Movember mustache ideas. 100 Latest Beard Styles For Men To Try In 2017

Let us start with a classic statement for the men out there – well, we have some news for you. Please, not we said that we have news for you and that we did not qualify it. The thing is the news is good and it is bad too. It is good in a sense that today’s fashion dictates that it is perfectly fine for men to have facial hair, which means beards and mustaches are in. But before you start turning cartwheels in joy at the prospect of facial hair and not having to shave, let us tell you having latest beard styles for men to try does not mean you are home free. While we said that you don’t have to shave, you will still have to spend a fair amount of time grooming and trimming facial hair. That is why before you jump with joy and throw away that shaving kit, we suggest that you learn the 10 different beard styles and how to grow them correctly. Different shaving styles for men 2015.

Nowadays everyone is busy uploading their selfies and counting the number of likes on their profiles. People are busy experimenting with a number of new looks. They follow the latest trends in order to present themselves both on and off the screen with confidence. Having a beard is that latest trend for men which is quite common these days. Beard is considered as the symbol of masculinity. With proper maintenance and grooming, a beard can do wonders for you. Along with the trouble of going through so many options to choose from, the big problem lies in figuring out which type of beard style suits your facial structure the best. These days beard styles with shaved head is quite in fashion too. Sounds like a lot to do? Don’t worry there is a solution to your problem. Choose the latest beard style by checking out the list of beard styles that you can try and enter 2018 with a big smile on your face. Don’t wait just watch.

Determining your face structure is important before you grow your beard. Also, remember the main works begins after you choose the beard style.

You are required to take care of your beard which can be seriously time-consuming sometimes. Taking care of your beard and grow it naturally by giving time and attention.

Maintain a balanced diet instead of taking supplements to improve the quality of your hair. Take a protein-enriched diet.

Wash your face twice a day with warm water, use quality beard shampoo and oil your bear, too.

Go for the mild ingredients shampoo. In order to grow beard naturally, exfoliate your skin at least once every week, this way the dead cells are easily removed, use a moisturizer to keep your face skin hydrated, and massage your face to increase blood circulation.

In case you are not aware of this, we want you to think back to all those times that you found a woman looking at a man with an ill-kempt beard and commenting on how bad it looks. Even you must have looked at a man with a badly kept beard and felt disgusted at the food or dandruff encrusted facial hair. If you are wondering about why we are mentioning this here, then we should tell you that maintaining facial hair while freeing your time in terms of shaving would make you spend more time on grooming it.

You get three kind of length depending on whether you go with short, medium or long stubble. Short stubble is easier to maintain and least time taking of the three of them. Medium stubble should be three to five millimetres long and even though long stubble requires grooming, it can change your appearance, giving you the masculine look you’d love. Updated and more trending beard styles are right here for your to copy before any other man!

Prominent goatee with original mustache including a thin vertical chin strap with perfect skin and hair lines maybe your one month beard look.

Mustache over lip

The combination of a goatee and mustache gives a rebellious vibe. The rest of the face remains shaved. You can try this look if you’re not 100% sure of getting a full-fledged beard.

Anchor beards are for those who aren’t a big fan of heavy beard but always love to flaunt big-boy-thing with the stunning over-grown mustache.

Full beard, yes, it asks for too much care then! You have to apply oils and massage and cleansing to make it stay healthy and classy.

Goatee it is! Men who wanna flaunt that “badass” thing popping within would love this beard style just for one reason; its shape and sharpness that gives an edge to the look.

When growing a beard becomes a hobby, you get a yeard. It takes months of commitment and patience to grow a yeard but when it grows it is definitely worth it. Suits men with round faces.

It take whole of a fashionable and patient lifetime to be the owner of such a well shaped and naturally tinted sexy white beard.

The famous star trek look looks awesome on men with rectangular faces. Keep your upper lip shaved and grow your beard at medium length.

Thinner Chinstrap inspired goatee gives a sharp and edgy look to guys with slimmer face. Try it out!

I can certainly understand that you don’t like yourself without a beard if you clearly deny on cutting down the facial hair even after your mother scolded you.

What kind of mustache are you

As the name suggests, the beard looks like a tail of the duck. One of the most popular beard styles trending. Requires more grooming and attention. It also requires regular combing of the beard hair.

Undercut hairstyle with stylish pompadour inspo is admiring. And the shady sideburns further deepening towards the chin is perfect for hipster days.

That is because trying latest beard styles for men does mean that you do not need to shave but you do need to keep it neat and in style. This may even mean more investment in grooming equipment for the facial hair. We also suggest that you take a good look at the different masculine beard styles for men to try and try to superimpose a mental image of your face on it to see if it is really the style for you to try. Once you have done that you will find out what works on your face or not. Then you can look at some of these perfect beard and hairstyle looks for men with an objective outlook and ask your stylist to do it on you.

We know that men are rather tired of listening to women going on about how they run away from commitment but we would like to tell you that taking on the latest beard styles for men can also be a commitment. Yes, a new style can be a big commitment because it will not only change your look but also change the way people look at you. It also means a bigger commitment in terms of how much time, effort, and even money you are willing to commit to the upkeep of your latest beard styles.

Light beard with the pompadour hairstyle is the new trend in the industry achieving praises.

Side shaved hairstyle with punk pulled back is a good hairstyle to try with a fuller beard outlined in three angles.

Shady mustache with chinstrap making a triangle as it reached end of the jawline and smoothly curving upwards to connect with the sideburns. Stunning!

Piercing is a perk for hipster guys to instantly gather eyeballs and make ladies fall for you instantly. Punk hairstyle with zero effect of hair gel leaving the hair look messy is perfect to flaunt the street style.

Shaggy hair and shaggy beards! What a weird combo! Yes, but it indeed makes them go crazy. Sure you can try out the emo hairstyles and to make a guy feel more like man.

Types of mustaches

3 day stubble beard if perfect lining to style for those who recently realised how beards change life enormously.

Punk haircut is right one for rectangle shaped faces with full grown beard style and the expression of manliness is flaunted incredibly.

It is said that men never shave beards. They let it grow! But trimming and bringing the shape back in place is important to look impressive.

The geometric with angular trimming is high on trends these days. But when suits oval faces, I will go for the circular shapes ones.

Oh yes! Beards could totally change the shape of your face. Here’s the proof! The over-grown facial hair at the chin and the portion just below the sideburns will give you a new look.

Extended soul patch and the developed chin strap is a cool beard style for men to copy right now.
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