Thin line moustache. Know Your Style: Best Facial Hair for Round Faces

The Keys to Finding the Best Facial Hair for Round Faces

Probably the biggest key to having stylish facial hair is learning how to use it to accentuate your best features (and hide the not so good ones). While this is somewhat true no matter what shape your face is, it’s even truer for those men with round faces. Whereas men with longer or skinnier faces have quite a few good options for beard and facial hair styles, there are many fewer styles that suit a round faced man. Moustache styles for round face.

The problem is that no matter how great of shape you happen to be in, the wrong beard style can easily make that round face look downright fat. On the other hand, choosing the right style can help lessen the roundness of your face—making it look longer and more oval shaped. While trying to determine the absolute best facial hair for round faces is very much a matter of personal opinion, there are nonetheless a few important tips to keep in mind that can help you on your search.

The Best Facial Hair for Round Faces: Important Style Tips

Keep It Trimmed. With a round face, one of your most important tasks is to try to slim down the face, which just isn’t possible with a big bushy beard. Any sort of rounded full beard—especially if there is a lot of hair on the cheeks—is only going to serve to make the face even more rounded, so no matter what style you wear, it’s important to keep it trimmed fairly short. If you don’t already have a beard trimmer, be sure to check out this article on the best beard trimmers before you pick one up.

Watch the Sideburns. While you may be able to get away with a bit longer hair around the chin, it’s especially important that you keep the sideburns trimmed short if you plan on going for a beard. With a mustache or goatee, adding short sideburns can also make your face look narrower, but again, you’ve got to keep them trimmed up. And last but certainly not last, it’s important to remember that muttonchops are never a good idea, no matter what the situation.

Mind the Neckline. If you plan on wearing a beard, keeping it a bit longer underneath the jawline isn’t always a bad idea, as long as you keep it well trimmed and uniform. Fading the beard from the shorter sides down to longer on the jaw and chin can help to add length to the face. However, it’s still important to keep the neckline well-trimmed, as otherwise you’ll end up looking shaggy or like you’ve got a neckbeard. It’s usually a good idea to shave everything below the Adam’s apple—just make sure you don’t shave too high up the neck or else it will make you look like you’ve got a double chin. Be sure to check out this article and video on how to shave your neckline as well as a list of best safety razors to perform the job.

Mustache styles for oval face

Accentuate the Chin. With a round face, the chin is your friend. A well-trimmed goatee or a properly faded beard can help draw people’s attention down to your chin and thus make your face appear longer.

Keep it Healthy. I’m sure you already know, but I have to say it anyways as it is so important. No matter what beard style you decide to go with, it is essential you keep it properly moisturized and nourished. This will assure your beard is shining and looking its best as well as prevent any irritation or itching which can be a common occurrence with beards. Keeping it healthy is as simple as applying a quality beard oil or beard balm once a day. We’ve tried almost all of them and came up with lists of the best beard oils and best beard balms, so be sure to check it out so you get the right stuff. You can also check out our article comparing beard oil vs beard balm. If you don’t feel like reading another article, here are our top recommendations:

Best Facial Hair Styles for Round Faces: Beards, Mustaches and Goatees

Beard Styles for Round Faces

There are quite a few different beard styles that can look good on a guy with a round face, but there are equally as many that can make the face look fat. The best is probably a closely trimmed, short box beard, where hard lines are trimmed into the beard between the sideburns and the goatee/mustache. On the other hand, a short full beard or even slightly longer well-faded beard can look equally as good, as long as you remember to follow the above rules. Even a chinstrap beard isn’t the worst option, although we would always advise against a pencil thin chinstrap.

Mustache Styles for Round Faces

If you’re a fan of the ‘stache, then you’re in luck, as you’re favorite facial hair accessory works with virtually any type of face. No matter what style of mustache is your favorite —whether it be pencil thin, handlebar or horseshoe—it can help to draw the eyes to the middle of the face and thus (hopefully) make it appear less round if that’s what you desire.

New moustache and beard styles

Goatee Styles for Round Faces

Pretty much any goatee style can work well with a round face, as long as you keep the lines trimmed straight and tight. Many style experts recommend going for a more triangular shaped goatee (or circle beard) to help draw the eyes downward. A Van Dyke can also have the same effect, and maybe more so, as the gap between the goatee and mustache helps to elongate the face. No matter what style you choose, it’s important that it doesn’t have too much of a round shape (for reasons which should be obvious by now).

The Final Word: When in Doubt, Visit a Barber

While we can go on all day about the what is and isn’t the best facial hair for round faces, the only way you’ll ever know how any particular style looks is to try it out. Of course, the first thing you’ll need to do is let the hair grow out, but that’s a whole different story. The problem is that it can be hard to get the look exactly right the first time, which is why some men choose to go to a barber or salon for the initial shaping. You can then can take professionally styled beard and trim it up easily at home. Otherwise, grab yourself a quality beard trimmer and get started to see what styles suit your face best. For more beard style suggestions, check out these articles on the best beard styles and best black men beard styles.

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