Mustache contest. 17 Unique Chic Beard Styles to Own Today - Cool Beard Styles 2017

I am going to present 17 cool beard styles 2017 according to your face shape that will provide you an elegant look with a catchy appearance now Cool shaving style.

Searching for the top trends of Cool Beard Styles 2017 for Men? Do you want to look catchy and attractive? No more worries!

…The beard looks very attractive on men and enhances their personality, but many guys don’t know about their face shape and which style will suit them!

A full long beard on the long face looks very weird, just like that wrong style will lead you towards disastrous combination and such things will not add much to your look and style. Be careful about your look!

I have listed a full detail about cool beard styles for Men 2017 that will help you a lot in understanding your look and style which will look better on you. I have explained much about Beard styles and their combinations with perfect hairstyles.

Let me elaborate Beard Styles 2017 furthermore

Beard adds more style in man’s personality. The beards have become very popular nowadays among men. There is a style of beard for every guy according to his personality and look. You can set a perfect trend with your stylish look; a cool beard and sassy haircut.

It’s very important to appreciate your face features before you style your beard or consult your stylist about the trendy beard styles. You can have a thicker long beard or short one; there are many options present for you.

Some of the cool beard styles for men are mentioned below and they will rock in 2017

1. Classic Beard

This is a very classy beard style for men as in this, your facial hair is not much longer and not too short. Thick hair beautifully covers your face. This style is not for everyone. This style mostly suits young guys. And to make it better, go for a perfect Short Haircut, or Pompadour cut. This blend of haircut and beard looks quite modern.

2. The Cool Bushy Beard

This style of beard gives you a quite mature look. If you want to enhance your jaw line or facial features, go for this style. This style includes long beard with an amazing style and adds texture to your facial hair. Also use oil for your beard to avoid dryness and rough hair.

This bushy style of beard can exaggerate your style in a very sophisticated way. And to make this look more vibrant and cool, go for a good haircut like side part haircut, Pompadour cut, razor cut, or long top sides Short Hairstyle. This style will rock in the list of Cool Beard Style for Men 2017.

3. The Particular Biker Beard

Some bikers in America have their own particular style of beard. Long Beard covers the chin area with short hair on sides of face with the combination of a bald head. But here I will suggest that opt for this style according to your face shape.

4. Bandholz Beard Style

This style is basically become popular because of Eric Bandholz. This is his own particular style. And with time, this style became quite popular among young boys. And in 2017, many guys will go for this style because of the best combination of mustache and beard.

Different styles of beards and mustaches

5. Balbo Beard Style

This style of beard resembles with the letter “T”. This includes a mustache and a patch of hair started from the chin and connected with the hair under the lips. The mustache is not connected with the lower part. This style basically suits the men with a narrow chin.

6. Short Stubble

This Beard Style is very simple you can easily opt for this style, a few days after shave. And if you want to maintain that look, use the trimmer.

7. Medium Stubble

This stubble is longer than the short stubble. Medium stubble is about 3 to 5 mm long. Medium stubble looks better than the short stubble.

8. Full Beard

The Full Beard Style is quite old and classic. It covers the area of your face. Some guys can’t have a full beard because of less ability to grow much hair on the face. It takes time. It starts from the cheek area and usually takes 4 weeks to grow a full beard. This style will never go from the list of Cool Beard Styles for Men 2017.

9. Circle Beard

Circle beard is for those guys who want a neat and simple look. With this, mustache and goatee are connected in such a way that they together make a round shape. In 2017 it still will be very much in trend among men.

10. Clean Shave

In clean shave, no facial hair is present on the face. This style is very much in trend and will be in 2017. Men with this style look handsome and cool.

11. Dutch Beard Style

This is quite an old style of beard. This style has long and large facial hair with no mustache. Sideburns are connected with the bottom hair.

12. Extended Goatee

This style allows you to do many variations with a goatee. This style consists of a mustache and a goatee. The Large size of hair is needed to have this beard style.

13. Men Beard Style for Long, Narrow Face Shape

If you have a long face, then avoid having long Beard try to have a medium length beard. With the long beard, your face will look longer while with medium beard your face will look shorter or go for the short stubble. Short stubble will look very classy on the long narrow face.

14. Cool Round Face Beard

If you have a round face shape, go for a perfect goatee style as it will give your face a narrow look and also make your face longer. And if you also try a mustache with goatee, it will look better on a round face.

15. Square Face Beard

With a square face shape, always have a full beard style as it will cover your jawline for softening your look. And full beard style makes your face quite round.

16. Short Face and Pointed Chin

Some guys have a short face, but pointed chin. Full beard styles give your chin round look and also your face appears longer.

What mustache is right for me

17. Rectangular Face Beard

Guys with rectangular face shape should opt for chin curtain style or short box Beard. These styles will make your face look less elongated.

Cool Beards Styles for Men 2017 and Hairstyles for Men

When you want to grow a beard then always have a perfect hairstyle as well to complete your look. Such a good combination will transform your look and make you bold and presentable. Best Beard styles 2017 has a long range of cuts and styles.

Below are some cool beard styles + hairstyles for you and these styles will be the biggest hit in 2017

Sexy Beard Styles 2017 Real Swag

Fashion is not about wearing stylish clothes and expensive accessories, but fashion is about representing you. It is important for men to show their attitude and swag. Beard style can enhance your look quite fashionable and smart.

Some top sexy Beard styles mentioned below

Sexy, suave and mysterious style

Subtle and understated style

Slick and smooth men’s style

Beard with undercut hairstyle

French Beard Styles

Beard style represents your personality and taste very much. Nowadays French is very much trendy.

Some of the most popular beard styles are mentioned below

French Beard style of famous Indian actor Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is very popular among many people and looks cool as well.

Another popular French style is of Will Smith. This style proves that facial hair also looks good on black people.

Beard and mustache style 2016

Brad Pitt French Beard style also looks very sassy with long hair.

Different Types of Beard for Bald Men

Men with the bald head can also have a stylish beard. It can also enhance their facial features and more. Some Cool Beard styles for Bald Men are mentioned below

Best Products for Men’s Beard 2017

Beard products are also very important just like hairstyle products. Because beard is an important part of man’s personality that’s why the care of your beard is very important. But, be careful about the health products you use for your beard.

Some of the best products for men’s beard are mentioned below

One of the best things about a beard is that you can do many experiments with Beard styles. Some people like to enjoy new styles, whereas some people keep the same style for a long time. But beard is all about your style, facial features and representing yourself. Beard with a perfect hairstyle makes it more presentable and sex*y.

The above mentioned Cool Beard Styles 2017 for Men will help you a lot about new trends, styles and much more.

A man with beard represents his style and fashion sense, so always choose your beard style according to your face shape. There are many Cool Beard styles for guys to enhance their look.
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