Beard and mustache style 2016. Men With Mustaches, Coloring and Mustache Trimming Tips. Best Mustache Wax.

Men with mustaches can look distinctive, masculine and intriguing with a dash of mystery about them. But to create and maintain that unique flair, a mustache requires regular grooming. To ensure you sport nothing less than an awesome mustache, make time for trimming, styling and, if needed, coloring. All different kinds of mustaches need a basic maintenance routine to prevent common mustache problems from developing. The following tips for mustache care are easy to do and take just a few minutes each week. Here's some photos of popular mustache styles to consider. Mustache shaping tips.

Unless you prefer the au naturale look, trimming your mustache once a week is essential. If you have a thick mustache it's especially important to learn how to trim mustache hair for a well-groomed appearance. The following mustache trimming tips for men with mustaches explain exactly what to do in a few simple steps to get the best results. Use a small, sharp mustache scissor and a fine-toothed mustache comb. Make sure both tools have large enough handles so they're comfortable to hold.

Wet mustache with hot water for a minute or two to soften hairs. Dry mustache completely before trimming because wet hair appears longer and you may cut too much;

Look straight ahead into a mirror and don't change facial expression. Comb mustache so hairs lie as flat and straight as possible;

With upper lip as a guide, trim hairs along bottom of mustache to create a clean, even line. Using short clips, trim from outer edge towards middle first, then from other outer edge back towards middle;

To shape mustache, clip conservatively around the top edges. Alternate cutting a few hairs from one side, then the other side, to keep mustache symmetrical. Use a comb or mustache brush to remove loose hairs while shaping;

Moustache shaping guide

To cut length, comb through mustache so excess hair lies above comb teeth. Then using flat side of comb teeth as a guide, like a hair clipper blade, trim away excess hair;

To thin a bulky mustache position scissor blades parallel to hairs. Then make small cuts as needed, alternating from side to side.

Using scissors and a comb allows detailed control and is recommended when first learning how to groom a mustache and determine the best style. But later on an electric mustache trimmer may prove more convenient. There are many models for men with mustaches to choose from. One of the best mustache trimmer models based on customer reviews is the Gillette mustache trimmer.

When gray hairs start showing up in your mustache there are several ways to color them:

Temporary Brush In Color

Different kinds of mustaches

Semi or Permanent Hair Dyes

Many men with mustaches find temporary brush in color products easy to apply and convenient to use. Simply take one with you wh erever you go and apply whenever it's needed. Best of all, coloring and shading can be brushed in with better precision and detail, resulting in a more natural look. If you prefer a gradual color change that's less noticeable, brush in color works best. Just increase the coverage slowly until you get desired results.

Semi or permanent hair dye products can effectively replace gray if used correctly. Coarse facial hair absorbs chemical dyes very well, so results may turn out darker than expected. Try a color two shades lighter than your head hair color. Men with mustaches should always perform a skin and allergy test first to avoid products that may cause itching or burning. Apply dye in a well-ventilated area. Don't use a product formulated for coloring hair on your head, always use one specifically made for facial hair. Using small mustache brushes apply coloring agent lightly to hair only, don't rub into skin. Protect skin around mustache by rubbing vaseline on first.

Products For Men With Mustaches

Clubman moustache wax products are used not only to help hold a mustache style and shape, but also to color it. Popular colors are Clubman brown moustache wax and Clubman black moustache wax. Although not for everyone, it's an option worth trying if you're waxing your mustache already to maintain it's shape. Waxing tends to make a mustache appear heavier and thicker. Be sure to invest in a pair of quality tweezerman moustache scissors and a moustache comb to keep it well-groomed.

How to cut moustache

A nd speaking of mustache styles, here's some photos of mustaches t o inspire and entertain . Enjoy!
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