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Let me tell you a secret! Though the title says “Cool Beard styles for teenagers”, you won’t be a teenager anymore if you have beard. You will be what every guys awaits to be and every lady wishes to fall for – you will be a MAN then! Gone are the era when guys took being called “Chocolate Boy” as a compliment. And with these trending and cool beard styles for teenagers, you will be the elder and more influential one. No matter which part of the world you go to, you’ll find men keeping beard like never before. Beard is the latest on going trend, but not all beard styles suit different age groups. For teenagers, heavy beards are not an option. Not because it doesn’t make them look ‘cool’, but it makes them look old. Cool shaving style.

This regular stubble with a beard around the cheeks is one of most worn looks by men around the world. This look is easy to maintain and takes very less time to groom. Bald head fans may want these beard styles to flaunt epic style statement.

This look gets you a clean, light look. In this, the beard is mostly around the chin area, and no mustache is needed, so there won’t be any trouble to grow a mustache fast. Light beard is best for those boys who are getting admission in college. It will give them a strong look.

This look is opposite of light beard and is one of the cool beard styles for teenagers. This look is concentrated around the chin area and is connected with tips of a mustache. This look requires mustache but remember, unless you keep it trimmed, it will look like a total mess.

This style is for that teenager whose beard has started to grow out. This style is best when the growth is little and is only around the jawline and less on the chin area. The jawline looks shaded and healthier while the upper side of cheeks and chin looks relatively brighter.

Goatee styles

If the growth of beard is not too much, and growth is relatively less then this is one cool beard style for teenagers. It needs the regular trimming, but the maintenance is less than other heavy beards. The mustache is also light. This style of beard is spread all over jaw. Cheek, chin area but it should not look like unkempt.

Small Goatee With Light Shaded Beard

Goatee has always been in fashion. No matter the beard stays or leaves, goatee will always be with guys. It looks good on almost every age group and also allowed at every workplace or school. Grow a light beard with clean on the chin area. Grow a little stubble under the lips. Either keep your mustache light or not at all.

This look is quite rough and tough. It can achieve only after the proper growth of beard. The beard stays little unkempt but bit trimmed. There is a little gap between the beard and chin area from the side of lips.

How to grow a full mustache

Let your facial hair grow for few days and then trim it. The beard style gives a very neat and professional look. It is highly easy to maintain. It can be grown easily. All one has to do is to keep it neat and trimmed.

The beard is cut in square shape, and one can sport a little rigged and grown hairstyle. Keep the beard little trimmed, but it shouldn’t look like scissors have been run on them. It is an new trend between youngsters.

The look is to die for. The hair is grown heavily on the chin but not so long, whereas a little-shaped beard was running along the jawline to make a face look fuller and in balance. It is called biker boy look which seriously gives the biker vibes.

Toast to being the craftsman of your own newly carved personality and to being a symbol of strength and manliness! Go and flaunt the sexy yet Cool Beard Styles for Teenagers. Black men look smashing hot in beards as sexy as these over here!

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