Chevron moustache. Beard Styles for Teen Guys - 21 Best Facial Hairs for Youth

Top Beards Styles For Teens– Teenage boys often think that fashion is limited to clothes and accessories. But that isn’t correct because fashion is all about expressing one’s self. It is important for boys to express their inner style and personalities through their hairstyles and beard styles. You may think that beards can’t be fashionable, but they sure can be. This is why we have made a list of the 21 new beard styles that are trending these days. Cool shaving style.

This will allow teen guys who are eager to grow beards and looking for the quickest way to grow a beard to style up nicely. Black guys, Asian guys, Chinese guys and Caucasian guys can all seek ideas from these looks. Also find the right beard for your face shape whether it is a round face, oval or heart shape. See the shaving styles of favorite celebrities as well to get an idea what’s trending these if you love goatees then also see these

Black guys, Asian guys, Chinese guys and Caucasian guys can all seek ideas from these looks. Also find the right beard for your face shape whether it is a round face, oval or heart shape. See the shaving styles of favorite celebrities as well to get an idea what’s trending these days.

Best Facial Hairs for Youth

Here are some tips to help you grow the beard you want:

Ensure that you keep your skin clean and exfoliate regularly to avoid any breakouts during your beard growth.

Use warm water to wash your face as it helps with the growth of hair.

Use beard oils and have a good diet. If that seems difficult, you can always opt for supplements that help with beard or hair growth such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and biotins.

Use moisturizing creams and beard oils to ensure that the hair that grows are of good quality.

Get a good amount of sleep and minimise stress.

Exercise regularly as this helps with the production of testosterone, hence boosting the growth of beard.

Avoid shaving, trimming or cutting of any sort for at least three to four weeks. This will allow you to assess the beard and decide which styles you can experiment with.

For more instructions on how to grow, trim and take care of your beard, check out this guide.

Now let’s move on and go through some of the best facial hairstyle types that you can try this year.

How to trim mustache thin

↓ 1 – Dress to Kill

Need to impress your boss or your teacher? Rub pomade through your hair and keep a rugged yet neat shave. Perfect style for caucasian or white teens.

Teens: Facial hair design


If you are an adult and you have a pretty decent white collar job then this beard style is the one you should opt for on daily basis. This beard style is similar to the Devid Beckham ones and looks extremely sexy on guys who wear it. This style involves thick but trimmed beard and well-managed hair as well. Check out David Beckham Casual Outfit Style Celebrities Outfit Ideas

↓ 2 – For College Boys

For a rockstar beard look, keep it rough and curly. Similarly, keep your hair red and curly – no need to comb it! Looks good on all college going guys.

The more you keep your hair messy the better young guys look. As far as the beard is concerned then messy beard also looks very attractive no matter what your age is. Or you can go for a light beard as well. Keep the beard a little thick around your jaw area but keeping it thin towards your cheeks.


For adults, only messy hair look good but not the beard. As an adult, your beard needs to be well managed and turned into nice style so that people can tell just by looking at you that you are mature and an organized man. For hairstyle, you can keep it messy but a little managed. This style is perfect for parties or informal get-togethers but it is not suitable if you are going for your work.

↓ 3 – Chinese or Korean Beard Style

For Asian young boys, the best beard look is to keep the hair only on the jaw line. Keep a slight mustache and let your hair grow long. Chinese guys of all the ages are known because of their distinguished hairstyles. They usually opt for long hair, but above their neck area. And with a touch of hair, their beard is always minimum, they concentrate their beard around their jaw line but keeping the very thin line of hair a mustache. This beard style is messy but well managed at the same time.

↓ 4 – Weary But Cool Look

For a bohemian look, boys can grow their beard long and bushy. For this, you will also need to stop cutting your mustache but keep the rest of the face clean shaven.

You can say that this beard style is inspired by Jhonny Depp and everyone loves it already. In his movie Pirates of the Carribean, he was seen in this beard and mustache style and looked OH SO SEXY in it too. For those guys who want to look sexy as well can replicate this style and enjoy their lives. For this beard style, you need to have a little pointed and comparatively thick mustaches, thick hair on your jawline and a little more around it as well. Also, do not forget to keep hair below your lower lip to complete the recreation.

Long beard looks cool and funky too. All you need to do is to let your beard grow the way it wants to but do trim it occasionally to keep everything in shape and in order.

↓ 5 – Preppy Boy Look

For preppy high school teenage kids, let your peach fuzz grow around the jaw and neck. This beard style works best with medium length and messy hairstyle.

↓ 6 – Messy Look

This style is known as elite boy style, as it requires a lot of maintenance. Let your beard grow thicker close to your jaw, but shave it as you approach the cheek. And if you love goatees then also see these 25 Popular Goatee Styles for Different Face Types .

↓ 7 – Light Beard Without Moustache

For a relaxed teenage hair look, rub pomade through your facial hair and keep it slick. Most teens start getting growth of hair around the chin or jaw, before the moustache growth starts. Which is why it’s much easier to choose to grow a beard without a moustache as this style looks really laid back and age-appropriate.

Make your mustache grow

8 – South Asian Beard Look for Round Face

Pakistani and Indian guys love a thick, rugged bearded look. Let your mane grow long and strong boys!

↓ 9 – Sporty Boy Style

For those young fellows who are into various sports, this style is perfect for them. Short facial hairs look perfect with short hairs.

↓ 10 – Latino Guy Look

For facial ideas for Mexican, Spanish, Brazilian or Latino men – keep it extremely close shave. Only leave the stubble on your cheeks for sexy style.

Step by Step Video Tutorial How to Grow a Beard Fast

Here’s a video tutorial to help you learn the basics of growing a good beard, naturally and quickly.

↓ 11 – Beards and Caps

↓ 12 – Ideas for Patchy Beard

Growing a full beard can be pretty tiresome, especially so for younger boys. But worry not because even a patchy beard can look awesome if styled the right way.

The first tip, of course, would be to embrace it. Even though it can seem problematic, a patchy beard can be the hottest type of beard if you decide to truly embrace it and carry it with confidence.

You can choose to go for a thin strap beard instead of a full one as this makes the beard seem much less patchy.

The other option is to combine this thin strap with a goatee.

Or you can simply go for a small chin beard and it is usually one of the best options for guys with extremely patchy beards.

↓ 13 – Patchy Beard and Rough Hairstyle

Here’s another super sexy style to try with your patchy beard.

↓ 14 – Best Beard Styles for Teenagers with Square Face

Though he isn’t really a teenager, but Ian Somerhalder is surely a darling for all girls out there. And his beard styles are truly inspirational for all teenagers out there. The best way to complement a square jawline is to make the chin area more triangular or rounded. This can be achieved with a goatee style beard which will make your face appear more elongated and in this way, it’ll allow the other features of your face shine such as those deep eyes!

↓ 15 – Light Beard with Moustache and Side Burns

If your beard game isn’t very strong, you can choose to pair it with sideburns. For most teens, sideburns grow at a pretty good pace, allowing them to combine with the moustache for a hot look.

Moustache and soul patch

Every girl on this planet loves thick beard on guys. If you are the kind of a guy who wants to look more mature then you should try to go for thick beard style. For this style, you need to keep your mustaches and beard thick but trimmed and keep your hair short to make sure that all of the focus goes to your beard style.

↓ 16 – The Really Cute Light Beard Look – Perfect for Teenagers

↓ 17 – Beard Styles for Oval Faces

The most common face shape among guys is the oval shape which is slightly long and round at both the top and bottom. The good thing about having this face shape is that it’s pretty much symmetrical so you can rock almost any beard styles. Our favourite styles for this shape will be the circular beard, short boxed beard or a well trimmed full beard.

↓ 18 – Best Beard Style for Casual Look / Heart Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face is one that has a wider forehead and it narrows towards the chin, just like a heart, duh! This face shape can sound dull but it is definitely one of the hottest, we all remember how awesome Nick Jonas used to look as a teen and of course he has a heart-shaped face.

Since the chin or jawline in this face shape are not very prominent, you can use a beard to your advantage. There are many different chin beard styles that you can try such as the chin strap or the inverted T.

For this year, we would highly recommend that you try out the van dyke moustache-beard combo as it looks great on a heart-shaped face. Complete the look with aviator frames and you’re all set to have the best day.

↓ 19 – Taylor Lautner Beard -Celebrity Style

This beard matched with the asymmetrical hair-cut really helps bring out the best features of a boy’s face.

↓ 20 – Stubble Beard Styles with Short Hair

With a stubble beard, you can opt for completely chopped hair as they help bring out the focus towards your eyes and lips. The stubble look is ideal for a rugged and handsome look. And remember that just like any other beard style, you need to maintain a stubble beard too.

↓ 21 – Best Beard Style for Round Faces

The light stubble with long hair looks perfect on round faces. Other good options include the goatee, a circular beard, and even a circular beard moustache combo.
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