Mustache growth. Best Men s Grooming Tips: Hairstyles, Skin Care and Manscaping, SPY

* Keep your face and body hair in check with these hacks Mens mustache care.

Men’s grooming is having a major moment right now. From beards to skin care to specialty shampoos, the men’s beauty market has expanded exponentially over the past few years, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. See below for a roundup of our favorite men’s grooming posts to keep you looking fresh.

With beards continuing to be a trendy statement, there’s more beards than ever this year – some being good and well-groomed, and some not. To make sure every beard is the best it can be, brands have come up with creative products that help to groom, protect, and clean your whiskers. Here’s seven of our favorites to try now. See our favorite weird beard products that are surprisingly useful.

How to Grow a Better Beard

Beards are more popular than ever right now. They’re the antidote to metrosexual misfires and an easy facial hair style that requires little maintenance. Plus, they’re pretty darn handsome if kept nicely groomed. Whether you’re looking to a grow a beard or want to maintain an existing one, check out these 4 next level beard breakthrough products.

Best Hair Products For Men

Quality hair products do not have to cost a fortune. And when it comes to men’s hair care products, there really is no need to spend a lot as there is less hair to worry about. See below for our roundup of some of the most highly rated hair care products designed just for men’s hair that won’t break the bank.

Best Shampoos For Men

Men’s hair is finally getting the attention it deserves. Instead of simply rebranding women’s products, companies are creating shampoos specifically for men’s hair. These new shampoos solve problems like thinning and damage from workout sweat. Committing to a new shampoo can be a daunting task that most men don’t have time for, so we rounded up nine great options for all hair types and scent preferences below.

How to Give Yourself a Haircut at Home

Time is a luxury. While you can’t buy more of it, you can buy things that may help you get some of it back, like food delivery services, or a palm-sized set of hair clippers like this set from Remington. This set is ideal for those always on the go and those with time management deficiencies.

Mustache and goatee designs

The Best Products For Firm Styling

Finding the right product for your desired hair style is a hard task, plain and simple. There are hundreds of options, but a good place to start is with a firm hold styling product because they can mold almost any type of hair. Below are some of the best gels, pomades, and hairspray for a clean, sturdy hairstyle.

The 4 Comb Styles Every Man Should Own

Unless you’re rocking the Jason Statham/Bruce Willis no hair look, you need a decent comb. Whether you have a beard, a head of hair, or both, investing in a good comb is a crucial step on the road to expert-level suave. See below for four of our favorite combs – all suited for different grooming needs.

The Best Shaving Creams Under $20

New shaving creams have better ingredients, promote healthier skin, and provide a smoother shave, while old drugstore creams can be irritating to the skin and even promote breakouts. Finding the perfect cream can be a challenge, so we rounded up 7 of the best products designed to give men a smoothest shave possible, without irritating the skin.

The Best Razors For a Close Shave

If you’re looking to clean up and go for a smooth new look, you’ll want to look into these four highly-rated shavers. Whether you go for the latest high-tech electric shavers or prefer to go unplugged and stick with a finely-honed version of the traditional razor, these solid options pair great design with high quality and durability.


It took long enough, but someone finally thought to combine the back scratcher with the electric shaver and create a self-care product that offers a sophisticated solution to a hairy problem. The Man Groomer Back Shaver is a nifty way to prepare and attend to any grooming and manscaping that may have been neglected. Find out more information in link below.

How to Get a Better Haircut

The key to getting a great haircut is knowing what to ask for. Your barber is there to cut your hair – not to read your mind. So the next time you go to get clipped, keep these six tips in mind. See below for our top hacks.

How to grow a chevron mustache

Mustache Care

The beard is having a solid moment when it comes to trends in men’s grooming, but apparently the mustache is making a big comeback–and will continue to gain popularity through the fall.

Shaving Prep

The latest skincare device to hit the market was made specifically for men. Men usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to skincare as the majority are not as fanatical about it as women. However, the release of the Sonic System Deep Cleansing Brush from Clinique might help men learn to love giving their skin some TLC every now and then. Find out more details below.

Toiletry Bags & Dopp Kits

Any seasoned globetrotter will tell you that a good toiletry bag (a.k.a. a Dopp kit) is an essential component to a well-rounded travel kit to keep all of your grooming products organized. Whether you’re in the market for a new one or looking to upgrade, Vetelli’s rough and tumble hanging toiletry bag should be at the top of your list. See our picks below.

Best Eye Creams For Men

Guess what, bud? If you want to get rid of those bags and wrinkles under your eyes, you can’t just take your woman’s eye cream and expect younger looking results. That’s because skin care and eye cream for men is formulated differently than products for women. Check out our favorite eye creams designed especially for men’s skin in the link below.

Korean Grooming Products For Men

Korean beauty products have become coveted beauty staples in the Western skin care market – and not just for women. There’s a swath of Korean grooming products for dudes that deliver the same skin-enhancing performance, wacky ingredients, and fun packaging that’s made K-beauty so successful in the States. Check out our favorite K-grooming products for men below.

8 Things Every Guy Needs To Stay Fresh at The Gym

Getting your gym bag dialed in with the right hygiene products can take some time, but it’s essential. Not only will you be doing everyone else a favor (we all get stinky), but with a quick and effective gym hygiene routine, you can go straight from the gym to work or dinner. Below are some highly rated products every guy should keep in his gym bag to stay fresh during and after a good workout.

How to trim long mustache

6 Grooming Kits to Keep You Dapper While Traveling

Most guys and gals know how to look dapper 100% of the time, but remaining fresh while traveling is a challenge – even for grooming pros. Lack of a real bathroom, minimal access to a grooming arsenal, and lots of movement can easily lead to a stinky, unkempt traveler (which is not how you want to arrive at your destination). We’ve rounded up six of the best below.

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