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Over the last couple of years, beards styles for men have become a fashion statement. Now, some men want to have a beard that looks like that of James Harden or Drake, or maybe Governor Hassan Joho of Mombasa, Kenya. Beards influence a man’s personality and attractiveness. The general perception is that men with well-kept beards are handsome, organized, focused, and sharp. On the other hand, people view those with shaggy and unattended beards to be reckless and untidy. The only catch for pulling a handsome look is to find the best beard style for the shape of your face. Luckily, the market offers countless beard styles for black men; from white-collar employees to celebrities and high profile individuals. Cool shaving style.

Before delving into the different beard styles for black men, it is wise to understand that, unlike white men beards, black men beards take long to grow, although this depends on every individual. Therefore, focus on the care and maintenance of your beard. Know about trimming a a beard styles using a trimmer. Also, learning more about the process of beard formation and facial hair growth might help you.

Below is a description of the different trendy beard styles that you can consider applying.

1. Stubble

Among all the beard styles, stubble is ideal for an official look. Characterized by low sidebands and a short mustache, stubble beards are clean and make anyone look sharp. You can achieve this beard style by neatly trimming your beards with electric clippers regularly. While at it, ensure that you achieve the beard cut is short and uniform. Unlike other beard styles, you do not have to use beard oil to maintain your stubble beard, because it is short and it has not developed into a beard, per say, but you have to moisturize your face. There are different shades of stubble beard ranging from traditional stubble to heavy stubble beard, all of which look awesome. Finding the right variation of stubble beard for your kind of face and hair length will add a flair of glam to your overall appearance. In addition, this is one beard styles with glasses that cannot disappoint.

2. Full beard

A full beard is, arguably an epitome of masculinity. The look is classic and looks great in its different variations. The style features long and thick hair on the chin, neck, cheeks and upper lips with extensions of sidebands (optional) that links the hair on the head with your beards. The full beard is the ideal beard styles for oval face. A full beard has many variations that you can choose to complement the shape of your face. They range from short full beard with tapered sides and a textured top best suited for an oval face to thick beards with shorter bottoms to fuller sides for rectangular or oblong faces. Full beard style is among the beard styles to enhance jawline.

3. Goatee

The goatee is a favorite for black men with chiseled faces and jawlines. The classic beard style makes a gentleman out of most black men. Soft sides linking the chin hair and mustache characterize goatee. From this, more than one variation of the style are born, each uniquely crafted to fit a type of face. They include the almost beard and the pencil. The goatee is not hard to maintain, but also not very easy. First, you have to ensure that you have all the necessary trimming skills and tools. By doing this, you ensure that the beard trim is at the right length with high levels of precision and accuracy. The tools you can use include scissors, electric shaver, a comb and a blade. Before shaving your goatee beards, you have to comb it to eliminate the curls. When shaving, you have to ensure that you begin by marking the outline of your beard using the shaver or trimmer. Once you have your outline, begin trimming your beard to a level that you prefer. While doing all this, you have to ensure that you are looking in the mirror so that you avoid making mistakes.

4. The carved beard

The carved beard better expresses one's personality, thus attracting a massive following from the larger black men audience. The style features well-shaped contours with a detailed twist to it that requires one to be keener and dedicated to achieving the perfect cut. This beard cut needs one to use a razor or a precision trimmer to trim the chin, neck, sidebands and the mustache. It involves trimming the sidebands to a minimum length while leaving the mustache and the chin beard thick. Generally, black men with thick beards are best suited for this style. In addition to this, you can wear a carved beard as one of the beard styles to look slim. Make sure that the barber or the person behind the trimmer is keen enough, to avoid making errors while pulling the perfect curve.

Trim moustache with beard

5. Nicolas II style

If you are looking for mustache beard styles, look no further. Nicolas II style is a beard style that reminds one of the 20th-century mustaches, known for the long mustache tails on both sides of the cheeks. The Nicolas II style is for the stylish black man who is confident enough to take a fashion risk. A long mustache and a peaking beard at the chin characterize this beard cut. Nicolas II style flatters black men with a bald head and a thick beard, with sidebands that taper towards the ear. At first, this style might seem a little bit off, but it will get more comfortable with time. The main thing is to get a barber with the right tools and skills to work on your beard quite well so that all the highlight features of this beard style are well defined.

6. Van Dyke beard

The Van Dyke beard style got its name from Anthony Van Dyke, a Flemish artist. This beard style features a small and pointed hair on the chin linked to the goatee. You can grow your mustache along with the chin hair and the goatee, to make the Van Dyke stylish. Nonetheless, you can also choose to do away with the mustache. This beard has to be trimmed regularly, possibly daily, to give it a fresh and nice look. Van Dyke beard style is one of the best beard styles 2018, for an official look, thus best suited for those working in the formal employment. It can also be worn by those in the informal sector, as it is clean, short, and sharp; making a gentleman out of anyone who wears it.

7. Chin curtain beard

The name of this short, clean, and sharp beard style drops a hint of what to expect. It is among the sideburns beard styles that make black men beard styles. The style features a well-trimmed facial hair; from the sideburns to the jawlines down to the chin and later spreading to the cheeks. With the chin curtain beard, you can choose to keep a mustache or not. If you do, it is important to note that the mustache should not come to contact with the hair on the cheek. The only catch to this beard style is its high maintenance; demands regular trimming almost daily to maintain its authentic and quality look. This popular black men beard style is a darling to many, mostly entertainers and bald black men with an oval-shaped head, rock this style.

8. Anchor beard/Balbo

As the name suggests, this beard cut forms an anchor-like shape. At first glance, this beard style looks like an inverted tree. It is an improved version of the goatee with a mustache. Unlike the real goatee, anchor beard style has some missing gaps of hair where it is supposed to join the chin hair with the mustache. It is important to note that the mustache in anchor beard style does not link with any hair; it is ‘open-ended.’ If you follow entertainers, you can pinpoint some of your favorite entertainers wearing this type of beard. Like the goatee, anchor beard is a favorite for many black men. The anchor needs proper maintenance to keep it clean and sharp. If you do not have the right skills, find a barber who has made it his/her specialty and then keep him close.

9. Barely shaved beard

The barely shaved beard is common with the working class, especially in the formal employment. A short beard that is constantly trimmed, almost, to the level of the skin characterizes this style. From afar, it is easy to confuse the style with lack of beard, because of its short length. The barely shaved beard demands a lot of care and constant maintenance. Shave your facial hair daily, by adjusting your trimmer gauge to its lowest setting. Shaving your beard should be done at the same time each day to yield the same result every day. Depending on your creativity, you can design this cool beard style to your specification, provided it complements your personality quite well.

10. The bald man beard

The bald man beard is among the jaw beard styles. This classic beard style never fades with time; in fact, it has become popular with time. The bald man beard style was, in early days, linked with black men who shaved their head clean. Characterized by a thick hair starting from the chin, following the jawline up to the edge of the ear, and a bald head, this beard style is quite common among the black men. The bald man beard makes faces look great and luxurious. There is an acute contrast between the head and the beard when one is on this classic beard style. The bald man beard draws a lot of attention from the public; thus men with thick beards and long hair prefer this beard style. Also, you can decide to spice it up by applying dye to it, to add flair to it. Select a color that will complement your skin and make you look outstanding.

How to do a pencil mustache

When finding the best beard style for you, it is essential to research more by looking at the different beard styles online, among other sources. There are many inspiring beard styles for you, online and offline. Understanding the shape of your face is also a crucial factor to consider when finding the best beard style for black men. For those with a rectangular face, growing a thick beard that is trimmed on the sides and left of the chin is ideal. In the same way, an anchor beard style is perfect for an oval face.

For the adventurous souls, get beard styles dye, apply the right color and technique to achieve an excellent finish. Finding an expert is always advisable in the beginning phase of trying out dye beard styles. Some of the dye beard styles last longer than the standard styles. To get a 1 month beard styles is a lot of effort, care, and maintenance.

In general, before you rocking a beard, it is vital that you determine the kind of beard you want to have. Begin by envisioning the best beard styles for black men that would look good on you and select one that is most suited for your face, career, and personality. Follow it up by finding information that will educate you on everything associated with the beard style, right from its maintenance to the procedure on trimming beard styles.

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