The circle cut is made to emphasize the cheekbones.

Hardly Seen Cheek Line Beard Style

This is a facial hair style which is a creative idea. While the face has short hair, the beard is trimmed very short along the cheek line to give the appearance that it can hardly be seen. This beard style suits best who have their facial hair color matching their skin color.

The Messy Look Beard Style

The burly facial hair is overgrown but the cheek line is defined properly to accentuate the beard style. The beard is shaped to the face and the cheek line and the neckline are kept natural.

The Bold Cheek Line and Beard Style

This is a neatly trimmed beard style which helps the cheek line and the cheek bones to be prominent with the clean lines. This beard style looks more prominent with the mustache being emphasized. Shaving off the sideburns can add to the style.

Pointy mustache

The Extreme Beard Style

The fuller the beard grows, it is important to pay attention to shaping up the cheek lines as you can see in this beard style. The cheek line has been predefined and the erratic fly overs are trimmed nicely to achieve the desired look.

The Modest Facial Style

Closely trimmed facial hair and a short mustache are the features of this cheek line facial hair style. The significance of the chin is emphasized in this beard style, especially with the soul patch being noticeable.

Beard styles can well depend upon the cheek line and that is why it is important to pre-determine your cheek line so that your efforts in styling your beard do not go in vain. Ask your barber to help you identify your cheek line so that the beard style can go nothing wrong.
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