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If you are wondering how a man looks hot or cute then beard is definitely the answer. A beard plays an important role in looks of a man. Here we have some latest trends of beards direct from the vogue for you. Beard styles without a mustache. Trending mustache styles.

1] French Beard

The most common, yet the most varied. A finely shaped french beard and you have a classic winner! This beard is effective and requires low maintenance. So if at all you think looking good is hardworking this beard will surely change your perception.

2] Goatee

Goatee is a beard formed by a tuft of hair on the term ‘’GOATEE’’ must remind you of a goat? That’s right because the beard is linked with goat style. Goatees are common too and are peculiar because they give out a different vibe for every varying works more for guys who have more facial growth around the mouth area.

3] Sideburn

Want that rockstar look with least amount of effort? Named after an American military officer burnsides, this style is simple but surely makes an impression. Sideburns connect the hair on the scalp with hair grows from temple towards jaw line.

Mustache styling wax

A good mustache

4] Balbo

A disconnected goatee with facial hair on the chin. If you are ready for a makeover this beard is sure to give men a different look.

5] Chin Strip

This a thin strip of hair growth right below the centre of lips. Sport this style without mustache.

6] Soul Patch

A small thick patch of hair just below the lip above chin,it’s funky and easy to sport with. Amir Khan’s memorable look from DIL CHAHTA HAI spread like a wildfire.

Facial hair moustache

7] Chin Fuzz

A young David Beckham who was then courting Victoria chose the chin fuzz to charm his lady love. It’s perfect for those who do not want to draw attention to their beards. This thin beard is similar to chin strap.


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Mustache beard types

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