Moustaches. 7 Creepy Mustache Mistakes You Never Want to Make

Facial hairstyles are getting more and more popular. Most men want to try them at least once in their life and end up with some creepy mustaches. When we start choosing a perfect mustache, more often than not we find something very complicated. Because let’s face it, the more complicated the mustache is, the better it looks. However, not all men are ready to ask for help and they start making the mustache all on their own. The result can be pretty pitiful. Creating a mustache is an art and needs some practice. That’s why it is always better to start with easier options and then go on to the more complicated ones. Otherwise, a creepy disaster might be waiting just around the corner. How to make a mustache look good.

Creepy Mustaches That Teach You a Lesson

Nobody wants to sport a creepy mustache, right? That’s why the mustache approach should be serious. If you don’t have time to visit the stylist, consider making something simple at first. You will need to learn how to use the trimmer with different heads as well as the mustache wax. Once you get good with making something simple, such as a chevron or a pyramid, you can go on to more complicated pencil and handlebar mustaches. Don’t stop if you make a mistake, try again! Take a look at these creepy mustaches to get an idea of what you can look like when you overestimate yourself.

1. Forgot to shave

One of the most important things about maintaining a perfect mustache is keeping it neat. If you skip a day or two of shaving, your nice and stylish mustache will turn into a real disaster. Make sure to keep your mustache fresh and outlined.

2. Large and bushy

Some people might like having a lot of hair on their faces but bushy mustaches make some of us look pretty scary. This creepy mustache could have been avoided by some quick trimming. Neatness is the key to a stylish mustache.

Nice mustache

3. Going too far

When you are considering a mustache, don’t forget about your face shape. If your face is small and round, a large mustache will look like you’ve gone too far. Thin facial features require small and neat mustaches.

4. Sparse hair

A lot of men have a problem with sparse hair. Such guys should forget about full mustaches and beards. They will never be able to grow them. This type of hair growth is great for small mustaches as a pencil and a toothbrush.

5. Too manly

Manly cowboy mustaches used to be popular in the past centuries. In the modern world, they can look a little ridiculous. Such creepy mustache will look especially terrible on young men with thin facial features.

How to grow long moustache

6. Outdated

Your favorite movie star wore a certain mustache and you want the same one? Stop and think. The mustache can be outdated and you will look truly ridiculous wearing a 20

century. Consider something more modern.

7. Youngster mustache

Young men often want to look older and start growing a mustache as soon as they get a couple of hairs on their upper lip. This mustache can look truly funny. The overall image will scream “green youngster!”

Popular facial hair styles

We hope these creepy mustaches gave you a good idea about how not to make a mistake when choosing the right style. Once you create your perfect mustache, take a good and long look in the mirror. Does it look creepy?
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