Most popular beard and mustache styles. 10 Hot Handsome Bearded Looks Dedicated to Bald Men

Little or no hair left on your head? Shave it all off and pair your bald head with a beard to get a look that is sexy, stylish and very “now.” Bald is an opportunity to draw attention to your facial hair style and handsome features. This of it as an opportunity, not a liability. Hot guys with mustaches.

Best Beard Styles for Bald Men

Let your bald shine with hot beard styles. Below are top 10 beard styles for bald guys to rock.

#1: Bald with a Short, Trimmed Beard

For a polished but easy look, let your facial hair grow in on your cheeks, chin, jaw and upper lip, then trim to an even length. Don’t take it too short. This style works well if you have especially full facial hair. It’s stylish but requires only minimal effort and is a good choice for either professional or casual occasions.

#2: A Full Beard with Hints of Grey

Grey in your beard? No problem with this sexy, masculine look. Wear a full, mid-length beard that is carefully trimmed and let your grey show. You’ll get a look that is refined yet still manly.

#3: Bald with a Hint of Beard

Sometimes, you want just a hint of beard. This look is like a 5-o’clock shadow on the next level. It works well if you have medium to full thickness and gives you a look that is sexy but not overly groomed. Men will want to be you, and women will swoon.

Beard and mustache styles

#4: A Mid-Length Beard and Shaped Mustache

Let your full beard grow out to a natural mid length and pair it with an updated, shaped mustache to get this look. The beard can be a bit messy; it’s offset by the shaping and grooming of the mustache. Don’t hesitate to wax your mustache for a more intentional look.

#5: The Natural Look

Here, we see a natural look. Embrace your bald head and use a natural beard style in an all-over length for this natural but still sexy look. Keep it neatly trimmed but allow your facial hair to fill in where it naturally grows.

#6: Bald with a Full, Short Beard

Use a very full, short shaped beard to draw attention to your handsome facial features as we see here. Bald is beautiful when balanced by the weight of the beard style. This look works best for men who have full facial hair.

#7: A Full, Mid-Length Shaped Beard

Let your full beard grow to a mid- to long-length, then shape to get this look. It’s a style that suggests virility and intensity.

How to make a mustache look thicker

#8: Bald with the Classic Goatee

The classic goatee looks good on any man, bald or otherwise. For this look take off any sideburns or hair on the cheeks and opt for a shortly trimmed beard on the chin which connects to a mustache. This look is traditional yet still up-to-date.

#9: Goatee with Attached Sideburns

Wear a defined goatee that is connected to sideburns and a beard for this look that is always a winner. If you have full facial hair and desire a beard style that is low maintenance, this look is for you!

#10: The Casual Look

To get this casual but stylish look, trim your beard and remaining hair to about the same length. You can have a full but trimmed beard in a definite style that requires minimal upkeep. This is a perfect look for the weekend when you don’t want to bother with too much grooming.

Don’t let your bald head hinder your style. Pair a bald head with an upgraded beard, and you are ready to roll.

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