Vintage mustache styles. 33 Best Beard Styles for Round Faces You ll Want to Copy

Wondering which beard styles for round faces are in style this season? Don’t look any further because we have got you covered! Moustache styles for round face.

We know that most men find beards to be very appealing, but at the same time it can be a little challenging to find one that is perfect for your face. Men with round faces usually struggle a lot because they are unable to find a beard style that suits not just their face, but personality as well.

In 2017, there are more than a few trending beard styles for round faces going around. It’s all about finding that right one that you can easily pull off. The key to figuring out whether a certain beard style suits you or not is to try it out. You can obviously shave it off if you don’t like it, but once you find a good style, all your efforts would be worth it.

To make your life easier, we have put together 33 different cool beard styles for round faces that have been seen on many male celebrities and other well-known people. Once you find a beard shape for round face that suits you, go ahead and start growing a beard in that style.

Just remember that you will have to constantly maintain it if you want amazing results. If the chosen beard style doesn’t suit you, that’s fine because you can always try again. Feel free to experiment a little bit until you find that perfect style of beard for your round face.

1. The Light Stubble

The light stubble or the shadow is one of the most popular beard styles for men with round faces. In fact, it can look good on any face shape. This cool beard style is easy to maintain and only requires you to grow a beard for a couple of days.

In order to maintain this beard style, you will need to constantly trim it so that it doesn’t start looking too wild. The key to maintaining this beard style is to look natural and manly with all that hair on your face. If you are someone who has a strong jawline, then shadow stubble will do wonders for your face.

Short moustache

2. Natural Full Beard

When it comes to beards for round face, the natural full beard is a great choice. It’s suitable for men who want to want a regular beard but at the same time they want to have a clean and professional look. This is a beard style that needs a lot of maintenance as compared to others.

The look of this beard will give your round face the definition it needs. Just make sure that you don’t cut the beard too high on your neck as doing that will throw off your natural proportions.

3. Goatee

The goatee is a very popular beard design for round faces. It is normally paired with a mustache, but it can also be kept without the mustache. The name comes from the long hairs that dangle from the chin of a goat. The goatee is a fun beard style that is easy is maintained.

To get this style, shave off your entire beard except for the hair on your chin. The shape of a simple goatee is more like an anchor. It can add length to a round face and also helps in enhancing a soft jawline.

4. The Circle Beard

The circle beard brings focus to your chin and mustache. This beard style is a great alternative to dark stubble, especially if your hair tends to grow really fast. It is important to keep clean lines with this short beard design as it is not for people who are lazy and don’t like to maintain their facial hair of regular basis.

To get the perfect circle shape, first allow all your hair to grow for a few days and then start working on its shape.

1920s moustache styles

5. Full Goatee with Mustache

The fuller your goatee is, the better it will look. If you feel that you can pull this look off, feel free to give it a try. The regular goatee is taken to another level to a full goatee with mustache. Get fuller hair at your chin that goes up and around the mouth. This style is manly in all the best ways!

6. Horseshoe Mustache and Soul Patch

Although it’s not certain that the horseshoe will bring you good luck, but one thing is for sure that this round face beard style will bring you’re a good look.

This beard style for round face wraps around your mouth like an upside-down horseshoe and goes down to your chin in matching vertical strips. It’s perfect for men with round faces because it complements the shape of their face very well.

7. Musketeer Beard

You don’t necessarily need sword skills to pull off this round face beard style. This look has potential of defining your chin and upper lip. It is quite a sharp style and very easy to maintain as compared to other beard styles.

8. Van Dyke Beard

This beard style gets its name from Sir Anthony Van Dyke, who was a painter in the 17th century. He is known for this regal and religious themed paintings that usually included men having beards.

This style features a short and pointy beard along with a pointy mustache without on hair on the side of the face. Regular upkeep is required to maintain the unique look of this round face beard style.

Images moustache styles

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