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If you’re trying to change your look, a new mustache style can make a big difference. Facial hair is one of the first features people usually notice on men, and there’s a flattering look for everybody when it comes to mustaches. Here are some unique options to consider before your next trip to the barber. How to mustache styles.

Looking for a New Mustache Style? 5 Options to Discuss With Your Barber

1. Handlebar

Named for its resemblance to the handlebars of an old-fashioned bicycle, this is a style that is eye-catching. To get the look, grow out your mustache, part it down the center, and use a styling wax to curl the ends upward into a circular shape.

2. Horseshoe

This look is named for its resemblance to an upside-down horseshoe. It requires you to grow whiskers along your upper lip and down the sides of your mouth all the way to the jawline, with the rest of your facial hair shaved.

Pencil mustache styles

3. Pencil

Pencil mustaches include a thin line of whiskers just above the upper lip. Achieving this look requires you to shave the upper part of your mustache area, leaving a clearly defined line below.

4. Walrus

If you prefer more facial hair, consider the walrus mustache. Grow out your hair so it’s thick and bushy, even covering your top lip, similar to the whiskers of a walrus.

Handlebar mustache and goatee

5. English

Similar to a handlebar mustache, you can get the look by parting your whiskers down the middle and using a styling gel to keep them in place. However, rather than twisting them upward, simply style them straight outward. You might even shave the area just above the outer corners of your top lip to keep the mustache thin and neat looking.

If you’re looking for a barber in the Anchorage, AK, area to help you style one of these mustache varieties or simply give you a great new cut, turn to A Cut Above . The shop has been in business for 38 years, and the team can do everything from haircuts to unique mustache styles. Call (907) 276-6884 to learn more, or visit the website to view the gallery.

French moustache styles
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