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Why Are South Indians So Smart?

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One of the least predicted phenomena of recent decades was the emergence of a huge number of people with brilliant technical skills in South India. As far as I know, nobody saw it coming. It doesn’t fit either standard cultural theories (e.g., the “center” flourishes at the expense of the “periphery” – until recently, you couldn’t get much more peripheral than Bangalore) or evolutionary theories (e.g., cold winters may select for high IQ, but South India is awfully warm).

A young Bangladeshi-American population geneticist named Razib Khan has done one of the few studies in this area, confirming via survey that professors of mathematics in India are disproportionately Southerners. Razib wrote to me:

“South Indians (from my experience) seem to have somewhat of an inferiority complex visa vis the north, especially the Hindi cow-belt. This is partly because of the north’s cultural domination. But it’s also because southerners are small and darker. If fact, I would hazard to guess that many northern fathers would object to their daughters marrying a southerner purely on racial grounds-backed up of course by traditional caste prejudices.

“This being said-pretty much everyone also agrees the southerners are damn smart. Smarter than the average northerner. Doesn’t seem to matter though-the northerners are still higher on the pecking order anyhow. Kind of like High School. Jocks, not nerds, rule.

“By the way, I happen to think there probably isn’t much evolutionary advantage in the ability to figure out higher level topology in mathematics. I have to think genetic drift is important in this sort of thing.”

Genetic drift (i.e., randomness) might well be the answer, but it’s kind of the Theory of Last Resort for when we can’t come up with anything else. Of course, I sure haven’t come up with anything else other than “maybe it has something to do with caste,” which isn’t exactly a theory. Does anybody have any other suggestions? What role does caste play in this? (My impression is that caste is essentially Jim Crow-style segregation taken to surrealistic extremes. Does that make sense?) 3/03/02

Why are there so many extremely smart people from the South of India? I mean, there’s certainly nothing lacking about the big, fairer-skinned folks from the North of India, but the small, dark-skinned Dravidian-speakers from the South are something.

(Republished from iSteve by permission of author or representative)

South Indians are smart because Southern India has been more politically stable. North Indians have no culture. They fart in the presence of others behave rough and barbaric. South Indians are cultured,well behaved,sophisticated and intelligence of South Indians can be traced to their Damila origins. Though speak 4 languages but they all have a Damila(Tamil) Root. Tamilians are considered the worlds most intelligent people. India’s Nuclear world, Space world and America’s NASA have a sizable Tamil population. The Mathematicians u are referring to (Ramanujan to Alladi to Sudarsan) are all Tamilians. It is The Tamil Language and its offshoots which has made South Indians Intelligent.

Tamilians opposed Hindi and made India stick to English.Thanks to Tamilians India is an IT SUPERPOWER

you have no right to insult North Indians like that, your article is called “Why are South Indians so smart” not “South Indians are smarter than North Indians.” In addition to that, the person who posted the first comment said North Indians have no culture, the definition of culture is the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc., I’m pretty sure North Indians have their own music, food, customs, and so on. You have no right to openly insult North Indians like that! All of you Indians need to understand that you’re all from the same place, maybe not the same city, but the same place. I feel this way and I’m not even Indian!

I think really indians in general are smart, simple beacause they have to be to get a job there. i mean the number of people that want jobs is huge. the mind set is to get a job u have to get more education. also alot have extra tution out of normal school times as well. i think one of my cousins go school at 8 and finsh basically at 8.

I am north indian and all i have to say is that i am from the state of punjab. We are the smartest people in the world. I dont care what you say but sikh punjabi’s are the smarter than ugly black south indian monkeys.

I my experience south indians, specifically tamils are more intelligent than the indians of the north. Manglorians also tend to be quite clever but i think this can be attributed to hard work much like gujuratic success can be.

People from the north are probs less intelligent becuse they’ve been subject to many invasions over time unlike the people of the south. As a result men who were stronger were more desirable husbands, and so we get a greater proportion of strong people. This idea seems to apply particularly well to punjab since it was the gateway to india and all invaders went through there first.

Yes South Indians are smart but so are North Indians. I think there is definitely a greater percentage of smart south indians simply because they are more educated than the North Indians as a percentage again! The states are generally richer and have good clean cities (Bangalore). The implication that they are genetically superior to North Indians is highly debatable. I believe over the last several hundred years there has been so much inter marriages, it is really hard to parse any more. However, people from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra are perhaps the most successful outside India on an intellectual achievement basis and are financially better off generally. In fact I would categorize Maharashtra and Gujurat to be very similar to say Karnataka in its make up. Unfortunately depressed and backward states like Bihar and a few other states give North Indians a bad rap. I know a lot of Biharis who are very smart as well.

There is this feeling among South Indians that they are superior to North Indians and feel like they are being dragged down developmentally by them, but I think that is hog wash. So in closing all Indians are smart, with variations existing not based on region but on environmental attributes such as education, family structure etc., like elsewhere in the world.

when we talk about south india, its only about the four states. it seems we are all of the same TRIBE, the INDIAN TRIBE. you can check it out on net. we are all of the same blood. but only the region differs and hence our genetic expression( i guess our genes are not much different; only their expression is). its very wrong on anyone’s part, like the tamilian and the punjabi who have left very undesirable comments, to tease your own brother for not having done well. we are an indian family.

different people are good at different things in a family and hence each one takes the role of a responsible family member. just as an example, i find northies good at taking business initiatives while southies are good at basic analytic and creative work. its not that either of these cannot do anything the other does. its just that each one is a bit better. our civilization is the oldest and largest and IT IS STILL THERE. let us not disturb the rise of our civilization.

Tamilians are the most intelligent among Indians. I am not a Tamilian

The Telugus, Kannadas and Keralites come next.

Bengalis, Rajasthanis and Gujaratis

The rest of India fall in the fourth group.

There is an old Punjabi saying

“uske bath mein bachis ko ladka hain”

thumbi alona ki barath sarkar hain

ugravathiyon ko phir chaltha hain”

intelligence is how we see it.

South Indians are intelligent yes

Pakistan is a punjabi country but do not underestimate Punjabis because of Pakistan-

a brilliant book by Pravin Benjamin

Indians make a fool of south Indians and corner all of India’s top political jobs including the job of PM and President.

North Indians shame,shame

You got the last sentence in the Punjabi proverb wrong. It is

“sochna padega mein udar chaltha hain”

I am positive you are a Gujarati living in Punjab may be.

In Gujarati you guys use the word

Ukravathiyon but in Punjabi it

is actually actually a combination of two words sochna-padega.

similar to udhar mein jayega.

Punjabi has borrowed a lot of expressions from Gujarati.

Namak Halal mein qurbani for example

Namak Halal mein Diwaar dil se

That South Indians are smart is an accepted fact but unfortunately because of sheer numbers political power is in the hands of north indians.

India’s present status was because of Narasimha Rao a South Indian who took over as PM.

It was he who brought the Present PM Manmohan Singh.

Narasimha Rao by speaking in Sanskrit,Hindi was able to take the BJP along to usher in economic reforms.

Look how Punjabi Manmohan Singh is bungling in the nuclear has made a fool of himself and India.

India will become a SUPERPOWER if South Indians gain political power alternatively South India should quit the Indian union.

We had enough of the Kashmir, Rama Janma Boomi nonsense.

I did try to read the book Da Vijay was way above my head. I am not a political science

person. In fact I borrowed it from the library thinking it was a book like the Da Vinci Code.

The four Southern States Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala has shown a GDP growth of 14%.

This is greater than China’s.

Combine this 14% with North India’s 4-5% we get India’s growth rate at 9%.

If anyone had invested just $11,000 in 2003 in Chennai or Bangalore or Hyderabad’s real estate (the 3 major cities of South India). Their investment would have gone within 1-2 years to $250,000. $44,000 would have got you 1 million dollars in two years.

Man I missed the bus. But Chennai is still cheap and hot.

we should stop bad mouthing about north Indians.

I don’t like them or their Hindi language they speak but because this is the world wide web we should be careful with what we say because outsiders do not know about India’s North – South Chasm

in intellect, culture or civilization and finally intelligence.

One Punjabi Sic called us Monkeys.

Sics wear a cloth on their heads pray what is that for. Does it not speak of their medieval mentality.

North Indians have a film actor by name Ajitoab Bachoan or Anithab Bachoan. I don’t know the correct name.

This Anithab Bachoan cannot speak one sentence in any South Indian language.

North Indian press calls him

by his name Anithab Bachoan.

When reporting about our GREAT GREAT RAJNIKANTH they report him as South Indian film actor.

If RAJNIKANTH is South Indian Film actor what about Anithab Bachoam is he not a North Indian actor.

Patriotism and nationalism has been hijacked by this Chapatthi eaters.

South Indias are smart because they have more developed Brocas and Wernicke’s area.

These are the language regions of the brain.

Now there is not much difference between human tongue and computer languages.

What is grammar in one is syntax in another.

What is vocabulary one is reserved word in the other.

Programs are like essays.

You use grammar and vocabulary to write an essay and needless to say it has to have logic.

Hey Presto you have South India producing 64% of the world’s software.

The world Chess Champion is Vishvathan Anand who is a Tamil speaking South Indian.

There is an urban legend that Shakespeare was a Tamil speaking South Indian from Tanjore district who migrated to England-this legend is well known in south India.

In fact I saw a statement to this effect in a Telugu movie.

South Indians can speak multiple languages with the flair and finesse of the native speakers.

My boss and Englishman tells me that I do not write English I make the language dance. I am a word smith of class I can chisel the English language and bring the best out of it. I don’t know how I am doing this. Must be in my genes or. I am not boasting about myself I say this because there must be some neuron pathways in the head of South indians that makes it easier for us to do this.

South India came to be known to the rest of the world only after the onset of the IT revolution.

Earlier South India produced India’s (???) top doctors, scientists, physicists and mathematicians. In my opinion had South India been a separate nation we would become like Japan or Singapore or Germany. As one post said North indians bring a baggage with them.

1) They fight with North Indian Muslism(read pakistan)

2) They fight for a Temple that was built 400 years before.

3) They are ill diposed towards South indians.

4) They try to impose their HIDNDI

5) They pack the IAS,IPS,ARMY and DIPLOMATIC Service with North Indians.

Why is South India still sticking on. Well plain and simple. The Indian Army

You are totally wrong about the Indian Army holding South and North India together. The real causes are socio-politcal-linguistc.

1) The 4 southern states speak 4 different languages they have nothng in common except that they are south indians.

2) Keralates-Malayalees-never identify themselves with South-they look beyond South and show blatantly PRO NORTH tendencies.

3) In Tamil Nadu there is a group called Tamil Brahmins who are actually north indians they migrated to Tamil Nadu during 850-1100 AD at the time of the imperial Cholas. These people have no Tamil Loyalties.

4) Malayalees are Arab Tamils. The Arab traders married Tamil woman and much of Kerala is a ARab-Tamil Combination. Malayalees therefore exhibit the CUT THROAT tendencies of Arabs and one such tendency is being anti South and being pro North.

5) It should be noted that Malayalees are Pro HINDI.

6) The cauvery issue has split Tamil Nadu and karnataka and both do not see eye to eye.

The south is just split on various grounds. There is a not a commonality between the 4 for them to present a joint front against the NOrthern Indian political perfidy.

South Indians love to be slaves of North Indians and they take pride in this -thanks to their disunity.

There might be disunity but culture wise and in terms of attitude and ethnicity they are all similar with small local variations.

1)Kannad, Telugus and Tamils are similar

2) keralites are differen from the rest of the 3.

3) Kannad and Telugus are more similar than Tamils.

4) Kannad and Telugu share same script but

5) Kannad and Tamil spoken language are similar.

6) keralite (mala yalam) is an offshoot of Tamil but script is dissimilar.

7) But beyond these regional variations there is a commonality in terms of a) Intelligence b) attitude c) ethninicity that is distinct from and distinguisble from North Indians who speak a hilarious language called hINDAI or something like that.

North Indians call South Indians as madrassis and all south indians consider all north indians as marvadis.

North Indians speak Hindi pronouced Hin DEE not

The funniest thing I saw during my visit there was seeing them having chaffeur driven motor bikes.

They wear clothes on their head.

They eat rounded dough they call it Chap Patie.

They sing one peculiar song called Jana Gana Mana after every meeting.

No South Indian can undertand what it means but they call it India’s national anthem

South Indian classical music called Karnatic music is an Ocean

and northern classic music called hindustani music is like a lake.

But yet in the Indian government TV

we hear only sub ba gari suu ba gari of Hindustani classical.

There is no one to question this.

As a music lover of South Indian classical I feel very hurt.

The world is moving towards establishing democracies

Democracies mean majority rule.

John Stuart Mill the political philosopher said that all mutli-ethnic democracies would be failures.

In a democracy minorities have no place. They have two choices

a) To assimilate b) To rebel.

In India’s 1100 million north Indians are 650 million. South Indians are 500 million (ie) half billion yet we are a minority and asked to learn Hindi, accept Amitabh Bachan and be treated as second class citizens

It is not that north indians are insensitive or arrogant.

They suffer from an imperialistic attitude.

They come to America and speak to Hindi.

They come to South India and speak in Hindi.

I just can’t stand that Amitabh and Shah Rukh Khan one has the face of a horse and 2nd looks like my neighborhood butcher when compared to them RAJNIKANTH looks dark, rugged,manly and handsome.

For reasons best known to them North Indians accept actors who are without a mustache or have a girlish face.

Men should be rough and tough looking but north indians like men who look like girls.

A socio-psychologist should probe why north indians prefer girlish looking men

My name is Raju. I am from Bangalore. My dad got a job in north Inida. I am studying 7 th grade.

I was reading this blog. Will

north Indians eat me up if we go there.

Why do they wear clothes on their they sick.

I heard they all speak a funny language called Hdiandi in which every sentence ends with a Hai.

There seems to be a lot of questions about the turban and why we are wearing it in this computer era.

As a Punjabi let me clarify certain things.

The turban is part of our Sikh religion.

Turban wearing was made compulsory by our 10th Guru Govind Singh.

Sikh armies had to face the Mughal archery and more often the Sikhs were subject to guerilla attacks by the Mughal Forces.

It was not real guerilla attack but the arrows used to fall from nowhere on the sikh army camps.

Since it was difficult to be wearing armor on one’s head Govind Singh made it compulsory for us not to cut our hair and on top of it was this turban. The Mughal arrows ended up sticking to the turbans of the brave Sikhs without injuring their head.

(Read the History of the Sikhs, Page 65-71 Pankaj Singh,Baldev, Vikas Publications)

It was the necessary at that time.

It is a good question as to why we need it now. Unlike Christians who have their Vatican councils Sikhs do not have a similar body and seeped in othodoxy our Sat sri akal members ( Akali Dal ke beta)

will not take decisions that would alter tradition.

Sardar Urbachan Singh Bulba

South India was part of the lost continent of Lemuria.

The west calls it Atlantis.

Actually Lemuria/ Atlantis was South of India in the Indian Ocean.

Ancient Tamil literature speaks of a great flood that destroyed civilization.

See parallels to it in Biblical Noah’s ark. Plato’s Atlantis.

It looks we are talking about teh same place.

Lemurians were smart, brainy and intelligent.

South Indians are the original Lemurians.

South India was the cradle of Rocket Technology.

Visit NASA at the entrance you will see a huge painting of Indian Rockets circa 1600 AD- that were fired by South Indian Tipu against for details

SOUTH INDIA CAN BECOME SUPERPOWER IF LEFT ALONE link it with NORTH INDIA YOU will get Rama Janma Boomi, Kashmir,HINDI,AMITABH, Cow slaughter, BJP, Pakistan and other NONSENSE and BEGGAR POWER status

This comment has been removed by the author.

No amount of wailing on the blogs will help if the southern politicians do not raise their voice in unison

While the world is gloating over India’s achievment what is not known is that the country is gradually unravelling.

The BJP and Congress are considered as blatantly North Indian parties.

Each state has its own regional party.

I predict that India will splinter into 20-30 units by the end of the century

The decline of the Congress in south started after its decision to impose Hindi on South India.

In the late and early 80s when there were no private TV and only Govt TV existed in prime time TV 6 pM TO 11 PM they would broadcast Haindi programs.

When South Indian members of the Congress approached the then PM,he is supposed to have commented as follows in Haindi

“abinandan sarkar ko bharat mein mohabath ki koon kartha dia ka bol sholay men pani mera kam”

- translated it meant “the goverment has right to broadcast what it likes and that Haindi is a national language and regionalism has no place in India.”

- India will survive as one nation if HAINDI is banned

India is a Geographical Term and is as much a myth as the equator.

North Indians do not prove Churchill right. Shed your imperialism. Be humble

I find the postings here a reactio to the personal hurts X Y or Z may have faced in North India.

It is very important for all us both North Indians and South Indians that we are all individually ambassadors of our communites. We are diplomats though we may lack the designation.

Day to day when we deal with people we need to act with maturity and restraint.

Unfortunately people in the northern part of India have appropriate NATIONALISM and that creates all these issues.

Please note the following that

We differ only in our attitude.

We change it and everything will be good.

Take Care and Have a nice weekend.

India is known constitutionally as Bharat.

How did this name come to be.

In 1947-48 a sanyasini(lady yogi)

went on a fast unto death in Delhi that India be named as Bharat and Hindi be made India’s one and only language.

Nehru acceded to her request and incorporated “india that is Bharat” in the Indian Constitution.

Since Indian independence is 60 years old a whole generation of people have grown up hearing TV and Radio screaming Bharat, Bharat.

Who the hell is this Bharat?

He is a mythological figure the brother of Rama who vanquished South Indian Ravana.

According to Nehru Ramayana is a story of how north indians vanquished south indians(Ref to his “Discovery of India)

If Rama is a story of racial domination then renaming the nation in the name of a brother of a king who advocated this domination is a clear cut violation of the principle of equality and is ultra vires of the Indian Constitution.

the Bharat or whatever should be removed from the Indian constitution with immediate effect and all south indian languages along with Hindi should be declared as India’s official language.

All the states of india should declare themselves sovereign.

India should be reconstituted as the United States of India with English as the official language and other Indian languages as subsdirary languages.

Yes, i think what steve says is true.

About 5 of us indians secured a position in a Masters course in Computational Engineering in Germany. I think Everyone knows how difficult the subject is. In this 5 we had 2 north indians and 3 south indians all from Tamilnadu. One north indian quit the course within a week and surprisingly the other North Indian was educated in South india.

Chandrashekar, CV Raman (Nobel Laureautes), Ramanujam (Mathematician), APJ Abdul Kalam, Madhavan Nair(Current Head of ISRO)are all Southies…

There is a myth promoted by north indians that they are good in business.

Ya they are. In traditional businesses where it requires lobbying, bribing and dealing with Hindi “only” speaking Federal State Managers (IAS and IPS) north indians are good.

South Indians have proved their mettle in that too by establishing world class IT firms.

When I went to a stock market seminar in US recently Cognizant was shown as the best example.

Cognizant was started by a Tamilian.

North Indians will beat south indians in traditional business

ventures but south indians

won in businesses where it requires just mastering the “CPU” and not speaking in Hindi and lobbying with politicians and bribe them for smuggling entire “factories inside” underinvoiced. Hi Northies give us a break. You HAVE ACUMEN to influence the BIHARIS IAS AND IPS officers we south indians cannot do it hence you became great businessman.

North Indian Business acumen my f..t

The central finance commission allocates huge amounts of funds to states with huge populations in north. Much of central investment is diverted to Gujarat and Rajasthan and NOIDA region.

The Sarkaria commission that went into the Center State relations had said very clearly not to punish states with good Population control programs. Which means South India which has negative population growth will suffer.

The parliamentary seats are related to population.Tamil Nadu’s representation came down from 41 to 40 and now it is 39. Bihar and UP continue to climb high. A day will arise when all 544 mps will be from UP. Because in UP(a state of north india) people have no work except keeping their wives engaged. They watch Amitabh Bachan movies, rave and rant in Hindi and go to bed.

All of you seem to mis Steve’s original point.

Why are there so many extremely smart people from the South of India?

In lieu of Answering his question everyone has found this place a convenient meeting point to ventilate their respective primeval attitudes.

There was one Sikh gentleman who called South Indians as Black Monkeys that perhaps may have caused the slew of harsh postings by South Indians and forcing the discussion to veer away. Thankfully since Northies fortunately are not possessed of the cranium capacity to counter southies they have maintained silence. In fact I would say there is an element of “arrogance” in their silence. Their non reaction is tacit acceptance of the fait accompli that of southerners being “slaves” of north indians and their enjoying our discomfiture.

Now let me try answering Steve’s question. Here are some reasons I could think of

1) South Indians transmute their sexual feelings-till marriage-northerners do not.

2) South Indians eat Rice. The Chinese and Japanese are the other two asiatic groups which eat rice.

3) South Indian marriage system lays emphasis on status.

4) Meek nature. You beat a south indian chances are he will not it gandhi like attitude, cowardliness or superior intelligence I don’t know which.

But all these factors cannot explain mathematical ability. I would point to a) Rice and Lentil

b) Soil, ion,chemical composition of the Cauvery River water. It bursts open as someone posted here said certain kind of neurological patterns.

Someone should study the Cauvery river water and feed it to the rest of the world.

Soil. Ion, Water. Come on guys.

Wright Brothers, Albert Einstein,

Isaac Newton did not drink Cauvery water.

The Mongoloid races have a certain talent.

The Afro races are good in sports.

The Euro Caucausoids and the darker colored Caucausoids in Asia, India etc., have certain talent.

In short every race in the world have their own strengths.

It is all BS plain and simple to consider any one race as superior.

Maybe there are bunch of fools in north india who rubbed some of us south indians in the wrong side but that does not make north indians brainless.Gandhi is a north indian, Buddha was a north indian. Nehru india’s first pm and India’s top nuclear physicist Sarabai are north. Ambani, the world’s richest man is a north indian. I am a south indian and I disassociate myself from the views expressed by some of you here.

Foolishness should be reciprocated with intelligence. Pointing out the foolishness of others and harping about it in forum where the whole world reads it does not speak of maturity that some of us claim to possess in a better measure. Bye

You guys need to take a break-

The Internet, Satellite, cellphone, Videophones, fax, Airbus 380, international commerce

has destroyed political borders.

if an american business man finds a smart south indian he will hire him and reject an american. This is not reverse racism. The world respects only talent. Similarly if a South indian IT firm finds a smart american to do its work in USA it will hire him and not a lesser qualified south indian.

Guys GROW UP. international borders, race, “countries” have become stone age concepts. There is only one language the language of “money” Money strangely has done, that of uniting peoples. bringing humanity as one family.

that religion failed to do.

New Delhi is so far from the rest of India. The Present PM Madhanmohan Singh speaks Punjabi a language south Indians do not understand. The Congress Party is led by Sonia Gandhi, who speaks Italian at home. The leader of the opposition is Advani, who is of Pakistani origin and speaks Sindhi (a region of pakistan) at home.

The President is from Maharashtra who speaks Marathi at home. If a south indian is thirsty and if he wants water to drink and if he does not know English could he ask his PM,his President, the leader of the Opposition or the head of the ruling party. No the South Indian will die of thirst.

The issue is not this Mundane issue of thirst but the overall issue of attitudes. There is nothing in common between us and “them.” south Indians are pro English I think we have more in common with America and England than with North India. I have felt more at home in London and Colombus than in Delhi where all the people speak a language I do not understand.

On Punjabi here calls us south indians black monkeys and

we have an Indian Cricketer Harbachan Singh calling Australia’s only black player as a “monkey”

Don’t we have a serious issue here.

Here is my experience.I am a dark colored south indian when I was in Delhi whereever kiosk I went to get a cool drink the Punjabi(Sikh) stall owners will either giggle or ignore me.

These guys are racist to the core.

I am an Indian but I support teh australians.

Come to think of it the Present PM is from african nations should take the so called “smiles’ from the north indian led Indian government with a pinch of salt

North Indians are very assertive and aggressive and unfortunately very racist. It manifests itself as arrogance, selfishness and superior.

In Gujarat a book eulogized Hitler.

it is common sight to see the swastika in most Hindu homes of north india. No, it has nothing to do with the Nazis. It is a Hindu religious symbol which has been in existance before the Nazis “misappropriated” it.

Sonia Gandhi (India’s opposition leader) is venerated in north india because of her Italian fair skin.

North Indians consider it a sacrilege to marry an african or

a dark colored South Indian.

But they don’t mind seeking pride

in India’s achievements (which are actually South Indian achievements).

See the following report from Hindu.

An Amitabh Bachchan fan has penned a Sanskrit poem on a 101-metre-long scroll of paper as an invocation to the Bollywood actor whom he treats as a “god”.

The poem covers the journey from ‘Saat Hindustani’ to Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Aag’ and the “ups and downs” encountered by the millennium star along the way.

“Amitabh is my God and I am his priest. Whenever I land in any trouble, I always remember him to get out of it,” Jitendra Shivhare claims.

‘Shivhare’, who has titled the creation ‘Bachchan Mahakavya’, is currently pursuing a BA in Sanskrit from Devi Ahilyabai Vishwa Vidyalaya here.

I will not be surprised if some Temple is ready. Amitabh Janma Boomi???

Amitabh is divine for north indians. He is superpower, spider man, genghiz khan, kublai khan rolled into one.

As a South Indian I could never stand Amitabh.

Let us compare amitabh with south india’s Rajni.

Amitabh looks monkeyish. Comes dressed in multilayers of makeup,

To give him the due he is pretty good in English.

Rajni though not good like amitabh in English can speak 7 languages.

Tamil, Telugu,Kannad,Marathi,Hindi,

English. I was told Rajni is also fluent in Bengali and Urdu.

In contrast Amitabh knows only Hindi and English.

I have not bluffed about Rajni.

Furthermore unlike Amitabh Rajnikanth is a very humble man.

Amitabh is a very arrogant fellow.

No one asks to love one another but show respect for one another.

Have consideration and show broad mindedness in your dealings with

If north indians cannot speak English or learn other languages or master the “CPU” south indians should compensate for it by learning their language.

There is nothing wrong in that.

We open a door for a physically handicapped person do we complain about it. Yes we south indians have to learn Hindi because north indians cannot learn English.b

Regarding political power being in their hands and us being treated as slaves the fault is not theirs it is the fault of the British Rulers who united two disparate nations into one for their administrative convenience.

We cannot undo history. Let us make good with what we have.

All countries strangely have a north-south issue. Vietnam, Korea,

to name a few. India cannot be an exception.

Indians and Indians alone have the hilarious habit of declaring themselves intelligent.

This has to do with the general “nature” of indians who are a loud mouthed,argumentative,

voluble,garrulous,talktative cannot keep their mouth shut.

Unlike the other two “great” orientals Chinese and japanese.

Indians cannot live without talking.

The direct benefit of this is that of India being a democrcacy because if someone does something wrong a million voices start screaming as if the moon has fallen on their prevents

Saddam Huseesins, mao’s and sheiks from rearing their “ugly” heads in India.

The negative side of this their boasting like in this internet not knowing that ALL PEOPLES ALL AROUND THE WORLD are equally smarter and the dumb one’s exist in India (both north and south India) as they exist in other nations.

Let me narrate the hilarious experience I had learning the north Indian tongue Hindi during my college days.

In Hindai chair is classified in grammar as female.

Buttio is sitting in Hindia.

Boy sits on a chair would be

Ek ladka buttio kursi per mein.

A correct translation would be

A boy is sitting on a the mischievous one’s in the class used to interpret it in another way and have a good laugh.

I visited Delhi( the capital of India situated in deep north) long time before.

This is what the TV announcer said.

Pradhan Mantri Rajiv Gandhi hamara bharat sarkar hua. Rashtramantri R.Venkatraman ko pradhan mantri rajiv kee dhektha hai.

– the exact translation would make one laugh.

– Let me compare to situation to here in UK.

The PM of UK Gordon Brown is arriving. Remember this is UK. why would anyone say Prime Minister of UK as if he is the PM of another country.

– The second sentence would tickle you

—The defense secretary is now “looking” at the Prime Minister.

The Hindia word for looking is dekthia hai

I asked a north Indian why Hindi commentators say that which is not needed-he responded that they are giving a view of the “total” picture.

But is announcing where the defense secretary “eyes” rove comes under the category of complete commentary.

Hindia is a very funny language-

But even tho’ i am opposed to Hindi I would recommend south indians to learn Hindi because North Indians simply cannot learn English-it is beyond their ability.

Computers, English etc., are anethema to them.

The PM of India is a north indian.

The President is a north indian.

The external affairs minister is a fanatic north indian.

The leader of the opposition is a vehemently anti south indian (of pakistani origin)

Except the powerless finance minister job and road transport minister job all the top most political jobs in India have been appropriated by north indians.

If you ask them if this correct they would respond “mera bharat mahan” which means our great bharat.

North indians are appropriating al l these jobs because they are very very assertive, aggressive.

You south indians and north indians should meet in a common place,a newtral place and

renogiate your country-dont’ cry in computers

The United Nations should intervene and put an end to imposition of Hindi on south indians.

All top political jobs in India

President, PM, leader of Indian opposition, powerful cabinet posts

are in the hands of Hindi speakers.

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon should take up the matter with north indian Punjabi/Hindi speaking Prime Minister Sardar Manmohan Sing.

Shivshankar Menon is India’s foreign secretary, Narayanan is a national security advisor, TkA Nair is the PM secretary.

manmohan sing loves Arabs.

all these officers are from India’s arab land(Kerala).

kerala was born when Arab traders

married local south indian woman.

Look at any malayalee he will have sharp middle east features.

I am a north indian I love Sonia because she is a fair complexioned

We north indians love anyone who is fair complexioned.

We north indians and pakistanis

have the same blood running in our veins.

We share a common dislike for south indians.

Mirza Ghalib, the brainless poet,

is idol in both NORTH india and Pakistan.

Amit Toab bachanka movies are popular in both North India and Pakistan.

In short Pakistan and North Indians

Pakistan is ruled by Punjabis.

India is ruled by Punjabis,

Pakistan is ruled by Muslim

Punjabis India is ruled by Hindu Punjabis.

Among the Hindu Punjabis there is a extremist fringe called Sikhs.

It should be noted that the Sikhism was started as a sword of Hinduism against Islam.

They are the characters who wear clothes on their head.

The Punjabis are Racist (either in India or Pakistan) they are just bad.

They have no right to rule India.

They will only mess up India as they messed up Pakistan in the long run. The Capital of India should be moved to Central India.

Let there be peace in this blog.

Let the hearts of everyone be filled with love.

May all Indians north and south love one another and live as members of one great land.

Let our personal injuries and hurts be washed by love and kindness.

Let us all CONSIDER each others as brothers.

Christianity, Budhism, Sikhism are great religions of the world.

Let there be dialogue and respect for everyone.

India is smart because they are willing to do what it takes. When ever America can’t do something they come to India for help. We Indians want to be successful that is why we are smart! We work our asses off to help stabalized the economy of all countrys.

In the late 1980s I was working in Delhi Secretariat as Section officer. During that time India was ruled by Rajiv Gandhi, the press called him as India’s “young and dynamiky” PM. One fine day in out of the blue Rajiv Gandhi dismissed his foreign secretary a.p.venkateswaran in a press conference.

The next day when I went to office I could hear my north indian friends animatedly discussing the issue and one everyone’s lips was the statement “amitabh mein ka kartha huuun, amitabh mein ka kartha huun”. Not knowing Hindi I asked what they meant by that. One explained that apv was dismissed because Amitabh was angry. “ka kartha huun” means very angry in Hindi.

It seems Amitabh wanted to visit burma and apv had refused and hence the dismissal. This amitabh was a top north indian film actor.

I was told even now he acts in the North Indian language called Hindi.

It should be noted that the Foreign Secretary was a south Indian and both Amitabh and Rajiv Gandhi were both Chapathi eating north indians.

The Indian Foreign Service Establishment and the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)

Till Indira Gandhi was ruling India the MEA had no say in Foreign Policy Formulation after the exit of the Lady every bureaucrat became powerful. Indian Foreign Policy today is formulated, administered and implemented by the IFS/mea.

A grand reversal from the Nehruvian times when the IFS/MEA came to know about India’s stance from the Nehru’s speeches in public places.

The MEA is like a rudderless boat

buffeted by different bureaucrats who are in power.

And the Indian IFS officers are neo nazis.

Okay this is interesting.

I am from Pakistan and from what I have experienced so far, I have found South Indians (Paticularly Bangalorians) to be way more smarter than most other races in the Indian subcontinent. And its not just in South India but also other Dravidians decendents (in Sindh Pakistan and the Bengalis in Bangladesh ) I think it has got to do something with the genes.

On the contrary, the well built fair Punjabis, Pashtuns,Jats, Scythians,baloch and Aryanas are not that smarter(Dumb too:P, espcially the Punjabis in Turbans:D). I dont know anything regarding the education system in South India but it seems fairly good as well.

India’s top Nuclear physicists, computer scientists, doctors, engineers, technocrats come from one state: TAMIL NADU.


The Devil is quoting the Holy Book

I found India’s appeal to China to solve the Tibetian issue hypocritical. India’s top bureaucratic posts like the IAS (Indian Administrative Service), IPS ( Indian Police Service) and IFS (Indian foreign Service) is filled by the North based UPSC (Union Public Service Commission-incidentally a constitutional body) with North Indians.

India’s powerful ministries are in the hands of North Indians.

Much of India’s federal investment is done in North India.

India’ is deliberately promoting the imposition of Hindi ( a northern tongue) on South Indians.

The Prime Ministership of India is “not available” for South Indians.

When a south Indian goes to New Delhi he is racially abused and ill treated in his own Capital.

Both the BJP and the Congress are two sides of the same “north Indian” coin.

Tibet! Eh! The devil is quoting the scriptures.

Shmae on you all!!What stupid comments you all are all are Indians and we have to be is this have Diversity and we have to maintain Integrity with this diversity..Thats why we are so special…these all language nad other issues are just due to politics..nothing dont waste your energy in this!!!

this way things would only get worse.

think for a while.without being biased,not as a north indian or a south indian.

(i do not like to use the term “north indian” or “south indian” but using them just to for readers to understand)

i am from u.p. i had hardly known anyone from south india until i went to college in till then even though i didnt know anyone from south i thought of them as dark ppl who have funny accent which i got from the bollywood movies.

when i went to college there were students from most of the studied together n started to know each other better.

there wasnt any north south barrier.i had friends

used to enjoy of my friends who were from south hated hindi speaking people but then as time passed they had so many hindi speaking friends.

we were different but we started to

respect each other’s differences.

no one is all good or all bad.

try not to compete or show each other inferior.not all north indians are all south indians are thing is there there is not much mingling of north n south indians and so most of us are so anti each not a contest no one is going to win.i had visited kanyakumari once when i was like 10 years old.i was collecting sea shells as i had nevr seen them local boy about my age came n started collecting them too n started giving them to me. i still can not forget couldnt talk but it was so nice.

and it was nice because he didnt think of me as a north indian but as a person.

if im treated nicely ill treat the other person nicely too.atleast everyone would agree to that please try to understand and respect each would feel better from inside too.

I fully agree to the views expressed by the earlier post.

Political differences, social cultural differences between north and south indians should not be publicly aired via blogs. This person has created this blog to

create a rift between North India

and South India. He could be a Pakistani masquerading behind a christian sounding name.

Two Bengalis = a film society.

Three Bengalis = political party.

Four Bengalis = two political parties.

One Bihari = Laloo Prasad Yadav.

Two Biharis = booth-capturing squad.

Three Biharis = caste killing.

Four Biharis = entire literate population of Patna.

One Punjabi =100 kg hulk named Pinky.

Two Punjabis = Pinky with his bigger brother Twinky.

Three Punjabis = assault on the McAloo Tikkis at the local McDonalds.

Four Punjabis = combined IQ equal to one.

Two UP bhaiyyas = halwai shop.

Three UP bhaiyyas = a fist-fight in the UP assembly.

Four UP bhaiyyas = mosque-destruction squad.

One Gujju = a share-broker in a Bombay train.

Two Gujjus = rummy game in a Bombay train.

Three Gujjus = Bombay’s noisiest restaurant.

Four Gujjus = stock market scam.

One Andhraite = chilli farmer.

Two Andhraites = software company in New Jersey.

Three Andhraites = Naxalite outfit.

Four Andhraites = song-and-dance number in a Telugu movie.

One Kashmiri = carpet salesman.

Two Kashmiris = carpet factory.

Three Kashmiris = terrorist outfit.

Four Kashmiris = shoot-at-sight order.

One Tamil-Brahmin = priest at the Vardarajaperumal temple.

Two Tamil-Brahmins = maths tuition class.

Three Tamil-Brahmins = queue outside the U.S consulate at 4 a.m.

Four Tamil-Brahmins = Thyagaraja music festival in Santa Clara

One Bombayite = footpath vada-pav stall.

Two Bombayites = film studio.

Four Bombayites = the number of people standing on your foot in the train at rush hour.

One Sindhi = currency racket.

Two Sindhis = papad factory.

Three Sindhis = duplicate goods shop in Ulhasnagar.

Four Sindhis = Hong Kong Retail Traders Association.

One Marwari = the neighbourhood foodstuffs adulterator.

Two Marwaris = 50% of Calcutta.

Three Marwaris = finish off all Gujaratis & Sindhis.

Four Marwaris = threaten the Jews as a community.

Three Mallus = Gulf job racket.

I’m a south indian and I’ve come up with a solution to this north – south ‘crisis’. Perhaps we should spread the love and interbreed. According to mendel’s rules, we could end up with:

a. 25% better-looking and smarter people.

b. 25% better-looking and dumber people.

c. 25% uglier and smarter people.

d. 25% uglier and dumber people.

After this process, we just have to deal with the category d people.

why is that whenever there is a discussion in regards to north vs south, there is an idiotic sardar who will post anti-south indian rhetoric, labelling them as black monkeys. Also what is their basis for hating south indians apart from the fact that they are just jelouse.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble buddy, but I have seen some punjabis who are so black they might smudge anything they touch. As for the southies, I have seen some that are so fair they could light up an african party.

you have no idea about the racial makeup of India. Your stuck in your own punjabi world only interacting with the blue/green eyed punjabis that you have failed to realise your next door neighbur is so black he/she blends in the night!

Guys Read the following report, a Monkey is now Chairman of a Business School, North Indians never fail to surprise me.

, India (AP) — He’s a revered Hindu monkey god. And now, he’s the chairman of an Indian business school.

An Indian Hindu priest performs prayers in front of a statue of the Hindu god Hanuman.

Hanuman, the popular god known for his strength and valor, has been named official chairman of the recently opened Sardar Bhagat Singh College of Technology and Management in northern India, a school official said Saturday.

The position comes with an incense-filled office, a desk and a laptop computer. Four chairs will be placed facing the empty seat reserved for the chairman and all visitors must enter the office barefoot, said Vivek Kangdi, the school’s vice chairman.

“It is our belief that any job that has the blessings of Lord Hanuman is bound to be a success,” said Kangdi.

All Hindus know that Hanuman can lift mountains and leap oceans, but ancient texts make no mention of his business acumen.

“When we were looking for a chairman for our institution, we scanned many big names in the field of technology and management. Ultimately, we settled for Lord Hanuman, as none was bigger than him,” Kangdi said.

Hanuman is one of the most popular gods in the crowded pantheon of Hindu deities. His most famous feat, as described in the Hindu epic the Ramayana, was leading a monkey army to fight the demon King Ravana and rescue a kidnapped princess.

The Sardar Bhagat Singh College in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state, awards bachelor’s degrees in engineering and management. The school opened last year.

South Indians have never accepted Sanskritic Gods like Rama, Hanuman.

When the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu questioned Rama’s Engineering Credentials ignorant North Indians raised a hue a cry about his anti-Hindu should be noted thta Murugan,Ayyappan, Venkat,Raghavendra are South Indian deities and saints. Patriotic South Indians would never accept Sanskritic Gods like Rama, Hanuman. Even in religion there is a North-South split.

Ramayana is a story of vanquishing of South By North so how can the second hero of Ramayana “Hanuman” be acceptable to South Indians.

Thanks for giving an opportunity

to ride the A.. of Northerners.

May your tribe proliferate.

India is now recognized as global economy because of IT prowess. Its a known fact that south Indians made it possible. India could become a developed country if we make the Aryans( North Indians -aka Immigrants ) to go back (or drive them) back to their land ( Aryan land – Iran /Turkey?? )or which ever place.

I know Hindi speaking people are proud of Aryan culture. Why don’t they go to Iran. Iran is land of Aryans.

Imagine India without south Indians, it would be another Pakistan or Iran.

Let me narrate my experience.

After passing the IAS examination.

I went to Delhi to attend the interview, the next day after the interview we had medicals in Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital. I was with the other candidates. I am a dark colored South Indian. We were waiting and the Doctor who was to ‘check’ did not arrive.

One ‘parent’ of a girl candidate who had accompanied his ‘beti’

beckoned by his index finger and spoke to me in Hindi asking me why the door is locked and when teh doctor would come. Because of my dark color he mistook me for a chaprassi(scavengar/janitor).


Here I am in Delhi after passing one of the world’s toughest examination and on par with his daughter or even better and here I am subjected to this treatment.

His daughter actually intervened Hindi and admonished him, saying I was a candidate.

I can never forget this incident.

I had a similar experience in the same UPSC ( Uttar Pradesh Services Commission) premises ( actually U stands for Union but it is an eyewash) Union means Uttar Pradesh.

My name is A.BBBBBB. In South India the father’s name is Abbreviated to the first Initial and the second name is the given diplomas go by the name A.BBBBB but in somes cases the entire name is narrated AAAA BBBB.

Just half an hour before the interview the Diploma examiner (Incidentally a Sick) found my +2 in A.BBBB and my B.E in AAAA BBBB format.

That made him suspicious of me.

Kyun Hai Hai, Whatever Crap it meant.

He sent me to the vigilance building next door. There thanfully an officer (who was a north Indian with some common sense)told me to go back to the interview.

Let us worry about the name told me and sent a clerk to the Sick Gentleman(??) to allow me to attend the interview.

The Deed was already done. I was in a foul mood,depressed, agitated and wild. Do you think I would have done the interview to the selection of India’s diplomatic and top bureaucracy well. Neigh.

In retrospect I feel the Northerners use techniques like this to drive Southerners away from the Civil Service.

Post Script: Actually the concept of Surname is unknown in South India but these Hindi blabbering North Indians have no clue about the south side of the country they are ruling.

A bureucracy should be representative of its population.

In Deep South we have a person from Poonjab heading a district as “collector/Dy.Commissionar”.

This system of posting as heads of District people who have no idea about the local language and culture is a legacy of the imperialistic system of administration introduced by GB.

An English collector used to preside over a district in deep south. That was having an Imperialistic eye on the “natives”.

It is hilarious to continue the same kind of distric level administratiion-it is unrepresentativce,fraught with practical difficulties and finally create a elitist barrier between teh common folks and the District Head.

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu(M.G.Ramachandran) submitted before the Sarkaria Commission that the IAS, IPS should be abolished.

I am for the total abolishment of the IAS/IPS.

The UPSC as it exists today is unacceptable to South Indians.

9/10 of the UPSC members are from North justice do you expect from them.

What north Indians lack is humility.

Humility follows knowledge,education and self-appraisal.

Since North Indians are uneducated that makes them arrogant.

Dr.Abdul Kalam (respected and revered almost like Einstein) and who incidentally is also a Tamil poet from Rameswaram recently said that it was the Information Technology which made the world look up to India.

Tamil Nadu agitated in 1965 to retain English while other states fell like nine pins to the onslaught of the Hindi Devil.

Tamil Nadu’s foresight today has made the world look up to India.

Annadurai, Karunanidhi the leadres of the DMK should be given the Bharat Ratna.

one fanstastic thing about northerners in USA is that their ability to climb high in the Corporate ladder. Faster than South Indians. Technically and in terms of intelligence they are less qualified than South Indians but thanks to their assertive nature I see more North indians in high in the Corporate ladder.

Guys this should be a place for healthy debate not a place for ventilating our private hates.

In racial relationship it is the survival of the fittest.

The Arawaks were a peaceful tribe who were literally eaten and gobbled up by the Caribs.

North Indians have politcally cobbled up South India. With South Indian economy booming there is large scale migration down south.

Some time circa 2300 AD there will be ethnic clashes between North Indians and South Indians in Southern then it will be too little too late for the “Madrassis”

Sorry buddy. The Aryans have long time before eaten up the Dravidians. India of today is racially an Aryan nation. The hotter climate down south has ‘tarred’ the Aryans down South. The Southern Indian languages can be traced to the original Dravidian Tamil is the nearest one close to the proto Dravidian.

Telugu known as Vadagu has become totally sanskritized. Kannada was sanskritised by the Iyers from Tamil Brahmin country who became Diwans in the Mysore Udayar Kingdom.

Malayalam has allowed Sanksrit into its vocabulary.

The Dravidian race ‘was eaten’ up now only their languages survive in bits and pieces.

You did not get my pt right friend.

The maximum age of the son (say) of a 80 year old man could be 65-66.

Do not know how much memory this 80 year old will transmit to the 65.

The 65 year old man himself would have lost his memory.

Which means real time memories(memories) transmitted between generations

Verbally will not go beyond 100 years.

Assuming that the 80 year old transmits 20 years of his predecessor generation’s knowledge and experience. to the 65 year old.

Today thanks to internet and electronics and media histories are getting literally recorded

But earlier it was just forgotten after 100 years.

Racial demographic changes do not take place within 100 years they take half a millennia-500 years- it is slow-creeping-and is unnoticed because it spans generations

That goes beyond the human memory span of 100 years. Demographic changes do not happen overnight. They take 300-400 years.

500 years from now South Indian population would be outnumbered and they would be fighting for their survival in South India thanks to large scale migration from North.

Madurai will become Madura and Chennai will become Chenpur, Bangalore will

I am not Nostradamus but based on my study of human migration patterns I predict that ethnic riots, tensions will be the order of day in the South India of 2300 AD.

I concede to your pt about the progressive Sankritization of Southern languages but the non Aryan component of the South still is high notwithstanding this linguistic cannibalism.

South Indians not part of India’s ruling elite??

India is presently ruled by North Indians. South Indians have so say in it.

Let us analyze the four Southern State and their influence in Delhi.

Kerala is a politically inconsequential state. Since it is a small state and since the average Keralite would never challenge authority. North Indians and the Delhi Durbar knows this state and its people will kow tow whatever Delhi does. If tomorrow Chinese instead of Hindi is declared as India’s official language you will have our friends from kerala learning this “volliya language”.

The Congress and BJP both north Indian majoritarian parties have reduced Andhra and Karnataka to the status of dummy states. Karnataka shockingly elected a BJP govt., What Karnataka and Kannadigas have to do with BJP which party was founded to promoted the interests of Arya Varta(North India) defeats me.

What ideological relationship does the BJP have with the Kannada speaking peoples? It is one big puzzle.

Andhra-is ruled by the Congress which exists to promote the interests of the North Indian Nehru family.chandrababu Naidu abdicated his responsibility when he was leaves Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu is ruled by a 86 year old man who is in the evening of his life. He has one agenda to make his son Stalin the Chief Minister of Tamil nadu. Opposing this senile old man is Jeyalalitha a blue blooded Aryan Supremacist.

Karunanidhi’s self fishness and Jeyalalitha’s supremacist attitude has reduced South India to the status of vassal state of India. I equate Tamil Nadu to South India because it is Tamil Nadu alone which protects the interests of South. Be it fighting for English and opposing Hindi Tamil Nadu is the frontrunner. With this state sleeping thanks to a toterring old man and an aryan intruder South India today is a SLAVE STATE of NORTH INDIA

C.Rajagopalachari, also known as CR, or Rajaji, India’s first Indian Governor General described ENGLISH as the gift of goddess Saraswati to India. Rajaji recommended the very liberalism South Indian Narasimha Rao ushered in and turned India from a poverty stricken nation to a global power.

Rajaji was called a stooge of the what is Manmohan Singh?

North Indians are now following South Indians and learning English today.

Have they not become Stooges now.

It still remains a puzzle why Gandhi chose Nehru over the more insightful and brilliant South Indian Rajaji. Had the latter become PM India would have become a developed nation long time before. People from North India are slow to realize but when it comes to arrogance they have it, the size of the b..m of a Japanese Sumo wrestler.

Ananthasayanam Ayyangar

There is a direct correlation between “sounds” and intelligence.

Yes sounds. South Indian languages

Tamil,Malayalam,Telugu and Kannada being phonetic based languages have a depth that no other languages have. There is a retroactive reflexive “ZH” in Tamil/Malayalam that requires a certain twisting of the tongue, You need to do a tongue gymnastics to bring this out. Thanks to this “ZH” south indians have this ability to learn any other language because no other language could ever be having this. Everything is a sound of different type in a particular language– to the NONspeaker of that language. These sounds boom into the brocas/Wernickes area and wakes up the cell. I heard about this in a lecture in Chennai from a linguistic professor. Since then I made it a point to collect and play songs in different languages of the world from Japanese to Spanish in my car when my kids travel with me. Have you not heard of the myth that hearing Mozart makes you smarter. South Indians just ‘grab’ a language and master it within 6 months if they have to. In Palaghat in kerala and Bangalore in Karnatka the average number of languages people speak is 5. Of late becuase of the Brainless north Indians arriving in hordes in Bangalore Hindi is getting “blabbered”. It should be noted that India’s only Southie Prime Minister Narasimha Rao spoke 17 languages the rest of the other North indian Prime Ministers knew only Hindi and English.

Anyone who has cared to visit the campus of Velore Institute of Technology, in Vellore,TN would know what these North Indian students are doing to teh conservative South Indian culture.

These buggers should not have been allowed into South cannot expect a 86 year old chief Minister of TN to take action against these barbaric huns,visigoths,mongols from north who are to destroy south indian culture.

Just look at this website

Unfortunately,china is much ahead of india in chess

South Indians are intellectually savvy but in terms of assertion they are weak.

Indian School Text books especially history books speak only about north indian rulers very rarely do they speak about South Indian Kings even though they had achieved greater things.

–In India’s license permit raj of yore Hindi blabbering business were given license (undeserverdly) I should say hence they started dominating business

–In unreserved compartment of passenger trains North Indians literally kick (not a figure of speech) south indians from their seats.

– In the IAS exam(an exam through which India’s top diplomats and bureaucrats are selected) we are to write about Gandhi, Nehru and Tagore. South India has produced better poets and greater poets than Tagore. South India has produced better political giants than Nehru but there is no mention neither are we to write anytihng about Periyar or Annadurai or Raja Raja cholan

– Nice Guys finish second is the title of a book. South Indians nicety is their downfall

I’am afraid to tell you prideless imbeciles that “intellects” are not in your DNA! You’re not born with a high IQ, you develop it! Yes they’re many smart tamils. So what? So are gujus,punjabis,pakistanis,chinese,blacks,white,etc… Don’t think a certain percentage of your race,relegion,etc.. are smart so you will be! Let me advise you derlicts on something. Do you know that doctors,lawyers, and other professionals that make a lot of money, don’t give a damn about you! You think people are going to college,investing, etc.. for their race? Idiots.

If south indians are so smart why are their over 20 million starving south indians? What nonsense are you spurting? They are stupid and smart people all over india. And LoL at north indians farting in presence of others? LOL. That is called a generalization not a fact you racist jack ass. I just wanted to add, I don’t hate or dislike south indians, what I do hate is egotistic people!

The question papers to the IAS exam is sold in Jawahar Book Depot in New Delhi. North Indians prefer to write the IAS exam in Bihar where open book and mass copying is allowed. A vigilance squad from Delhi saw in the D.S.Dhanapur College Examination Center in Patna Bihar the Invigilators watching Amar Akbar Anthony while the students were busy writing(COPYING).

It should be noted it is through the IAS exam India’s top bureaucrats and Police and Diplomats are selected.

No wonder “brainy” Biharis continue to dominate India’s Bureaucracy-a bureaucracy that was described by the British PM Lloyd George as the Steel Frame and to which service former British PM Margaret Thatcher wanted to join when she was a youngster(vide: ). The Indian Civil Service is no more a steel frame it is a North Indian Reed Frame- LOL

Ralph Waldo Emerson in his famous poem Concord Hymn spoke of a

“And fired the shot heard round the world.”

Some north Indian farts and through this blog it is read throughout the word.

An American out of genuine admiration for Southies creates a blog praising them and here we have everything from Fart analysis,Foreign Policy to Civil service dissected here.

Let me give my verdict on this issue.

South Indians are one tier intelligent than North Indians.

But North Indians are good leaders

Without Brains and Leadership nothing can move.

I leave it to your individual judgement to decide which is more important.

My opinion is that we need both.

Chera Kalam-Kerala Rules

The Congress was able to form the government at the Centre because of the 40/40 Parliamentary Seats won from Tamil Nadu and with Tamil Nadu’s support of 40 seats.

The BJP went with slogans like India Shining to the Polls when it got this zero result in Tamil Nadu.

But after forming teh government the present PM of India Manmohan Singh and Sonia have been “topping” India’s bureucracy with kerala cadre IAS/IFS/IPS officers.

The Malayalees/Keralites never had it so good. Manmohan Singh has a Malayalee Cabinet Secretary,the NSA is a Malayalee and the Foreign Secretary is a Malayalle.George, Sonia’s PA is a Malayalee. The Defence Minister is a Malayalee.

I can trace all teh Malayalee appointments to Sonia’ PA George’s influence.

Malayalees are ill-disposed towards all South Indians-Tamil Nadu included.

Tamil Wins, Kerala Rules that is the irony of India.

To the gentleman who called us monkeys.

The punjabis had a great ruler by name Ranjit Singh. Till this guy was ruling Punjab the British could not overrun this state. One he died in two wars the Anglo-Sikh war of 1845 and 49 the British defeated the Sikhs. Though it was the British it was the former “SEPOYS” of the Mughal army which had been dismantled after the fall of the Mughal empire who helped in this victory over the proud Punjabis. In 1857 the Punjabis had their sweet revenge.

When the “sepoys” rose against the British in what is touted as India’s first war of Independence in 1857 under the leadership of the ageing Mughal Ruler Bahadur Shah the Punjabis sided with the British and turned the tide of what was becoming a sure defeat for the British. But for the timely support from Punjab the British would have been routed. Thanks to Punjab India was a subject to British Imperialism for another 90 years till an Old Man with a walking stick threw them out using a fantastic technique hitherto untried.

India’s progress and development was set back 90 years because of Punjab.

Remember “Pa” in Pakistan stands for Punjab.

Pakistan is a Punjabi Muslim nation.

The world knows what image PA(njab)akistan commands in the world.

South India commands a glorious image.

Cool moustache and beard styles

It is my humble opinion that India is an ethnic time bomb waiting to go the way of Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. The ruling elites of India in far away Delhi have no idea that people in the fringe states have long before identified their duplicity,debauchery and double crossing policy. Sleep Rip Van Vickle. Undo what the great Gandhi/Nehru/Indira that of unifying India.

This is with reference to the posting about the Indian Civil Service examination-known by the famous acronym IAS. Candidates who fail to make it to any job in the Indian Civil Service after 3 interviews are given a job.

That is after clearing the gruelling preliminary,main examination thrice the candidate is “rewarded” for his hardwork by a job. Remember only 100/200000 are selected to the IAS.

the job comes in the form of appointments to RAW-Research Analysis Wing-India’s external intelligence wing. Since RAW is not subject to Parliamentary scrutiny or any scrutiny-the appointments are done purely by recommendation. North Indians are appointed in droves to RAW. The IIFT-Institute of Foreign Trade is another similar orgn where candidates are appointed by recommendation. Foreign Scholarship-UN sponsored scholarship are cornered by the Delhi based JNU-Jawaharlal Nehru University and delhi university students.

once upon a time capital meant a place where the King lived but today capital means the bureaucratic and economic capital of a nation. Since Delhi is in NOrth, North Indians corner all postings, jobs in prestigious organizations.

What “job” do you want in IIFT -as student or as professor-for latter post you need to be qualified-

i do not know if the relations between North-South India is that bad as potrayed here in this blog.

The 200 years of British Rule has contributed towards gradually coalescing of these two different geo-political-cultural entities.

Here I would like to narrate my experience as officer in Central Government though this incident I am about narrate may seem ironical because we as the Executive were playing on the inherent ethno-cultural differences in India. In 1991 North India was engulfed by Mandal Commmission riots. Delhi burned for 3 days. The Mandal Commmission wanted 50 reservation for Backward Classes and riots broke out after the V.P.Singh led government implemented the Commission’s report.

I was a young officer at that time transferred and posted at Delhi. I was assigned to the MHA( Ministry of Home Affairs).

My boss, a good and kind hearted north Indian gentleman,(he passed away in 2004). the Secretary of the Department gave me as the first assignment to speak and co-ordinate with the Tamil Nadu government to have them send a company of 2000 strong force to quell the riots in the Delhi campuses. Being from Orissa cadre I did not get the dynamics behind the choice of Tamil Nadu for police re-inforcements.

“You are now beginning to learn to know how Delhi operates” he smiled and told me that choice of Tamil Nadu was because the Tamil Nadu police do not know Hindi and riot control becomes easy under them. The Hindi speaking crowds would irrirate the Tamil Nadu police and not knowing a word they would wield the lathi with vengeance for even an innocous Hindi words of remonstrance from any rioting crowds.

In Delhi and other parts of north india the crowds fear “malabar” police. Even though malabar actually refers to the kerala side of southern India the police reinforcements posted in Delhi are essentially from Tamil Nadu and are not “Malabar” in the true geography sense.

Based on your cadre(Orissa) and based on your time line (1991) they can trace your name,wart and mole.

If you were young in 1991, which I take it as being between 25-35 that would make you 40-50 and still in service. If you are still in service then you would not have posted this on this blog, if you are not in service then you must be a pensioner in which event too you are in jeopardy. My point is you are a bogus, ghost Civil Servant- an IAS officer-who exists only in the blog who has spun a nice little yarn based on well known fact that police troops

from TN are routinely requisitioned to do the dirty job of riot control thanks to the lack of knowledge of Hindi of Tamil Nadu police.

Take a well known fact, add some masala about an old dead secretary, drop a kind word about him- hey presto, it all looks so factual.

Here is my take on the last two postings.

Both of them were done by the same guy.

Read the English usages-the idiosyncrasy-the identitical verbal signatures stares at your face pointing to the same person.

"smartness" is more than a few shades subjective, I don't believe in the iq divide otherthan stating that the English language is a lingua franca language of the subcontinent > compare with Latin America and that well Dravidians may be more uh anglophonic than people from elsewhere from there although its the very very rare south Asian that I've met that cannot speak english, maybe some girl or boy from some obscure origins in tribal Pakistan but that's it. The success and rise of Dravidians is mainly due to their latent anglophonic skills more than anything else > it certainly ain't anything specifically anatomic or cultural > in the sense that Anglophonia is the edge you need to get ahead, climb the ladder, get to the top in this competetive world. I noticed that Bangladesh has a higher than average literacy rate just like the state of Kerela < but I don't know if this is specifically just the local languages alone or english as well! Joe Stickler

In Bangalore I have seen the younger generation speaking 5 languages(English,Hindi,Kannada,Tamil and even Urdu)

In Palghat in Kerala which is far away from Bangalore’s Silicon Valley they speak 5 languages

English,Hindi,Malayalam,Tamil and even Urdu)

In contrast in North Hindi and only Hindi is the order of the day.

Indifference,laziness,or is it genetic or cutlural. I would blame it on a heady mix of all these.

I was told these days even in North they are learning English.

The Present PM Manmohan Singh who is a North Indian can speak Fluent English and Poonjabi and Hindi.

^ Yeah Bangalore is cosmopolitan like that you just pick up on the superficial spoken word through interaction. My father is a Jaffna tamil and all they speak there is tamil nothing else I'm half telegu also but I grew up only on English becuz mom and dad don't speak each others languages. But if you grow up in a big city its a diiferent story but even then it depends I would imagine Bangalore for example is far more progressed and cosmopolitan than lets say uh Dacca > Kolkota too I can also add Karachi but this city must be rather diverse anyway but its North Indian languages such as urdu, pushtu, punjabi, sindhi and stuff so its something of a culturo-dialectical diversity. Joe Stickler

Learning a language is directly related to your attitude. If you are receptive you can pick a language whichever linguistic region you grow.

I know guys from North who even after living for 10 years in South struggle to speak South Indian languages but South Indian master northern tongues within 2-3 years.

South Indians are linguists the same cannot be said of northerners.

The present PM Manmohan Singh loves Poonjab. He sanctioned the max of Federal Funds for Development after taking over as PM.

The following too(see news item below) will cost a lot of funds for the federal government.

While he may be a good Pani-Ke- Leea (patriotic) Poonjabi he is not a good Indian. He is as regional minded as Moraji

Desai ki bhai, a gujarati urine therapist Prime Minister

Amritsar (PTI): Eighty nine years after they were butchered for participating in a peaceful rally demanding freedom from British rule, the Jallianwalla Bagh martyrs may finally be granted the status of “freedom fighters”.

A recommedation for granting them the status has been made to the Punjab Government following a written request to the Chief Secretary by a group of locals.

“I have strongly recommended to the Punjab Government to grant the status of freedom fighters to the martyrs of Jallianwalla Bagh since innocent people demanding the country’s freedom from British rule had been massacred,” Deputy Commissioner Kahan Singh Pannu said here on Thursday.

Nearly 650 persons holding a peaceful rally were shot dead at Jallianwalla Bagh on April 13, 1919 when soldiers under the command of Brigadier-General Dyer fired indiscriminately on an unarmed gathering of men, women and children.

Noting that several letters have been written to the Centre in the past urging the latter to grant this status to Jallianwala bagh martyrs, Pannu said the Union Government could act in the matter only after it received a recommendation to this effect from the state Government.

Bewakook ka pecharam choli kee

piche kya hai dum mera dum PM ayah

suthila cum poojabiat (The cultural

etiquette of “poonjabiat”requires

Poonjabis to help one another once

-you can comment your hearts fill

Hum Kisise Kum nahi hai se diwar

dakshin bharat ke liye andhaa kanoon. Arya ka dal ko Khel mein Kyun Pyar bandhan ke aya hamara

pani ki dimi kathi kismet ka.

- We are all Indians and Indians

from South may be more intelligent

but northerners have proved themselves in sports. India won one Gold medal in Beijing and it was a North Indian.

Come on guys arre suno mein

bhagut such ke lie, take life lightly.

Most of the guys who post in Hindi

are obviously non-Hindi speakers as what they write is just “trash”.

As pr the constitution of India (art340) Hindi should be used only for Official purposes. It is the Official language of India. So usage of Hindi in this blog is unconstitutional. Seriously.

Just as broadcasting of Hindi programs in Government TV to our homes is “official”. Is our Bedrooms a government office, our children,babies and grandparents, wife,mother,brother and sister “officials”.

People should desist using Hindi in this blog as this blog is a not government “site”.

If Hindi is declared as India’s national-official language because the largest number of people(north Indians) speak it, then in the same token

1) The Crow should be India’s “national bird” not the peacock.

2) The buffalo should be India’s “national animal” not the tiger.

because there are more crows and buffalos in India than peacocks or on Munshi give us South Indians a break

Manmohan Singh is India’s answer to Gorbachev, the Soviet Leader who presided over the dis-integration of the USSR.

India is as much a collection of

divergent nations like the USSR.

Russian was imposed on the USSR.

A group of bureucrats ruled USSR.

Now During Manmohan Singh a group of bureaucrats are ruling “India”.

There was no psychological “we” feeling in USSR.

Ditto for India. What I have in common with the Present PM except that we both have a nose,2 eyes and ears.

He does not like south Indians we do not like north Indians.

The only difference is he is PM of India whereas we are just “bloggers”

Long live Gorbachev Poonjabi Manmohan Singh

South Indians suffer from RRC and KDR syndromes depending on the side of the Godavari river.

RRS-stands for Raja Raja Cholan

The first was a great Tamil Ruler and Conquerer,

KDR-is the symbol of Kannada-Telugu pride.

South Indians are still stuck up and unable to come out of this syndromes, they dream of the glorious days their respective culture and languages were under these 2 rulers.

Keralites have no great ruler worth the name, unable to be proud of anything-they have adopted the best course of action-go to Delhi and play ball with the North Indians.

That is my sum up of South Indian attitudes

India is presently not ruled by Manmohan Singh whom I consider a dummy, a GFN economics professor. It is actually ruled by Narayanan, a keralite-Malayalam-speaking-character. As true to all Keralites this guy is a notorious hater of anything South Benedict Arnold-Quisling-Guy Fawkes- Judas-Brutus in one Juicer-switch on the machine-shake it-you will get Narayanan.Keralites are having a field day in “Delhi”

North Indians love South Indian girls. All the leading beauties of India and top film actresses are Soutn Indians: Aishwarya Rai(Miss Universe), Sri Devi, Hemamalini,Vyjayanthi Mala, Rekha,

Meenakshi are Southern belles.

The reason why Southern girls are popular in movies is because Southern girls exhibit feminism in behavior and conduct. I have never seen a Southern girl using the word Sh.t in conversations. They soft spoken,well behaved and well mannered. Southern girls have a facial bone structure that is curved,parabolic. It does not break with sharp edges-box like-like it does for Northern girls.

The chinese-japanese girls alone share this curved facial bone structure. Southern girls are more shy northern girls are blunt like men.

Southern girls most importantly do not have cat whiskers-yes moustache.

Northern Girls especially Panjabi ones have moustache that would challenge a man. Why don’t they shave.

India and the worlds most beautiful woman can be found in Kerala-Coorg-Tanjore-Rajamundry areas of Kerala-karnataka-tamil Nadu and AP. It should be noted that most of the listed girls are from Tamil Nadu except Aishwarya who speaks Tulu, a language closest to Tamil in the Dravidian family of languages.

Mathematically one can prove that 1=2 but it can be done only if one makes fallacious mathematical presumptions. 1=2 might seem illogical but mathematically it can be shown as being correct. The issue of india being one country where northerners and southerners share the same bed is based on a fallacious historical/geographical/cultural presumption that was fostered by Imperialistic Great Britain. As might the mirage of 1 being equal to 2 on paper fail the first empirical test the first crisis of unprecedented proportions would lead to a Soviet Union like break up notwithstanding the strong army. I would blame such a situation that will arise due to abject failure of India’s intelligence. I consider the India’s intelligent bureaus as being manned by pre-Soviet kind “barabases” whose vision do not extend 1 mm beyond their head.

Examine world history thoroughly, you will get my point clearly.

I still however love my country, the India as I know it now.

Arundhati Roy the booker prize winning Indian novelist was called a traitor because she advised independence for that headache of a state called Kashmir. It should be noted that Arundhathi is a Southerner(actually from kerala). South Indians have no interest in Kashmir. As a South Indian I am least bothered if Kashmir is part of India,is independent or joins that messed up “terrorist camp” going by the name of Pakistan

There are 4 areas in Kashmir

1) Azad Kashmir (independent K) under Pakistani control


3) Aksai chin-Occupied by China

India is holding on to this Indian kashmir.

The hold of India on Kashmir is very tenous. There is a place called chicken neck area if this place is cut-off K is gone for good.

The average K does not like either India or Pakistan.

As for me another South Indian K is a waste of time,money for India. It is better it let off.

Unlike other “states” of India. Kashmir has no “castes” other than brahmins, they are known as “Pandits”.

700 Hindu Brahmins/Pandits were forcibly converted to Islam during the reign of Sikandar Butshikan sometime in circa 1400 ACE.

After the death of Sikandar these brahmins wanted to return to Hinduism. The Brahmin Pandits of kashmir refused to re-admit them into the Hindu fold( Ref Nehru’s discovery of India). The rest is History. Kashmir is now a Islamic majority state and finds itself caught in the fight between Hindu Pakistanis( sorry North Indians) and Muslim North Indians (sorry Pakistan).

$150 Billion has so far been spent by India to keep this state part of the Indian Union.

Like my fellow south Indians I do not care two cents if this state swears allegiance to India or not.

Much of the ills that India faces in its Foreign Policy Administration can be traced to the early 80′s. Till Indira Gandhi was alive the PMO (the Prime Minister’s Office) and the MEA( the ministry of external office) held a safe distance from each other. Indira Gandhi would receive inputs from the IAS officers of the PMO and the IFS officers of the MEA to take decisions. IAS officers are officers of the Domestic Cadre who had risen to level of Secretaries/ Cabinet Secreteries and PMO members from the State Cadre. They have no foreign policy administration experience. The MEA officers (the IFS) in turn have no internal/district/state/domestic level administration experience. But after Indira Gandhi left her successors saw a situation where MEA submitted itself directly to the PMO. This is because the Prime Minister appointed as Foreign Secretary and Minister of Expternal Affairs Yes Man without a backbone. The most notable among this was Romesh Bhandari. The PMO effectively became and is now the body that formulates foreign policy. This is not good because the PMO has no Foreign Policy experience. Thanks to this because of this we have Nepal flexing its muscles against India and cosying up to the Red Dragon. The presence of Malayalees /Keralites in the top positions does not help because these guys by nature never challenge authority India today is a regional super paper power.

“Our” Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has done it again. Recently when he met President Nikolas Sarkozy of France he had taken the turban issue. He claimed to reporters in the aircraft that he had “raised the sensitive issue before too when Sarkozy came on a visit to New Delhi in January this year.” Sensitive to him not to 1025 million Indians. Sicks constitute just 3% of India’s population and their problem cannot be “India’s” problem. They are made up of just 25 million totally.

I respect his religion but Manmohan had no business spending “India’s” time bringing trifle matters in summit meetings.

Someone should tell Manmohan Singh to stop being obsessed with Punjab, his religion.

India was invaded by China in 1962.

In Brigadiar J.P.Dalvi’s book The Himalayan Blunder there is a story why Mao invaded India. It seems the Chinese Army “captured” a Tibetian Monk straying from the Indian side. The Monk claimed he was 450 years old. The Chinese doctors verified his claim and confirmed his age. Mao invaded India because the Monastry and the herbs were on the Indian side of the border. This is a bs explanation given by North based Delhi’s incompetent ability to see through the Chinese mind.

Chou-En-Lai was angry because of Nehru’s patronizing attitude of “introducing” him to world leaders in Asian Relationship conference in Bandung, the invasion was done to hurt his northern ego. Rajaji the veteran southern leader had repeatedly warned North Indian Nehru about Chinese plans. Don’t tell me the Chinese have cheated you it is the duty of the enemy to Cheat “thundered Rajaji the brilliant south Indian who was ignored by Gandhis for the PM post just because he was a South Indian.

I found it hilarious when someone had translated the hindi expression pani-ke-lia as patriotic. Pani-Ke-lia means slow coach-or someone who is slow to understanding. The correct Hindi expression for patriotism is desh-ka-koon. Please correct it.

While Punjabi-Sick Prime Manmohan Singh takes up the earth shattering and “sensitive” turban issue with the French President. Sonia Gandhi the leader of the ruling Congress claims that the UPA Government “has given Rs 2,000 crores for ‘gur-a-gaddi’ celebrations” She made this comment today.

How dare they spend tax payers money on this Gur-a-gaddi.

We have a Sick Prime Minister and an equally Sick Sonia Gandhi.

The Punjabis who form the majority in Pakistan ruined that nation now we have this Indian Punjabis spending 2000 crores on something which no one knows the meaning of.

India will dis-integrate if Manmohan continues to be the PM.

Here is my take on how Manmohan Sign became PM of India.

Indira Gandhi the mother-in-law of Sonia Gandhi was killed by Sikh security guards.

Sonia Gandhi by appointing a Sikh Manmohan was showing her gratitude (for this murderous act) of getting rid of her mother in law.

Her UPA government spending billions of rupees on Punjab/Sikh land should be seen as an act of a thankful lady.

While all was not well between Menaka(wife of Sanjay Gandhi) and Indira the latter did enjoy a good relationship with this Italian Lady.

Rajiv was a pilot and he and Sonia led a contented life. It is said they used to spend the weekends in farm houses and eating out in trendy restaurants. Because of Indira’s prodding and compulsion Rajiv entered politics and ended up getting killed himself. Rajiv for all his faults was a good man but very immature. Sonia could never forgive/forget Indira for her decision to push her husband into politics.

When Sikhs were being chased and killed during the horrendous days (Oct 31-Nov 3rd 1984) after the tragic death of Indira Gandhi the Congress Party led by Rajiv Gandhi took no action. More than 4500 Sikhs were killed. Rajiv Gandhi who took over as PM four days later commented “that when a great tree falls the earth shakes.” That was most spine chilling comment that could have ever come from the head of government in a Democracy. The “consaguinal” Nehrus never forgot or forgave the Sikhs. Obviously Sonia being an affinal kin does not share the same feeling.

Manmohan Singh is a perfect example of Political Disconnect.

He is out of touch with India.

His loyalties are to interests outside of his nation.

After finishing his graduation he moved to London and New York where he was in high paying jobs.

A hundred years from now historians while studying his reign would blame him for totally de-indianizing India in the name of so called “globalization”.

He is in essence a typical north indian who suffer from inferiority complex and hold with contempt any person of darker color.

Presently India is ruled by five Keralites( Malayalees)

TKA Nair-officer on Special duty to the Prime Minister

Narayanan-NSA-National Security advisor

Ak.Anthony- Defence Minister

Shivshankar Menon- Foreign Secretary

George- PA to Sonia Gandhi.

These 5 characters have no principles or morality.

Rather the lack of it is their forte.

They are fooling India and Indians

and they will cause India to ultimately disintegrate like a pack of cards like the Soviet Union

India is surviving because of the principle of Shared Sovereignity during normal times and assumption of Unitary structure during times of distress. The present PM is an economist not a politician, the leader of the Congress party is an Italian lady who took citizenship five years before,after a 40 year stay. Both of them are Ignoramus of India. This a 100% UNALLOYED TRUTH, SHOCKING IT MAY SEEM. Thanks to this scenario, the kerala bureaucrats who are answerable to no one are having a field day. The superficial calmness in India’s fringe states is mistaken by these South Indian Arabs as ignorance. Is anyone listening?

The debate is not between the comparison between north and south “why south indians so smart”…yes infact all indians are smart y only south biharis are smart, they crack the all civil servises exams…the problem is that we indians are very very smart when it comes to individual as a team as a union we have repetedly proved ourselves as that is why is most popular game in india because its not a sport…its individul game …one plays and rest 10 it comes to team games like hocky and any other game, i ndians are democracy is running becasue of our individual religiouls (and not constitutinal) is why we indians do not take pride in standing up when national anthum is being played..but be it any prayer of any recite it many times a feel proud in showing us as “spritual the time we willnot come out of the poison (opium as what maxx said)of religon…we will lag behind and britishers..who are actually “good for nothing” will rule great nation like india…

I thought you Indians were smart people why are you guys fighting

In Sri Lanka South Indians are being murdered and there is an active genocide going on. India’s central government led by North Indian Manmohan Singh is turning a blind eye towards the happenings in the island. As the following news item will inform you the North Indians and officers of Kerala origin are colluding in this mass murder.

As a South Indian and former bureucrat of India I am of the opinion that India’s unity will be at stake if no action is initiated by Manmohan Singh.

India should intervene in Sri Lanka as it did in the erstwhile East Pakistan. Why this double standards?

India can intervene in Sri Lanka: KarunanidhiFri, Oct 17 11:55 PM

Chennai, Oct 17 (IANS) Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi said Friday night that India could certainly intervene in Sri Lanka to alleviate the sufferings of Tamil minorities there, in the same way it did in then East Pakistan in 1971.

‘Did India not intervene in Bangladesh when needed?’, the DMK chief told reporters when asked how India could intervene in the affairs of a foreign nation. He was referring to the 1971 India-Pakistan war that led to the creation of a separate nation of Bangladesh.

Karunanidhi was speaking to media persons after 14 party Lok Sabha MPs, including central ministers T.R. Baalu and A. Raja, handed over post-dated resignation letters to him demanding an end to the violence in Sri Lanka.

‘The decision about the resignations will be taken finally on oct 28, if the situation does not improve,’ the veteran leader said.

The resignations came even as the central government asked Sri Lanka to halt its military offensive against the Tamil Tigers in the island nation.

Earlier in the evening, the ruling DMK had announced that four of its Rajya Sabha MPs had submitted post-dated resignation letters to Karunanidhi on the issue.

A party spokesperson said: ‘We have great faith in the United Progressive Alliance leadership at the centre and hope the suffering of our brethren in the island will end soon.’

Karunanidhi’s daughter and Rajya Sabha MP Kanimozhi had handed her resignation letter to her father Tuesday.

Tamil Nadu and the union territory of Puducherry together have 40 members in the Lok Sabha – all of who have offered to quit if the government fails to take action on the Sri Lankan issue.

Lawyers in Coimbatore burnt an effigy of Union Defence Minister A.K. Antony within the court premises earlier in the day, alleging a conspiracy by bureaucrats of Kerala origin to keep the Tamil minority in Sri Lanka on tenterhooks.

The protesting lawyers burnt copies of The Hindu newspaper, which carried an interview Friday by Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa saying that he was committed to a ‘just and enduring political solution’ to the festering problem. The lawyers alleged that major newspapers in the country were ignoring the ‘just demands’ of the minority Tamils in Sri Lanka

South indians are not Bengalis my friend.

You sure have the boldness to compare yourself to Bengalis.

India’s national anthem is a Bengali Song.

India’s national song-vande mataram- is also a Bengali song.

Bengalis are North Indians do not put them on par with South Indians.

When North Indian muslims of East Pakistan were killed North Indian leader Jeyaprakash Narayan gave an ultimatum to Indira Gandhi to save Bengali speaking Muslims of North India ( East Pakistan) or QUIT.

When he made this statement to Indira in the presence of according to the then PA to the Prime Minister JP’s “hand were shaking in rage” it seems. (Ref Katherine’ Franks “Indira” ISBN 9780395730973)

No North Indian hands will shake if South Indian is killed in Sri Lanka or elsewhere. Something else will Shake-ha ha ha.

Both the BJP and the Congress are silently abetting murder and Genocide in Sri Lanka.

India’s and North Indian attitude towards Sri Lanka is a perfect example of the deep fissures that exist in this nation that is marching towards its ultimate disintegration.

Too many hasty generalizations here!

No hasty generalizations here. North Indians have always considered South Indians as

3) Made fun of their language

4) Never give them powerful political jobs in the Federal Govt excepting jobs that require brains like Finance, Scientific Advisor and Finance Secretary

5) Considered South India as an appendage rather than part of India

6) Imposed their language on South India via Radio, TV

No north indian will befriend a South Indian because there is nothing in common between the two.

North Indians openly use the N word to describe South indians forgetting India’s most beautiful woman are from South India.

Finally “India” treats South Indians as slaves. North indians should learn to respect South Indians. Plain and simple

South Indians have launched India’s first mission to Moon. All scientists are from Tamil Nadu followed by kerala. North Indian involvement zero

The Britishers for their administative convenience brought ethnically,linguistically, culturally different groups together. This artificial conglomeration is gradually unravelling. When an “outside” force,namely, British were around the different groups held together against this common enemy. The generation which “fought” this outside force would also be more broad minded but once this generation dies the groups realize how differen they are and begin to fight amongst themselves.

Recently North Indians were attacked in Mumbai(Bombay). Rahul Gandhi was asked about it when he visited Uttar Pradesh. The questioner told him how he being a North Indian was expected to protect fellow North indians. To which Rahul responded ‘why do you call me a North Indian’ we are all Indians’- BS.

If Rahul is a Indian and not north indian why does he harbor hatred, hatred and vengeance for South Indians. Like his grandmother Indira what steps has he taken to learn any Souht Indian Language. he wants to become PM. What is his education. what is his qualification except that he is Marvadi-North indian.

If A.k.Anthony (Defense Minister), M.k.nayayanan(NSA), Shiv Shankar Menon (fOREIGN sECRETARY) KERALA BUREUCRATS do not change their anti South Indian Attitude then all kerala/Malayalees living in Tamil nadu should be asked to quit the state. GET OUT OF TAMIL NADU.

Salmon Rushdie’s book Satanic Verses made fun of Rajiv Gandhi and Hindi Matinee Idol Amitabh Bachan. He notably called the latter a Gay. Amitab and Rajiv were close friends and the latter as PM of India banned the book in India saying it was anti-Islam. Ayatullah Khomeini who was the ruler of Iran then (in the early 1980s) took the cue and issued a fatwa against Rushdie. Ordering that his head be removed. I would say that Islamic terrorism with cross border threats was born with this fatwa. Since it was Rajiv who inspired Ayatullah I would consider Rajiv Gandhi as the father of Islamic Fundamentalism. Rajiv justified the killing of 4500 sikhs as tree falling. He is directly responsible for the severe humanitarian crisis that exists in Sri Lanka. His highly contemptous attitude towards South indians is too well known to be narrated here. Many nations today are suffering because of his his soul rest in peace.

Look at India’s headlines of late.

56 people killed in assam.

North indians beaten Bombay.

Lalu(a Bihari) threatens to cancel all trains if Biharis are killed.

Rahul Gandhi was justice for the death of his father after 17 years.

South Indians are being killed in Sri Lanka and Sonia and Rahul want revenge.

——let us do a RCA( Root Cause Anaysis- as we IT professionals say)

—Manmohan Singh. When you have a economics professor as PM rather than a professional politician this is what will happen.

— Manmohan has no attachment towards India. He all the time thinks only about the interests of Sikhs, Punjabis and art of survival.

– He is a true Punjabi who does not like anything Indian.

— This hater of South Indians should be sent back to Punjab or Pakistan(the country he was born)

Among many of Rajiv Gandhi’s inexperienced forays into international politics the most notable was the way he handled the state visit to USA in June 1985. In fact it showed to the world his lack of character. It is said that men of character should have enemies and places they are not welcome. Rajiv miserably failed in this test of character.

In June 1985 the Reagan adminisration invited Rajiv for a state visit. Reagan took a liking for this “young Man” and allowed him address the joint session of the Congress. It was claimed by ‘experts’ that Indo-US relations were now on an even keel ie truly non-aligned (-not the pro soviet tilt seen during his mother’s time).

After the end of his US visit Rajiv was to fly to India over the Pacific, since he visited California. He instead ordered the aircraft to move to the Atlantic direction. The Indian embassy in Moscow was asked to arrange a summit meeting with Gorbachev. The Russians were suprised at this sudden request that too when the PM was already air borne. But given India’s image they obliged. Summit meetings are not planned when flying in aeroplanes.

Indian TV was witness to Rajiv Gandhi being ushered into a great hall in kremlin, alone, one to one,without aides. Gorbachev was shown seated alone with Rajiv Gandhi on the opposite sides of a huge oval table.

Rajiv’s body language spoke as if he was there to explain or apologize to the Russians for his brief flirtation with Reagan.

This hurriedly arranged summit is till this day considered by members of the Indian Diplomatic Service as event that needs to be forgotten.Rajiv Gandhi was a child who was wafted to a job for which, (like the Present PM Punjabi Manmohan Sigh) he was ill suited and un-qualified.

I do not know how much credence one should attach to this story. It seems in London a sikh met with an accident. The Sikh was taken to the emergency hospital. The doctors removed his turban (called Dastar) to examine his head. The examining doctor fainted on the spot. The second doctor did the same and he too fainted. The third doctor gathering courage peeped into the Punjabi’s head and smiled. He had visited India many times and he did not faint for he knew the truth. What did the first two doctors see. saw nothing inside. Once the first two doctors revived the third doctor told them the secret of the Dastar-Turban. The Punjabis wear this Dastar to maintain the center of gravity of the head because there is nothing inside. It is an empty head. But for the turban the Punjabi sikhs will fall back because of this air balloon (head) hanging above their necks.

— Indian Prime Manmohan Singh is a Dastar wearing Punjabi his head is filled with Air and that is reflected in the kind of governance he provides India.

– Pakistan is a Punjabi dominated nation. It is led by Punjabis. What is Pakistan’s status in the world. Epicenter of all the problems in the world.

Americans have shown their broad minded attitude by electting Barack Obama. When will North Indians (read India) elect a dark colored South Indian as PM. How long should we south indians put up with Varmas, Sharmas and Singhs.

North Indians can make history if they shed their hatred for Southerners.

My eyes welled when I saw Barack Obama elected by Americans. India led and ruled by Chappathi eating north Indians should learn a lesson or two from the good hearted Americans. The Kashmiri Nehrus, UPwallahs, Beharis,Singhs from Punjab and other regional minded Hindi fanatics from Arya Varta ( North India) should give up Prime Ministership of India the next 60 years so that South indians can rule India. I say 60 years because North Indians ruled India for 60 years now it is the turn of South Indians.

– Will North Indians consider it

– Even though I consider them uniformly brainless they still have a conscience.

– Let a Obama raise from South India.

– Will Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh shed his RACIST attitude and consider all South Indians as citizens with equal rights

The problem with Manmohan Singh is he is not a politician but a bureaucrat. He is beholden to Sonia Gandhi for his survival. He cannot win one vote on his own. He cannot even speak proper professor who was his PH.D guide in Cambridge expressed his wonder on hearing Manmohan Singh becoming PM. “Minister yes but PM?” was how he is said to have reacted on hearing the news.Manmohan will read out some stolen speeches in Parliament and then go home and spend the rest of the day watching Punjabi new channels, Punjabi seriels on TV, he would then read Punjabi magazines and do I need say finally eat Punjabi Khana( food).

He does this when like Nero

Does this college professor care.

He is good as an economics professor but he is “Chimbly” not Prime Minister material. he is a Punjabi regionalist who siphoned Rs 24,000 billion of central funds for teh Development of Punjab. Like former PM I.K.Gujral he too is a secret Pakistani lover as he was born in Pakistan.

India needs an Indian PM not a masqueradi Pakistani Punjabi.

He will lead India towards its disintegration.

A Punjabi went to a doctor with 2 red ears. The doctor asked him what had happened to his ears and he answered, “I was ironing a shirt and the phone rang but instead of picking up the phone I accidentally picked up the iron and stuck it to my ear..”

“Oh Dear!” the doctor exclaimed in disbelief. “But.. what happened to your other ear?”

According to the great Hindu epic Mahabaratha Kaliyug (end of the world) will be heralded when Punjabis rule India.

There is a distinct prophetic statement in the Mahabharata that “the Mleccha (Barbaric) kings of the Sakas, Yavanas, Kambojas, Bahlikas, Abhiras etc will rule the earth ( i.e India) unrighteously in Kaliyuga”)

These barbaric tribes form the bulk of the Population of Punjab-both India and Pakistan. With Pakistan having nuclear weapons and with Punjabis ruling India do I need say anything further.

Punjab should be controlled and Punjabis should be deprived of power

India’s opposition leader L.K.Advani who like present PM Manmohan Singh was also born in Pakistan visited Chennai and slammed the central and state govt for their indifference to the electrical shortage. Electricity is not the major issue in TN at present. L.K.Advani is a Nihilist Aryan Supramacist who believes in the racial inferiority of South Indians. He is the leader of the party whose cadres surrounded the house of great South Indian leader K.Kamaraj(the King Maker) and threatened to burn it. Dislike for South India runs in the veins of the BJP leadership and Advani (also referred to as Madvani for his act of destroying a 500 year heritage building in Ayodhya) is an archetype example. India and South India does not need (M)Advani. Pakistan should take him back. The Indian Govt., should underwrite the expenses incurred for this travel.

One day Indian PM Manmohan Singhji was very upset. His Chamcha(flatterer) finance Minister P.Chidambaram approached him.

“Manmohan Singhji Enna acchu? Kya wu ha?” the psychophant queried.

“I am running short of Soniajis urine. The supply I have would last only one more week. I need to go to Washington to attend the G20 summit urgently”the Punjabi Kapadewala replied.

“I have 5 weeks of supply” Chidambaram assured him.

Manmohan Singh hugged P.C and said “let us go to Washington to celebrate this. “

It looks like Manmohan a economist forgot to calculate his EOQ (Economic Order Quantity) properly in judging Sonia’s Urine Inventory.

Soniaji heard this and she smiled pleased with the loyalty of these two “Indian” buggers.

Annadurai’s Speech in 1940 as to why India cannot be one country

India is a continent; it should be divided into a number of countries. The continent of Europe has 32 independent countries. No one argues that it should be a single country ruled by a single government. Similarly there is no need for India to be under a single government”. [Translator's Note: This speech was made in the 1940s. Some may argue today that Europe is uniting as a European Union. Note that European Union is not a country; it is a union of sovereign independent countries. Indian states are not sovereign independent countries that have the right to get out of the Union if they so choose. European countries have that sovereign right. That is a major and important difference. So Annadurai's statement is valid even today.]

“Aryan influence increases within a single country called India. Welfare of the other races is crushed under Aryan rule. Uniting different races under a single country leads to rebellions and troubles. In order to prevent such troubles and bloodshed in India, we should divide India according to racial lines now.” [Translator's Note: In essence Annadurai had foretold the armed uprisings and bloodlettings in Punjab and the northeastern states.]

“Even during the days of the emperors Ashoka, Kanishkar, Samudra Gupta and Akbar, India was not a single country.

“If India is divided into many countries, each country could develop its economy according to its circumstances. It would also put an end to one region robbing the resources of another. All races can achieve equality only if each race has its own country and government. We fear the thought of one race living under the rule of another. This fear gives birth to violent rebellion. It is necessary to divide India racially to prevent such violent revolutions. The reason one race has not choked another race to death in India so far is the British guns. When the British leave, India will become a killing field [unless it is divided into different countries on racial basis].” [Translator's Note: Again Annadurai is foretelling the armed uprisings and bloodlettings in Punjab and the northeastern states.]

I am a Tamil South Indian. I don’t think South Indians are smarter than North Indians because some of my friends from Delhi and Punjab are damn smart. And another question is ‘What is smart?’. If getting higher scores in math is ‘smart’ then maybe South Indians would trump North Indians. But if businness and management intelligence is ‘smart’ then that would definitely be the North Indian. And I generally think the Chinese are smarter than all of us (I had to work my arse off to even come near to the scores those guys were getting – I was an engineering student)

J.k.Galbraith the American economist once described India as Chaos that works. The opinions expressed in this blog is an example of the chaos that prevails in India. India is paper Union. The PM of India Sardar Manmohan Singh is no more in control. He has as much control over the country as will have a dog over its master.

Any nation will reach a brittle ‘state’ before its ultimate dis-integration. The Soviet Union reached this ‘state’ in teh late 80s. The criminal debauchery of Delhi’s bureucratic and political elite will lead to India’s decimation. The day is not far for us to hear the “last post” from the Fort fort.

Rahul Gandhi wants to become PM of India. What is his qualifications

1) Does he hold any diploma or undergraduate Degree.

2) Has he written any speech/book/article

3) What about his personal life? The last time he was heard having a Colomnbian Girl Friend.

4) How much does he know about India.

5) Is he a specialist in any subject- economist, sociologist etc.,

6) Does he have any reading habit.

7) Has he done any social work?

8) Can he speak any Indian language other than Hindi

9) What is his knowledge of South India.

Rahul Gandhi the Italian-Marvadi-Kashmiri-parso-iranian should

answer these questions of the Indian people

An Indian Naval Warship INS Tabar sank a Somali Pirate “mother ship” off Eden three days before. The Indian Defence Ministry justified the attack on international waters by invoking the principle of JUS COGENS. It is generally accepted that jus cogens includes the prohibition of genocide,, maritime piracy, slaving in general (to include slavery as well as the slave trade), torture, wars of aggression and territorial aggrandizement and the prohibition on the use of force by states.

India( read North India) should not suffer from selective Amnesia. It should apply the same principle of Jus Cogens in Sri Lanka and stop the genocide that is going on there instead of silently aiding and abetting it.

Pray what is Gandhian India doing in Eden. No one supports Somali pirates but the Indian Navy should have fired a shot in the air and scared away these marine thiefs. Even powerful western nations did not induldge in such activism. In June 2008 the Canadian Warship Calgary only threatened and did not sink a Somali pirate vessel.

Turban Head Manmohan Singh should first keep India’s house in order rather than poke in other people’s business however Jus Cogens it might be. We should not needlessly create enemies of people who have done no harm to India.

India is a peace loving and non interfearing country,, do not get caught up with other peoples affairs,, circumstances are diffrent everywhere, just because we are in a better positon now, dont take advantage of other people..

thats why america, eurpore and other countries are facing the blunt of their stupidity, Somalia always their own problems, they should pay a toll fee to the countries that use their waters, this would get rid of piracy in the area..

According to CNN, India ruled by Punjabi north indian Manmohan Sing had actually knocked off a harmless Thai Trawler, off the gulf of Eden. The Indian Navy had attacked and sunk a ship that was itself hijacked by the pirates.

Meanwhile our friend Advani is saying that the UPA has been soft on terrorism. This South indian hater is the biggest terrorist in India. A classic case of the kettle calling the pot black. Advani go back to Terroristan,sorry Pakistn, no one needs you in India.

The recent barbaric attack in Mumbai could be directly blamed on the incompetence of prime minister Singh. A nation is ‘treated’ on how its leader is perceived. Bush for all his faults kept America safe after 9/11 that is because the ‘human killers’ and cannibals around the world got the message of a very very tough Texan who would suffer no fools. In contrast what is Singh’s image. As Fareed Zakarai pointed out in his GPS on Sunday Singh is perceived as leader of a weak coalition. Even a basket case like Sri Lanka does not respect India. Add to this untasteful fondue his advisors who are all from Kerala. The people of this state in general are not strong willed to challenge someone superior. Look at their attitude towards Hindi. They took to Hindi faster than the Sociological issues that has weakened India’s foreign policy formulation and implementation should be a subject of study. India’ needs non-brahmin Tamils to head its External Affairs, Home and Defence. The appointment of Chidambaram, a non brahmin Tamil as Home Minister is a welcome step. Defence Minister Ak.Anthony (a Malayalee) and Pranab Mukherjee( a Bengali) should be sent home as they too like Singh(a Punjabi) are perceived as weak.

The three Southern States of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra have been the gems of india. They have attained enormous progress on par with with the rest of the world.

Their doctors, engineers and mathematicians are top class.

Left to themselves they could have become “developed” in no time.

As a South Indian I do not like Kashmir,North India, Hindi,Pakistan, Advani,BJP,Amitabh,Sonia in equal measure-they are all rotten.

Did you notice anything in Prime Minister Manmohan’s face after the Mumbai attack. I read no anger, vexation,annoyance or even unhappiness. In fact he almost looked like he was smiling when he was reading a prepared statement on TV. The speech itself was bland, banal and devoid of covers his face with a beard, there is that cloth on his head. How does one ‘read’ his mind in this bio-cellulose head of government conveys a lot of message through his body language and words. Two days before he goes to the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore and claims he entered politics ‘reluctantly.’ If he feels he is there relunctantly he should quit and go back to his professorship. We do not know what the terrorists are planning on again. India needs someone strong willed not a coward from Punjab who has no idea of Geo Politics.

India's sri lanka policy is a victim of three major factors

1) The Dravidian-Aryan Caste cum Racial clash in Tamil Nadu.

2) The Tamil Malayalee Clash in South India

3) The North Indian South Indian clash in Delhi.

The major victim of these ethno-regionalist-linguistic tension was former PM of India Rajiv Gandhi. The poor man had no idea about the country he was ruling and the factors that motivates his advisors and counselors.

Let us discuss this one by one

1—> The Aryans of Tamil Nadu (namely Iyers and Ayyangars) saw in the Sri Lanka issue a good opportunity for taking revenge on the Dravidians who had marginilized them politically in Tamil Nadu. They kept provoking the Dravidian led militant movement in Sri Lanka and in the end made Rajiv Gandhi a victim of this provacation. The Dravidians fell for the trap and today they stand ostracized around the world as killers.

2—>The Malayalees never liked Tamils or for that matter anything that is South India. The Malayalee IFS,IPS and IAS officers found in Sri Lanka a good opportunity to hit back at the Tamils who have a bigger state geographically speaking. It should also be noted that the Sinhalese the past 2000 years have used the Malayalees( called Cheras) to fend of the Pandyas-Cholas (who form the Tamils of Tamil Nadu)

3–> North Indians hate South Indians and this hatred was further exarcebated by the Tamils opposition to Hindi a north Indian tongue. The North Indians had never forgiven the Tamils for their opposition to Hindi. Furthemore the average North Indian is a neo-nazi and he dislikes the dark skinned-but brilliant-south Indian.

Now add these 3 hate mixture together.

Iyer,Ayyangar, Malayalee Opinion Makers:Editors,Federal Government officers.

They go as advisors/Ministers to North Indian politicians who rule India-

Hey! presto we have India's Sri Lanka policy rooted in hatred.

The Jain commission that went into the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi did not say a word on this. Jain himself is a NOrth Indian and there is no way he could understand the fissures that exist in South India. To be frank

even to this day neither congress leader Sonia Gandhi or the present PM Manmohan Singh are aware of this.

— A leader and a PM who does not know their own country-yes that is what is happening in anyone except clowns as these to deliver? No way.

When a crazed senior faculty member of New Delhi’s elite Jawaharlal Nehru University by name S.S.Maitra wrote love letters to Priyanka Gandhi( daughter of the Ruling Nehru clan) he was beaten by police and goons in the JNU campus. This is the so called Democratic spirit of the Nehru family. How different are the Nehrus of today from Saddam much different from the baathist dictator or his two sons Uday and Qusay.

I am kind of dissapointed by this. If someone else (other than an Indian) reads this…it would not be a good projection on india. We are one….I would like to see us as Indian as opposed to south vs. north.

Although, I am from south. I have equal respect for both the people. outsiders view us as let’s atleast show that we are one…..

I think we need to give the credit to ourselves..eventhough we are a nation of multiple cultures and languauges and ethinicities…we still are one nation and are surviving as one…………..

India’s top bureaucracy is selected through a tough exam called the IAS and allied services exam. The principle of Equality enshrined in the constitution of India is grossly violated in this exam. The question papers are provided in bi-lingual form-English and Hindi. Of the 8 papers two relates to General Knowledge and in General Knowledge ( called General Studies) there is a portion called Reasoning that has a maximum of 55 marks. The Hindi version of teh question paper helps north Indians to understand the REasoning portions better. North Indians in fact do not look at the English version but at the Hindi version. How can this be a free and fair competitive exam when one group of candidate have the advantage of having the question paper in their native tongue that too for the ‘reasoning’ section. Can anyone one underestimate the power of one’s mother tongue to ‘reason’. India should first set this right before attempting to fight some crazy pirates in god forsaken Somalia.

"Evolution" is un-scientific and doesn't reflect anything found in the study of human genetics within all of the human races. The False Doctrine of "Evolution" was invented by a bunch of con artist business people, in order to attempt to psychologically control everyone else, and convince people of the world that their lies are true. So a caste system on Earth would ensue. First off, all Human DNA Genetics of the different human races when studied, will prove that Human DNA is as if someone literally engineered it in a laboratory. All the Human Races on Earth, their DNA is so highly synthetic compared to anything in nature. As in Human DNA is not natural or "evolving" like some pseudo-scientists like to claim. Environmenet and climate have nothing to do with why someone looks like they do. One could reverse the entire logic that white skin is better for the cold. When in fact dark skin is better for the cold, just as dark clothing is better in the cold. Skin color and racial features have nothing to do with climate, and is a myth too many people believe in. If they knew better, they would know that climate has nothing to do with genetics which produce the hormone Melanin. Melanin is a hormone which links the creativity, with visuo-spatial mechanics, with logic, and awareness. Melanin is known to also convert different types of energy into other forms of energy. Such as converting light into sound, sound into magnetism, magnetism into into heat, etc. etc. People who have genetics which do not produce Melanin or too little of it, get white skin, blue eyes and blonde hair, which is an albinism disorder. Because those people with little or no Hormone Melanin in their bloodstream also have calcified Pineal Glands in their brain, which is a type of mental retardation. The so-called "dumb blonde" is very true. Whites got everything by copying and hijacking technology, science and mathematics from non-Whites, mainly Middle Eastern/Indian and Asian people. Because they have the Melanin levels which are perfect for high creativity, along with high technical ability. Blacks are extremely creative perhaps far too much to the point organizing into technical logic becomes problematic. However there are brilliant genius Black inventors such as Fredrick Jones, who invented 60 Patents, including the Two-Cycle Piston Engine, Starter-Generator, Practical Refrigeration, The First Change Machine based on feeding money into it, and many more inventions for Refrigeration, Piston Engines which operate on higher volumetric efficiency, and Thermal-Static Engines. I would say a brilliant genius like Mr. Jones who's works came forth between 1920 and 1955 possessed inordinate discipline to harness his extensive experience as a Master Mechanic into a world class Inventor of many common machines we use today. My point being is that Melanin is responsible for higher abilites. Something Whites lack, and can't seem to really invent anything, (except for fraudulent historical claims giving certain Whites wrongful credit for "discoveries"). Whites are poor at technology, mathematics, engineering and science. This is why they get into Business Management and get other races to develop the inventions they lay claim on with their corporations. Whites need to live by fraud and lies to get anything anyways. They aren't white skinned because of the climate, that is a myth. The Elohim, Annunaki, and many other higher beings engineered the different races in their image. A renegade being engineered the whites to be melanin defective, because they were created as slave race, unable to do much on their own. This is why over time, when Whites broke out of slavery as a whole, they made it their goal to dominate everyone else and have world rule. That doesn't mean the Whites are smart, it means they'll do anything to get what they want. For 490 years they lived by fraud, but the White world is waning to an end very soon. If one studies all the races genetics and all the variations, they will find a few things in common. The common demoninator between all of the races genetics is that: 1.) They have 46 chromosomes unlike primates who have 48 chromosomes; 2.) Non-Human Genetics and Genetics not found in ANYTHING in nature are found in traces throughout all human genetics; 3.) 90% of the genetics of humans has been "turned off" with no key in sight to unlock any of them; 4.) Human genetics seem to appear like some type of inferior version of something nearly "alien". Now that the Human Genome Project is complete, no one is hearing much about their findings. That is because the very scientists involved in the Human Genome Project are shocked about the fact that all the human races were engineered by so-called "Extra Terestrials" and were not a product of "evolution" and "transition from nature". That is all a myth. We have less chromosomes, and less DNA than monkeys and many other non-human species. For what humans are capable of doing we aren't supposed to have so little DNA. But apparently we have so little DNA compared to Primates (who have 48 chromosomes) but we can be inventors, scientists, engineers, built pyramids, engineer chemicals, and sent rockets into space. Where as these primates have more DNA than we do, but apparently have problems even trying to turn a door knob. That is because we humans, all of us, regardless to our race, have some alien DNA intertwined with the rest of our genetics, which are mostly filler material. There is some piece of DNA from higher beings not of this Earth which has been spliced into other species in nature to get the different human races. The Sumerian Tales which are the Bible of now, speaks of genetic engineering making man in the image of many beings "Let US make Man in OUR image to OUR likeness; (Genesis 1:26). Science now proves our DNA was literally created in a laboratory environment, and didn't come from nature in any way. Science proves our DNA was engineered by something far more superior than any of us down here on Earth. We might have all be an inferior version of the Alien Beings who came to Earth long ago, and needed to make slave workers. I mean our genius Einstiens on Earth may be partial genetic splices of the advanced aliens. But even our Genius Einstiens are pond scum compared to the Alien Creators. But they created an inferior version of themselves, to build civilization on Earth. Then they left. The Earth is supposed to be very toxic to humans too, from its strong magnetic field. This is why the Aliens created a worker called human or man, or people, do carry on their genetic goal for the Earth. Technically, DNA is defined as "compounds which bring forth life that changes the environment in some form or another." This is true, the many Human DNAs' dominates the Environment, not the other way around like the un-educated and fraudulent Nazi "evolutionists" claim. We are all Aliens to this Earth. We humans cannot co-exist with the nature, we are the biggest environemental threat period to nature. But there's nothing we can do about that, we are programmed to do what we do, we will NEVER co-exist with nature, no more than a spider will co-exist with a fly. We're not programmed to. We also can't be blamed, something much more superior than us, created us and put us here, to create civilization, since ALL races of humans, are intelligent and have some type of systematic way of doing things. But differently. Of course whoever rules the world at the time, will claim some people are "smart" and others are "dumb", just to promote people to follow their system. But no one is really dumb, but are programmed to see things differently based on their creation genetics. As for Indians, they're either of Annunaki origin or of Draco or of Sirus B or of Atlantean origin. So basically all of the groups in India are very intelligent. They can go into anything, either Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Business, Marketing, Real Estate, Military (Red Dracos and Sirius B are very smart and also tall, strong and extremely warlikes, such as Mongols, Scythians, Huns/ Rajputs). But like the Annunaki are the rest of the Indians, very intelligent mathematical geniuses' but not so tough and warlike like the Draco Reds. It is no surprise what they consider "advanced" here in America, is just the basic education for a lot of Indians. Their mindset is advanced in the engineering and mathematical spatial realm. But like Reptilians are the East Asians, and partially the Russians and everyone in Asia period. The Whites are Nordics, not the Sumerian Aryans, which is where Annunaki, Atlantean and Draco comes from. Sum Aryan = Sumerians. Indians, Jews, Medians, Tatar/Rajput/Scythian/Jatt, Egyptians, Babylonian Iraqis all come from Sumerian Aryans. The Nordics are the Whites NOT THE ARYANS!, and aren't into anything more than gaining resources and hording everything they see. Blacks are Dogons and also are smart technical workers created to mine the gold from Africa. Gold was used as a fuel in Alien ships along with Mercury. Blacks were engineered to deal with the chemistry of gold and mercury without harm. This is why even today nearly no one sees Blacks being poisoned by Mercury even if they are toxified by it in their bloodstream. The sickle-cell anemia 40% of Black suffer from, was purposely engineered in their genetics, to keep them in a gold environment, because gold minerals in the blood neutralizes sickle-cell anemic symptoms by boosting cellular function in sickle-shaped cells. You have to understand that if we some how "came from animals" then we wouldn't have the 4000 or so genetic defects and counting, all humans have at a minimum, out of 32 billion total genes. Animals detect ANY genetic flaws in any other animals and quickly kill them, to prevent them from contaminating the animal gene pool. Ask any Veterinarian, they will tell you, animals have virtually ZERO genetic defects. Throughout all of the history of the study of genetics, finding genetic defects in animals is unheard of. Except for some animals in captivity which are permitted to breed with the wild animals, but even then their offsprings are sensed down to the hormonal scent levels as being genetically defective and quickly killed by the rest of the animals. So we DID NOT come from animals, we were genetically engineered, to be anything we want to be, provided we work hard, repetatively and consistently at anything we want to learn or do. Then sure if everyone had a machine-like work ethnic and strict, tough motivation upon them, such as locking everyone up in prison, into solitary confinement and making them master Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for years. Then sure, everyone who comes out of that rigid discipline and experience, will have a so-called "HIGH IQ". The South Indians are more into their work, and find social scenes as a waste of time. So they hit the books and study everything about everything, for years, even inventing new ideas or machines, new concepts, wizards who master the Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Business, Accounting, Law, you name it, they've mastered, charted and decoded it. Now they're minds are so conditioned to quickly learn anything else they want to do. Might compare it to a super-sensitivity to reality in the highest, where the IQ goes up exponentially, something like an Acid Trip, but over the course of years, not in one night. North Indians, Middle Easterners, Whites, Blacks, Mexicans, Native Americans, you name it, could all be wizards too. But their cultures many of them aren't pro-education. But the few who are, we see some brilliant Black, Native American and Mexican inventors, scientists, engineers and innovators too. So it's all about hitting the books and mastering what it is you want to do, which then later leads to publications, high technical development, and creativity and very advanced innovation and dedication to high standards and perfection in whatever is to be created. As in, "they thought of everything with this", that comes from buckling down into a field and mastering it over the course of many years. North Indians could do this, and many are very smart. But they're like the Whites, and are out at the bar, chasing women and going to games. Where as the South Indians aren't doing any of that, they're at home inventing some new machine or electronic device. So everyone will claim they're freaking smarter than a whip. But there's some "Jock Nerds" up in the North, like big foot players or Marines, who also sit at their aircraft hangars inventing some new engine, airplane or machine gun. If North Indians are inventing anything like South Indian nerds, it is some new machine gun, or Aircraft or Tank, or something on the militaristic and scientific sense. Punjabis and Rajputs are a warlike people with roots to Southern Russian in Kazakhstan, so of course they like militaristic things. In some regards they're like the Russians if not some Germans. But one thing is certain, that is, if you're any of the races of human beings and you put your mind to something, no matter how "difficult" it might be, you can do it. You can invent insanely brilliant things being a human. It's just you have to work insanely hard and decide not to relax much, something like a body builder, but on an academic and education level coupled with hard persistence work. "Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration." Your life is up to you, your choices are who you are. – Sincerely, A Mechanical Engineer, Jet Engine Mechanic & Inventor. – Michigan/USA.

Rajput Huns/Scythians from Kazakhstan are smart at Mechanically Engineering Weapons/Firearms, Piston Engines, Jet Engines, Explosives, Aircraft Airframes, then killing you with them, lol. They’re tall and strong, good fighters, good users of machines and weapons and look like their Soviet ancestors. But it’s ok, they love you Indians and protect you.

Brilliant explanation about race have never heard of such ideas exist. While accepting what you said please note, as a South Indian I have found North Indians uniformly stupid. The most notable example is the present PM of India Punjabi Manmohan Singh. South Indians consider him a cross between a Orang Utan and Chimpanzee. His beard and turban further confirms this. South Indians hold him in disdain.

The north indians are not good in military either. The officers are South Indians and foot soldiers are North indian(most of them incidentally PAnjabis who incidentally have an independent country it is called PAkistan. You know what a mess PAkistan. There is something seriously wrong with intelligence(?) of PAnjabis. If the problems of the world are to be stopped there should be ‘cross pollination’ between South Indians and PAnjabis. But the latter suffer from an undeserved racial superiority but of late I have heard a lot of PAnjabis are coming to South India and marrying Kerala girls. The world should seriously probe the intelligence or lack of it of PAnjabis because they are as Madeline Albright remarked recently about PAkistan after the Mumbai attacks becoming an INTERNATIONAL MIGRAINE. One brainless stupid racial-lingustic group is holding the world to ransom. Sorry if I have sounded harsh this is a reality which is common knowledge in India.

we were engineered by aliens

i am a south indian, precisely a tamilian

definitely evolution is due to chagning environment

intelligence, smartness are due to life style and food practices and little much related to genetics

although i read tamils were the first human beings whose ancestry traced to some ET in our siddha works, i am not firm believer of that,

India needs another Gandhi, Nehru and Patel or to borrow European examples another Bismark or Queen Victoria.

There is a serious crisis of leadership in India. For the first time since Independence the Rulership of India has passed to Bureaucrats including Present PM Manmohan Singh. Bureaucrats have the advantage of anonymity while pursuing their personal agenda.There is presently no powerful central/federal political leadersship in India. The present Nehrus are an unededucated bunch what is Sonia or Rahul academic achievement or background. How deep is the knowledge of India.

Just because a monkey grows a lot of hair on its head it does NOT by virtue of such an action become an Einstein.

If you wear the latest designer clothes on a scarecrow it cannot become a Model.

India’s democracy is like a loose jacket, hair grown on monkey’s head, or designer wear on a scarecrow. The North Indians call the POlitical shots in India and South Indians are without doubt IInd class citizens. Their domination is further aided by Trojans from South, the Keralites and Parpana Iyers and Ayyangars. India is a pseudo majoritarian democracy and with the present uneducated Nehrus around it is as good as a monarchy.

Hindi, the language spoken by North Indians, became the “official” language of India that includes the non hindi speaking South India by one vote. When teh Constitutional assembly debated this issue the vote was a tie. It was the chairman of the Constituent Assembly Hindi fanatic Rajendra Prasad who cast the single deciding members of the south including keralites voted against Hindi. Gandhi actually wanted “Hindustani” which is actually a mix of Urdu (the language spoken by Pakistanis) and Hindi. Had India adopted English instead of Hindi India would have become “developed” long time before. It should be noted that South Indians though are pro-English are however conservative whereas North Indians tho opposed to English adopted the spoon and fork culture as their own. The Indian Army and armed forces adopted Ballroom Dance culture and commode long before from their British comrades and even civilian North Indians picked it up. North Indians consider it a sin if a girl says she does not know “ballroom” dance.

Today Jan 8th 2009 Prime Manmohan Singh made the following statement in Chennai

“Singh also deprecated the forces which seek to divide the people on the basis of religion.

“Those who pursue the politics of exclusion, of monotheism, who divide people between ‘us’ and ‘them’, betray the very idea of India,” he said “we have been consensual civilization”.

Singh also voiced New Delhi’s concern over the rise in tensions in West Asia in the wake of attack in Gaza by Israeli security forces resulting in the loss of lives of many innocent men, women and children”

It reminds one of the proverb that the Devil is quoting the scriptures.

- if others are practicising exclusivism what about him, is he not wearing a turban on his head and exhibiting, literally, his exclusivity.

–He has no right to criticize Israel when he has allowed more than 120 Christian churches to be attacked in Orissa and Karnataka

–His concern for woman and children sounds hollow when one considers his deliberate silence on Sri Lanka where the government in the name of fighting militants have rendered the entire population homeless

– It looks like the Kerala Policy makers in Delhi have “instructed” Manmohan to take this opportunity to advise South Indians.

– Sorry not interested in the advise of a man who sanctioned millions of Rupees to Punjab for its development

Kashmiri-Italian Prince Regent Rahul Gandhi was arrested in Boston’s Logan International airport with $200,000 along with his Columbian girl friend Juanita alias Veronique.

The BJP government intervened and saved his skin.

A criminal case was instituted against Rahul in Kerala under the Immoral Traffic Act for sleeping with an unmarried girl. He was again released.

Rahul does not know to speak either Hindi or English.

He and his mother are pathologically ill-disposed towards all South Indians(or may be Indians for that matter).

The Indian Press should probe the escapades of this low IQ northerner

The Nehrus were notorious for their weakness for women. Rajiv Gandhi as a student in London fell in love with a Tamil Girl Vaidehi XXXXX Vaidehi was the daughter of a high brow Indian civil servant (ICS) XXXX. The elder XXXXXX did not approve of their romance because he was denied by Rajiv Gandhi’s grandfather the coveted post of Union Cabinet Secretary. XXXX believed that Nehru did so because of the influence of his jealous cousin Alladi YYYYyy Iyer-another Tamil Iyer- incidentally a member of teh assembly that drafted teh indian constitution. Tamil Iyer girls are very beautiful to look at ((eg) Hemamalini, Rekha, Vyjeyanthimala, M.S.Subbulakshm, Kalpana Iyer, Meenashi Seshadri).

A jilted lover Rajiv never forgave Tamilians for spurning his advances. It should be noted that Indira was not the PM of India at that time and the elder XXXX had a poor opinion of the political capabilities of Indira or the future of Rajiv and Sanjay. Poor XXXX was to later on rue to friends and relatives about how his daughter missed becoming India’s first lady. Rajiv’s Sri Lanka policy was born in the Campus of the Cambridge University. Shockingly Vaidehi was a Iyer-Aryan whereas the Sri Lanka Tamils are Dravidians. Rajiv did not know the difference between the two. He had his sweet revenge on the hapless non brahmins for the peccadiloes of a brahmin girl. That is the irony of it all.

Four years before a leading south indian journal ran a detailed story about this failed romance of Rajiv. According to the report Vaidehi (who took a Ph.D in microbiology married a civil servant from Karnataka who later on joined the Private sector and moved to Geneva. It is said that Rajiv refused to meet Vaidehi when she expressed her desire to visit him during CHOGM meeting in London. Nations are born and wars are fought because of women. Had Vaidehi become Rajiv’s wife may be we would have a different contemporary Indian history. Of all the words of tongue and pen the saddest are these it might have been. Like Vaidehi’s father or may be Vaidehi herself, we can only sigh.

Vaidehi is an Iyer from Palhgat which is on the kerala Tamil Nadu border. Iyers in this place call themselves Tamils and Malayalees in one breath depending on whom they interact with. The civil servant in question that Vaidehi married is not from Karnataka but from Kerala who was alloted to the Karnataka cadre so gets your facts right. Rajiv fell for a Tamil-Chera nattu girl and his gilt and guilt played a major role in the formulation of his foreign policy.

In the mayhem that occured in Mumbai last month Indians failed to notice the passing away of V.P.Singh, the mandal messiah. V.P.Singh was one of the greatest of Indian Prime Ministers. Though from Uttar Pradesh he was a great friend of South India and an admirer (like this blogger) of South Indian culture and civilization and social movements. Inspired by E.V.Ramasamy Naickar( Periyar) he implemented the Mandal Commission report. The Mandal Commission made reservations (protective discrimination) in Government jobs for Backward Classes who form 90% of India’s population. When V.p.Singh implemented Mandal North India erupted. Since South India has a history of reservation for Backward Classes for more than 50 years North Indian politicians spoke of how the more advanced South Indian Backward Classes will corner all the Central(Federal) government jobs. RAjiv Gandhi spoke for 4 hours in Parliament in which he unabashedly, unbecoming for a former PM, said that the Central Secretariat will be inundated with Madrassis-South Indians. V.P.Singh stood his ground, lost his job and it took about 10 years for the Mandal Commission to be implemented. North Indian BC’s have gained a lot thanks to Mandal and there hardly any inundation of teh Central Secretariat by South Indians.

V.P.Singh was called a traitor-Nikkama. Traitor for not protecting the interests of North india??? Only a PM who protects teh interests of North India is a patriot the rest are traitors. Rajiv Gandhi called him Mir Jafar -the Indian equivalent of Benedict Arnold. Should I say Mera Bharat Mahaan-tell me

I’m a little confused. If Tamils are so smart, can someone explain this:

It was not during the Mandal debate Rajiv Gandhi referred to South Indians by the derogatory word “Madrassis”. Returning from a visit to Andamans (Indian controlled islands off Burma) Rajiv Gandhi commenting to reporters about the Island’s demography said that the Island had sizable number of Oriyas,Bengalis, Punjabis and “Madrassis”. While Rajiv was ‘smart’ enough to distinguish his northern ilk all South Indians were “madrassis” to him. Rajiv Gandhi was truly another Tuglaq-the clown who ruled Delhi in the 12th century.

As a Tamilian I am proud of AR.Rahman’s achievments, Congrats Rahman.

A.R.Rahman described as the “Mozart of Chennai” has been nominated for Oscar -Best Original Score and Best Original Song categories for two of his compositions — Jai Ho and O Saya.

The O Saya itself is a remix from

a song by MIA-short for Mathangi Arulpragasam another Tamil speaker like A.R.Rahman. Both of them have brought pride and joy to all South Indians.

North Indians produced a lot of Music Directors-R.d.Burman, Laxmkant Pyarelal. None can of them can come near in arts the north indians are B grade. Sorry Pals. It is not in your genes.

Once upon a time the Indian Civil Service (IAS,IPS and IFS) was dominated by South Indians. One of the reasons for the domination was the high standard of the English Question paper. South Indians and Bengalis (the only North Indians with some stuff ) dominated the Civil Service. The Government appointed the Kothari commission report to go into the issue of domination of urban candidates(euphemism for South Indians) and Mr.Kothari blamed the poor rural representation (read North Indians) on the high standard of English. In a classic case of the mountain(in pieces) being brought to Mohamat the English paper was reduced to the status of qualifying paper and this paper itself was made simple as to make even a 7th grade student to pass.

Abracadabra!!!! as the magician would say we had massive number of rural(read north indians)candidates entering the IAS,IPS and IFS.

—> North Indians found the high standard of English in the civil service exam difficult to surmount. The ever obliging government dominated by North Indians set up this ruse called Kothari Commission report to address this "anomaly" that of lopsided representation of South Indians in nation's top bureaucratic service. The English paper was set to the "right" standard.

–> That is why we have Indian bureaucrats in the central service not in a position to speak or write even simple English.

–> Have you seen the Elephant washing itself. It will pour both water and MUD on itself.

The KOTHARI Commission is a classic case of Mud being brought thrown on the high brow Indian Civil Service, that was once the envy of the world.

The Chennai based The Hindu run by Aryan-Parpana Iyer has mourned the death of former President another Aryan-Parpana Iyer R.Venkataraman, former President of India in its editorial today -see

This R.Venkataraman was anything but a copybook president. In fact he was one of the worst presidents who ruled India.

In 1991 when the governor of Tamil Nadu-S.S.Barnala(he became governnor again in 2006) refused to recommend the dismissal of the Karunanidhi government R.Venkataraman used the “otherwise” provision of Article 357 to dismiss the DMK government under the prodding of Rajiv Gandhi who was the Congress leader then thanks to the pressure from Jeyalalitha-the actress and leader of the AIADMK.

–It was considered the worst act of political vendetta and was considered a abject misusal of Art 357. Is this man a Copybook President.

– In the same year 1991 he invited Chandrasekar to form a coalition government based on outside support being given by the Rajiv led congress. This chandrasekar had only 55 MPs. Just 10% of the total of 545. No where in teh history of Parliamentary Democracy will the “sovereign” -in India’s case the President- had invited a person who had only 10% of teh MPS. R.Venkatarman was blatanly playing to the machinations of Rajiv Gandhi’s immature political chess game-promise the support and then pull the plug-which is what he did-saying Chandrasekhar had sent two haryana police constables to spy on

– Will a Copy book President invite someone who does not have the support of 90% of the MPs.

After having played ball with Rajiv Gandhi when he was alive R.Venkataraman describes the former as a grown up “child” in his book The Presidential Years. Did someone say ingratitude?

– Parpana Aryan-Iyers funeral rites are very peculiar. When a person passes away. They would remove the dead body from the home and keep it outside the house,remove all clothes-save a thin piece of cotton-and place it starkly on the ground. A stretcher made of coconut leaves are made and with blaring of conch shells the body is taken to the pyre. The reason why Aryan Iyers do it is that once the spirit has left the body it is considered polluting and hence this shocking body is respected in the Aryan-Iyer culture only still the spirit is sticking to it. Once it leaves it, the body is considered POLLUTING.

–This attitude of use and throw governs the Aryan-Parpana-Iyers relationship with other human beings with whom they deal with in the ‘living’ world’. When I was working as an officer in NTC-National Textile Corporation in Hyderabad. I had an Iyer fellow coming to my seat everyday and doing my bidding. Once he came to know that I was leaving the NTC and moving to a private sector Bank. He stopped coming to my seat and would not even pick the phone when called. For days I was confused about the conduct of this guy but once I moved to Chennai I was enlightened by elders, non Brahmins like me about this Parpana Iyer.

-An author by name Janak Raj Jai wrote a book which I happened to read. In that book the author says that R.Venkatarman refused the former President Zail Singh- to use the Presidential library. The author wondered why R.Venkatarman did not allow Zail Singh access. Reading this and knowing the cultural attitude of the Iyers I felt sorry for the north Indian author.

I say not based on anecdotal experience but because I come from the same state as these fellows.

R.Venkatarman did not stop with playing cheap politics. He was the person who popularized the living Gods of Iyers. The Kanchi trio living in Kanchipuram. He in league with The Hindu newspaper elevated these fellows to the exalted status of “Pontiff”

The old one among the trio- Chandrasekhar is dead, the middle one is under police scrutiny thanks to his ignoble participation in the sensational Shankaraman murder case.

This trio are orthodox Iyer Brahmins- who believe in Aryan supremacy and R.Venkataraman was a great follower of this Kanchi gang. No constitutionalist of repute will associate with characters like this. A copybook president has to be a constitutionalist. Which R.Venkatarman was not.

R.Venkatarman’s only qualification was he was a Brahmin. Nothing more nothing less. The Hindu run by Brahmins naturally has praised someone of their In Group. This praise should be taken with a TRUCK OF SALT.

In India’s national anthem “jana gana mana” ( to be frank as a South Indian, it makes no sense to me) South India is referred to “Dravida.” Tagore, the god of Bongs, who wrote this poem even included a basket case like Orissa-Utkal- but ignored the four major southern states instead preferring to refer to the entire south as “Dravida”

Tagore refers to north indian mountain ranges and rivers-

vindya,himachala,yamuna,ganga-there is no referrence to Southern moutains and the great South Indian river Cauvery-which has produced India’s brainy people.

The Jana Gana Mana is unrepresentative of India and should be replaced by some other song.

Till date no South Indian can tell you the meaning of this song since it is written in a language called Bengali and not even Hindi.

So even North Indians do not understand this song that is the most hilarious part.

Gandhi and Nehru chose this song to placate the volatile,militant Subash Chandra Bose, the Bengali leader who travelled in a submarine to meet Adolf Hitler and was guest of the Japanese and was said to have been killed in a mysterious air crash.

This is interesting. South Indians of India should not worry too much. India will go the way of Yugoslovia in the year 2016. 7 years is not a lot of time. I predicted the fall of the Berlin wall, the collapse of the soviet union and the recent economic down turn in the world. I predict India will go the Soviet Union way 7 years from now. However unlike Yugoslavia India’s disintegration will be peaceful. South India’s capital will be established in a place called Kappam.

You are wrong in your psychic predicition. In my opinion India has already disintegrated. The disintegration occured when the States were reorganized on a Linguistic basis in 1956. Sub-nationalism flies high in India.

Is it a failure of intelligence, I would say yes.

India has three intelligence wings.

RAW-Research And Analysis Wing.

IB-the Intelligence Wing

The co-ordination between these three wings can be described as poor.

The RAW is Pakistan centric and it also fishes in the troubled waters in Sri Lanka. During Indira Gandhi’s time the resource of RAW was also used for Domestic political purposes so much so that Morarji Desai who took over from Indira Gandhi as PM dismantled RAW and in also shocking act of irresponsibility he told Gen.Zia-ul-Haq of Pakistan the name of the spy in Pakistan who was supplying RAW with vital information. Zia had the man shot along with his family and in gratitude bestowed upon Indian PM Morarji Desai the highest Pakistani award of Nisha-E-Pakistan. RAW as seen from the recent Mumbai attacks is inept and is a highly contemporaneous organization. It does not think 50 years ahead. The same can be said of the IB which is as bad as the RAW when it comes to incompetence. The IB periodically issues warnings to the state government that everything under the sun from bridges to movie theatres is under a threat of attack. This it does with remarkable regularity. So if the crazed Pakistanis do attack they would say Deja Vu and pass the buck and blame on the beleagured State IB. The latter in the absence of the “specific” information would be scratching its head and pass the information to the District levels asking them to take precaution-which they would do so anyway to maintain law and order.

India’s Intelligence RAW-IB-SIB is pathetic to say the least. The hatred and turmoil within the nation is not addressed thanks to the over-arching external trouble called PAKISTAN. Focussing without they have lost all grip on what is happening within. They try to cheat the Delhi bosses with information provided by guys who are unrepresentative of the local feelings in the far of states. In my opinion the patriotism of people of India’s linguistic states is inversely proportional to the distance of the State from Delhi.Further the distance lesser is the patriotism. Sonia Gandhi,an Italian by birth, is ruling India by proxy and there is no way she understands what is driving the constituents that make up a huge country like India. When I say patriotism it should not be taken that those living around Delhi are patriotic it is that they find the present policies of the Indian Government more protective of their interests and hence they have no grouse.

I am a South Indian also from Tamil Nadu I cannot accept what was posted here. I know guys here are having fun poking at each other. My verdict is most of you are childish and need growing up.

No one is all bad or totally good, there is a good and bad side in each of us. That holds good for any people anywhere in the world not necessarily India. We all belong to one human family. I will pray for all of you who have been would be in order if you express your differences maintaining a good sense of decency and not make pungent, sarcastic comments villifying one another.

Disunited in Diversity: The Post, South Africa

Recently, there was much fanfare over the Republic Day celebrations of India and reports and protests on the ongoing atrocities in Sri Lanka. Writers sang the praises of India, referred to Gandhi, and with the pride to India becoming a super power.

Modern India is really a hotch-potch of different kingdoms, principalities, princely states, often with very little in common. Like Sri Lanka, the British welded these disparate entities into one state under one flag. In keeping with the dream of being superpower, India is now quickly learning how to throw its weight around and support a genocidal cause that flies in the face of its stated claim to human rights, its pioneering of non-violence; in short its boast of unity in diversity is little more than just that.

In the Sri Lankan genocide currently underway, India has revealed a duplicitous and murderous collaboration with the genocidal regime in power in Colombo. Not only deaf to the pleas and cries of its own Tamil population to intervene in this murderous onslaught, it actively assists the regime in the supply of military hardware, the training of strike-aircraft pilots, the supply of military expertise, and the provision of military advisors on the ground. With an almost unprecedented black out of news by Colombo, and a rather surprisingly tolerant acceptance of this restriction by international media, it would come as no surprise if India’s role is discovered to be more than what has been outlined.

The close cultural and ancestral heritage shared by the Sri Lankan Tamils with the Tamil population of India is of no consequence to India. In fact, it appears as if the Indian government is encouraging Colombo to wipe out the Tamils; media reports indicate that aid has been promised by this budding superpower to Sri Lanka to rebuild the North the dust has been settled (read after its devastation), and, by implication, the wiping out of Tamils.

Recently, the Foreign Affairs Minister, one Mr Pranab Muckerjhee, on an unscheduled visit to Colombo, stated with much aplomb that a military victory should precede a political solution. His visit appeared designed to reassure Colombo that it could do as it pleased, and came immediately after widespread protests in Tamil Nadu, and pressure on New Delhi. Perhaps, he was reaffirming Delhi’s ethnic alliance with the Sinhalese and Delhi’s contempt for Tamils. Incidentally, the Sri Lankans, who follow a perverted form of Buddhism, are reported to regard the Tamils, original inhabitants of India, as sub-humans.

Sadly, though, a country forever boasting it gave the world Gandhi, bears little resemblance in its deeds to the vision of the great humanist. This modern India is intent on playing a dangerous in the South, and, by its alliance with murderous regime in Colombo, might come to rue its role in the ethnic cleaning.

The shelling of safe areas, the genocide massacre of the elderly, innocent women, and children, then wanton murder of Tamil youths simply because they are Tamils, is akin to war crimes on a par with the worst of Nazism, and perhaps, when these atrocities are ended, a more just world will bring to book all responsible for ethnic cleansing, as well as others, including India, who have overtly and/or covertly supported this annihilation of the Tamil people.

Therefore, the celebrations are somewhat out of place – India is a house divided!

Author, Abbey Naidoo is a Durban-based attorney

I see too much of anti-North Indian sentiments expressed here. I feel these views miss one thing point. Northerners are not per se Anti-South Indian. The “nations” and peoples that make India are too different and placed “far” away from each other both georaphically and politically that there is no emotional attachment.

It is India size and demographic divergence that has made it a liability. The seeds of the anti-thesis exists in the thesis itself. The British Imperialists notably the likes of Winston Churchill drew lines arbitrarily that was more suited for their “rail” lines. After the exit of greats like Indira, Nehru and Gandhi India has been totally orphaned. The country is too “damn” big for it constituents to ever hang on together. Can people living along the Equator ever have strike a bond. What is the common thread that should unite them. The Equator? come on guys give us a break. Whether you are psychic or journalist the plain truth that is standing at the corner of the street is DisIndia not India, which is an artificiality.

DisIndia’s birth is being heralded in the courts of Tamil nadu where the lawyers have taken matters into their own hands. The DMK government ruling the state of Tamil Nadu has closed down colleges for fear of support for the DisIndia movement. Can someone stop one’s hair from greying-you can hide it using a dye. How long can one restrain one’s bladder-you can postpone it for a moment. DisIndia is an inevitability, it is a historical necessity. The Die has been cast. It is a fait accompli. The Midwife has already arrived. The labor has started. The birth is around the corner.

Ye All, listen the Time has come. What a fall for a nation welded together by a Mahatma.

The present Acting PM of India Pranab Mukherjee has no Kunju-which can be translated as Manliness

The people of Tamil Nadu will not spare a glance for this Kunjuless character.

During British regime his Bong compatriot Syamprakash Mukerjeee and other Jees started the “Arya” samaj hoping the Britishers would accept them as Aryans.

The Brits treated them with contempt.

Racism runs in the blood of this Mukherjees, Banerjees and Chatterjees-Kunju illatha pasanga.

The decline of the Indian civil service started long time before.

A male IAS officer trainee attempted to molest or misbehave with his fellow female IAS officer trainee. The man was drunk adn the female trainee hid herself literally in a hay stack. The then director of the Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy of Public Administration Mr. submitted his resignation because the candidate was from Bihar and the then Home Minister Jagajivan Ram-Babu- did not allow him to take action.

There was another male IAS officer who sent a “telegram” to the parents of his fellow candidates saying the candidate had died in an accident and that his body was being sent by train. One of the parents had a heart attack hearing this ghastly news.

There was one more IAS officer candidate who called his fellow trainee a ‘chamar’ a nasty casteist word-meaning untouchable.

This is teh so called “caliber” of the guys who are going to rule India.

Shame on the IAS officer trainees.

Only God can save India from candidates like this.

The postings on the civil service makes are informative. Please note that While the government of India appointed the Kothari Commission to whittle down the standard of English to favor North Indian Civil Service candidates as they had problems related to the English another committee appointed by the Ministry of P and AR went one step further. Headed by Satish Chandra this Committee introduced the quota system wherein candidates with certain optionals got compulsory representation. On the face of it may look harmful but this too was done to ensure North Indian domination. History,Geography or Electronics and Mathematics got representation, fair enough. This too was done to favor Northerners because it ensured a double sure chance for Northern Engineering candidates who were not capable of passing even the qualifying English paper.

Satish Chandra made hilarious statements about his report. He claimed that "it should be accepted that Engineering candidates work more harder than their social science counterparts"-ha ha ha. This was the most ridiculous statement coming from a college professor.

Who was right Karl Marx or Max Weber. History has vindicated Max Weber but once upon a time Marx was right, or are we going back to Marx again given the socialistic fervor that has now hit the west.

The point is if Weber were to write an answer about Marx in the exam he would have revised his theories -does it mean that he did not work as hard.

There are no right or wrong answer in Social Science-hence it is difficult to score 100/100 in those papers.

Satish Chandra however feels you can score 100/100 in Social Science as you can in Mathematics or Physics.

These are the laughable characters who are ruling India at the moment. Guys who have NO BRAINS or common sense live in the vicinity of Delhi and get appointed in High power committees and they dish out trash paper reports that even a donkey would avoid eating.

India, Bureaucracy and the Principal of Submitted Sovereignty

It should be noted that when Imperial Britain annexed South India that included Tamil Nadu it did so by the force of arms and not legitimately. The sovereignty of Indian's racial-linguistic state units that was obtained by force was handed over by British to the succeeding Indian Government in 1947. This transition was illegal because sovereignty obtained by Force has no legal-moral legitimacy because the peoples comprising the geo-linguistic-political unit had no say

–> ONE in the original appropriation and

–> TWO in the transition. Unfortunately caught in the jingoistic fervor of the Gandhian era the Indian Tamils did not forsee the problems in such a submission of political sovereignty. Thanks to this, the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is unable to act when its fisherfolk in killed off its coast by the Sri Lanka navy or when its ethnic kin are killed in the name of fighting insurgency. Demands for action are branded as 'political posturing by regional parties', 'regionalism' and violation of the SAARC spirit.

By accepting the sovereignty of the linguistic-racial sub units from Britain, the Indian “Union” also appropriated the role of protector of the people of the different linguistic-racial living within India and abroad. This would have ensured that those sub units should develop no grievance for having submitted their sovereignty to the Union.

This was the policy of India’s Union Government till Indira Gandhi was alive. After the Indian Army was sent into the Golden Temple the Indian government went out of its way to placate its Sikh minorities living in Punjab who were directly affected by this armed action. A serious of measures / policy decisions branded the “Healing Touch” was ushered to reduce Sikh/Punjabi grievance. The same Indira Gandhi government also acted with remarkable alacrity when Bengali Muslims were massacred and driven into India from the erstwhile East Pakistan (now Bangla Desh). India led by Indira played the role of mid-wife to ensure the birth of Bangla Desh.

Unfortunately after Rajiv Gandhi Indian PMs were unable to command the same power and authority. P.V.N Rao was dependent on Sonia Gandhi and was himself a weak leader. He established the image of a non-decisive, bumbling leader so much so that during his tenure India's Chief Election Commissioner, T.N.Seshan became the most powerful person of the land and the latter was so emboldened that he once described his Prime Minister as a Worm in a press briefing and got away with it.

The image of a head of government conveys the image of the nation to the world. It is said the Cuban Missile Crisis was a direct result of weak showing by President J.F.Kennedy during a summit meeting with Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev. Other nations will be emboldened when it perceives the Head of Government as weak-kneed.

Vajpayee who followed also headed a weak coalition government. The Present PM Manmohan Singh,is a technocrat, an economist to be precise, and foreign Policy is not his forte. When USS Enterprise entered Indian coastal waters, on invitation, and was berthed off Chennai,Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh claimed ignorance of such a major development in the nation's backyard. It looked like Manmohan had totally abdicated his responsibility for conducting foreign relations to the MEA and bureaucrats. Manmohan too, like Vajpayee,heads a weak coalition and like he is dependent on Sonia Gandhi for political survival. Foreign Policy formulation, administration and execution has now slipped from the hands of the PMO. Contrast this to the time when India’s MEA came to know about India’s stand on global affairs only from the public speeches of Nehru such was the iron grip the Nehrus had on global affairs.

The issues India is having in the neighborhood is because of the perception of a weak centrist coalition led by weak leaders. The Indian PM post-Rajiv Gandhi command no fear or respect either within India or in the neighborhood. The "Babus" of Delhi are today the de-facto rulers of India. This is not good for India, long term.

Bureaucrats have the advantage of anonymity and they do not have political credibility. They may more often be driven by a private agenda. They should not be the men in charge in a democracy. Unfortunately it is they who have now taken over India’s domestic and foreign policy formulation and administration and they have in no small measure allowed the linguistic-regional schisms existing in India to play a role at how they approach issues both domestically and abroad. Needing no political accountability they could have the freedom to take decisions that can violate the Principle of Submittted Sovereignty. This is an abject failure of intelligence,because such violation in the long run would ensure accumulation of grievance, within a nation, and lead to the development of fissiparous tendencies.

“Yond Cassius has a leane and hungry looke, He thinkes too much: such men are dangerous”

–William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar)

No danger thinking here. Note the following.

The main problem with South Indians are their inability to identify themselves with any Racial group.

Europeans are identified as Caucasian.

From China to Japan people are classified as Mongoloid

The Middle Easterners though Caucasoid have split on linguistic cultural ground as Arab.

They have the arab-muslim identity to protect them.

The only racial group that is racial less is the Southern Indian.

South Indians were classified variously as Mediterranean, Paleo Mediterranean and finally Dravidian.

If something happens to a South Indian no Major Race will take up their case.

Because they belong to neither the N,Mongoloid,Arab /Caucausoid group.

In Tamil Nadu the great social reformer Periar started the DK. Dravida Kazhagam-whose offshoots are the ruling DMK, ADMK,MDMK- to try that.

The DK could not get the other southern states like kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh to Support it.

This was because the Brahmins (the Supposed Aryans) in these Southern states prevented the spread and growth of party that had the promotion of Dravidians whom they had (again supposedly) vanquished in 3000 BC.

They branded and succeeded in confining the growth of the DK to Tamil Nadu. The linguistic gulf existing between the four southern states further facilitated this.

Today there is no ‘we’ feeling among South Indians and because of this there if something happens to a ‘Dravidian Southerner’ no one is bothered.

We are orphans, we cry and no one cares. We should seek consolation in blogs like this which praise our brains but does not care for the bodies which carries these brains.

We are Dravidians whose children weep.

A tottering old man in Tamil Nadu, an Aryan Supremacist leader in Jayalitha and deeply injured and uncaring Sonia Gandhi and indifferent Western Governments-this is the fate of the Dravidian today.

I can understand some of your points but not all of them. The present world as we know is filled with injustice. Let us look at how some of the semantics in vogue in world affairs.

To the West Hilter,Mussolini and Slobodan Miloševic were DICTATORS whereas the now dead Saddam,Ahmadinajad and Kim Il Jung terrorists ( I am no apologists for these characters because they are without doubt evil as Hitler and Mussolini).

My question is why did not the West call Hitler and Mussolini as terrorists why were they called Nazi and Fascist dictators.

When a Britisher or French man is killed in a car accident or due to some violence Reuters, AFP and CNN reports it as British or French killed whereas a South Indian is killed he is called ethnic Tamil, ethnic Telugu or ethnic Kannada. What on earth is this tag Ethnic.

Is it a euphemism for “natives”-the aborginals.

Why the hell are they using the word ethnic for us as if we are some kind of a sub-human’ species and they are alone ‘citizens’.

My blood boils whenever I see these International News Agencies referring to us as ETHNIC.

Queen Elizabeth and Gordon Brown are leaders of Ethnic Britishers-how is that for a change?

In erstwhile Yugoslovia it was not ethnic Serbs or Bosnians but simply serbs nad Bosnians.

India’s political map underwent various changes

The present could be classified as the Gandhi Empire. Because a good man called Gandhi united the country as one.

It should be noted that Tamil nadu came under “India” only under the british empire.

It was independent throughout history.

The “empires” could never subdue Tamil nadu except the British who used cannons-deceit in equal measure. Tamil Nadu submitted to the Love of Gandhi.

Since the present Nehrus spew hate on our state, Tamil Nadu should quit the Indian have nothing in common with India.

Rajagopalan Ramamirtham

Muralidharan Ramasubburathinam

Poor Steve. Sorry you didn’t seem to get an intelligent response to this question from the Indians that have responded. (Oh the irony).

I was born and raised in the US, so I can only hazard a guess as to why south indians should be more intellectually accomplished than north indians.

The caste system is the most severe in Tamil Nadu. Brahmins were traditionally geographically isolated in enclaves of Brahmi-only villages. This is perhaps not so different from Jews in Europe who lived in Jewish ghettos and rural Jewish-only villages. Brahmin tamil is different than the tamil of other castes enough for someone to be identifiable as Brahmin merely from the sansrkritized way they speak. (Also comparable to Jews speaking Hebrew-local hybrids which we call Yiddish). Child marriages were the norm amongst Brahmins of the south, but not in the North. Inbreeding is also more severe in South indian Brahmin communities. This may have prevented a number of Brahmin-born people from ever leaving the community.

The Brahmins are a scholarly caste. One can imagine that this created a self fulfilling prophesy when couples with the rigidity of the caste system in South India. Non-scholarly Brahmins would have had nothing to do. They could not go farm or join the army. The only profession allowed for a person of a certain caste were professions people of that caste were born to do. For Brahmins, those professions were poetry and the arts, advising kings as ministers and priesthood (which involves learning scriptures).

I can tell you the history of my own Tamil Brahmin family. 600 years ago, a forefather of mine was given a very large estate in rural Tamil Nadu because he was an important minister to a King, and he was a sanskrit scholar who is still respected today. Perhaps he gave good advice to the Kind because of his high verbal IQ. Polygamy was neither the norm nor forbidden. Some particularly well of Brahmins took multiple wives, but most were monogamous. It is said that the forefather that created our estate had ten wives though I know of no one in the last century in my family with more than one wife. At some point, the single family estate became a small town. Everyone in the town to this day is supposedly a descendant of that one scholar. All of the descendants from that one forefather (till today) marry the descendants of other family-estate-towns in the area. Presumably, the way all those other estates were acquired was because some Brahmin was particularly well respected for an intellectual accomplishment.

The prestige of Brahmin clans is defined based on the intellectual accomplishments of individual members. People want to marry into families known for scholarly or artistic abilities.

One of my great great grandfathers had a law degree and I know another had a PhD in physics. It is likely that every one of my male ancestors since them was college educated. But Brahmins also value accomplishments in dance, violin, singing, poetry and other arts. In south India, the classical forms of all these endeavors are Brahmin-dominated

Like the Jews in 20th century Europe, Brahmins are despised by other Tamils for being the best at being nerds. Still, a number of non Brahmin Tamils seek to emulate Brahmin culture. They avoid meat, learn scriptures and pursue higher education. It is likely that it became culturally desirable for all people to resemble the Brahmins in Tamil Nadu in some ways. It may be seen as a sign of class.

that is why I think South Indians, specifically South Indian Brahmins, became smart.

Same person who wrote the previous very tentative explanation for South Indian Brahmin intelligence here.

I would like to add that as a Tamil Brahmin, I personally have not only a highly gifted IQ, but I have the same type of IQ distribution that the average Jew has. The average Jewish verbal IQ is 125 while their performance and visual-spatial IQ is either average or below average. I believe their numerical IQ is above average.

Interestingly, despite the general average performance of Jews in spatial and performance intelligence, Jews still nab a considerable percentage of Chem and Physics Nobel prizes and also make about half of the world’s top caucasion chess masters.

And I don’t know if it’s just me or my people, but I have a high verbal IQ, a much lower performance IQ, a fairly high numerical IQ and average spatial intelligence. It is perfectly apparent to Ashkenazi Jews that I am similar to them in affect and talents. Many have told me, “you are not Jewish but you should be.”

Another point is that my mother, father, brother and me all have an IQ within four points of each other (all upper 130s-low 140s). I believe this would be exceptionally rare for any kind of caucasion because of the tendency to regress towards the mean IQ. I think because my lineage is so inbred (my parents are blood relatives in at least two ways that I know of), there is probably less variation in the kind of IQs we can have. I would guess that the average Tam Brahm IQ is 120+ (in my own extended family, the average is certainly above 130), but that the standard deviation is far less than 15. On the other hand, it seems that the IQ SD for Jews is 15, just like everyone else.

One cultural similarity between Ashkenazis and South Indian Brahmins is that both groups traditionally exalted the scholarly priest. The role of the Rabbi and the Vadyar is similar in traditional Brahmin and Jewish communities, as far as I can tell. The way one gets to be a Rabbi and a Vadyar is also similar. It involves a rite of passage for the male when he hits puberty for which he has to recite and learn all the major scriptures (not in the local dialect, but in Sanskrit and Hebrew- the need to become learned about an additional language may explain the high verbal IQs of both groups).

Now that I think about it, I wonder if the case is not that Ashkanazis and Brahmins became so smart, but instead that other caucasions artificially lowered their IQs due to more than a millenia of forcing celibacy on those who wanted to be learned- the monks, the theologians, the priests etc.

When Steve said South Indians are intelligent our brahmin friend who did the last two postings assumes that Steve refers to only brahmins and not to other non-brahmin south indians.

In the last para he says “other caucasions ” by that it is obvious he considers himself an Aryan-Vellakaran.

Anyone who had a spared a glance for Tamil Aryan Brahmins like

T.N.Seshan, R.Venkataraman, K.Balachandar or even the all time greats like nobel laureates c.v.raman and subrahamanyan chandrasekhar of the ‘chandra limit’ fame and the Alladis will tell you they look “tamil” not “aryan”. Only a blind person would put them in the category of Aryan-Caucasoid.

Throughout he proudly claims that tamil brahmins are intelligent. Note “tamil brahmins” this means he does not consider brahmins who are not from tamil country in the same league as the Jewish subgroup he is comparing.

He also claims that their marriages were endogamous-(ie) married within the group.

If that be so how come they are ‘superior’ in intelligence to the other brahmins. Did you note the contradiction here.

Let us say all brahmins non-tamil and north indian have a certain IQ

If Tamil Brahmins had maintained their pool of genes by endogamous marriages they should maintain the same level of IQ as Kannada or Oriya Brahmins.

— What does that point to. It points to the fact that there was a kalapaddam (racial mix) with these papapadam (rice biscuit eating) characters.

— So it means the self proclaimed superior intelligence of the Tamil Brahmin is due to the Dravidian genes mixing with them.

– He also claims his grandfather was Divan to some king and that he owned a lot of land. There is myth in our family that our family descended from Chola Dynasty and that we are the direct descendents of Raja Raja Cholan. My grandfather Raja Raja Cholan- had 8 or 9 wives.

– Tamil Brahmins consider themselves superior,they refuse to assimilate and they keep themselves apart. Thankfully because Non Brahmins Tamils influenced by the genes of the Bhakti Movement that held sway over South India for 600 years have not produced a South Indian equivalent of Hitler considering the double game they are playing in Sri Lanka. Their debauchery, chicanery and fradulence is well known. Read the Tamil brahmin Hindu Newspapers especially the views of N.Ram. You will get what I mean. India is going to crumble like a pack of cards one day. Where would these guys be. What would they do.

I would like to end this post witha story. My grandfather -who was an ICS- used to narrate an incident it seems. The Madras Customs impounded more than 500 books that had arrived by Ship from Germany sometime after the onset of the Second World War. The books were destined to a shop in Mylapore. What was the book about? Life of Hitler, Neigh. learn German the quick and easy way. What was the Tamil Brahmins learning German for. Well. Since Hilter was poised to win the war they wanted to learn German so that they could claim to the new rulers, the Germans’ that they too were Aryans and thereby become their Head Clerks and ICS officers.

The British government arrested the shop keeper but let him out a week later. Because there was nothing treasonous about what he did. The Judge who released him was a British. This incident speaks volumes of the fairness of the Anglo Saxon Jurisprudence.

–I consider Tamil Parpana Iyers and Ayyangars as a very hardworking, committed and dedicated people. Regarding superior intelligence!!! I would only say Nonsense.

Dear blogger are you an admirer of Tamil speaking people

—Iyers and Ayyangars people(the brahmins of Tamil Nadu) are now suddenly identifying themselves with Ashkenazi Jews who are considered the most intelligent in the world.

—The way our Iyer friend has done his comparison make its seem that he would next call himself and his TRIBE as one of the lost tribes of Israel.

– Jewish people who read this should not fall for this trap.

– St.Thomas, Apostle of Jesus Christ, was murdered by Iyers and Ayyangar gangs in Meliarpha( Mylapore in Chennai, formerly Madras sometime in 100 AD. His fault preaching the gospel.

—Valmiki ramayana describes Buddha as a thief and a scoundrel. Valmiki convenienntly forgot that he himself started his life as a hunter and thief. Only a thief would know another thief. Buddha’s fault was he preached a casteless society which challanged brahminical Manu Smriti-the four tier Varna System(which placed the brahmins on top of the ladder-Brahamin,Kshtriya,Vaisya and Shudra)

–As somebody said here brahmins made an attempt during British Rule to call themselves Aryans-brahmo samaj-Arya samaj were organanizations estbalished for this purpose-the British rejected this-so began India’s freedom struggle-led (to give the devil its due,by brahmins).

—Iyer and Ayyangars are fanatically rooted to the promotion,sustenance and maintenance of Hindu Dharma. They are dead set against anything Semitic (which includes Judaism,Christianity and Islam)

–This new found love for Ashkenazi Jews is a new twist to the tale.

–I was once chatting with a Iyer gentleman (??) after the great great Mother Theresa passed away. This guy made a uncharitable comment about her are fanatics who cannot see goodness in others if they do not belong to their caste, even if the person is a world renowned Saint, which Ma Theresa was.

–These guys are dead set against anyone who are do not brahmins-inclduing their non-brahmin counterparts in TN- whom they referred to by the pejorative Tamil Brahmin word AVA-the correct translation though meaning THEM- actually the semantics of it makes it nasty sounding.

–They refuse to identify themselves with the ‘state’ of India that provided them refuge for 1000s of years and now they seek to identify themselves and see ‘cultural’ similarity with people with whom they are totally unrelated namely the Ashkenazi Jews.

By nature they cannot countenance intelligent counter arguments. They do what they know best have their say and go into hiding. Debating never runs in their blood. They have a one track mind. Is this intelligence?

— An Orthodox Non-brahmin Tamil.

—-Call me a “Madi” Non Brahmin if you want-to use your own language.

Brahmins are a hopeless minority in all “states” of India. It should be noted that “states” in India roughly equals the ‘nations’ of the European Union. Because each ‘state’ of India has its own culture,language and history too.

Brahmins have a vested interest in the survival of India because if India disintegrates the non-brahmin population which makes up 97% of the India’s population in all the ‘states’ of India might expel them. This makes Brahmins “great” patriots (???).

Anyone who has read The Hindu (a leading newspaper published from Chennai-Madras will get what I mean. This newspaper has no local Tamil loyalties. It looks up to North India. The brahmins of Tamil Nadu are an extra rung fanatical about “india” because of the non-brahmin movement started by E.V.Ramasamy Naickar.

—To ensure their own survival, Brahmins speak of India’s cultural unity.

—They promote the usage of a north Indian tongue like Hindi in South India

—They play games of divide and empera-Divide and Conquer-in the states they live.

–MGR’s AIADMK was created by Indira(a brahmin from Kashmir) to weaken the DMK.

–it should be noted that Ayyars and Ayyangars were fanatic supporters of the AIADMK (off late after the arrest of the Kanchi puram priests, brahmins are routing for the DMK.)

–The DMK too has lost its original bearings after the Karunanidhi clan brough in many Brahmin IN-LAWS into the family

–The DMK party today is a rotten party that is run for the interests of the MK Family

The posting by our tamil brahmin friend usurping intelligence for his ‘caste’ and his trying to identify his ‘caste’ as belonging to the ‘caucausian’ group looks ridiculous,pathetic and laughable.

Brahmins in South India are of two kinds

A) WHITE BRAHMINS-who look fair and WHEATISH white-15%

B) BLACK BRAHMINS-who look like typical south indian.

Majority of the brahmins in South are BLACK BRAHMINS (ie) 85%

When I say BLACK do not imagine pitch black color it begins with shades of brown and ends in very dark brown.

How are the brahmins of south india come to be in two colors.

White Brahmins were also once upon a time black brahmins. They became fair by repeatedly applying a spice called ‘TURMERIC’ on the face. In India woman commonly apply turmeric. If you keep applying turmeric (aka MANJAL or KASTURI MANJAL -scientific name Curcuma longa) any dark skinned person would become fair after 10-15 applications of this Turmeric. The brahmins also eat

Saffron regularly. Both these spices have ‘whitening’ properties they reduce the incidence of Melanin augmentation-Melanin is the skin pigment.

How did people become brahmins.

Around circa 1000 AD a Hindu saint called Ramanujacharya converted a number of untouchables to Brahmins.

He taught them the VEDAS and adorned the Sacred Thread on them.

It should be noted that these Black Brahmins are more “Madi” (Orthodox) than the ‘white’ brahmins.

After becoming ‘brahmins’ these fellows will stop eating non vegetarian food, they would start learning SANSKRIT’, they would eat only BUTTER MILK RICE (aka CURD RICE) AND lentil SOUP.

BUTTER MILK RICE AND LENTIL SOUP makes them a little more intelligent.

Now comes the next step. They will start using turmeric. In step 2 they would stop all physical labor -which means not exposing their MELANIN to the tropical sun-.

Non exposure to the sun and usage of turmeric and saffron gradually makes them ‘white’. Some of them become ‘white’ enough to claim caucasoid status.

It should be noted that while South India’s leading Newspapers and brahmin run companies are dominated by ‘white’ brahmins.

That is the side that involves social life.

The aspects of life that does not involve social life like math and science is dominated by black brahmins.India’s leading mathematicians and scientists are Black Dravidian Tamil Brahmins.

There is discrimination between white and black brahmins. The former consider the latter Ramanuja Brahmins. The white brahmins consider it a horror if they beget a boy or girl who is of dark color.

There is dormant racism between in the two groups that is discernable if one moves with them in close quarters.

The white brahmins are considered more ‘aryan’ and superior than the black dravidian brahmins, the latter feel inferior and look at the former with respect and admiration.

The white brahmins are called “mamooo” and the black brahmins are called “kana-sona”.

Though a (non brahmin) Tamil myself I have no idea what it means.

My guess is that Mamoo could be a corruption of Mama,uncle. Kana-sona could be a euphemism for ‘dark color or reference to low caste’

South Ndians being “smart” is largely a myth in my opinion. I lived in the US my whole life, California to be exact. 25 minutes from the world famous Silicon valley (IT hub of the world).

The mass flood of H1 visa holders to America are largely South Indians. They are new to the the States, and give Indians in general a bad image. They’re unkept people, unsophisticated, and extremely cheap (thrifty).

North Indians, particularly Punjabis and Gujratis are 3rd and 4th generations in California. The 1st Indians here were the Sikhs, and the 1st temples were Sikh Temples built in Stockton Ca. in 1904, and up north in Canada in 1905.

North Indians are well established and not only hold high political office in India, but in America also. Republican presidential hopeful for 2012 is Bobby Jindal (Punjabi). Most Doctors, lawyers, business owners are North Indians.

Alternatively, South indians are only IT professionals as of now.

As far as Culture goes, North indian Dance teams are proliferating in every major University of the modern world, as well as its music.

North Indians are brave, where as Southies in the US are wearing diapers in public with sandals, and are afraid of everyone.(chuppals).

The most unintelligent thing I’ve ever heard was the generalization that Southies are any more intelligent than anyone else.

Let’s not forget the largest slums and redlight districts, as well as backward thinking is in southern india. Caste system is largely followed by southies.

In America, most indians feel southies give us a bad image with their unsophisticated manners.

Let’s not start with appearances, because their obviously the world’s most ugliest(given only a few exceptions), weakest, stingiest people. And because their so concerned about making money in IT, their neglected children are among the worst performing in schools. This is easily seen now.

Classism among India(n) Americans.

As a sociologist I have observed intense class hatred and class schism existing among India(ns) in America.

The last posting is a typical example of this classism.

In US since CASTE cannot be used as a means to classify people since achievement as against ascriptive status is adored here. Class has replaced Caste as s method of social stratification.

In US there are broadly groups.

1) The old timers and highly successful Indians- top doctors, CEO, Architects.

2) The MS group-those who came to America to study MS and settled here for a min period of 10-15 years.

3) The H1 Visa holders-the IT professionals.

4) The ABCD-American Born Confused Daisies-those Indian babies born to the above (3) groups. They are 100% American but who grow up in an Indian cultural environment.

5) The IABCD-a mutant form of ABCD’s that was born with the deluge of H1 visa holders-arrival of the Internet and Satellite TV. They are American in citizenship but because of the high number of h1 visa holders they interact in groups and are brt up in Indian Sub-Culture

6) The Untouchables-Indians who came to america as dependents of Group (1) and who work in gas stations,motels and convenience stores.

These 5 groups have nothing in common except their Indian ancestory.

Relationships among these groups

Group (1) and Group (2) exhibit an antagonistic relationship with group (3), the H1 visa holding IT professionals. Groups (1) and (2) cannot stand the high salary,the spending habits and intelligence of the young IT professional.

They will enter into a ‘conflict zone’ after a few interactions. Group (3) keeps a safe distance from Group (1) and Group (2).

Group (3) considers the group (1) and (2) as ‘crackpots’ which contempt is reciprocated by Group (1) and (2). The guy who did this earlier posting and his views is a paradigmatic example of this contempt.

Group (6) are the untouchables who are held in contempt by all the five groups.

ABCD’s have nothing in common with these groups and they are out and out American Kids which Bobby Jindal is.

IABCDS are in their infancy and late childhood. Only time can tell how they will grow up into.

South Indians are a docile,decent,cultured and civilized people. North Indians are crude,uncouth characters. This has been their advantage and this attitude has helped them to keep South Indians subdued as slaves of “INDIA” which is basically country ruled by North Indians.

South Indians are being ‘wiped’ out in Sri Lanka and the Goverment of India ruled by North Indian Manmohan Singh has not raised a finger.

–However this character (PM) acted with remarkable alacrity when Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan -who were indicted by pucl-HUMAN RIGHTS GROUPS for their heinous role in the 1984 anti-sikh riots.

-The north Indian dominated congress immediately acted and denied MP seats to these characters.

– If denial of MP seat is punishment for abetment of genocide what kind of punishment should be bestowed on the present ruling north indian elite of India which is actually conducting the genocide in Sri Lanka.

–Postings as the earlier one sickens the south indian mind. They only curse the likes of Robert Clive and winston Churchill for their present ignoble ‘slave’ like status.

Same person who did the earlier post. I forgot this point about the grouse Group (1) and Group (2) have about the high salary these H1 visa holding It professionals earn.

Look at this sentence from the post previous to the last

“They’re unkept people, unsophisticated, and extremely cheap (thrifty). “

Translation: These guys are earning such a high salary (heart burn)-why are they are not spending money like us-gaudy clothes, cheap suits may be. It is pure classism based on economic disparity. I feel sorry for this Gujju-Punjabi north indian.

“As far as Culture goes, North indian Dance teams are proliferating in every major University of the modern world, as well as its music”

A.R.Rahman the oscar winning Music Director who scored the music for Slum Dog is a South Indian-from Tamil Nadu.

- the O Saya song in the same movie was remix of a MIA song-MIA is another south indian Sri Lankan Tamil.

So the HIndi music of India is spread by South Indians.

“Is Dance Teams” the best you could come up with as evidence of North Indian intelligence.

Where are you? in Diapers? You should reply so that I can enlighten you.

“Translation: These guys are earning such a high salary (heart burn)-why are they are not spending money like us-gaudy clothes, cheap suits may be. It is pure classism based on economic disparity. I feel sorry for this Gujju-Punjabi north indian.”

Actually, many US companies exploit H1 visa holders, and they get paid less for the same work many permanent residents receive.

As for their appearances, they largely are unkept, and its easily seen. They don’t project or adhere to a professional appearance. As for cheap, many restauranteurs will tell you so as well.

I feel sorry for southies who can’t seem to be aware of the trashy image they project.

You should feel sorry, for southies, north indians have been well established in the US for decades before the H1 craze of the late 90′s. And many of them are now scowering back to south india.

I was on H1 and I am an IT professional let me comment on this.

First and foremost your response does not make any sense.

The H1 visa business model is based on ‘Exploitation’. To say that H1 visa holders are being exploited is to state the obvious.

–Once they arrive in America Indians flee the company that brought them in and join another company in very good terms.

–the average h1 salary on arrival is %50k (which is still above the Us median of 46k)

–after this 6 month-they switch to some other company as consultant on a 80:20 basis. That is they get 80 percent of the contractual amount.

–Their salary would then go to 90 to is it would jump by 100%.

–To say h1 visa holders are cheap are statements done to fool the kind hearted American public.

–H1 visa companies are evil and they exploit people. They have no business ethics,morality and because of the reagonimic de-regulation craze that exists in America they use the lack of supervision to exploit the poor Indian worker (both north and south indian) but all this only for 6 months.

–Outsourcing is a different ball game altogether and it requires a separate response.

–Do not pass judgment about South Indians being unkept based on anecdotal experience.

—You north indians drool over Aishwarya Rai(a tulu-Tamil speaker), Sri Devi,Hemamalini,Meenashki Sheshadri, Rekha,Shilpa Shetty, Asin -South Indian actresses and you talk about us being unkept.

Mustache over lip

I do not agree to some of our friends who said that India will crumble but attitude like this will definitely lead to India’s disintegration.

—You north indians drool over Aishwarya Rai(a tulu-Tamil speaker), Sri Devi,Hemamalini,Meenashki Sheshadri, Rekha,Shilpa Shetty, Asin -South Indian actresses and you talk about us being unkept.”

Because all south indians look like the extremely select few you listed right?

Funny, ask yourself how many of those same women you just mentioned are married to North Indians…Or are now having affairs with North Indians.

For the record, I’m speaking of the general mass of southies (diaspora of the last 10 years due to IT jobs). Even professionals look and behave like villagers for the most part. They tarnish the Indian image, and make it seem trashy. If you’re in the States, you can’t deny this fact.

Maybe you just don’t want to accept ths fact, and that’s understandable also.

Again, my original point is that it is a very unintelligent comment to assume southies possess any kind of brain power over anyone else. Most of southern india lives below the poverty line and is largely illiterate today.

I’m not bashing them, but not praising them over anyone else either.

Actually excessive de-regulation gradually has almost turned America into a ‘communist’ like nation. Before moving to USA I spoke to a Doctor relative of mine who told me that I was making a mistake in moving to a country that had no ‘labor laws’ or ‘freedom of speech’.

I was sort of angry with what he said, mistook that he was speaking out of envy that I was moving to the USA.

I spoke to my MBA professor who was also a personal friend of mine. He clarified that what the doctor meant by absence of labor laws is the changes the Reagan Administration made when it came to interpretation of labor statutes that totally favored the ‘employer’. Earlier because of McCarthysm ‘trade unionism’ had been totally destroyed in America. The average US worker private sector was reduced to an automaton expected only to ‘work’ but not to be heard.

I remember reading a news item of a company in my neighborhood in Denver which fired 120 employees in one go. The day the employees were fired 7 police cars were parked to prevent any untoward incidents. How can the instrument of the state (which the police is) be used to enforce the private corporate decisions-that of firing.

This can happen only in Communist nations where the Public Sector rules the State.

Since Corporate America uses the Police to enforce decisions there is no difference between it and a Communist nation.

In India I can stand alone outside my office and scream my hearts will can I do it here. I will be arrested for ‘public’ disturbance. –The curfew like silence in this country can be ‘disturbing’ to an Indian. The human vibrancy, the energy that exists in India is missing in USA. People are reduced to the status of ‘zombies’ who raise up from the bed, go to work, and come back tired. It reminds one of the famous movie of the silent era ‘The Metro’ where you can see workers toiling hard and not one opens his mouth.

–Some mt even compare America to the ‘land of the living dead’

–The Corporate Communists can do whatever they want and get away with it.

–They hire people using the ‘networking’ rather than merit

–They promote people who are not deserving again because of networking and not on merit.

–This ‘networking’ arbitrariness in the matter of recruitment and promotion is what has brought America to its present status.

–Take for example this Mr. Neel T. Kashkari he is an Engineer but appointed as Advisor to the Treasury Secretary(incidentally he is a North indian). What is is Economics background. He is not even old enough. There is no way in Gerontocratic India, an Engineer without an Economics background will be thrown up to such a high level.

–he may be good only in presenting mathematical models-

–incidentally the housing bubble-the mortgage mess has been blamed on the same mathematical models the Wall Street Greeds created,sustained and hoisted on the gullible public.

—I am not against Mathematical models but only saying the Mathematical Models are just that Mathematical Models it could be misused to promote selfish ends. It need not be ‘right’ though it may seem ‘logical’

–The older generation corporate leaders ‘died’ in the 1980s. America should use ‘merit’ in its its corporate human resource management

– ‘networking’ is destroying this great nation.

I listed those girls just to make the pt that South India is a racial melting pot like North and that this generalization of all southies as “N” is not correct

–I did not say those girls in question are a Bharatiya Nari. They are no paragons of virtue.

They are anything but them.

–No Southern male will marry an actress or model. However good looking they may be. they are not good for the family.

–to drink cold water you buy a cooler for the office and a fridge for the home. You do not buy a fridge for the office and cooler for the home.

–what should be in public should be in will lose mental peace and happiness if you bring them into the family.

–That is why Southern Indians do not marry them.

– Why you do want to debate and keep losing points. Accept defeat chotta bhai. It is easy for everyone.

America is basically a feudal society. One can see this in the Corporate World.

Employees in America’s corporate world are divided into two groups

1) The Management- the foxes.

2) The hardworking -operational bulwork-employee population. We can call them lotus eaters- the rabbits.

——–Due apologies to the great political scientist Wilfrid Pareto,father of the 80:30 rule

Characteristics of the Foxes

The Foxes pay themselves massive salaries. Give themselves successive promotions and pay hikes.

They use networking to hire fellow foxes.

When a Rabbit becomes a Fox he immediately hires more rabbits so that he could cut off from the day to day activities of the orgn.,

That is the fox he/she wants to spend more time free of the encumbrances of daily headaches. He creates multiple layers of rabbits.

——-Attitude of the Foxes towards the Rabbits

They treat the rabbits with absolute and total contempt. As an Indian I was shocked to see that they do not even acknowledge the Rabbits in the corridor or even speak to them.

You have a ‘job’ be happy. Otherwise I will fire you kind of attitude governs their relationships towards the rabbits.

They expect the Rabbits to work hard, all the time, smiling with absolutely no complaints.

—Characteristics of the Rabbits

The Rabbits are chicken hearted.

The Rabbits are simple minded.

They work hard -thinking-oh! man I have a this economy this attitude is more reinforced

Since trade unionism does not exist in America (Thanks to Senator McCarthy) they are work alone with no one to speak or support them in the event of a crisis.

They do not question the foxes. They consider them feudal masters.

They work more. learn more about technology or work skill and becuase of that they are pushed more into “Rabbitery”

(ie) they are burdened with more work.

The Rabbits are given certificates for best employee of the department (ie) strangely in an act of contempt huge bunny

rabbits are given to Rabbits work more harder and go more deeper into rabbitery.

–How does a Rabbit become a Fox.

a) First he should master the art of speaking -he should develop the gift of the gab.

b) Second he should do executive MBA and become part of the Fox network(not the TV channel)

c) He should hop jobs / 2 years and be ready to move to any part of the USA.

d) Establish more visibility in the office-NO not hardwork-ONLY visibility.

If a rabbit does not do this he is forever be doomed to work for the foxes.

Hardwork, Dedication,commitment, knowledge, intelligence will never push a rabbit to fox status. In fact these qualities are considered the qualities SHOCKING it may seem as qualities expected in a rabbit.

Man! America is a Feudal nation.

My two cents. Actually you need to add one more category. The super foxes. They are the entrepreneurial geniuses, the Michael Dell, The Bill Gates and Ross Perots.

Let me give an example in the religious world

To be a man of God (pastor, priest and nun) one needs a Calling. But if one were to become a man of God for the sake of economic survival and as a profession then the person in question is a charlatan.

Similarly the foxes as against the Super Foxes are not in “Management’ because of their genius (which they are not) they are simply their because they knew someone who hired them or because they did their executive MBA in the so called Ivy League BS.

Please note I am not against executive MBA or IVY leagues but I am only saying that they are just hype because very few of the top American, India or Europe founder-CEOs did their MBA in these so called Ivy Leagues.

They are not there because of Calling. In the non secular world I would define Calling as the ability to come out with a new business idea and establish an organization that fructifies that idea.

These foxes unfortunately are loud mouth crammers and mug pots. They are they because they knew someone who pulled them in. Having gone in the Foxes live in the shadow of the Super Foxes. Their contribution is laughable to say the least.

Remember Dell went out and came back in when Dell ‘s sales went down. The Foxes are no match to the Super Foxes. Their MBA degree or GLIB talking will not produce Corporate results.

America’s Corporate world’s crisis can be blamed on these glib talking empty vessels who raise up to Top management positions because they pulled the ‘familiarity’ string and not because of merit.

6 of 10 CEO’s and 8 out of 10 CIO’s are good for nothing characters. Believe I have worked with two of them.

The Foxes are arithmatically and mathematically savvy, smooth talking trash bags.

If there was one thing the world respected about India was its strong moral leadership.Presently India has lost its leadership. India is directly and indirectly aiding and abetting the Sinhala Majority run Sri Lankan Government to commit Genocide.

The Present Manmohan Singh is a glorified clerk, it is Italian born Sonia who is calling the shots.

The lady in question is in a vindictive mode for what the rebels did to her husband-that of cruelly killing him.

However can one man’s death-however wrong it may be- be used as an excuse to justify the death of a race.

The Obama-Hilary clinton administration should help Tamilians in Sri Lanka by asking it to stop bombing its own people using cluster bombs.

In the name of fighting the rebels the Sinhalas are wiping out a Southern Indian Racial group.

What is happening is a mini Racial War in Sri Lanka. The Sinhalas are from North India.

This Racial war has a religious component in that the Sinhalas are Buddhist and the Tamilians are Hindu-Christian.

India’s Ruling elite the Nehrus-the Malayalis -North Indians are openly siding with the Sri Lanka Government.

History is repeating itself because more than 1000 years before King Raja Raja Cholan of South India hearing of similar persecution attacked Chera Nadu(the Malayalis are from Kerala which was called Chera Nadu ) and then he conquered Sri Lanka and put an end to Tamil persecution there.

–Noted Historian Romila Thapar said that Raja Raja Cholan besides conquering the Cheras also put an end to the Arab Settlement in Kerala-Chera Nadu-as they were becomig increasingly troublesome.

— Because Tamil nadu is part of the Indian Union Today our hands are held tight and we are helpless.

–Brahmins and Malayalees-Nehrus (who are Kashmiri Brahmins) have joined forces with the Sinhalas to wipe out one of the WORLDS MOST INTELLIGENT AND ANCIENT RACE.

An appeal to this blogger:Since you seem to be a great admirer of South Indians please user your influence and stop this Genocide.

You should not allow this ‘gene pool’ to disappear.

North India is split between Hindu and Muslims.

South India is split between Brahmins and Non Brahmins.

Brahmins are a minority in South so they look up to North India for moral and psychological sustenance.

For example in India girl children are named after rivers.

Ganga, Yamuna,Saraswathi are leading rivers of NORTH India.

You will find girls named Ganga,Yamuna, Saraswathi in every street of North.

NON Brahmins south Indians will never name their girls Ganga, Yamuna or Saraswathi.

Whereas Brahmins of South India name their girls after these three north Indian rivers.

There is in South the River Cauvery the cradle of all Intelligence flowing thro three states.

When a girl says her name is CAUVERY you can safely assume she is a non –brahmin girl belonging to the Backward caste and that she is from South.

Such is the level of dislike the Brahmins show towards South India.

From the names you can identify whether the person is a brahmin or not.

As a South Indian that too a Tamil speaking South Indian let me expound on what I have see in international affairs.

Minority Hatred in International Foreign Policy

Of late minorities living in all parts of the world are in serious trouble. The world is increasingly moving towards Democracy. Democracy actually means majority rule. Majority Rule is not an ideal system.

It means the interest of the largest number is considered as the interest of the nation. Whatever is good for the majority is good for the nation. What nonsense is this?

Any minority attempt at self assertion is looked with suspicion by the majority.

Now this means Minority X in country A is an enemy of the Majority C in country B.

Confusing let us consider two hypthetical nations

The majority Y and R will hate minorites X and Q.

Russians will hate Tamils, Chinese will hate Tamils and English will consider them Irish because they remind them of their own minority.

Sri Lanka issue is tier III issue for the US government

Now which means the majority members of the Foreign Service Establishment in all these countries will have a field day without the supervision of their bosses to do what they like in countries like Sri Lanka.

The dislike for Obama will convert to dislike for Sri Lanka Tamils.

The dislike for Chechens will convert to dislike for Sri Lanka Tamils

The dislike for Tibetians will convert into dislike for Sri Lankan tamils.


The dislike for South Indians will convert into dislike for Sri Lankan tamils

The dislike for Irish will convert to dislike for Sri Lanka Tamils in

US,Russia, China,UK and INDIA respectively.

That is why I have arrived at the paradigm that PRESENT DAY foreign policy of all nations is driven by Minority hatred.



Tamil Nadu gave 40/40 seats in the 2004 parliamentary elections to Sonia Congress and helped her form the Federal Govt in India. This Italian Usurper is now using this mandate to take revenge on Tamils in Sri Lanka. Indian democracy is strange. Sonia has made a mockery of representative Democracy. Had she been unlucky she would have ended up as a crooner in an Italian Night Club. What is her intellect anyway? She went to London to study English. That too in a community college. There she met this ‘baboon’ Rajiv Gandhi who went to London with only one purpose to marry a ‘caucasian’ girl. As seen from these postings. Brahmins of india are secret CAUCASIANS. They suffer from inferiority complex for reasons best known only to them. Rajiv Gandhi was a Kashmiri Brahmin. He considered marrying a caucasian girl the ‘height’ of his achievement. Today India-Tamil Nadu-Sri Lanka is paying for the Romantic stupidity of that man.

Sonia is not qualified to rule India either directly or by Proxy.

I am positive the dmk-congres coalition will face a route in the 2009 parliamentary elections in India.

The spirit of Karma has been the guiding principle of India’s foreign policy. Karma means doing only good for all actions good or bad will be come back to a person either in this birth or next. No one can escape from its cycle. Only enlightened souls who have destroyed all desires like Jesus or Buddha have reached the Karmic state.

Gandhi-Nehru who laid the foundations for Modern India were karmic leaders. They would never keep their mouth shut if they see injustice happening.

Sonia cannot be compared to Gandhi-Nehru. Her behavior is consistent with her her background. Can one expect anything better from an Italian Discard who entered 10000 year old India on a tourist visa.

The attitude of the present North Indian ruling elites who rule India that includes Southern India with which they have nothing in common can be traced to the their absence of common gene pool. By that I mean the following.

Unlike the more peaceful south where people where held ‘statically’ by caste North was subject to numerous invasions. Which means too much ‘gene’ mix.

The ‘static’ south split only on Brahmin-Non Brahmin grounds. In North the invaders being Muslims the clash was based on religious grounds.

To escape prosecution Brahmins from Varanasi-Benares actually migrated to South in droves-to the environs of Tanjore in TN during the chola period. They held together tightly in endogamous marriages resulting in great exclusion promoting the WE-THEM attitude. The Tamil expression AVA-NAMMA VA being evidence to such

In the North because of intermarriages (also because of R..p.) between the invaders and the local population the people inherited different hereditary characters unlike the ‘frozen’ endogamous south.

The same applied to the ruling elites of both north and south. In Japan after the Meiji restoration the women belonging to the Nobles of the Odo Period became Geishas which over period of time became a discredited institution.

The fall of the Mughals led to a similar situation in North India in the 16-17 century. The Women belonging to Mughal courts became Gazal Dancers and Quwali performers because they were reduced to poverty.

These Dancers and their projeny longed for the time when they ruled India. It is said that Pakistan was a brainchild of Fatima the sister of Pakistan’s founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah. She hated “India” the Hindus who exploited the former rulers of India. Motilal Nehru the father of jawaharlal Nehru had a full time concubine whose daughter was a top film actress of “Mother India”. Even a cursory glance of their facial features will also confirm their Nehruvian ancestory. The Congress party considers it a duty to give this family a MP seat during every election-Blood thicker than water.

Rajiv was the son of Feroze, who was a Parsi from Gujarat. But according to katherine famous book on Indira he was actually a B child of a top female official in UP.

Look at Rahuls ‘bio’ data. He is considered a parso-gujarati-kashmiri-Italian. His genetic pool is so confusing that he cannot say for sure whether he is a

b) parsi (which means iranian

c) Kashmiri (which means Turk)

The same could be said of most ruling families of North India.

North Indian elites are unqualified genetically to rule India. England is rule by Anglo-Saxons, Germany by Teutons. But India is ruled by some ‘mixture’ who perhaps may trace their ancestory to

b) Timurlane alias Gengiz Khan

c) Sulaiman the magnificant

or may be even the fictional

If someone were to ask a member of the North Indian Ruling elite about their background, be ready to be greeted by a blank smile.

As a South Indian I am ashamed that I am being ruled by people who DO NOT share single splice of DNA with me.

The “Nehrus” claim Royal Family Status in India. Were the Nehrus truly of blue blood.

Gangadhar Nehru the father of Motilal Nehru was a Police ‘beat’ constable in a Delhi Police Thana (Station). Even today the picture of Gangadhar Nehru hangs in a South Delhi Police Thana.

His job was to roam around Delhi area with a bamboo stick knocking the road at nignt to ‘ward off’ thieves.

It was during his tenure as Police Constable Gangadhar saw attorney’s making a lot money by interpreting the newly passed British-India Land reforms laws. He told his son to study law and the rest is history.

The Nehrus were themselves not from Delhi but from Uttar Pradesh and they lived near a canal (hence the name Nehru which is a corruption of the Persian word Nahar for Canal).

They ‘claimed they were Kashmiri Pandits who migrated to Delhi after the fall of the Mughals. The ancestors of the Kashmiri Nehrus migrated from Turkey and this fact was stated by less a person than Jawaharlal Nehru himself.

There is historical proof that that Gangadhar’s original name was Ghiyasuddin Ghazi and he changed it to Ganga Dhar when the Mughals fell-to escape persecution by the British. Gangadhar was a sunni muslim.

In short India’s ruling family began as a progeny of a sunni muslim Police constable of Turkish ancestory.

Indians should vote for Indians and not for Turks.

Indians are ‘racist’ Look at the obsession we see here to be identified as “caucasoid.” Anyone South Indian or African who has visited Dehhi will tell you that it is the most racist capital in the world.

If you look at the matrimonial classifieds in Indian newspapers you will see an overarching demand for ‘fair-wheatish’ complexioned boys and girls.

Black is a color there is nothing one needs to be ashamed of about.

Many Indians have a ‘secret wish’ to l..y a white girl. Rajiv Gandhi the former PM of India proved himself an ‘ordinary’ Indian by marrying Sonia Gandhi-an Italian.

Sonia’s father was so poor he did two jobs a butcher during the day time and a tailor during the night.

There is not even a trillionth chance of Rajiv Gandhi marrying an Indian girl whose dad was a Butcher-Tailor.

Rajiv Gandhi did not care all he cared was to full the average Indians dream of going to b..d with a white girl.

It should be noted that his grandpa Jawaharlal Nehru had many girl friends from the west the most notable being Lady Mountbatten -wife of Lord Mountbatten-the last viceroy of India.

Rajiv just wanted to do ‘full time’ what Nehru did surreptiously.

When Edwina Mountbatten died in Bornea her bedroom was strewn with letters written by India’s first PM Jawaharlal Nehru.

It was Nehru’s special relationship with Edwina that ensured India’s survival in the Commonwealth.

The Nehrus are ‘racist’ to the core and the present day young Nehrus Rahul, Priyanka and Varun are equally rotten. Two months before Varun was in trouble when he said that he would cut off the head of all muslims.

Pakistan and Pakistanis need reasons like this to forment trouble and Varun Nehru is offering it in a platter.

China is surrounding India by a strategy called “string of “Pearls”.

Under this Strategy China is building ports at

2) Chittagong in Bangladesh

4) Hambantota in Sri Lanka

Till Indira Gandhi was alive China dared not mess in India’s neighborhood.

—Today thanks to this weak-Kneed Indian PM, Manmohan Singh China is slowly strangling India.

Indians should vote for someone decisive and powerful not a mumbling, bumbling,fumbling apology of a Prime Minister.

–The Sonia Family has no idea of what China is doing. Does she even care?

This is old news. The Pentagon,in its 2005 U.S. China Commission report to Congress elaborated very clearly what

China is up to in south Asia with special reference to this “String of Pearls” strategy.

This information is in the public domain and not a big secret.

The war in Sri Lanka wherein massive military aid is pumped in is spart of this strategy.

The Americans are aware of China’s long term goals.

Our Economic professor Manmohan Singh has no idea what is going on the neighborhood.

He is Doll in the hands of that ‘muff’ Sonia and both of them (Sonia and Manmohan) know as much about International Relations

or Geo-Politics as a monkey will know about Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity.

This Turban Head will be Prime Minister till Rahul becomes confident enough.

Rahul himself like his father another “cipher”.

Expect more foolishness from the present crop of North Indian decision makers.

The Indian electorate have no idea the strategic mistake they are making in electing uneducated members

The intelligence of the Nehrus stopped with Indira Gandhi. It is time the Indian electorate realized this and voted for the alternatives who will definitely NOT be as stupid as they are.

Chairman Mao once said that Tibet is the palm Arunachel, Assam, Bhutan,Sikkim and Nepal are the fingers.

The PLA -People’s Liberation Army-is building border roads in a war footing along Nepal and Aksin chin areas.

The Chinese troops have already intruded 250 miles into the Sumdorong Chu valley in Arunachel pradesh right

on Indian have built a massive helipad complex similar to the one we see in James’s Bond

Chinese spies have entered all the border areas as petty traders and have totally impregnated themselves

in these states of India including Nepal.

The Nepalese government from being pro-India is now speaking of Non-Alignment between India and China.

This when the Nepal-China border is manned by Indian troops and not by Nepalese troops.

The Pakistanis ‘donated’ certain areas of the Gilgit sector to China to build a military road in areas

that was hitherto in accessible to China.

Manmohan Singh the Prime Minister of India is a stratetegic threat not to China but to India itself.

Yes PM of India is a threat to India. Indians should soundly defeat his party lead by Italian Sonia Gandhi

India’s top weekly “India Today” reported how Prince Regent Rahul Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, who was Prime Minister then would compete with each other as to who would lay their hands first on ‘Archie Comics’.

Rajiv Gandhi the Prime Minister of India was said to be an avid Archie Fan as was his 12 year old son Rahul Gandhi. He would always make it a point to read the comic first before his son could get his hand on it. Sometimes the son would pre-empt the dad in reading the comic and this created a ‘lovable’ tension between son and father.

Rahul Gandhi, a 12 year old reading Archie Comic was okay. But is it appropriate for Rajiv Gandhi who was the Prime Minister of India to read Archie Comics. These are the modern day Nehrus.

Rajiv Gandhi once claimed he would create history without reading it.

Yes. He did create history by reading Archie Comics at the age of 44 that too as Prime Minister.

I have nothing against Archie Comics,per se, the point is how was the stewardship of a nation given to a person who was interested in the child like escapades of American teenagers. Does not such interests speak of his lack of maturity.

This story would take the cake about Rajiv Gandhi. As a teenage student of Doon School Rajiv Gandhi asked his mom, Indira Gandhi, the next PM of India, to urgently bring some bottles,yes some empty bottles to Doon School.

Since Indira was Nehru’s daughter she requisitioned an Indian Air Force plane and flew with two cartons of empty bottles not knowing what her so wanted to do.

On arrival Rajiv Gandhi took the bottles to an empty area of Doon school campus and keeping them in a distance he started throwing stones at them and broke the bottles one by one.

Mother Indira Gandhi was happy to note her son’s experiments to disprove the Shroedinger wAve Equation.

Both these incidents had been reported in almost most of Rajiv’s biography.

So this is common is not the news. The news is the biography of Rajiv Gandhi himself.

to be filmed by one Simi Grewal.

Who was this Simi? She is the same Hindi actress who way back in 1970′s created history by acting nude in movie Siddhartha-yes a Biopic on Prince Siddhartha aka Buddha.

People in India were surprised to note Rajiv’s nod to allow a former actress who had acted nude to film his life.

Good blog. The point to be noted here is that Western mind will find it difficult to comprehend Brahminism. It is a strange phenomena wherein it exhibits all characteristics of ‘statehood’ without the existence of one. It is a mutant kind of statehood and citizenship that students of conventional political science will find it difficult to comprehend.

what are the characteristics of a state.

1) it has well defined geo borders.

3) There is an expectation of – loyalty to this geo-political unit- patriotism.

Brahminism do not a have geo-political unit but short of that they exhibit features of 2 and 3.

They are citizens of Brahmin state and they are loyal only to members of their ‘state’. An exclusive attitude that takes a pathological form of ‘social distance’ characterizes their relationship with non-brahmins.

The dislike Palestinians and Jews have for one another pales into insignificance when compared to the dislike Brahmins have for NON Brahmins.

This is more pronounced in South India especially in Tamil Nadu. Anyone who has read the Brahmin owned THE HINDU newspaper will tell you that this newspaper is a archetype example of this virtual statehood.

The dislike the Serbs may have had for the Bosnians is a NOTHING when compared to the dislike the Brahmins have for Southern Indians.

The shocking fact is that of these Brahmins using their domicile status of as citizens in the real geo political unit to mislead ‘outsiders.

When UN SG Ban Ki Moon visited India Hindu newspaper editor N.Ram,an orthodox brahmin, spoke to him about regional issues and asked him Loaded questions as if he was asking on Behalf of all South Indians.

There is no way ‘poor’ Mr.Ban would know he was dealing with Brahmins who are members of a virtual state and who have an agenda, attitude,motives different from the members of teh ‘real’ state whose people make up 97% of India/South India/ Tamil Nadu’s population.

It is rumored that Shashi Tharoor will get External Affairs Ministry.

Sashi Tharoor is an orthodox Malayalee. He had a stint as UN Under Secretary General for communications. He competed against Ban Ki Moon and lost-even in the straw vote.

Anyone who has read his books will see this man’s passionate love for Kerala and Malayalees.

All his books are filled with encomiums and praise about Kerala-God’s Own country.

Sashi Tharoor should not be given the External Affairs Ministry. But since it is M.K.NARAYAN who is De facto PM of India it is certain Tharoor will get it. M.k.Narayanan is a Malayalee like Tharoor.

The spelling bee that ended yesterday 5/28/09 had the following finalist contestants from India.

1) Kavya Shivashankar- South Indian-Tamil from Karnataka-who went on to win the contest

2) Anamika Veerama-South Indian-Tamil

3) Aishwarya Pastapur-South Indian Andhra Pradesh

4) Ramya Auroprem-South Indian-Tamil

5) Tussa Heera-North Indian

6) Neetu Chandak-North India-

The North Indians Tussa and Chandak were thrown out in the first round. The South Indian girls went to the last round and ultimately Kavya prevailed thereby again proving Mr.Steve Sailor’s point that South Indians are smart.

Look at all these idiotic comments about south vs north. A westerner again managed to divide Indians like the East India Company did a few centuries years ago. Who is really smart now?

i am a bengali girl and i hav extreamly fair complexion n here in kolkata

n bengali grls here looks very good

n chinese boys r cute well ia m glad dat no one hates west bengal i think der r smart people in all states well one thing in which south india is ahead truly n fully is sex ratio they atlest dont kill their daughters before birth lik punjabis e harayanvis n denm dont find ne bride n remain unmarried..n i gotta say in dis sex ratio west bengal hav very high child sex ratio n over all sex ratio is constantly improving frm 1941 cencus so itsa good sign but east r west we bengali grls looks d best n r quiet smart

I can say that India's success is in unity which has got lost in being S.Indian, tambills(idk how to pronounce)in Rajjikaat, in being Bengali, in being punjabi and not just being an INDIAN

Whether we speak the north Indian language called Hinandi or if we are Pan Joobi, or Bagla, Gukrati we are all Inidans. I am a UP ka beta. I love all languages-all indians are one. I adore Tamil. Hinandi is nothing when compared to tamil.

This Steve Sailor is a KGB-Chinese-ISI man. He is held in great regard by all these 3 'great' agencies-for the wrong reasons.

Pakistan and India (North India) coming together is not in the strategic interests of South India. The more the Pakistanis pressurize India( North India) the more they will call us Southerners Bhai (brothers) and stop acting superior in Hindi and racial terms.

The IT revolution has North Indians eat a humble pie earlier they considered themselves superior in business. The more North India-Pakistan fight with each other the better for South India. So Steve is actually doing a great favor. He is not a ISI agent but a Sweet Angel.

Veerabaghu Kontapentulu Narasimha Rao

The recent events in China tells us many things.

That the minorities of world living in all nations have only two choices

Western nations want democracy to spread around the world but democracy actually means ruled by the majority.

In countries where there are no adequate safeguards to protect minorities democratisation would forever end up in the rule by the majority. In India North Indians are the majority and they will always rule India. Minorities cannot question this and if they do they are considered a destablising force. Look at pathetic state of Ugigurs and Tibetians in China. These two ethnic groups will face problems even if China becomes Democratic.

How can democracy be a panacea for the problems of minorities.

To minorities democracy would be good thing only if they are in a majority and this possible only if they carve a geo-political unit of their own. The slave like status of India's South Indians, Tibetians, Chechens and Ugigirs makes the so called Democratic Cure for the world's political ills look pathetic to say the least. Bush who propounded this doctrine incidentally was a product of a homogeneous society.

It should be noted that most of the western nations which tout democracy are ethno majority countries.

That is they have carved a geo-political unit in which they are the majority. That way they face no issue of being governed by a larger number belonging to another group.

Any person who has traveled by train in India would tell you the shocking difference between the two NATIONS of South India and North India.

In South people buy tickets, the trains stop and leave on time, you cannot see anyone sitting on 'top of trains'. You will find the train personnel well behaved. Once you cross the South Indian border-which I would put at Maharashtra-there is law of the jungle.

No tickets, reserved seats becomes a mockery, dacoits with country guns would enter the train, the railway personnel behave like thei Afghan cousins-people sit on top of trains, the toilets stink and finally the trains are stopped and started 'as you like it'.

It is because of South India "India" has earned the image of a Technology Super power. Remove South India is a third rate power.

South Indians are as smart as Chinese or Japanese.

Are we not ashamed of divisions based on region, religion, color, sect and caste, tribe

And what not. Because people are not convinced of what they are writing, they keep themselves as anonymous. Is this Indian culture to call the other with four letter epithets?

Calling the other as thief etc.?Are we not one as Indians? Are we not aware of the rich

Culture and heritage spreading from north to south and east to west? Is there no feeling of oneness in multiple cultures? Can we not call ourselves Human first and Indians next?

It is time that we should stop this rubbish discussion.

We can move to topics on music and dance and other cultural activities which bind us as Indians. Let us move to positive thinking leaving behind negative feeling.

You are right. The Government of India should create an organization or some institution that would promote greater co-operation and understanding between North and South Indians. The DMKs,Congress and BJP play the electoral(Lok Sabha) game they do not do anything to promote the spirit of common brotherhood between North and South Indians. In Delhi which is situated in deep north South Indians could be invited on a cultural exchange program so that either peoples could interact and see their commonalities. Similarly Punjabis and Gujarities should be invited South and they should interact with South Indians. This will go a long way to reduce the Hate that exists between the Aryan North and Brainy Dravidian South.

Longue Dueree is a phenomena described by French historians.

Any nation has to address the grievances of its population directly head on.

A majority of the guys who do the posting here are ill read about what is going on in the minds of the upper echelons of India's administrative elite.

Their heart is filled with dislike for Southerners and it manifests itself in the kind of politico-administrative-diplomatic policies they adopt.

They think it is a secret. According to the great Gandhi secrecy is a nonsense. Nothing in teh world is a secret.

I am a I drink, make merry and spend time on fun 'secretly' that reflects in my grades. My fun life is not a secret anymore.

All human beings are the result of a 'secret' action.

If I watch TV, just sleep and eat 'secretly" in the privacy of my home. I end up as a ordinary human being 'who too lived'. My secrecy of lazy life gets exposed in the ordinariness of the life I lead.

The present crop of India's ruling elite think they are doing things 'secretly'.

We can only feel sorry for them.

Gandhi's theory of no secrecy was not something new.

It is just an extension of the India's Karmic Doctrine-that all our actions will be paid back-whether good or bad.

We do not have to worry about good actions but our bad actions will come to haunt us back.

Gandhi believed that all bad action

is planned in 'secret' though its execution may be in a) be private or b) in public.

That is why he stayed in ashrams that had no proper doors. he had by his side a British admirals' daughter because the British had nothing to fear from this man.

Unfortunately the present group that is ruling India are anything but Gandhian.

The government of India is planning on introducing UID-Universal identity India's answer to America's Social Security Number.

Heading the project is India's most famous Cyber coolie of international repute Infosys' Nandan Nilakeni.

The UID will raise the epitaph for India's trade union movement.

In India union leaders participate in agitations and get arrested.

With UID such arrests can be recorded which means the leaders cannot hop jobs.

American employees have background check. Because of this background check all employees 'behave' like slaves for fear that the next company will not hire them.

In short everyone works for 'one organization' in America thanks to the SSN.

The SSN effectively destroyed the trade union movement in America though it did help in the matters related to personal finance and keeping criminals at check.

I pity the poor Indian worker. In the USA while the American will draw a line and keep himself in check, in India with the UID the Indians ( who are poor managers when compared to Americans) are going to misuse it.

- The UID will put an end to all trade union activity in India.

-The workers will be exploited

–Blackmail and misuse will be more rampant-even in a technology superpower like America identity theft is common-because you can 'buy' information in India.

-Finding it as useless Indians will switch to the old 'trust' based system

–sorry UID will not work in India.

From a purely ethical point of view I consider it reprehensible to assign a number to a human being.

–With SSN/UID the individual becomes a prisoner in the jail of the Orwellian state.

As a South Indian I condemn both the SSN and UID.

How do you measure smartness and What's your sample space?

Your statement that nobody saw it coming speaks of ignorance of the South Indian people. South Indians have always been smart.

–Our Dance form Sathirattam (Tamil for dancing to Music) was renamed Bharata Natyam and it is one of the most graceful forms of dancing

–the rockets that are referred to US' national anthem and used in the attack against Baltimore,MD was technology stolen by British from Tipu Sultan a South Indian ruler.South Indians according to Discovery channel were the first to use Rocket Technology.

–our music Carnatic music that uses a original Swara of Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa(aka Solfage) is any time better than the Western Do Re Me. The 12 note system that is used is best in the world of music. The recent crowing of A.R.Rahman for Oscar music a tamil speaking South Indian is a gradual recognition of South India's music talents.

Also you used the word periphery. To us South Indians California is the end of the earth, you will fall of into outer space-figuratively speaking that is how it looks to us.

–Have you not heard of the expression the center of the earth passes through our town

–South Indians have always been smart for 10000 years,the world did not know about it just like the world did not know that the there are two Indias: North India and South India and they share nothing in common be it culture, intelligence or race and that the Britishers brought these two nations together for their administrative convenience.

What is the point? Here is my list of smart people of the world

3) Mongoloid-Japs and Chinese

In my opinion Anglo Saxons are the smartest. This is an Anglo Saxon planet. Aeroplanes to Atom Bombs are the result of their creative eandeavors.

According to the great English Jurist Austin the most powerful person in a society by force,might and assertion takes over the position of sovereign. You are right the Anglo Saxons have for all practical purposes taken over the planet. 8 to 9 richest countries are Anglo Saxon. The anglo saxons decide who should not should not have a nuclear bomb. Nations are born, disintegrated, partitioned only if the anglo saxons approve it. Look at the Maps of the Radcliff line, Mcmohan line all drawn by Anglo Saxons.

Is it good for the world. in a way yes.

In a way not good. In this Anglo Saxonination of Earth all minority cultures become 'deviant' and fall on the way side leading to progressive assimilation and whoever opposes this assimilation is considered 'evil' -yes evil.

Call it a skewed political attitude

borne out of the ignorance of the man who calls others evil.

-Adding fuel to this immature attitude is the over reaction of the minorities and this only reinforces the fear.

-Abaya in sanksrit means fearlessnes world leaders should not fear anything or anyone. Because it is fear which is root cause of all problems. Fear serves as a fuel for creation of more problem, it will not douse the fire it will not make it a conflagration.

I gone through half of the comments posted by many…. And what I feel is this blog/post is made by someone who is not an indian or an anti indian, to see how you people respond. It doesnt matter, where i belong to (north or south part of india) but what matters is am an indian. A happy and blessed indian. See, I dont want to respond to such a silly post, but I just want to comment on teh comments made by all others, who doesnt know who the other is, or what is he looking for out of this post? No one can live alone, without south north cant and vice versa. I hope no need of much explanation to this silly post… Thanks

You are wrong. This blog is actually used by people of (South) India to ventilate their grievances. For example take the postings about Hindu N.Ram,a very casteist editor of a very casteist newspaper. Don't you have anything to say about Him. Simply brushing issues under the carpet and saying everything is hunky Dory is fooling oneself. In the Soviet Era we used to get a magazine called Soviet Union. It was a glossy propaganda paper,which school children in India used to cover their school text books. This magazine used to present an image of milk and honey about the Soviet Union to the rest of the world till Gorbachev arrived. We should not lull ourselves into a belief that nothing has gone amiss or live in a false sense of complacency about the ethno-linguistic dissensions and tensions existing in the geographical term called "India".

Hahahahahah! FOOLS! All of you!

What surprises is me how is an american this much knowledgeable about India. I checked his blog photo he does look 'Irish', European or whatever. Amazing. I salute him, though I do not like some of the postings, which I consider as immature. I liked the postings about Rajiv Gandhi, though immature, he was a good guy.

Here is my opinion about Hindu N.Ram.

Lee Stalk created a comic character called Phantom. This Phantom would live in the Jungles of Denkali and take care of 'white man's burden' that of saving the 'barbarians' He would beat 'evil men' hard and would leave like Zorro a skull mark. He would then call Civilization and identify himself as the Jungle Commander and inform the location of the bad guys.

Hindu editor N.Ram is the Jungle commander. He is the manipulative phantom editor who uses the media to promote casteism. He is an orthodox brahmin who believes India should always be ruled by Brahmins. He calls himself a leftist. He was first married to an Irish woman, he has now taken Keralite Syrian Christian women. He has 7 Alsation dogs at home.Feeding them should cost a fortune.

He is the perfect example of South India's Casteist Brahminism. He is as someone said a 'Aryan' brahmin. He looks so fair that Hitler would allowed to share a table with him. He dislikes dark skinned people. He is a stinking Karpuram Brahmin who still sustains the Naiveidya Brahamanal culture of Mylapore-Kanchi-Kumbakonam brahmins.

He is a pathetic journalist and his English is substandard. He brought down Rajiv Gandhis government by using teh Bofors crisis. He then brought down V.P.Singh's government. He is currently working towards India's disintegration through his stinking Brahminism

i never knew some INDIANS hate there country this much…

Ok…M a guy from the state of m a trueINDIAN to the core. U know there is nothing like South India, North India mentioned in our just some foolish losers who use dese words(i guess u all r smart enough to make it out whom i m referring too:P)..

As far as IAS exams are are conducted throughout the the same fashion…Cheating cases might have come into picture once or twice but most f the times the competition is v v v strict…

English and Hindi are official languages of India…and people f India are expected to know both or atleast 1 of them.Btw..people blabbering about different languages of the 4 states must not be knowing that mostly all the Indian states have there own languages…there own cultures…but still people know Hindi or English there…

infact Gujarati,Bengali,Assami etc. are completely different from Hindi but still people know Hindi..

ironically…people of just1 and only 1 particular state in India do not know nor they want to know and learn dis language(i dont think i need to mention the name of the state..:P)

I dont know why normal public doesnt know this but in Delhi, the original Delhites are minorities now as people from all over INDIA have settled down there…

U name any state and u will get alot f people from that state in Delhi…case is the same for every cosmopolitan city…in INDIA..

and as long as people know any 1 of the official languages, they can easily survive any where in the country…(although u have to bear certain autowallas comments..:-|, Recently, 1 of them called me bhaiya, gaiya, saiya and said something like Hindi this that..maryada he was a bloody illiterate autowaalaa..soo, i didnt mind ;))

shall i blame the whole states people as racists..hahaha..i must be nuts if i do that..

folks…i just read the title of this blog and den came down to see the comments…so, i m not exactly sure what this guy has written in the huge i m happy to see this blog as it has mentioned a cerain group of INDIANS as smart

My suggestion to Steve Sailer is this… Check out people from all over i m certain, next time, u Blogs heading will be.. INDIANS are awesome, intelligent and too KooL ;)…

btw, here is the suggestion for free…HINDI is ur own countrys language..instead of humiliating it, try ignoring it, if u dont like it..:) coz people all over India dont hate r humiliate ny other INDIAN language…, infact we are proud of our varying cultural heritage

Some1 wrote in one f the comments that S INDIANS and N INDIANS can not be friends, wel, i guess u r living on planet Pluto or m certain that u arent living in if u r living in INDIA, den u must be blind.. Tell u wat, it doesnt matters what caste some1 belongs to, what colour he is, which language he speaks.. if u two share the same mentality, u will be friendzz

Eh mah GoD..i wrote a paragraph again…

In the end, i l ask u twerps to get a life, stop this hatred aginst ur brothers and sisters.. we are one country and we r happy to be INDIA rather than S and N INDIA … LonG LIVE INDIA, LonG LiVe INDIANS… JAI HIND JAI BHARAT

The last post by a Northern friend{?} could best be described as a pathetic obfuscation of reality, or shall one describe it as a rebuttal that is not based on sound reasoning or logic.

He calls himself a patriot from India's northern state of UP.

He has ended his post with a jingoistic post screaming long live Indians.

The ruling and dominant ethnic group in a nation will always see the country they rule or dominate in a positive light.

The Russians even today yearn for the "Soviet Union" because they called the shots. Ask the Ukranians, the Tajiks,the Georgian what they felt about the Soviet Union.

He has spoken of hatred. That is funny coming from a Hindi speaking UP wallah.

The Taliban destroyed a 2000 year old Buddha statue in Bamyan. Where did the Taliban get their inspiration.

In 1993 marauding hordes of Hindu fanatics destroyed a 500 old Mosque – the Babri Masjid-claiming that Lord Rama was born there in the very spot where the Mosque existed.

Pray! when did this mythological Rama live. In the Treta Yug. whic is approximately 500,000 years before (ie) before the Mesozoic Era.

Ha ha ha ha. The Taliban said that since the Mosque was destroyed they destroyed Buddha-who was an Indian.

See UP's contribution to the world. Hate.

Pakistan is today called Terror Central. Where was Pakistan born. In the campus of Aligarh Muslim University-AMU. where is this Aligarh in UP? Mohd Iqbal and others were UP poets. Like Nietzhe and Karl Gustav did to the Nazis. These UP wallahs by the hate attitude polarized the Muslims leading to the demand for Pakistan.

India was a third rate power till UP was calling the shots. It was a Narasimha Rao, a South Indian, who made India what it is. The state of UP is burden on India. it is only a shade better than Afghanistan.

I am a south Indian myself. I am not defending the post before last.

Please note as you yourself said about Russians being nostalgic about the Soviet Union it is natural for the majoritarian groups to love the nation they rule more than the minority groups.

North Indians who rule “India” will naturally more patriotic than South Indians because the key to the Indian Army is in their hands.

The Han Chinese will be more patriotic and love “china” more than Tibetians or Ujigirs.

Russians will love “Soviet Union” more than the Tajiks.

The English would love England more than the Irish.

Hindi speaking north Indians will love India more than South Indians.

The Solution for India’s North South problem lies in India disintegrating and then integrating-geography and economy will force the latter.

During the Disintegration face the ‘nations’ that constitute India could decide on the kind of relationship they should have vis-à-vis the Federal Govt.,

Then the nations can come together as equals and integrate.

This will put an end to all of “india’s Problems

Here is my solution to India's North – South problem.

Shift the capital of India to a place down South. Bangalore may be. Or alternatively a new city can be built in area bordering Kar,AP and TN. It can be called Gandhipur or Gandhibad or Annanagar or Kuvempukotta or the capital is shifted south, Hindi speaking "Aryan" North Indians feeling alienated will demand a separate country. In short a solution can lead to another problem. Presently as a South Indian I feel like a foreigner in Delhi-is it Dilli-or Naya Deli-or whatever. I can't stand neither the name nor the place. Delhi is a status/power/money conscious city.

There is a psychological difference between North and South Indians besides racial difference.

When two or three south indians gather in a place and speak in their language(Telugu,Malayalam,Tamil or Kannad) they would immediately switch to English if a Hindi Speaking North Indian joins the conversation:P}

On the other hand if 3 or 4 North Indians are together they would continue to "BLABBER" in Hindi/Gujarati/Punjabi if a South Indian were to join the conversation.

Willingness to accomodate/adjust and cultured conduct runs in the South Indians blood:P}

I would consider South Indians as the world's most decent people. No wonder they learn all languages-from Cobol,Fortran,Oracle to Java and Dot net with consummate ease and produce 67% of the world's software:P}

Long Live South India. The Britishers did a great disservice by putting these two people together:P}

The British Govt should convene a special session of its Parliament and withdraw the Indian Independence Act of 1947:P}

after readig your post i have following suggestion

1) please dont allow anonymous posting.

2) those who have posted already as anonymous: Why are you scared to reveal your identity?

3) The world is already divided with thick lines for continent, country, state, region … please dont divide it any more

4) Please dont generalize … every one has equal importance in this world.

Lets us unite together and make this a better world

You should take a decent decision and close this blog.

Steve you are a nut case. You need to have your head examined.

What. I can't believe this. How can one group of people be considered as intelligent. South Indians are good linguists. They speak 5 or 6 languages fluently including European languages but to credit them with superior intelligence over other races is not science (be it speaking statistically or psychometricaly). I am from North India. This blog will creative misunderstanding between South Indians and North Indians.

If a Pakistani or Chinese man see this blog they are going to laugh through both their orbicularis oris muscles(lips) and their sphincter muscles. Guys stop this bickering.

I am from South. All Indians are great.

In a High School by chance in one year when there are few brainy students who all end up in Ivy league the entire

school gets a good name. That attracts more brainy students and the trend of getting a seat

in the ivy league continues. Even BTA students are looked at with pride when they say they went

to that particular 'High' school.

similarly South India constitutes India's creme-de-la-creme in Intelligence.

India's Mathematicians-doctors-architects-Engineers are from South but our 'poor' cousins

from North take the sheen -I would say undeservedly-and go around claiming

they are the 'brainy' Indians forgetting that they share nothing in common

with the true brainy Indians be it race,language,culture or for that matter even religious beliefs.

North Indians however because of their assertive constitution have made their language the official

language and politically they rule India more often making South Indians feel as if

Hey i am a south indian and lets just say that ASIANS in general are smart because if we, asians, have the oppurtunity to recieve education, we grasp it. Its jsut our culture and we are EXPECTED to be smart. Instead of finding our flaws on our bodies, we study.

North Indians are toughies. I can tell you that. They would just steam roll on you. South Indians are a meek people and frightened lot like a mice. A foreigner can enter South India and collar a South Indian and no one would raise a finger against the foreigner. It is doubtful if you can do this to anyone anywhere in the world. The 10000 old culture and civilization has made South Indians a soft people. If however if you were to go to North India say Punjab or Calcutta and tried this same collaring the consequences for the foreigner would be disastrous.

In Punjab your head will be cut off on the spot and in calcutta you will be beaten so badly that neither your wife nor your mother will recognize you.Period.

North Indians and South Indians are living in peace with each other. This is shockingly a great achievement considering how different they are.

By your blog you are actually playing on this difference.

This blog has become the toilet room for Southerners and Northerners to silently pass their fart.

The nasty side of humanity is laid bare here.

India's vulnerability lies revealed here.

Her soft underbelly, her achilles heel stands exposed.

only fools will talk without all bloggers, Go and do some good things rather than wasting your time here. in this world All are same, nobody is bigger and nobody is lesser

India will disintegrate in due time…

The resulting multi-state system and the explosive economic growth will have ramifications the world over

It is my opinion that most of the postings is done by this Steve.

He has obviously spent a lot of time in India. He must have had a whale of a time in South India, where people are in general soft and hospitable. He must have either been beaten or his pocket picked in North India. Also Northerners are a little tough and abrasive but equally good like South Indians. A north Indian rubbed him on the wrong side. LOL. Anonymous is actually Mr. Steve Sailer. LOL

One of the most useless discussion you'll ever see in your lifetime!!

Guys on this 140th anniversary of the Mahatma let us shed our hatred for one another and live in Peace. Pakistani and Chinese spies masquerading as South Indians are posting here.South Indians will never post like this. They are too intelligent to do this.

Steve you hit the bull. Your theory has been proved right.

A south Indian Dr. Ramakrishnan, 57, who was born in Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, India, a senior scientist and group leader at the Structural Studies Division of the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, England has been awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

South Indians invented Chess, they gave the world Zero, Calculus, Trignometry. Western mathemmatics did not progress as they approached Math throu' geometry. Geometry meant you can have only +space. There cannot be -ve space in geometry. South Indian mathematicians approached Math without Geometry so they dabbled with + and -ve numbers. The West looked at -ve numbers as Evil. After the rennaissance once -ve numbers were accepted Math progressed in West. Much of world's progress in Math can be attributed to South Indians. North Indians contributed "zero" I meant nothing, because Zero was a south indian "invention"

Don't rest too much on your laurels.

Raj Rajaratnam CEO of Hedge Fund Galleon, world's 559th richest man,

a Tamil speaking South Indian has been arrested for insider trading

LOL. You southies are producing the world's top white color crooks too.LOL.

The asses who say Tamils have nothing in common with India should look at their names – Venkatakrishna Iyer

Rajagopalan Ramamirtham

Muralidharan Ramasubburathinam

They want to believe they have names like Ivan, George, Peter blah blah blah. They hate India, Hindi and Sanskrit, but love English. But their names have words like Raj, Gopal, Murali and Shankar. Their women wear sari and put on bindi, and their men wear dhoti. Still they believe they have nothing common with India. I am ashamed such people are associated with Tamil culture. They should be kicked out of India and their ancestory deleted from Indian records!

Anyone who has a basic idea of South Indian name sociology will tell you the the following names are

Rajagopalan Ramamirtham

Muralidharan Ramasubburathinam

are pure Brahmin South Indian names.

South Indian brahmins are anti South India and they openly proclaim allegiance to Sanskritic "Arya Varta"(Indo Gangetic Plain-which corresponds to politico-geographical north india).

Which means Brahmins would not oppose the kind of malevolent form of syncreticism being promoted in the name of nationalism and patriotism which is nothing but euphemism for majoritarianism.

That makes one to suspect the genuiness of the the post and listed signees.

As South Indian name sociology will tell you no self respecting Non Brahmin South Indian will have a name with a "Rama" embedded anywhere in it. Because Rama is a symbol of conquest of the South (Asuras-Devils) by the North (Devas-Gods).

So our friend from North is barking on the wrong tree about seeing Rama in the name and therefore claiming their commonality with "Indians"- such a commonality is mythical, it simply does not exist.

On 21st December 2012 as per the Mayan's the world as we see it will why do we have to fight with one another. Let North Indians and South Indians be united.

By our unity we can become the envy of the world.

ROFL… ha ha.. can't stop laughing at the comments posted by people. I really wonder when we'll be able to sort out our differences and will realize the fact that there is absolutely no limit to which we can divide and form various communities.

We all need to grow and grow in harmony. Hardly matters what caste you belong to, what's the color of your skin or what language you speak.

here's hoping we have a truly secular India one day

South Indian are smart Because they have better education system than north indians. There are more population of educated people compare than north india. Out of 100 people, in South there are 75 % (approx) educated, in North India there are 50 %(approx). This is the main reason South Indian Look smarter But they not in really. Another reason they don't know Hindi

They Know Better English than North People.

Postings like this will greatly jeopardize the lives of South Indians, if it has not already. In Sri Lanka in the name of fighting terrorists more than 40000 people of South Indian origin was killed. The US Congress has indicted the Defence Secretary and the army chief for war crimes. The war was actually conducted by Alok Prasad,a north indian, indian government representative to Sri Lanka. You cannot have a better example than this of the hate North indians have for South Indians. They are actually killing people and guys here from North are posting without knowing what their fellow men are doing.

It was very unfortunate to see barack obama celebrating Diwali in white house. Diwali is the story of Rama's triumphant return after conquering South Indian Ravana.

–No self respecting South Indian will celebrate Diwali, it is a North indian festival.

South Idians are smart because they are focussed,hard working and intelligent than their counter parts i.e, North Indians. I have worked about 16 years in New Delhi. North Indians hardly put efforts for their bread. They never bother about work progress in their office, work places. They almost indulging in parties, entertainment, marriage events, dressing etc.. They give first priority on their dress code, try to impress others in by means of extravanza acts like maintaining car. A north indian guy who joins the job, intitial stage itself he dreams about car, good home. He least bothers on quality of work, progress of work. However south indians are less obsessed.

i absolutely agree with you..i have a tamil boyfriend and he is a genius! he's dark bt smart..those northern indians r fair big bt nt as smart as dravidians though they discriminate dravidians the only reason being they are dark people discriminated everywhere in this world? what if Jesus Himself was dark? would He discriminated?

I don't understand what is the purpose of this south vs north war all the time, a person will fart if she has to regardless being south/north indian or any human being, this is a personal choice. (answer to the very first post)

also being south indians called cultured/ sophisticated and brilliant is not so true. i don't want to comment here on anything but as wel all know south indians are well known for their eating styles.

moreover WHAT is the need to proove who is more superior.

as being part of INDIA, the hindustan we should first respect out national language which is hindi (i know its not INDIA's Official language). Then we can learn and respect and spread our regional languages tamil hindi punjabi etc.

People who don't have a bone to respect their nation are morons and nurds.

I suggest South Indians stop their frustrations and venting on the internet and go out and do something, like the Punjabis. Maybe then they too will feel better about themselves.

As it stands now, Punjab has won best state award for 6 years in a row, awarded by India Today and Outlook, based on infrastructure/law and order/health/poverty/sanitation and water/education/consumer markets. It also holds the lowest poverty rate in India and highest per-capita income in the country, after Maharashtra. Its literacy rate is the same as that of Tamil Nadu, 70%, higher than national average.

Being a computer or IT engineer does not even require an average IQ. Any idiot can become one. So South Indians, please come out of your frustrations on the Internet. Use your "intelligence" to eradicate the horrendous poverty levels (as much as 25-30% in Tamil Nadu) in your Southern states.

And if you are talking about hard work, let me tell you there is no one in India as hard working as the Punjabis…

Steve's Point is proved just by one sentence from our North Indian friend

"Being a computer or IT engineer does not even require an average IQ. Any idiot can become one. "

If you confuse IT with typing WELL then you are right. That shows your lack of both IQ/knowledge.

Dear Punjabi friend Information Technology is not typing.

South India produces 67% of the World's software. Why only South Indians do it. Do you mean to say the nations of the other world cannot type faster.

Typing is a motor skill-which can come my practice.

By trying to score a point against us South Indians you are only ending up reinforcing the opinion this Mister Steve has.

Information Technology needs brains and also Managerial skills. Nigerians are pretty good in programming look where they are because of lack of Managerial leadership. All scam emails come from there.

You Punjabis are ruling India so you are talking of patriotism. For once hand over India to South Indians. You have ruled India for 70 years

While the 4 southern states are not given a Metro Railway worth the name news comes that the Delhi Metro has been extended to UP.

And all "Indians" should be proud it should we be. Our Income Tax money goes to build Railway lines in a Northern City like Delhi.

I am an Indian and am I not proud of the Delhi Metro.

South Indians are intelligent.

North Indians are assertive.

Intelligence loses before assertion.

According to George Bernard Shaw all progress is due to world filled with unreasonable men.

The Wright Brothers tell us how their good old neighbor of theirs told them to see 'reason' and stick to selling bicycles.

Our friends from North are unreasonable, assertive and aggressive naturally they Rule India.

Being intelligent alone will not help South Indians should act and behave boldly.

Guys… Its sad and frustrating to see some ignorant people from both parts of India throwing a lot of shit on each other and consequently showing their narrowness of mind or rather their ignorance and stupidity on a question that has no meaning. The smartness has no relation to regionalism. It follows a simple rule that is "he who works harder will be smarter irrespective of where he is from.". and you guys here have been slinging mud on each other and generalising your personal views about the other community(so called north and south India). all you guys look like bunch on kids shouting at each other. you guys forget that apart from these trivial issues of nothe and south divide, smartness etc, India has much graver things to look at. We are still a nation where people go hungry to bed in nights. We are the nation where small children go to work while they should have been attending schools. We still are multiplying like anything and consequently increasing th pressure on already stressed and streched resources. and all these problems are there in both north and south India. I am a north Indian and have been living In south India. Have seen a lot around both places.

Stop being racists and try to be more humane and try to create a whole society where such petty issues are replaced by mutual understanding and harmony. This was the idea for which the people who lost their lives to the imperialist while fighting for freedom on mother land. those great people didn't say we are punjabie or tamils when they faced the british bullets.

You guys are a disgrace to those people who lost their lives to the Idea of a free India. They never imagined that their generations will be cutting each others throats for no reason in general.

I fully second the views expressed by the last post.

Every month 15-20 fifteen fishermen from Rameswaram are killed in the murderous war that is going on between the Sri Lanka Govt and the Tamil extremists.

The Govt of India is going to put an end to it after seeing your ha- LOL LOL LOL.

Dear Northerners go advice the Indian Central Govt to change its attitude towards South Indians before you advise us.

–You guys come to South India, enter IT -an industry nurtured and developed by Southern Indians- and advise us what language to speak or not-

–Mahatma Gandhi said "Be the Change you want to see in others"

– go and fight with Pakistanis and leave us alone

pardon me for digressing here but with this sort of attitudes, guys, I am pretty sure Britian can rule us for another 100 years using their "Divide and Rule" Policy.

Wake up guys! we are an independant country.

Did someone call a conference of the dumbasses of India here; cos you guys are starting to sound mighty stupid flinging mud at each other.

As a person from Telengana I fully support the division of Andhra Pradesh. I fully welcome the announcement of the Indian Federal Government to form a separate state of Telengana. This state is going to be part of the Indian Union and I consider opposition to the formation of the state as RIDIDULOUS. Long Live Telengana.

"India" is like "Africa" like "Asia" it is a SUB-CONTINENT. How on earth a "continent" like nation can be united as one country is something that defeats me. I am a South Indian I do not accept the harsh words spoken here against North Indians because North Indians are just that North Indians like North Africans you do not dislike someone just because they live in a certain geographical region. Regarding India's survival I doubt it. India's ethnic fissures are so deep that an Yugoslavian like quake can occur any time. The Great Gandhi will be turning in his grave if he comes to know about the ethnic dissensions existing in India. There is not a single leader in India with a 'pan' India reach after the death of the great Indira Gandhi.Personally I am for a United India but… where is the leader I can look up to

This could be one of many possible explanations:

South Indians are supposedly smarter because of years of peace and prosperity. The northern India has been constantly invaded by foreign rulers including the afghans, Mongols, etc. This made life tougher and moreover, most people who were killed in these wars were the ones with the higher fighting skills.

Whereas in the south, the environment was mostly peaceful with a lot of trade opportunities giving way to the natural selection of the intelligent individuals.

Although, I am sure the difference in IQ levels of the north and the south indian people (if any) is not too high.

@Steve Sailer: It would be really informative if you provided us with the actual statistics that Razib Khan observed and perhaps provide us with a link to the published journal.

I am a 27 year old Keralite woman.Please dont behave like we behaved when the British arrived.Think this way, WHY HAVE THESE WESTERNERS or NON-INDIANS suddenly come up with this study of thiers that SOUTH INDIANS ARE south indians do well academically and the NORTH INDIANS have succeeded in BUSINESS and I feel they have GOOD COMMON SENSE.

THEY ARE SIMPLY TRYING TO DIVIDE US AND PROBABLY WANT SOUTH INDIANS to fight like the Kashmiris and Assamese for liberation WHO KNOWS??


The reason why South Indians are academically smarter because we have never been invaded and were not influenced by the outsiders until the British came in. Hence we were busy with music and literature.

At the same time NORTH INDIANS were victims of invasion and wars that they are more OPPURTUNISTIC and COMPETITIVE when compared to us.

Please dont victim for such ANTI- INDIAN campaigns by others.

REMEMBER we have just started and has a long way to go and a lot of problems to solve in our society.

I am from Kerala living really sad to see you guys fighting like this over a study conduted by a PATHETIC and at the end of it you have shown that WE ARE STILL GOOD AT WHAT WE ONCE WERE- fighting like FOOLS in the hands of some study conducted by a WHITE.

Our country needs effort from every INDIVIDUAL.

South indians are good at academics because we have never victims of conquests and wars and were always into music and literature. While the Northeners are competitive cos they were often invaded

North Indians are INTELLIGENT as well and hence good in BUSINESS,OPPURTUNISTIC and are HARD WORKING. SOUTH INDIANS are ACADEMICALLY BRILLIANT and we have succeded in abolishing the henious effects of CASTE SYSTEM and such PREJUDICES AND ARE PEACEFUL.

Eventhough I am a South Indian I DONT AGREE that North Indians are UNCULTURED.



i am a malayalii a south indian& dont dare to divide my country (my india) any further u dirty whites.

we have already removed u frm our country now stop interfearing.& my north & south indian brothers do we really want to divide our mother again this is not happening we should not allow this all of us r brothers & sisters of same mother we have lived together for not 100 but for morethan thousands of years we r one & we will be one until theres a planet called earth. if we were really smart we would never had such a unhealthy debate.& never dare to say anything about our national anethem.

South Indians are smart because we all are Smart Indians, there is no Much differences with north Indians and south Indians, but still we have a special one to differ among us…

North Indians doesn't like south Indians, but south Indians like all Indians and all nation. we all are just humans with blood and flesh, why do we wanna fight among us.

But i have to agree that they are two types of people on this earth one is smart people other is very smart people.

there are only two types people on this earth one is smart people other is very smart people…. its My India i like all my indians..

all like everybody in this earth, we should not fight for the same blood and for flesh,,

hey,listen…………plssss for the sake of our country dont make divisions like south indians or north r all INDIANS hailing from the great country of INDIA…….first of all try to understand that………and stop writing all this rubbish stuff.

Someone triggered a debate about Indians on 23-Mar-2002. It is a shame that they are racially abusing each other for the past 2 years in this blog on the same topic. This demonstrates how much divided they are. Rest of the world is sitting back and enjoying the dog fight.

No wonder the Mughals and British ruled them for such a long time.

I do not know who put this question first.

But, remember one thing that you all are Indians and you should not fight like this again, proving all Indians fools as British used to say us in past.

Just remember why these small countries like UK, Spain, Portugal and France could get hold on India?

Beacuse, it was never a united entity in the past. We should always remember that past and learn out of it finally to remain powerful.

That should not be any difference like south Indian or north Indian or any other based on race, language and so on. We got to forget these differences.

It is not necessary to answer the question who is smart and who is not, because the smart will become happy, which will show its smartness.

But, if the smart fight with fool, it will be foolish for both of them, especially for the smart.

As far as language is concerned, I am a Marathi and still I am proud to learn Hindi. Not because I am in Maharashtra, but because I am proud of my nation and I would respect its national language.

And I do not mind if somebody from south India or east India cannot speak Hindi and talks with me in English.



All those who boast about South Indians being recipients of great laurels need to move on. That's history and barring Vishwanathan Anand and AR Rahman I don't see any one doing great deeds. The point I am making here is that whatever South Indians are(were) was by great virtue of hard-work and determination- and not by any modern short-cut methods like H1B and stuff. Don't boast about being the creators of 67% of world's Software for masons are never credited for architectural marvels -which you are/were. There are better things to do in life than to waste a couple of hours reading the bullshit which's been blabbered above. You guys aren't smart. The quality of your comments and the hatred you have nurtured is all evident above. Can't say it was an intellectual delight reading the filth above. Get some life folks. Go CREATE a software for a change. I am alive for the next 45 years to see how many patents you guys file. Would be great if you match the count with the number of Nobels they won

-A fellow Indian. (And this is no bloody obfuscation of reality as one friend has pointed out in response to one sane post.)

South Indians have some positive and negative qualities

analytical-mathematical-law abiding-peace loving-civileze


North Indians too have positive and negative qualities

broad minded-united-helpful-bold-enterprising-foresight

linguistic insularity-superiority complex-abrasive.

So both North and Southies have positive and negative qualities.

Let us combine our positive qualities and let us IGNORE our negative qualities.

–This Steve is the Chief of Intelligence of China (Asia Pacific Region)>

Are we forgetting that both north and south indians bought freedom to our nation paying their lives as the price?Friends,its not about the south or the all about our precious nation 'INDIA'.

Pls do remember that we are brothers and sisters…

One of the reasons why some top scientists of India-nuclear physicists- opposed the Indo-US nuclear deal is because they did not want India to expose the research done at MAPP(Madras Atomic Power Project-at Kalpakkam). India has a FBTR -fast breedor test reactor their. The research done at this FBTR center is original and the progress made their has no parallels elsewhere around in the world of nuclear physics. That is why renowned scientists like B.K.Ayyangar voiced their opposition.

– When it comes to Space Research China might be superior in volume of space related work but in terms of sophistication India is much more superior and is next only to USA. Europe's ARIANE, Russia' Soyuz are less sophisticated launch vehicles -shocking it may seem-but it is the truth. India's launch ratio is far superior to any nation.

–All this is due to pioneering work done by scientists from the Southern states of Kerala,Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

–One person here said sane post and cited two names. World Chess Champion V.Anand and A.R.Rahman.

–one is s sportsman-(though with brains) and another is an entertainer. The fact that he cites entertainers to prove his point shows his knowledge or lack of it of South India. North Indians have no idea about their own nation.

I am a retired scientist and I know what I am talking about.

@ jeyanthi, read my post carefully am not fighting cos i don't like fighting with myself.

i was making very strong that there is nothing called northern India. southern India, its India and it is one nation, and it will be one of peace nation among peaceful earth.

i can tell you Mr.Steve Sailer's isteve blog. made a wonderful topic to comment, but there is a big blender mistake happened.

look at the topic very carefully again///

Why are Indians so smart? it has to be like this..

"Why are South Indians so smart?" coz here in INDIA

We Dont have any place caled south india or north india.

India is made up of two countries.

North India and South India.

Racially,culturally and linguistically and finally and most importantly in terms of intelligence there are two nations living under the political banner called "India"

-Scholars, linguists, Sociologists and political scientists and even TOURISTS to India will tell you about this.

–The gulf between these two nations is so wide it is a marvel that it is a holding on together as one one nation.

There's a lot of problems in south india as well…. The tamilians' sheer snobbiness and high headedness, keralites' disregard for development and neglect of their state, andhra's politics and karnataka's problem giving regions of coorg, tulunadu and belgaum.

Saying all this, I feel proud that as a Bangalorean and Kannadiga, I have always been able to dream and found that I have enough resources to fulfill my dreams…

There is a shocking sociological irony in India's unity. That is India's unity is because of its disunity. India will survive because the ethno-linguistic groups that constitute are so divergent they will all pull together.

Recently the UK High Commissioner to India praised India for its 'calm and restraint' after the Mumbai attacks praising its maturity.

–The point here is the attacks happened in Mumbai/Marathi land.

–The Gujaratis/Bengalis/Tamils/Oriyas are least bothered about what happened there.

–The present ruling elite of India are from Kashmir/Italy/Punjab/Kerala in that order.

–"India" will react only if any of these constituents are affected notably Punjab because I do not have a good opinion of the 'reactive' capabilities of the Keralites.

–The more India is disunited the more it becomes united.

U is inversely proportional to disunity, the constant of proportioanality being the Nehru/Congress party

Where N= Nehru and DU=disunity

–As a South Indian from Tamil nadu I support the creation of Telegana in Andhra Pradesh because it increases the DU factor which means India becomes more united.

– It is my opinion that there is no alternative for the constituents of India to do anything but remain united because their 'peace' and 'survival' depends on 'size'

–The Chinese and Islamic vultures are waiting to fish in the troubled waters that are smaller nations.

– I support India's unity, integrity and survival as one

Both North Indians and South Indians are smart. North Indians are cunning+intelligent whereas South Indians are only intelligent- a kind of trait one can see in Westerners. There is a shocking similarity in the mental wavelength of Europeans(I include the Americas) and Southern Indians. Do not know how this came to be. Genealogists should do a DNA study. Do not know if South Indians are Caucasians who became black because of the Tropical weather.

Four years before I went to Cancun, Mexico for an official visit. We went on a tour to a Mayan village. I found people there eating food that was 'hot' as it is in South India. In South India people 'lace' their mango slices with chillies, ditto in Mexico. In South India I have seen people applying chilli powder even on Oranges. Ditto among the Mayans. The Mayans were great mathematicians, builders and established great urban culture. Ditto for south Indians. The temple architecture of both Mayan and South Indians are similar-pyramidal. The main point here is does "chillis" have anything to do with hot red chillies open up the neuron pathways in the brains that makes one mathematically savvy. India's best astronomers, Scientists,mathematicians are South Indians.

Too much however should not be read in the similarity because South Indians have a great slant towards vegetarianism and unlike the pre-columbian Mayas South Indians have always considered taking of human life as a deadly act(SIN). Refer to any Tamil works dating back to 2300 BCE you will get my point

I am dumbfounded when I read about the intense dislike North Indians have for South Indians. My suggestion to Northern Friends is try to live in peace with everyone. I was told now that you are now fermenting trouble in Australia. Man, Aussies are a nice people. We South Indians love Aussies. They treat us with great respect. Stop fighting with everyone.

I presume you must be a Christian. Please be a source of peace and unity and not promote enmity. North and South Indians are living in peace with each other do not create artificial divisions. Set up a blog on something more useful subjects. I am a South Indian too.

Tagore is the greatest of all the world's playwrights,poets and authors.Tagore is a great novelist,short story writer,philosopher,musician and composer.Tagore is one of the world's great painters and educational reformers.Tagore is one of the world's greatest philosophers of science and Tagore is one of the great letter writers of world literature.Tagore's work in speaking out against injustice, his large ideational richness and his unequalled range of achievements as a great polymath make Tagore a great human being and one of the greatest geniuses to walk upon the Earth.

I am a north indian girl married to a south indian guy, will wait and watch what my children to be have to say about this.

there is no south india and no north india Its all just India

Are you all from India?? By the comments you appear to be from Pakistan.

Grow up men, Get on with the life. There is only one life, and it is no time to bash up between ourselves.

There is only one India, and all indians as we been repetedly pledging over the years, should be treated at par with your kith and kin.

That South Indians are smart is an accepted fact but unfortunately because of sheer numbers political power is in the hands of north indians.///

You are right bro. India is still poor just because political power is still at north indian's hand.

North indian's main focus is on religion. If they study some useful science books instead of studying BHAGAVATH GEETHA, KURAN and BIBLE then they will be educated.

Top ten moustaches

This is hilarious and shameful both at the same time.Someone writes a blog questioning "Why are South Indians so smart?" and then we Indians start debating amongst ourselves and insulting each other and dividing into two great camps, if people want to go ahead and publicize your knowledge about genetics/history /geography and all that crap, please remember, that you belong to one nation.

South indians who come up in life are mostly the middle class people who are in touch with the higher and lower class equally they have more options to chooce in mind and so the intelligence and smartness comes up northies who comes up are mosly higher class or lower middle class there have more problems and so they are more focused with that i guess.There is nothing regional or genetical,its just the person and his or her circumstances.

You know what guys. I ran into this article because i was googl-ing for "Why are Indians so smart?".

While doing so one of the suggestions from google was

"Why are Indians so racist?"

Guess this thread shows why (refer to Comments 1 and 5).

Its sad but also one of the ironically funniest threads i've read so far. Keep it up guys. Prove google's point and drive it ALL THE WAY HOME.

South Indains are not smart in doing the work, they are smart in flattering their bosses and the people around in the long run this element of their personlaity takes them to higher dont know how to sort out the things samrtly but they know very well how to scatter the is my experiecne as an south indian myself.I dont feel ashamed accepting this fact..

The other day one of my friend told me that these tamilians ladesstarted wearing the clothes just 5 years before only.confirm by seeing movies blouse and peticot.

They dont like to be called themselves as indians.

I have a dream when North Indians will accept South Indians as their equals.

I have a dream when North Indians will not ill treat South Indians in Delhi because of their dark skin color.

I have a dream when North Indians will learn a South Indian language and not make fun of a it.

I have a dream when North Indians would stop fighting with everyone including Pakistanis, Australians and Chinese.

Mallu Lal Kirupanandan- MLK.

The main reason behind this might be because Northern part of India faced continuous invasion from many people from Alexander to Mughals. So they had been continuously forced to change with culture and so there was no stability there. However still some people trying to follow the Indian Culture. The best example is Mumbai which now totalling rolling towards western culture and many of the families are facing problems because of this culture difference between two generations.

The only intelligent comment made was by Gurl, the rest was ranting and raving by Dravidianists and dumb north Indians

First things first – Razibs statement about math professors in north India being south Indians is incomplete – they are mostly south Indian brahmins

The super intelligent people in south India are south indian brahmins, which is why the other south Indians put up a 70% quota against them

Ramanujam, the Nobel prize winners – CV.Raman, Subrahmanya Chandrasekhar, Swaminathan Venkatraman

Chess Champion – Vish Anand

Vinodini Vasudevan – The only 12 year old with perfect SAT

Pranav Veera – the 6 year old with 176 IQ

Shriram Hathwar- the youngest Spelling bee finalist

8 out 12 members of the Indian nuke blast in 1974

Balu Natarajan, Ragashree Ramachandran – the earliest Indian spelling bee winners

Sridhar – inventor of Bloombox fuel cell

Narasimha Rao, who liberalised the Indian economy

Infosys etc are all south Indian brahmins

For several years, IT was wholly run by South Indian brahmins

Because the demand for H1b jobs exceeded supply the IT companies had to hire non-brahmin south Indians – smelly, not better IQ than whites,

I went to Engineering college in India and the ranking among students was

3. South Indian upper castes

4. North Indian upper castes

5. South Indian untouchables

At every caste level, south Indians are 5 points higher IQ than north Indians

My thinking is that it is due to islamic havoc in north India, disrupting the caste system

The caste system forces a trade on every one and some trades are highly g loaded

The patels and singhs are dumb as stone, though they work hard

I have seen too many dumb Patel engineers

and definitely the Patels are below white IQ

There are only a few pockets of high IQ north Indians beyond brahmins such as Jains and Khatris, the rest are dragging down the Indian IQ

And the non-brahmin south Indians have a taste for brahmin women, which mostly goes unfulfilled

In silicon valley, south Indian brahmin kids get A, whereas the sikh kids get a C

Y-DNA stats from Dienekes blog

R1A is the Aryan Y marker, found at 50% rate in eastern Europe

South Indian Non-Brahmins

Keep up the good work Steve,

this blog is becoming interesting by the day.

American IT companies outsource their jobs to India. Now the Americans think they are smart but the Indian IT companies "act" more smart. I will explain how.

The Indian IT companies 'rate' the American Companies too. Firms whose contractual money is huge and those whom they consider is packed with gullible white American Managers who have no knowledge of India they allocate North Indian service centers like Delhi, Calcutta and Kanpur etc.,

a) If they find the White American Managers smart and knowledgeable about India's North South differences in IQ and programming skills and also

b) If the contractual amount runs to double digit millions they allocate the South Indian Cities like Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad where the best of India's HR is available.

The Indian IT companies dole out some excuse as to why they did not allot South Indian cities to these gullible American Managers (gullible in the sense, they are not aware of India's North South differences.

Oracle, IBM, Microsoft will even in their dreams will not open offices in North India. But ignorant American Outsourcing Manager who has no idea of India's racial cultural differences between North and South and differences in intelligence consider whole of India as one nation like say Northern US and Southern US.

I feel sorry for those American companies and their Managers.

half baked programmers, who cannot speak proper English, lacking in IQ are allocated to these American Companies from North India.

The smartie American companies however make sure that their service centers are from South and insist on South Indian centers.

Look this comment in the earliest post

I went to Engineering college in India and the ranking among students was

3. South Indian upper castes

4. North Indian upper castes

5. South Indian untouchables

South Indian brahmin(1), South Indian Upper castes(3), South Indian untouchables(4) beat North Indians of the same group.

The shocking revelation being that even South Indian untouchables being smarter than North Indian peasants.

If all South Indian groups are smarter than similar North Indian groups should it not point to the fact there is some common genetic strain (I am no Watson or Crick). among south Indians.

Anyone who has seen a South Indian Brahmin would tell you that he does not 'appear' much different from a South Indian Non brahmin.

The Priestly class spent most of its time honing its memory skills, cramming sanskritic verses. The parents experience becomes their childrens' genetic experience.

In short South Indian brahmins are not much different from South Indian non brahmins. They have the same gene pool. Btw what was the sample space for the R1A Aryan marker?

Also this person said that South Indian non brahmins 'smell'. Well Iyers and Ayyangars smell too especially their woman of Lentil Soup. A know a gynecologist who feared treating Brahmin women because they did not keep their important areas clean when compared to other woman.

Regarding infatuation of non brahmin men for brahmin women-he is right. I admit unashamedly that we like what to do never had an opportunity.

The upper caste dravidian marker is L

L is found in both south Indian brahmins and non-brahmins at around 18%

L originates in south Tamil Nad with some castes at 40% L

L is found in north India at around 6% and extends along the Indian western sea coast at around 12% and even extends as far as Syria at 3%

L may be considered maritime coastal caste

There has been a hypothesis, that the Sumerian civilization, 3000 BC, had a common origin with L

The difference in south Indian brahmins and non-brahmins is R1A and J2A are minimal in non-brahmins

And yes, south Indian brahmins can be distinguished from non-brahmins by somewhat lighter skin, somewhat more caucasoid features and sanskritic dialect

There was a large scale SNP study, and south Indian brahmins came in at 30% European and south Indian non-brahmins at 10% European

R1A is the Aryan marker associated with Lactose persistence and J2A is the wheat farmer haplogroup and extends into Greece and Europe

And yes, if I had to go to an Indian doctor, I would check the caste first

There are two kinds of South Indian brahmins the light caucasoid brahmins and the black brahmins. They are indistinguishabl from other South Indians. Venkatamana Parpan, TN.Seshan, K.balachandar look like Dravidian not "Aryan"

Regarding language Brahmins deliberately do use words that mainstream non brahmins use

Ava- for them as against Avargal

Aaathu-for home as against Veedu

Manni-for sister-in-law for Anni

Samachar-for news-in lieu of Cheithi.

It is a deliberate attempt to distinguish themselves from the non brahmin population and not an indication of Aryan origin.

There are equally good non-brahmin doctors-the probability of the 'larger' number throwing up a junk yard material is always there-so the comparison is not appropriate.

Throughout the world Gene mixture can happen by

c) Being orphaned and adopted.

Aryan Parpana South Indian brahmins too would have undergone similar Gene Mixture. They are more intelligent that North Indian brahmins because they took the Best Genes of South India.

The X factor that makes them superior to North Indian Brahmins is a Dravidian Gene.

So South Indian brahmins are more intelligent because they have Dravidian Genes.

The X factor is haplogroup L1, shared by both South Indian brahmin and non-brahmin of about 17%

L1 is the precise difference between North Indian brahmins at 45% R1A and close to zero L1 and South Indian brahmins at 28% R1A and 17% L1

R1A is the Aryan gene, found in Russians and is associated with lactase persistence

The main food of south Indian brahmins is yogurt rice, which is avoided by the dravidian castes since they cant easily digest yogurt

South Indian brahmins also have 13% J2A, same as North Indian brahmins and Europeans, and J2A is associated with wheat farmers and South Indian dravidian castes eat rice, not wheat and have almost no J2A

J2A extends from North India to Western Europe

The next main difference between South Indian brahmins and the South Indian dravidian castes is that Haplogroup H is present at 35% in both Dravidian castes and north Indian backward castes and just 5% in both South Indian and north Indian brahmins

The need for a persistent 70% anti-brahmin quota does show a genetic gap between South Indian brahmins and South Indian non-brahmins

The 70% quota is not to make up for genetic gap, it is a bullet proof vest that Non Brahmins have to wear to protect themselves from a psycho-pathological form of clannism that Iyers and Ayyangars practice.

Take this debate itself as an example. Do you know of any Russian, Chinese, Japanese social-sub group questioning the intelligence of their neighbors.

Is not Ilayaraja producing the best of tunes? did not abdul Kalam father the IGMDP (Integrated Guided Missile Development Prog).

Are not Anna and even MK smart? U need not agree to their philosophy. Look how brahmin Jeya bungling? She is, as you brahmins say, an ABISHTU.

Can any language be as so advanced in grammar and literature as Tamil. Did not Nehru say in his discovery of India that India is home to two great languages, Tamil and Sanskrit.

Till u have this superiority complex and dislike for fellow South Indians we need this quota.

There is no Quota in USA but non-brahmin Telugus and Tamils dominate the US IT industry. Americans do not mind their smell.

as we "Ava" do not mind ur Paruppu smell and early morning (shameless) screaming of Kausalya Rama by a former Nehruvian Concubine.

There are a couple of other reasons raising the South Indian brahmin IQ

First, in North India, Brahmins dont marry anyone closer than 5th cousin, so what this means is that, even if a North Indian brahmin is of super high IQ, his genes will get diluted

The South Indian non-brahmins on the other hand, compulsorily marry their first cross-cousin – Mothers brothers daughter or Fathers sisters daughter and numerous studies have shown that this drops IQ by 8

The South Indian brahmins on average marry their second cousins ( due to limited number of brahmins ), and marrying your second cousin is the genetic sweet spot, High IQ gets FIXED, and genetic risk is also not too bad

The next factor in raising South Indian Brahmin IQ is the anti-brahmin quota of 70%

In Indian society, in each caste, about 10% of men, mainly jobless losers, cant find a wife

The anti-brahmin quota quickly weeded out the lower left IQ tail of the south Indian brahmins

We have had 70% of anti-brahmin quotas in south India for 4 generations and each generation the lower left IQ tail gets pruned and the Average IQ of the survivors moves higher

Just as a predator improves the average health of the survivors, the predatory effect of the 70% anti-brahmin quota, has over the last 4 generations raised the IQ of the remnant south Indian brahmins

Anon wrote – The 70% quota is not to make up for genetic gap, it is a bullet proof vest that Non Brahmins have to wear to protect themselves from a psycho-pathological form of clannism that Iyers and Ayyangars practice.

This excuse sounds similar to blacks trying to explain away the IQ gap and for maintaining quotas

and all castes practise clannism

Caste riots in Tamil Nad happen between mid-level dravidian castes and untouchable dravidian castes, no brahmins involved

Not necessary to adopt WASP ethos (whatever that is). The SIB (South Indian Brahmin) community in Canada (or Toronto at least) has formulated their own creed, work ethic, subculture, whatever you want to call it. Very successful, allowing them to maintain most Indian cultural trappings while having very high success rate in the capitalistic culture here. Things such as food habits (vegetarian cuisine), fine culture (music/dance), "mother language", certain aspects of religion as well as "morals" are all maintained – and they fit like a glove into society. If I'm not mistaken they even manage to maintain arranged marriages or at least have a greater percentage of their kids go that route vs. "love marriage".

many H1B dont even have a BS degree

Many have a 6 month diploma

and many use fake qualifications to get in

Most of these IT workers are 'Goltis' which is a pejorative term used to denote non-brahmin telugu dravidian castes

These IT workers are deeply resented by American co-workers for a variety of sins from fake resumes to intense casteism in hiring to lack of fluency in english to lack of competence and to lack of using deoderants

ITgrunt and other such blogs take off on Goltis

North Indians drive taxi cabs, run 7-11, motels and kwiki-mart and pump gas, whereas South Indians are more found in tech jobs

In productivity driven America it is doubtful if these 'Golts' would be allowed to stay if they do not produce results.

Had they been non brahmins these same fellows would prattle as follows

"They are very smart and have astounded America by their programming skills"

-Actually this person has no idea of IT. Golts are really good, you cannot pass judgment on all Golts because of some stray Golt.

-Also to say all the H1 workers do not even have a degree is just plainly absurd. There was on instance of a Police Constable slipping in but that was a very rare case. The American Consulate in Chennai has been very strict since 2001. They are arrested and sent to jail if they arrive with bogus degrees or resumes.

-Assuming they come with fake resumes how come they are surviving, do you mean to say Americans are dumb.

-I am an IT professional myself and I am from Tamil Nadu and I can say that almost all the Golts I have met so far are smart asses when it comes to programming. Though they may not be good in English as the Tamils.

-Regarding smell. All foreigners smell. South Indian Brahmins emanate a stinking odour, the odour of casteism, Aryanism, clannism, exclusivism, nihilist supremacy that would make Adolf Hitler bow down his head in shame. In prattling propaganda about the so called "non-intelligence" of Non Brahmins they would make Goebbals look like a school child.

These are "internet" lions who use the anonymity of the internet to say waht they like but would behave like holy saints when confronted in person-whited sepulcher- is what they are and this description fits them to a T.

We should feel sorry for them.

razib at gnxp – don't confuse the tamil brahmin community (iyers and their ilk) with the rest, they'll castrate you for it….

For isteve readers, there are 2 aspects to south Indian IQ

The first is labor arbitrage, whether on a cost-performance basis, south Indians can displace the bulk of white Euros

On this angle, South Indian brahmins, merchants and peasant castes can displace most Euro white collar jobs,

especially low end monotonic tech jobs

Cost-performance means that even at slightly lower IQ, if the labor rates are cheap enough, then outsourcing is feasible

The second aspect is at the high end of the IQ scale, and here the only south Indians capable of replacing whites are SIB

According to the previous posting rocket scientists like Dr.Abdul Kalam, Annadurai(father of India's Moon Rocket),Music Genius Ilayaraja are less smart than Europeans.

Brainless samayalkara Parpanan, (Ghat) Sudukkatu parpanan, Cho, brainless Jeyalalitha only are capable of replacing the brainy White Euros and that includes Rocket Scientists.

South Indian Brahmins have a serioud "intelligence" disorder.

We are intelligent than others attitude. They should be declared persona-non-grata and asked to quit India and go back to the land of their origins, which is Central Asia.

If you look at the highest levels of white euro IQ, such as world chess champion or Science Nobels, the only caste that consistently meets this is SIB and in US diaspora, the Hindus score nearly at jewish levels and SIB stand alone at much higher than jewish levels in SAT

The head of Indian space agency is Madhavan Nair, a caste whose women has been impregnated by SIB men for a 1000 years and virtually indistinguishable from SIB

You also dont understand the concept of IQ bell curve, and standard deviation, every caste will have some individuals on the high end of the IQ spectrum, but higher mean IQ will cause over-representation on higher end

What you have to see is who has consistent over-representation at the top end, and in the 1974 Indian nuke blast, 8 out 12 scientists on the team were SIB

Ilayaraja is a musician and there are plenty of low IQ black musicians who do just as well

And as far as going to Central Asian Origins, let me point you to

The Indian origin of paternal haplogroup R1a1* ( Aryan gene ) substantiates the autochthonous ( indigenous ) origin of Brahmins and the caste system.

Sharma S, Rai E, Sharma P, Jena M, Singh S, Darvishi K, Bhat AK, Bhanwer AJ, Tiwari PK, Bamezai RN.

National Centre of Applied Human Genetics, School of Life Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India.

And you do know that the anti-british freedom movement in south India was led by SIB, whereas the dravidianist leaders were collaborators of the british

You Genius Intellectuals from JNU said " And you do know that the anti-british freedom movement in south India was led by SIB, whereas the dravidianist leaders were collaborators of the british"

How come you conveniently forgot the attempts made at such collaboration by Brahmins of Bengal and Aryavarta (Indo Gangetic Plain) who created the Arya Samaj and Brahmo Samaj to mollycoddle with Britsh imperialism.

Unlike the Mughals the British refused to assimilate and did not allow them to enter the Ruling elite as Bahadurs and Divans. The Indian Independence movement was a direct result of this rejection. Had the Britishers allowed Brahmins to enter the ruling elite (one of teh first demands of the INC started by AO Hume was the reform of the Civil Service and allow more Indians to become Collectors/Distric Magistrates) the brahmins would have called Gandhi a traitor.

- No Less a person than the son og Gandhi Devdas moaned how the Brahmins killed Gandhi. Gandhi's other son (Hiralal) was so disgusted with Brahmins that he took to he not?

–Motilal Nehru misused Gandhi's soft and good nature to promote his son Nehru by promising to align with him to defeat the English speaking Congress elite (One of whom was Jinnah).

–Can anyone forgot Brahmins lining before book shops in Chennai trying to learn German during the Second World War so as to play fiddle to the Nazis claiming R1A Genes (Ha ha ha).

–So disgusted were the Britishers with Brahmin Chameleon trait that they started promoting South Indian Backward Classes giving them titles like Rai Bahadur, Divan Bahadur. Huge number of Backward Caste members were conferred the ICS and IP (now IPS) title and made collectors and Police officers.

—Your Bell Curve argument still does not convince me. You are again comparing 1000's of castes against one caste.

–Even if you take Ilayaraj's caste and pair it against Brahmins and if the curve is loaded against Ilayaraja's and judge how successful his Social Group when compared to Brahmins the missing factor will be Clannism and We Group that his group may be missing and not lack of IQ.

–If Brahmins are indigenous then where did the come from Brahma's mouth and we Shudras from his foot.

The varna system, a Procrustean frame of reference, used to justify casteism lacks scientific validity, was an invention of a maniac called Manu and his stupid Smritis. and it needs to be given a decent burial by you Genius intellectuals of JNU.

The only paragraph that deals with caste in the Rig Veda – 2000 BC

Purusa-suktam or creation hymn

From His face (or the mouth) came the brahmanas. From His two arms came the rajanya (the kshatriyas). From His two thighs came the vaishyas. From His two feet came the shudras

If you ask the orthodox brahmins this is what they will point to as to origin of caste – note no word about Aryan or dravidian

At the time of this text, caste had already been long established and there is only a creation myth to try to explain caste

As far as R1A, the germans dont have it, just 10%, only the Russians have it at 50%

The word Arya exists only in India and Iran, the Germans hijacked it along with the swastika in about 1880

The Arya Samaj was founded by a non-english speaking Gujurati in 1850, before the west even became aware of the word Aryan

and many Arya Samajists were martyred by the british

As far as WW2, Savarkar, (SIB), ( mastermind of gandhi assasination for muslim appeasement ) who had earlier organised assassinations of English officials in 1910, and spent 10 years in hard labor, recruited 2 million Hindus for the British Army. Of course he had ulterior motives in planning to use these 2 million soldiers against the british after ww2

The british favor to the dravidianist justice party began in 1921, well before ww2

Rama describes Buddha as a Fraud in one north Indian version of Ramayana because Buddha wanted a casteless society. Caste is a social division of labor which became discredited over a period of time. The lazy bums assumed superiority just because they were doing occupation that did not involve manual labor.

Bell curve and other thoughts:If you conduct an IQ contest of people in Ilayaraja’s caste and create a sub-caste with those with IQ > 120 and repeatedly in breed them (endogamy) for thousand years you will get a Mean that is higher than the mean of Ilayaraja’s parent caste. India must have tried with eugenics long time before. I never said Brahmins are not intelligent I only said Brahmins are South Indians who are intelligent. And they are superior in intelligence because they are south Indians.

You said The Arya Samaj was founded by a non-english speaking Gujurati

Response: The Arya Samaj was founded by a Brahmin from Gujarat and therefore makes him too a secret Aryan Supremacist. Hans F. K. Günther, Alfred Ploetz, Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer Nazi Idealogues and believers in Pure Race theory were influenced by the writings of Dayanand Saraswatif, who had authored more than 60 books on the subject. It is through his writings too that they learn about Indian astrological tradition. Dayanand is the ORIGINAL NAZI

You said: as far as WW2, Savarkar, (SIB), ( mastermind of gandhi assasination for muslim appeasement )

Response: You still justify the killing of Gandhi the greatest Indian after Buddha and the greatest human being after Jesus and Buddha. Savarkar along with this disciple Godse (the Gandhi killer) was a criminal in the eyes of Indian Govt and the people of India. Do not justify the acts of the vilest person after Judas and Brutus. Sorry we South Indians like good North Indians do not like the Gandhi killers.

You said: The british favor to the dravidianist justice party began in 1921, well before ww2

Response The British love for BCs and conferment of ICS and IP started only in 1935 that too 5 years after the publication of the Simon Commission report in 1930. No marks for you.

What the fuck is wrong with you guys? Do you understand the question-"Why are South Indians so smart?" so instead of finding an answer to this question you guys are just mud slinging on each other, please don't show this cheap attitude towards your brothers and sisters on a powerful media like this, remember the world is still looking for an answer not your can we have some brilliant answers or theories please..

Let me venture to answer this question. South Indians are smart because of syllable called "ZH". This 'Zh" exists on in Tamil and Malayalam. Tamils and Malayalees constitute the core of South Indian Intelligence.

This "ZH" is defined as a retroactive reflexive and does not exist in any language of the world. There is no way a non Tamil-Malayalam speaker can pronounce this most peculiarly sounding syllable. It is not pronounced Zeee-EEH as in English, but comes closer to EL but the tongue has to be twisted to bring out a "ZZ" similar to ZZ in Schwarsnaggars' name.

Now how does this improve intelligence. Well the pronounciation of this syllable is said to wake up the neurotic pathways in the brains that stimulates the cortical areas -the thinking areas-.

Repeated usage of ZH on an everyday basis in their language makes Tamils-Malayalees (both Brhamin and non brhamin) smart asses.

Guys I read all the comments and this situation makes me sad. It wont take too long when a country like China will invade us because our country is still fighting over petty matters. Lets think of everyone as just an INDIAN. We are all educated people and we should not get influenced by these stupid politicians in our country. Let us respect everyone and be a united country otherwise outsiders will take advantage of the divide.

guys this is one of the form of "Divide and rule"

please don't worry guys every body on earth are intelligent; but every body are not Ramanujam, subash chandra bose, nehru

and don't forget we are INDIANS (means one/united and ready to smash others if provoked)

I don't think Indians are smart. If they were indeed smart as they claim to be, why is that the country is in shambles. You can claim to be the new economic tiger but that claim rings hollow because Indians cant build one decent road in the country…all because they are a little too smart (receiving bribes etc.) Indians may be quick thinkers but that does not mean they are wise.

I am South Indian descent. Born and raised in South Africa. thankfully, we in SA have never followed any caste or divided system. We are friends with tamil/hindi/gujurat/black/white/brown. India's caste system is a curse to itself. When I visit India, my heart is open to everyone regardless of origin/colour/langauge. THAT my friends, is the foundation of Indian history and philosophy.


In my opinion it is North Indians who are smart. If you compare North Indians and South Indians in Corporate America, you will find North Indians are in top Managerial jobs whereas South Indians will be in Technical jobs.

Well For one, South Indians when they try for their job look for

b) With a market capital of 50 m- to 50 billion

c) They look for high salary > $75000

d) They look for employee strength of > 5000.

In contrast North Indians do not do this

a) They look for designations with "Manager" nomenclature.

b) They simply give up all else.

The result is, North Indians move horizontally from Fortune 10000 to Fortune 1000 and Fortune 500 as Manager, Senior Manager and Director.

Vertical mobility is not that easy in Corporate america as horizontal mobility.

The foolish South Indian who started his job as a Technical Wizard will after 10 years go for another Technical wizard job-as say a senior programmer.

While in terms of technology,and raw intelligence Southies could beat Northies in terms of worldly wisdom Northies beat Southies and after 10 years Northies will be Directors or vice presidents earning twice the salary of South Indians.

Also North Indians are very social unlike Southies who are socially awkward.These might be over-generalizations but in Corporate America where success is dependent on

a) Communicative ability

Northies win hands down. Southies will be grand success in South India because the 'culture talk' enables understanding but in America where the average top American bosses are ignorant of India's North-South divide, all Indians are seen as smart and Northies use this sheen earned by Southies to their advantage.

Also let us make this blog a place for healthy debate and not a place for ventilating immature, emotional outbursts.

Though I am from North but i have to agree that yes south Indians are smarter.

I happened to be in a job at mumbai for 12 years and i came to know that even in offices a south indian goes ahead in terms of promotion than others.

I tried to find the reason behind it. and i found that in Mumbai they have a weekly meeting of all south Indians and there they are taught how to go ahead of other staff in offices. This was some 20 years back.

Obviously all Union leaders or people in establishment/Hr are all south indians.

Why mostly all banks Union leaders are south indians or bengalies

Hey open your eyes man..I am staying in South India for past ten years and what I have found is Tamilians are cold. No energy at all.. No good will.. Just jealous on every north we are rocking here in all sort of business is because we are open minded and cool. Watch out your irritating,untolerable movies. It shows the origionl face.Thats what you are. Idiots, narrow minded, stinking and extrem selfish.. Thats what majority of you are. I do respect the way you have carried culture. But product like you are given by tamilians getting jealous. You will improve a lot.Shame on you, pepole like you brings embarrassment to whole comunity.. What your elders have earned get spoiled in seconds.. go die somewhere.

came to know lot of hidden facts like disintegration of India and blah blah… LOLZ…

some comments were interesting, some were funny whereas some were annoying…

I am Punjabi, but It was very very disappointing to see such mutual hate… we should understand that we all belong to same nation and we all should live peacefully respecting each others values and traditions….

@south indians – Look guys, north indian never hates south indians. so get stereotyped by hearing few people comments… Rajnikant is bascially Maharastrian and we never call him AN ORDINARY south indian actor…we know he is god there.. personaly i love watching telugu and tamil movies…

@sardar who called SIs as monkeys: you ass, you really need to think what you are calling others? They are not monkey, actually you are donkey….

@very first comment: you are biggest ass hole… your language was good, but you became inspiration of another asshole dude…

India was the motherland of our race, and Sanskrit the mother of Europe's languages: she was the mother of our philosophy; mother, through the Arabs, of much of our mathematics; mother, through the Buddha, of the ideals embodied in Christianity; mother, through the village community, of self-government and democracy. Mother India is in many ways the mother of us all.

William James Durant (November 5, 1885 – November 7, 1981) American writer, historian.

This year too a South Indian Tamil speaking Non brahmin girl Anamika Veeramani has won the US 2010 Spelling Bee championship.

Congratulations Anamika.

Its funny I had two instances of north indians starting to preach me about different race and stuff.. I am fairer than them and some one asked me if I am really Indian.. I think this thikning arises from inferiority complex of feeling inferior and trying to identify themselves with whites, aryans to feel better. Its shameful behaviour….

what north indians and south indians … we are busy fighting with each other … Go and ask mumbaikars and delhities about bihari and UP babus.. At same time a telugu guy, tamil guy and kannada guy are all different although we share similarities…. Every state is unique in India….

First things First. It is confirmed fact by brain researcher that learning multiple languages or being bilingual makes people more intelligent due to linkages in the brain & its resulting development. Taking that into account you would see an average South Indian has learned more than 2 languages. They have accepted English education while some of them have tried to shun the language itself. Even now South Indians prioritize issues such as Education, Health care and Infrastructure unlike ayodhya or ram temple. The entire states of South India carry the economy of the entire country in their shoulders without agriculture North India is just a burden on India. You may also consider that all South Indians are of Dravidian origin who have their origins in India, South Indians because of the fact that they were pushed down and had to settle in the South where thankfully they didn't have to worry about security & stability internal nor external hence they evolved to be mellow, humble & friendly traits of an intelligent person. South Indians are definitely more intelligent. I am a south Indian muslim & I thank South India and India as whole for being drastically & intellectually superior than other muslim counterparts in North or Pakistan. On the contrary north Indian are settlers of Indo-Aryan origin from Russia, Iran & other northern Countries. Due to safety & security disturbances they were not able to develop themselves as much as South Indians, However due to same reason the North Indians are found to be driven and aggressive again important traits due to which they fare well in business. They are like Master of One where as South Indians may be Jack of all. Some Text and refernces I read in College where either a Sharma or Mehra or Khanna or Chopra or Dutta or Pandit & not many Swami. You can also observe that there are greater technical colleges & universities of repute in South whereas higher edu like business schools are at north. So you may say that a graduate or undergraduate is more employable than his counterpart of same age in North India. I would also say that North India are unwavering and less likely to be fooled. They would kill & die for gods but not for film actors, politicians unlike the case in South.

First of all I want to introduce me as a south indian, non-brahmin telugu born and brought up in tamilnadu, married to a tamil born and brought up in mumbai. I find the whole issue worthless which will only yield ill will and animosity amongst us. Since i grew in tamilnadu i very well the mentality of the people.

First about the so called brilliance of tamils over their counterparts in the north: Every human brain has immense potential but we only use upto 10 percent or less of it in the absence of external stimulus. Down south the society is very strict and only academic achievement is appreciated and celebrated. becos of this mentality the kids get prepared from a very early age to learn and learn and learn. any other activities are not much appreciated. girls are not allowed to dress up well since they might disturb the opp sex and the guys also are more conservative in their thought and are quite chaste and morally strict. all these help them in concentrating in their studies becos they know only their achievement can make them free from overbearing parents and the society in general. So they perform better in their exams.their dull looks are also another factor that doesnt distract them from their target.

Northies on the other hand tend to celebrate life and enjoy life which ultimately affects their performance at school and college.

As far as these comments made by some tamils about brahmanism and brahmins i think they are in badtaste. brahmins have tolerated injustice meted to them and appear cheerful. that doesnt mean we can can bullshit them. mind you shortsighted pro dravidian brahmins have to wait their turn patiently until all the other caste students were satisfied and given seats and finally they are given one or two seats. in spite of that they top academics and other fields and it is mainly becos of the brahmins' contribution that the tamils get the name and fame. infact viswanathan anand is a tamil brahmin who is the present world champion in chess. you take most of the world famous tamils occupying enviable positions inthe economic as well as It world. If you do a simple census you will find that most of them are brahmins. I am a non-brahmin but i have seen how mean these pro-dravidian tamils can be and this forum is a classic example for one.

I cant bear to see this forum softly advocating separistism by dividing the south and the north. The south should learn to live with the whole india along with its diversities. the tamils who voice their opinions against brahmins and others are pro-dravidian athiests and we shouldnt give in to their ideologies. Thank you.

India should be divided into two nations North India and South India. I am from North India and I support this division. We Northies have exploited South Indians a lot and i can understand how the Southies feel.

The differences between North and South exists even in Ancient Philosophical literature. While the content in Sanskrit literature the language of Ancient North is mystical, religious and very philosophical ancient South Indian literature is rational,logical,secular and pragmatic.

This in a way explains why religious tolerance is high in South India.

In the Southern State of Kerala, where I come from, one street has four places of worship all in the same street.

India at the moment has high representation of people from my state in the Central Govt., We have never had it this good in India's 60 years of independence.

Had South Indian been an indepedent country it would have long before overtaken Japan,China and the SE Asian nations. It would have become a 'developed' nation in 1970 itself.

Since India's nuclear physicists are all South Indians, it would also be a Nuclear power. North Indian leaders imposed a Socialist philosophy on India and it took a South Indian like P.V.Narasimha Rao once he became PM put India on the path to development. the present PM Manmohan Singh was brought in by Rao as Econmic advisor. India will shatter not because someone will do it but the inherent contradictions, diversities are so mind boggling it will soon crumble under its own weight.

I'm south Indian (Karnataka) and I find Rizab Khan's work and your question (with all its caste and skin colour connotations) pretty inane and obviously formulated by someone who doesn't know India at all. It's also obvious to any Indian that people bad mouthing North/South Indians are just trolls. I'm doing a Phd in Math from a top Ivy but my cousin dropped out of college and was unemployed for some time. There's no logic to it. The impression is that South India is better developed in RECENT years, for which equal credit must go to the many smart hard working Indians who migrated from the north, east and west and started businesses here. Even this is a fallacy because the Richest states per capita GDP are still Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana which are all "North". FYI most of us don't even think of ourselves and others as "South Indian" and "North Indian".

There is a difference between how North and South Indians perceive "India". North Indians perceive "India" in a positive light because they hold the keys to the Indian army in their hands. South Indians feel alienated because of this. A north indian language is artificially made the national language, their film actors are "national" actors the rest are considered 'regional' -semantically has a narrow connotation. Indian's ruling dynasty, are North Indians.A lot of Northerners migrate South because of the comparative efficiency in South India. In South India trains arrive on time, people buy tickets in public transport, there is more conscientiousness in job and work culture-factors that are missing in forces businessmen from North to move South. As stated by the gentlemen in the previous post they are successful because they moved South. By money alone one does not become successful you need people, the best of Human Resources, these North Indian investors have this in South and hence they have become successful. North Indians however stick to Old Economy, the New Economy are all led by South Indian business leaders.

Steve actually started this post for some intellectual discussions..

But people are vomiting things, which they or their race were carrying for centuries!!…

I am a Malayalee.(from Kerala South India).

I have seen people hate people/races without even talking or understanding the other side.

I have seen Muslims hate Jews, even without interacting with a jew in life time.

I have interacted with Arabs,Pakistanis,Pushtuns when i was working in KUWAIT.

I worked with Chinese,British,French and Dutch people.

These interactions confirmed me one thing..NEVER EVER FALL into a GENERALISATION about these RACES!.

In every race there are Good & bad people.

I have been to DELHI also…i interacted with JHATS and other North Indian Cousins!!..

Everyone has a strength and weakness of his own..that's for sure…

When i was in Kuwait Arabs called me a 'MALABARRI'..where as malabar was just a northern portion in Kerala.

When i was in North India, North Indian friends called me a 'MADRASSI', where MADRASS(now Chennai) is just a name of a place in TAMIL NADU, which is 500 km away from my place!!…

Normally i smile and tell buddies get it your Geographical knowledge right…then talk"..:-)

As a Keralites, we never oppossed HINDI as a language…When i was a child i learned Hindi separately apart from School education..

After 2 decades when i happened to work in New HINDI knowledge helped me a lot.

I also love Tamil..which is considered as our Mother (root) language from where Malayalam originated.

Why we are so narrow minded

i would like to learn Hebrew /Arabic also, if that will help me to produce good friends!!…

Come to the point…Why South Indians are Smart…

I think North Indians are Smart as well…

Since i am a s/w engineer, i can tell my experience..

South Indians especially Mallus(from Kerala) are back bench phobiacs!!..

Even they are technically sound, they will not show or shy to perform in front of a crowd..

They will create miracles when they are left alone.

North Indians are very good at presenting something in a very cool manner…that i have seen many times.

Normally in India BIHAR is considered as one of the backward state…but majority of the people gets IAS is from i have worked with some really smart Bihariz!!..

In mallu there's a proverb like.."Pattaril Pottanilla"…Means There's not a single dumb person in Patter(spl Brahmin race).

When Britishers were ruling,all the great Judges,Advocates,Accountants, Ministers and advisers to Kings were Brahmins.

I think that is only because,they were the only educated race at that time….

Brahmins counted them as only as 'Shudras' under the 4 divisions under 'Kshathriyaz'.

But Now look at they got education they have defeated all those Brahmanical superiority with its education and modesty.

1) ISRO(Space Agency) chairman( Last 2 chairmans as well)

2) India's National Security Adviser

4) Prime Minister's principal Secy.

6) Former UN's Under Secy ( Mr Shashi Tharoor)

7) India's Left party's Secretary(Mr.Praksh Karat)

8) 2 Members of their powerful Politbuero.

9) TAMIL NADU's most powerful CM in History Mr.MG Ramachandran

10) Singapore's former PM and Opposition leaders( Mr.Kannann NAir & Devan Nair)…etc

This has nothing to do with their DNA'.

As some of my Tamil friend has wrote Malluz are just born from ARABs in Dravidian Girls…this has nothing to do with DNA's..

It's because of CULTURE+EDUCATION.

When u combine's alwaqys paves path to succeess…

Since, for Success there's no SORTCUTS by friends!!..

The North South Divide was recently revealed in how either regions "handled" Film actor Rajnikanth's movie "Robot". Filmed at a cost of $35 million it was India's first Sci-Fi film. It is running to packed houses in South India and has so far within 10 days collected 1 billion Rupees. The same movie released in North in a Hindi version collected only 70 million rupees. North Indians preferred a stupid Romantic comedy by ugly looking actor Ranbir titled Anjanaa Ajanaba. A south indian friend saw this movie and told me that the movie was just bad.

In contrast when I saw the South Indian Robot movie (Enthiran). I found it fantastic. I already seen it twice would see it again. The Human Imagination is used to the hilt by the South Indian film Director music and audio is by Oscar Winners, South Indians A.R.Rahman and Roosal Pookutty. Everyone should watch Robot also titled Enthiran.

Well! The same castes are there all over India like Chandravamshi:Rai(Karnataka)/Rayudu (AP)/Mudaliar(TN), Bunt(Karnataka)/Velama(AP)/Vellala(TN), Nairs(Kerala), Suryavamshi:Malla/Pallar, Agnivamshi: Billava/Balija, Naik/Naidu, Mooppanar, Udaiyar. Why hide behind colour or under a North-Indian banner when every caste has a presence all over India under different names? Definitely, the Agnivamshis, and Suryavamshis of North India can't claim to be superior to the Chandravamshis of the South, can they?

our country is do we divide into two??????it is not south indians or north are Indians.smartness of the people doesn't depends on the place they belong to.Stop spilling ur own country people with hurting words like "MONKEYS".don't u know monkeys are smartter than other animals.learn to respect ur country,respect ur own country u don't do that how other country people will respect us?

Calling South Indians as monkeys is very bad. India's top scientists, physicists, mathematicians are monkeys. India's top IT companies, software companies were founded and led by monkeys. It because of Monkeys India has earned this much glory,fame around the world. If we south indian monkeys quit India and establish our own nation the truncated India, which will be north india will become another basket case, a banana republic like Afghanistan, Pakistan or North Korea.

Steve, as a South Indian, I feel proud of you. I am planning on recommending your name for the Nobel Peace Prize. Very few Westerners are aware of the huge gap that exists between India's north and south.

How come the Southern Sudanese get an opportunity to vote and separate. When will this opportunity be given to India's South.

(The guy who called us Monkeys)

If you are so ashamed of us South Indians

why hold on to South India.

Why are you guys salivating over our Aishwarya Rai, Sri Devi and Asin.

Withdraw the Indian Army stay in your place. Do not move South.

South Indians are smart? Haha. Who do you think caused this recession? In 1998 when white Americans were running Silicon Valley the economy way booming.

Companies ruined or almost ruined by Indian labor

Adaptec – Indian CEO Subramanian Sundaresh fired.

AIG (signed outsourcing deal in 2007 in Europe with Accenture Indian frauds, collapsed in 2009)

AirBus (Qantas plane plunged 650 feet injuring passengers when its computer system written by India disengaged the auto-pilot).

Australia's National Australia Bank (Outsourced jobs to India in 2007, nationwide ATM and account failure in late 2010).

Bell Labs (Arun Netravalli took over, closed, turned into a shopping mall)

Boeing Dreamliner ES software (written by HCL, banned by FAA)

Bristol-Myers-Squibb (Trade Secrets and documents stolen in U.S. by Indian national guest worker)

Caymas – Startup run by Indian CEO, French director of dev, Chinese tech lead. Closed after 5 years of sucking VC out of America.

ComAir crew system run by 100% Indian IT workers caused the 12/25/05 U.S. airport shutdown when they used a short int instead of a long int

Dell – call center (closed in India)

Delta call centers (closed in India)

Fannie Mae – Hired large numbers of Indians, had to be bailed out. Indian logic bomb creator found guilty.

GM – Was booming in 2006, signed $300 million outsourcing deal with Wipro that same year, went bankrupt 3 years later

HSBC ATMs (software taken over by Indians, failed in 2006)

Intel Whitefield processor project (cancelled, Indian staff canned)

Lehman (Spectramind software bought by Wipro, ruined, trashed by Indian programmers)

Medicare – Defrauded by Indian national doctor Arun Sharma & wife in the U.S.

Microsoft – Employs over 35,000 H-1Bs. Stock used to be $100. Today it's lucky to be over $25. Not to mention that Vista thing.

MIT Media Lab Asia (canceled)

PeopleSoft (Taken over by Indians in 2000, collapsed).

Polycom – Former senior executive Sunil Bhalla charged with insider trading.

Quark (Alukah Kamar CEO, fired, lost 60% of its customers to Adobe because Indian-written QuarkExpress 6 was a failure)

Rolls Royce (Sent aircraft engine work to India in 2006, engines delayed for Boeing 787, and failed on at least 2 Quantas planes in 2010, cost Rolls $500m).

Skype (Madhu Yarlagadda fired)

State of Indiana $867 billion FAILED IBM project, IBM being sued

State of Texas failed IBM project.

Sun Micro (Taken over by Indian and Chinese workers in 2001, collapsed, has to be sold off to Oracle).

United – call center (closed in India)

Virgin Atlantic (software written in India caused cloud IT failure)

World Bank (Indian fraudsters BANNED for 3 years because they stole data).

Your litany of allegations actually confirms Steve's Sailor's point that South Indians are smart. It is a left handed compliment. You have praised the intelligence of South Indians without knowing you are doing it. I never knew South Indians dominate the IT field this much. The Dead make no have selectively listed failures what about the successes. The Indian economy is ticking at 9%. South Indian at 12-13%, greater than China.

Unlike China Indian GDP numbers cannot be manipulated the economy (so to say) is in the "public domain".

Taking pride in India's progress brought about by Dravidian Speaking South! If we are a failure why move to South India. Stay back in your Basket (economy) northern states.

Also remember a A representative sample is something that also has frauds,incompetent but they cannot be the sample. First learn basic statistical principles before pointing mistakes. Also Alukah Kumar and Arun Sharma and his wife are pure HINDI speaking North Indians. Are you from Pakistan? Because you do not know the difference between South Indians and North Indians.

because I am a south Indian

i know that indians r intelligent but it is also true that indians r most recist and hypocritic country

When candidate goes from Hindi North and Non Hindi South before the Civil Service Interview board based in Hindi Delhi-North India, the following is the difference in the kind of questions posed to them

– To the North Indian Hindi North Indian

UPSC Interview Board Member:

Gandhi is the person who got India independence, He is called the Father of the nation.

Hindi speaking Northern Interview Board Members:

How brilliant, how intelligent,how smart

Now let us say a south indian candidate goes before the same interview board. let us say he too is a history student

Can you tell how the Schoedingar wave equation was used to prove the Newtonian Law of Dynamics.

candidate; Sorry sir, I do not know

Board Members: how stupid

Let us say a North Indian Physicist student goes to the interview

Board: Who gave the famous equation e=cm2

candidate: albert einstein

To a South Indian Physicist student the question would be

Can you inform how the fall of Constantinople galvanized European aristocracy to seek sea routes to india.

candidate:sorry sir. do not know

No wonder the indian civil service is dominated by Hindi speaking north indians

As per I know that intelligence varies person to person not area wise or region wise.

There are many example of this like.

If you go state wise the it depend up on % of educated people in that not due to South and North.

i m from North-eastern India. I believe south Indians are really smarter than other Indians. When i was at school, i had tamilian, malayalam and telegu friends. Most of them are hardworking and pretty smart. South Indian colleges, schools etc. are very famous here. All of the high-tech cities Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai etc. are also situated there.

One pinjabi crackhead says South Indians are black monkeys.

South Indians are famous for their looks.

Aishwarya Rai – A South Indian

John Abraham – A South Indian

Shilpa Shetty – A South Indian

Deepika Padukone – A South Indian

I can list a lot more bollywood bigwigs who are South Indians.

And bollywood is just plain BS. Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu & Kannada movies account for 70% of the movies released in India annually. And bollywood takes credit for that saying its the biggest film industry.

South India's GDP growth rate is 15%, compared to that of 4-5% of north India. South India could have become an Europe by now if all the four Southern states Unite.

wow, I see only abt 5% of intelligent comments in this stream of comments flowing since 2002,..certainly shows the intelligence of Indians (south as well as north)!

Thanks Mr Steve, for showing to the world, how hollow and full of hatred are 95% of these Indians, for each other and that they are so narrow minded and can't think beyond regionalism and racism.

The 2011 Pan India civil service (one of the world's toughest exam) was topped by a South Indian Chennai born girl Divya Darshini. It is through this highly competitive exam (100 candidates out of 250,000 are selected to India's top bureaucratic positions. They are the Steel Frame that keeps India united. The first male candidate was also a South Indian (Tamil).

If south indians are discriminated as some of the postings say then who come these two South Indian Tamil speaking candidates were allowed to top the exam. I am from North India and it is my opinion that South Indians are more cerebral but North Indians are dynamic and enterprising.

India is perceived as a soft state this can be attributed to the Kerala/Malayalee domination of the Indian Foreign Service. Malayalees/ Keralites never challenge authority. Being a minority confined to a small stretch of land in South West India they have to leave their state to survive. They learn Hindi/Tamil for that reason to survive. They are assimilative due to compulsion. because they they are timid by nature when they are given authority to run or govern a nation's foreign policy, the nation's foreign policy also becomes timid/frightened. It should noted that it was when Krishna Menon defence the chinese invaded India. There was another Menon,the dad of present NSA, Shivshankar Menon, who was ambassador to China. The indian foreign policy establishment needs tough speaking Punjabis/Tamils and Bengalis not weak need members of a linguistic group who are proverbially known for their submissive nature. If india is to establish the image of a great nation and regional power it should DE-keralise its foreign policy establishment.

u people are soo bleady undrer 1 roof, n each one of u'l are discriminating one another by showing its own supeority. this attitude if u peop keeps going on, its only guno kill urself up n u guyz can actually forghet about indians matter ur south or north, YOU ARE ALL INDIANS DAAMMN IT! so jz shut up and appreciate it morrons.

A moron is calling Indians morons. The word "Indian" is a geographical term like "European".

There are no Europeans only French, Russians, Germans, Spanish and Italians.

Applying your Moron Barometer then these people are morons to call themselves French or German and Irish.

Well if you celeberate Patrick day well then that makes you a moron because all Europeans do not celebrate Patricks Day.

By celebrating Patrick's Day you are calling yourself "Irish". Hey what on earth is that? Are you not European.

This blogger is one of the few guys in the West who seems to understand that India is made of multi linguistic -racial

subunits like Europe and that "India" is nothing but Asia's Europe made of different nations brough together

by Britain for adminitrative convenience.

Do not reveal your ignorance by calling us Morons and if you celebrate St.Patrick's day that would make you

a moron because St.Patrick's Day is not a "European" festival.

If Irish/German/Scots call themselves inventive that is moronic because all Europeans are inventive

and did I say Belgium has few mathematicians.

i do not know anything about indian been smart but one thing i know about this country that is so absurd is the way the treat other human beings. you are here dabating on who is smarter than the other when your country is been look at as uncvilazed. becuase of the so call untoucable issues. how can you dabate and call each other names when there is a time bomb ticking and ready to explore. you should be dicusing you caste system and it't cruelty towards dark skin indians.

yup Indians are so smart, especially south Indian Keralites.

really…we are all going to fight over this? calling each other names? forget about we being intelligent or smart-we are not even nearly a break.

Hey this is the old method "Divide and rule",once it implemented on us now not possible, becouse All INDIANS are specification and no separation needed. We are INDIANS all are smart than others.

why all u r fighting. steve posted this article specially to start fight between Indians like britishers did. bloody britishers

u have forgotten 2 states of east and west-i mean bengal and first one as intellectual and cultureal capital -the bengal province has produced best scientist of east-two of all time great-jc bose and sn bose-the second one was rated in top ten physist of all time by greatest science author and nobel prize winner-lev the first one the real inventor of radio(1998 iee publication)andthe first man in the world to show plant has of the gratest literury genius of 20th century-tagore and apolymath who got popularity along with tolostoy and yeats(may be man who established hinduism in world map-swami vivekananda.mother teressa-bbcx rated him top 3 prsonality of 20th century,asias only economics nobel prize winner-amartya sen,satyajit roy-one of the greatest directors of all timewhose 5 movies had been listed in worelds greatest top 100 movies by various magazines(Source-wikipedia)and the greatest asian composer ravishankar-whose association with the greatest music entity of 20th century-beatles and his impact on george harrison and beatles.there are many more like fazlur khan,ronald ross,jayed karim,md.yunus-the whole page will be finished-actually more than 70 percent of people most popularly known in west(eg in england or us)are fom the undivided bengal province-with total of 6 nobel prize winner(after tokyo and kyoto of japan)from asiaSHould have been more if first two should won-who desreved it the second one has produced more freedom fighters and some good indian cricketers and creative person(but not internatinally known).these two states are more inflential tan south or north etc.

i absolutely agree with sampan-i am not a bengali or from bengal but this stste has produced maximum intellectuals in india till today.maximum freedom fighters,literury genius-to name a few-tagore,arundhuti roy(booker prize winner),jhumpa lahiri(first indian ethnic to win pulitzer),ramon megasy winner literury genius-3 bengalis,indias national song writer bankimchandra and many more in english literature-to name a few nirad.c.chaudhuri.indias maximum classical and hindi playback singer is also from shines in creative some reknowed scientist,mathematician,economist etc. marathi activitist bg gokhle once said-what bengal thinks today,india thinks tomorrow.

I was surprised by your title.. I never expected it to say 'south indian'. I am a tamilian. I do not have the statistics, so i wouldn't know the veracity of the topic. And I don't intend on humiliating anyone here.

I'd just like to share one incident, which I'd like to share with you guys..

My friends and I were on a bike trip to Kasauli and stopped on the way to get a drink. We took off our helmets and were waiting to cross the road when an auto-rickshaw guy pulled over and asked where we wanted to go.. We were confused but it was hilarious. We were carrying our helmets with us when he asked and we even showed him! The knuckle head didn't get it and was swearing when we didn't reply! That's when my friend said that there are many such morons there.

I am not sure about the credibility of the sardarji jokes.. but such incidents do seem to lend credence.

I don't mean to be bragging but I do think that south indians are smart, i don't intend smartER.

Friends,I agree that South Indians are please don't underestimate the North as well as East Indians.I believe that Bengalis have achieved more in educational fields than that of the Tamilians and the rest.Satyendra Nath Bose,Jagdish Chandra Bose,Meghnad Saha state has given birth to greats like Rabindranath Tagore,Subhash Chandra Bose.Today,Indias's Finance Minister is Pranab Mukherjee.There are numerous Bengali Scientists at first IIT was opened at Kharagpur.Amartya sen is also a Bengali.

Friends,I agree that South Indians are please don't underestimate the North as well as East Indians.I believe that Bengalis have achieved more in educational fields than that of the Tamilians and the rest.Satyendra Nath Bose,Jagdish Chandra Bose,Meghnad Saha state has given birth to greats like Rabindranath Tagore,Subhash Chandra Bose.Today,Indias's Finance Minister is Pranab Mukherjee.There are numerous Bengali Scientists at first IIT was opened at Kharagpur.Amartya sen is also a Bengali.

I love to watch South Indian movies and I love South Indian Culture.I love Nagarjuna,Prabhas,Prakash Raj,Chiranjeevi and being a Bengali,I can say that we are strong enough to compete and beat the South Indians on the basis of our mental greatest scientists and the philosophers were born in our still I love South India!!!!Long Live India!!!!Long Live South India!!!Long Live Bengal!!!

Bengalis are of two kinds. The majority who are good ones and are pro South Indian. There is a microscopic minority of Bengalis who are Aryan Purists. They invariably are the "jees"- Chatterjee,Mukherjee-Banerjee. North Indian brahmin Pandits the Chattopadyaya-Mukhopadyaya-Bandhopadyaya become Chatterjee-Mukherjee-Banerjee in Bengal country. Bengalis are very smart alecks. They are as smart as South Indians. This is because during the reign of Vijaya Sena (1097 to 1160 C.E), brahmins from Tamil Nadu were brought to Bengal, who integrated themselves with the varendra barhmins and came to be known as Dakshinatya vaidika barahmins. Bengali brahmins share the same gene pool as South Indian Tamil Brahmins. That is why India's only Nobel Laureates are only Bengali and Tamil Brahmins. Bengalis respect South Indians it is only the recent migrants from North( the "jee" ) named Bengalis who are anti South Indian.

This is the way English guys divided the India and ruled. Divide and rule. Indians are smart…but they seems to be fool to fall in this trap and start fighting with each other on the basis of caste, religion, state, name it. So grow up who all gave the comment on that South Indians are smarter than north Indian and vice-a-versa. Indians are smart.

wow… 6 paragraphs triggering 3yrs+ of hot-headed comments of one-up-manship…

i think a study of the comments would tell more on why somebody is smarter or not…

Loss of identity is always a bother that ousth indians face… recognition is sth that indians in general want to establish, reulting in such propaganda… (as with any pompous developing nation)

You may be right about South Indians being smart. I am a Martial Arts student. I visited the famed Shaolin Temple in China. I was shocked to hear that it was a Tamil speaking South Indian from the temple town of Kanchipuram who is said to have taught martial arts to the Shaolin monks. The South Indian Monk went by the name of Bodhidharma. Numerous Chinese historical sources authenticate his existence. He almost played the role similar to Nostradamus in the Chinese courts. Chinese legend has that this South Indian monk's mind was so disciplined and unfazed that he traveled the yellow river on a reed. All the manuscripts in Shaolin attribute the Art of martial arts to Bodhidharma.

Oh My God! This blog and the comments are so divisive. All Indians should remember that the Aryan/Dravidian divide, North/South divide were colonial constructs as part of the divide and rule policy. This blog explains why India is still a third world country – there is no unity, no patriotism, no loyalty towards countrymen. God help India!!

This so sad– we are Indians. From the Sanskrit‘Drava’ means "flowing / watery" –southern India is surrounded by sea on three sides. The English word Dravidian was first employed by Robert Caldwell. This brought division– so the colonials could rule India. The Dravidian race does not exist (it is only used in India)–genetic testing has proven all of India shares the same genetic lineage. I have seen very fair and tall Indians in the south like Kerala and very dark and short Indians from the norhern state of Punjab. Be proud of India's successes. Intelligence is seen when we are determined to succeed and that is what we as a people have done over centuries.

Being a South Indian I have seen all of India to me people of different parts of India are smart different areas. For e.g. Gujaratis/ people of west are smart in doing business and making money; Punjabis and Delhiites are stunningly smart in power politics and their great sense of dress, food and flamboyance; Bengalis smart in assertive nature, their arguments (calling a spade a spade without wasting words) and their fine tastes of culture and music; people of cow-belt are very smart in their survival skills, jugaad and innovation in the face of impossible difficulties; lastly Southerners are also smart in maths, engineering and are reliable as service staff (clerks, nurses, duty doctors, software writers), skills that require focus, precision and continuity. Lastly as a nation people from different regions of India just complement one another in skills and are complete only as a team. Any team with with the right combination could prove to be deadly one to the competitors!

Steve, I went through the 2011, California National Merit Semifinalists.

The Y-DNA breakdown is as follows

H1 ( backward caste North Indian / caribean Indian / gypsy ) = 0

Since H1 is the majority in North India, North India is more backward

54 are South Indian brahmin

12 are North Indian brahmin

36 are North Indian merchants

4 are South Indian dravidian merchants

5 are North Indian scribes

There is 1 Tamil non-brahmin

heyy man just forget that south indians are smarter than north indians. u should focus that our india has ranked in global competition in intellligence

and our whole INDIA is intelligent

just we need to eradicate poverty

and set up an good adminstrator

how much stupid south indian are can be understood from their shameless stupid boasting.

historically bengal had produced best scientist,literature,physician,economist, maker from entire asia.

satyendra bose,jc bose,rabindranath tagore,physician subhas mukherjee,sir ronald ross are all best in their own field in asia.

and how you can you forget satyajit roy or ravishankar?

in last 10 years out of 3 indian,2 bengali had won pulitzer prize including the youngest ever by jhumpa lahiri.

what does it matter if you are succeeded in other country using the resource of others?

bengalis had done all of their working in kolkata and produced all those luminaries-the trend goes from jc bose to dr subhas mukherjee-what rest of indian had done in their own states?

american are very much obsessed with indian immigration-and even in usa where bengalis are only 2.5 percent amongst indian diaspora and still they win most of those prestigious awards.

so steve,i hope you will agree with me on this aspect that producing genius in your own country is more important than using the resource of others.although no body had been able to produce the class of satyendra bose or jc bose even here in america?

and calcutta has more nobel,dscar,grammy than other city from entire asia.

i will add few more things with my previous reason there are so many south indian engineers is because of huge number of private engineering colleges(mostly 3rd category)in south india.

in bengal there were not a single private engineering college till bengalias are equal in number in usa,they will outperform all other indian communities added of my classmates who are capable of getting any top us universities are working in india(only few of them have migrated and all of them are in top 20 national unversies including mit,princeton stanford etc.

if south indian are so smart then tell them to produce an engineer like amar bose or einstein of structural engineering bangladeshi fazlur khan or you tube co founder like jayed karim.

the fact of the matter is what bengal had done so far,all rest of india or south asia added together will take few more hundred years to match those geniuses.

in fact the first economist in the world who had been elected as fellow of royal society of britasin sir partha dasgupta is also bengali.there are tow heads of nasa are bengali compared to only one other person from rest of india.

rather than concentrating on your comments or the comments made by all those deluded fools from north and south,let's take a look what neutral people who ruled this country for hundred years say about india.

recently in england the only scientist from asia whose bust was created and being kept beside darwin and english poet milton is bengali polymath sir jc bose(christ college,cambridge 2011 the only asian and probably only 3rd non british whose bust was created in street of london rabindranath tagore is also bengali.

10 years ago bbc made a survey of 20 greatest bengali-they did not make a survey of 20 greatest indian or south indian-why?because they know when british came renaissance happened only in bengal.

those tamil who are boasting for science nobel,they have forgotten that 2 of them had won with us nationality and cv raman won from kolkata-why he had to come in kolkata.

and look satyendra bose-father of 9 nobel prize winners-and most renowned physicist from asia in current biggest research happened on higgs boson-the theory was laid out by satyendra in various ranking list he featutres in top 20 a single tamil nobel prize winner even feature in top 100.

one of greatest science author and physicist lev landau made a list of physicist in logarithmic scale-the highest point was awarded to newton,einstein came at second,at 3rd place came historical giants like eugene wigner,satyendra bose and all fathers of quantum mechanics like bohr,schrodinger,heisenberg and dirac.

so enough said all you south indian-first you produce a class of sn bose or jc bose,then i will hear all your words.

beside the height of mont everest was calculated by bengali mathematician radhanath sikdar in the year 1852.similarly indus civilization was discovered by bengali historian rakhaldas banerjee.

and ar rahman is no way near to the class of ravishankar or his daughter norah beatles was influenced by ravishankar and norah had already won 9 grammy awards.

read what one of the greatest journalist of the current world jonathan power say about kolkata-oh!kolkata-the past and future!!

I accept your thought.. We are Indian. But you know lot of genius told that if anyone like to write a India history star from south. Otherwise no one shouldn't write true India history. We have original culture not a north India because north Indian people are not a true Indian they're mixed with aryan's.. This is history.

from which region the historian like rc majumdar,rc dutta,pg marshall or current day's sugata bose or his cousin sharmila bose has come-is not the same region of bengal?can you provide a single name from south or north india who can match with those above in britain the number one historian is nirad c.chaudhuri's son kirti.n.chaudhuri who is also a can you provide anyone from rest of india with so much international fame?

There was massive migration of Tamil Brahmins to Vanga Desha during the 12 century. The smartest Bengalis are Bengalis of Tamil thereby South Indian origin. So that again supports Steve's original point that South Indians are smart.

The above interpretation is certainly wrong.Since Tagore,J.C Bose,Vivekananda,Satyajit Roy do not look like any tamilian or any south not make mockery here!!!-Bengali people are originated from mongoloid race and later they become mixed with aryan and finally with some dravidian race.Rabindranath Tagore's family went to bengal in 8th century from Konuj which is not from south India.Swami vivekananda was potrayed in Usa as 'the first ever oriental man to get famous in Usa'.

I am a Bengali but I don't look like any south Indian and neither my taste match with any south Indian still I must admit that if there is any community of people I admire in Indian apart from bengali it's the tam brahmins for their quest on research in basic that does not make whole south India an intelligent about malayali,telgu or kannadiga people-they have not produced any single renowned scientist,mathematician,literary genius it's a damn real false assumption that dravidian people are Brits still give it to the Bengali although bengali people were instrumental for their demise in India.

Invented, achieved, discovered, educated and of course $$$$ are 'measuring scales' of today.

India is a sum of many parts. The subsystems made of geographic parts are visible in the form of culture, race, rituals, language, diet, physical characteristics etc. Some of these subsystems are “smarter” than the others. But this does not make Indians “smarter” especially when you use ‘measuring scales’ of today.

Wisdom (not intelligence or smartness), contentment and a youthful mind are the true measuring scales of a "smart" human.

A geographic subsystem which is costal & temperate in climate provides the kind of nourishment that is conducive for development of a “smart” mind. This would make humans living is such subsystems “smarter”. India happens to have a few of them.

Bangalore is pretty cold, just saying… There's a joke that goes around here 'If you throw a stone up in Bangalore, it will either hit a dog or a Software Engineer' XD And not all South Indians hate North Indians, or the other way around =)

I don't know if the average South Indian is smarter than the average North Indian, but in general, I've noticed that South Indians are more academically oriented, pay more attention to education et al. In the North, working skills are given more importance.

Also, as much as I hate to admit it, most Indians are still pretty racist, and as you've stated, North Indians are 'higher' in the ladder (it has nothing to do with caste though).

Even if we speak different languages and follow different customs,

^i heard this in harry potter movie.

south or north doesnt matter. we both are indians. we are same.

and i think indians are very ambitious and determined. i think thats how they're succesful.

fuckoff you everyone.. what a bullshit discussion. don't you guys have time to discuss something better like how indian is growing. What steps need to be done to take care of child abusing, Politics, curruption etc.. What a shame. why you guys want to permote Steve Sailer blog. What he know about indians. Shame on you guys.. I AM PROUND TO BE INDIAN..

Listen, population of India is too high (thus, high competion) and people of India crave for high standard of living (mainly materialistic). So, they study hard.

Africans on the hard either don't care (are satisfied with their life) or they give up easily on studies. Nevertheless to mention they, unfortunately, lack basic necessities.

Any human race brought up in India (whether African, Caucasian etc ) will catch up the trend of studyimg hard. Same is with Chinese: the population factor and hope to achieve high in life via study.

Even Koreans and Israelis study hard, beacuse a trend has been set up. Unfortunately, people fail to get balance between life and study. Appreciate Art, music,sports, travel etc. aprt from studeis if you can afford.

Recently a Bengali boy from Kolkata has solved 2 unique puzzles of Sir Issac Newton given 350 years ago.Sourya Roy,a 16 year old Bengali boy who migrated in Germany 4 years ago has recently solved the problem in Dresden,Germany.

South Indian are smart-This blog is created by either a Paki or some South!in Britain they still differentiate Bengal(the smart group)and rest of India(deluded group with iq 81).Already Sampan and Subhasish has depicted that Bengal has produced best physicist,literary icon,Economist and movie maker from entire Asia.I will add one of top 10 statistician of all time Cr Rao from the most sophisticated test tube was made by Subhas Mukhopadhya of Bengal who died long ago before awarding the Nobel prize in Rammohan Roy to Sourya Ray…it will continue to produce talents which rest of India will not be able to match in next 100 years…cheers!!Even Hillary Clinton knows about it and that's why she has congratulated only Bengali people of Usa(why not South Indian).

why the hell r u creating the difference between indians and their culture by still maintaining such blogs r u not satisfied with 300years ruling enslaving creating enimity amoung the indians.

plzzzz for god sake stop this shit we indians are enough with our problems that our enemies are posing on us.

plzzzz u understand ur also a citizen of a country think once being in the place of a true patriotic indian u will know it……..

i hope u will stop this articles

every indian plays their role in building a legendry nation.

Its not the intelligence nor fair complexion or strength that is more important it is for what ur living to give ur nation that u can give with real heart of dedication for every indian as a indian being a indian and living as indian…..

I want to know who posts all these ignorant comments about there being a mutual hatred/contempt between north Indians and south Indians.

If any one of these people had actually been well-traveled, they would have known that in today's world, this difference is not even recognised, let alone acknowledged in everyday life. There may be differences between the north and south, but only the ignorant have preconceived notions or hatred about the other. This is simply because that field of thought is not taught or discussed in families or approached in any serious measure in the media.

No north Indian in a respectable business can operate without associating with south Indians and vice versa.

So crawl back into your holes or come out into the 21st century and stop spewing hatred against your countrymen.

Well Bengali Physicist Ashok Sen wins world's most coveted,3 times worthy than entire Nobel prize-Milner prize at the inaugural year this year's london olympic games flag was carried by 8 distinguished persons-one of them was Bengali-Shami chakraborti.

Well IEEE Has recently felicitated Bengali Polymath Sir JC Bose at Kolkata with the plaque for his work on wireless communication,radio,microwave optics,polarizer,de-polarizer etc and Kolkata becomes very few city in the world to recieve such Honor.

Recently Nasa's mars mission had two Bengali(no other Indian) and one of them Anita Sengupta actually landed on mars.

Both north and south Indiana are dumb and except Kolkata,the capital of Bengal,no other Indian statee has produced any great scientist,Nobel laureate,literary icon,reformer,movie maker etc.Already Subhasish,I and Sambit has proved it quite distinctively.

read ur blog. and i feel its baseless. south indians have some positives and so does north indians. some on said north indians fart in public. well south indians just walk with there lungies half up. come on these are petty things. the thing is we are indians, every one has his one vices. adjust to it. life wil be comfortable. stop listening to the petty politicians who are cooking on ur fights. south indians have good managerial skills, while north indians have good engineering and research skills.

Guys Indians are smarter(No doubt). Thats the truth. Plz stop fighting and dont divide India into north and south. This fight can be someone's strength.

Indians are fools,even after so many years neither south india nor north india has good roads,hospitals …what more not even (good) public toilets.While indians are fighting whether nort or south,,world is laughing.

Indians are dumb with IQ 82,but Bengali Hindu and Anglo Indian community of West Bengal are very smart and have produce many luminaries.I am an Anglo from Kolkata and I can tell you that the day from Swami Vivekananda,the legendary mystic this land has produced many greats in various fields.

who ever has done this research about why south indians so smart..has not done his homework..about demography and data collection.

what about gujratis, marwaris, biharis, sikhs, …they are the people who are busy is establishing india and making more developed. south indian's first nature is to criticise others and ignoring their own bad points. you talk any topic they will open their mouth against north indians without thinking. on the basis of technology they jump out of their nikkers..forgetting the truth its all becasue of SMT.indira GANDHI AND her brought technology. there is nothing in bangalore except glass building and IT, worst infrastructure..wholse city having kachacha sewage system..manual scavaging.big buildings but not water to drink. they boast of ISRO AND HAL..if u pass through that road whole road is broken and no street light..hardly one or two.? they dont know meaning of hygiene. that's called smartness?

now comes intelligence…they are great in licking others feet for money…that's why big service class is working in other coutries they dont even oppose bad things happen with them. if you watch sikhs and they working for others.. they make others follow their genuine rules and make others respect them. hardly you will find names counting on ur fingers who died for indian independce …from south were from was north who opposed first against britishes. where was the self pride gone in other places in india. if they were so they were busiy in fighting for kannda and tamil when india was burning for independence? making other work for u is smartness..not to work for others. (exceptions are always there for good people in the world who are beyond north n south discussion the good people doesnt represent any caste creed region etc.)so when someone speak negative about others…first check data and do homework..for genuine talks. when you talk about country that's makes sense not regions and communities. think big not small. why only people in south speak discrimated language…hate words about other..forget fight with own people..kannada hate telugu and telugu hate tamils and marathi are also famous for doing nothing but being in news for stupid remarks for hate politics? is that smartness. someone saying narsimha that was the time when country faced the biggest depression in economy. someone says north indians are a joke..i have never seen a single movie in south without any clip of violence everybody comes with big farsa in hands showcase as rakshas themselves. so that's not violence i think. someone spoke about culture.. ….. so culture is what teaches us to be modest about other culture and to accept and love other to hate and spread disgust.. when south indians go to north they get respect..when north indians interract with south indians first reaction they get is making faces in negative motiion. its not my personal view…you do survey of people and you will get the same answer what i am saying. so i dont thing such behave make any culture great. the word smartness is self centered what more we can get in such discussion..only provoking others sentiments. do something to spread good.

So for 3 tamilians got Noble prize and 2 people got Nobel prize from West Bengal. This tells you a lot who is smarter. No other state in India got noble prize. Castes-ism and its practice in North India has put many people illiterates. Even today castes-ism is practiced in North India. South Indian especially Tamil people are very intelligent, they are the only people in whole Indians state are living with out the caste in their name. You cant see anyone with caste as their suffix in their name in Tamil nadu. More over Tamil (Dhamila) is a very ancient and classical language and it is more than 10,000 years old. Stone inscriptions are there to prove this. Rich in vocabulary perfect in grammar, unique architecture that is totally different from Northern makes them very intelligent people. Of course northern are very cunning.

The South has a large Israelite blood, particularly Kerala, the Iyers, Iyengars etc.. Need anything more be said?

Don't believe in the above?

Jewish Background of Indian People. Jeevanist Books, Nalanda, AG Road, Calicut-1

DNA and historical research is confirming this.

Stop fighting, north and south India! You are all Chinese anyway….

most of the intelligent people are from bangalore due to the christian element. christianity destoryed the caste and created more wealth, if north india would do the same, i bet the north will receive an enormous amount of money from outsiders and create wealth within their community. the tamils actually aren't that smart, they only received a little advancement from the christians. spiritually esp the hindus they are corrupt, it it wasnt from their christian brothers they would be no where today. give tamils the opportunity to make a lot of money it usually ends in corruption. they do better at working 20 hours a day on a computer, away from other humans. this way they appear smarter and more civilized.

The person who said 3 Tamil Nobel laureates is a big lair because 2 of them won with American Natinality and one from Kolkata,the capital of Indian city or state has won a single Nobel prize yet but Kolkata is the home of 5 Nobel laureates.Literature,missionaries of charity which won in peace and economics prize were won by Bengali and Ronald Ross won for medicine.

But the persons like Jc Bose,one of all time greatest inventor who has been felicitated by IEEE in 2012 and Satyendra Bose,one of top 25 Physicist of all time whose work has already given 10 persons Nobel prize(also known for boson particle) and test tube baby pioneer Bengali dictor Subhas Mukhopadhya whose death in 1981 caused him the Nobel in 2010>Bengalis have produced Asia's best literay icon(Tagore),Physicist(Satyendra Bose),Economist(MD.Yunus or Asia's only Economist laureate Amartya Sen),musicisn Ravishankr or his Daughter Nora Jones and total of 17 Grammy awards and Oscar including legendary Satyajit Ray,Swami Vivekananda etc…rest of India will take 1000 more years to achieve what Bengal have already done…so don't fall in trap of those Tamil lairs

Now read this page-famous people of Kolkata-wikipedia

Also read the page of Bengal renaissance.

hi, i study in a college where people from different parts of India study together. Some of the north indians associate based on the extent of their good looks here. Then there are the Bangalore kids who try acting like Americans. Then there are the Andhra kids who hangout together irrespective of the Telangana-andhra disputes. The Mallus though in small populations always huddle up together. Everyone speaks loudly to gain attention. Some smart kids go beyond all these external features and make great friends across all these groups. Still the ugly kids have no place or recognition just like in the rest of the world. Every good looking Indian is treated with respect everywhere in the world.(I am not talking about politics.) The South Indians have got only IT as an option for a promising future.

Or else they end up with small jobs in their own states. Also rich/ to be rich south Indian guys marry of to rich/fair girls. The educated south Indian average looking girls are the most sane of all people because they are in a position where they can recognise all these weird discriminations of

So the uneducated dark and not that pretty (= ugly) south indian women are probably the ones facing most discrimination. They grow more uglier and poorer by the day.

Their educated counterparts have realized the situation and are the sanest of all Indians as they are the most likely of all Indians to ponder over the issue without any ego.

They prefer to marry a more liberal and passionate person (good looks are in their catelogue)

The South Indians are having just two options:

>Leave the country and flee to any English speaking nation.

Also the parents pressurize their children in every aspect of their life in South India and they thus believe that the child's future is secure only if it is designed by their experienced hands. So opting out of college and working in a gas station => completely making yourself an outcast from the society.

They think they are forward. But no. They are more careful. Because they know that one wrong step and their life is permanently fixed in the stage where they can no longer afford anything but curd-rice and pickle.

What the help is people writing topic was on intelligence difference b/w north Indian & south a topic converts to region or religion but we not have to say anything bad to any region or any a Sikh punjabi wears turban on his head, then what is the problem to southerns & on another side if a.southern is in black complex then what harm to other north persons.please simply think why we are entraped in these kind of irrelevant things, who will call us educated because education reflects from behaviour,attitude not from any degree or any language. There may be some people which are engaged in these bad things like language or any region,religion. According to my thinking now world has become a globe. A northern is doing work in south or foreign & same with southern.

I am a Punjabi Sikh. I only tells one thing to all those persons who called the turban a funny thing. Have any one of you visited amritsar or any gurudwara, there you will see hungry & poor people taking food free, getting rooms & free toikeys. Even also Their utensils in which they had ate the free food (we called it langar) are washed by free anyone seen this thing in any southern place.please don't think I am against the southern people.would any person from us gave food to any poor people.please think on southerns are 40% of Indian population,then sikhs are only 2% of the population. Had anyone of us started the free food service. A company,organisation,country growth never depends upon the quantity it have but on quality.please see the example of America.

I apologize if any word of mine hurts anyone.

amandeep,I respect what is done at the gurudwaras. A lot of temples in tamilnadu have the free food thing now. This was brought around by the government of TN. Just saying.

That has to be the most unscientific inquiry ever made by a scientist. "South Indians feel insecure because they are smaller and darker…but it's okay, because they're all smarter!"

Honestly, the way South Indians and North Indians relate to each other depends almost entirely on the class and education of the Northerner and Southerner in question. Note that I said class, not caste. It's possible to be a Brahmin and so poor and lower-middle-class that an upper class, lower-caste executive would never associate with you.

The less education that a Northerner or Southerner have, the less they have in common and the more they stereotype each other.

Highly educated Southerners and Northerners have a lot in common and inter-mingle, inter-marry and work together on a regular basis.

Whoever lives in North India is a bloody North Indian.

Whoever lives in South India is a bloody South Indian.

Few years ago, I was a bloody North Indian – I loved Paratha, Butter Paneer Masala, Chicken Tandoori, Old Monk Rum, Bacardi Rum.

Currently, I am a bloody South Indian – I love Idli, Sambhar, Vada, Dosa, Beer.

Viewing this from a great distance (US, Ashkenazic Jew), but being a longtime admirer of most things Indian save for M.K. Gandhi and the Nehru dynasty, I think that the many interesting comments here, almost all of which have been educational, and often quite funny, simply bear out , which is a human rather than a subcontinental predilection.

Americans generally know that Indians are pretty damned smart, and most couldn't tell a Tamil from a Kashmiri, much less point out either region on the map. In fact, the "smart South Indian" phenomenon was first pointed out to me by a Bengali.

Indian-Americans PROPER, not Tamils, not Punjabis, but Americans of Indian descent are now the leading earners in the US, having surpassed (gasp!) even the Eastasians and my coreligionists.

How these extraordinary folk could have been 85% illiterate at independence (and that IS the stat given) is simply beyond my comprehension. Caste constraints? Rural/agrarian life? Brit cultural imperialism? The mind boggles.

And one other odd question… why do some refer to Northerners as "chapati-eaters" (or some such). Are not chapatis eaten throughout the land?

"The south Indian ares smart was given to me by A Bengali"

Hilarious.Actually it was given to you by a Bangladeshi(Muslim) Bengali whose average literacy is 55% and average IQ is 75 or even less.

It's actually Bengali Hindu upper caste which has produced more luminaries than entire India and in abroad 2% Bengali routinely outperform rest of 98% in all intellectual fields.I hope you understand that being intellectual does not mean producing copy cat IT professionals.

For more details visit-Indian/Chinese IQ puzzle

Read comments of two Bengali posting there (Great and Sampan will understand the difference between Bengali intellectual and rest of India.

talking about IQ Bengali Brahmin have IQ variance 115-122,one of the highest in the world and two other upper caste have got IQ average 110 or above.

i am South Indian (Bangalore) and simply do bot understand how anyone can say that North Indians have on culture!North India is one of the most diverse and culturally vibrant and to pass such a blanket statement amounts far as intelligence is concerned it in reality still depends on individual basis.I feel South Indian parents especially Tamilian and Kannadiga parents are very demanding when in comes to their children's academics. The high marks of these students often gives a deceptive sense of intelligence.

This is the most stupid article I have ever come across. It is just the other way round and South Indians are the worst examples of Indians to the rest of the world in all possible ways. They not only look dirty but also smell, speak and act dirty leaving a bad taste in the mouth about the Indians. East, North and West are far more modern, liberal and advanced from the South and it is just the huge population of South Indians who try to portray their great image while they have done nothing for India.

subash chatterjee that guy is right 3 noble prize winners from tamilnadu.ramakrishnan born in tamilnadu and worked here for 10yrs then only moved to US so what he still represented india and he is south staes developed IT in india and it is biggest revenue of indian vivekanada came to tamilnadu and become a disciple of ramakrishna paramahamsar a tamilian and vivekanada said in his next birth he wanted to be born as a tamilian

@anonymous-You Pakistani/Indian Muslim can try several ways to break India but we superior Bengali Brahmins are well aware of it.

My request to blogger don't publish those comments who are insulting you or insulting any specific group without any often insult other Indian because of our achievements from West Bengal(which is a matter of jealousy for many Indian)but some people are trying to create division.

Hey low Iq Tamil Brahmin,Your C.V Raman went to Bengal to beg for our pardon and we gave him chance,your 2 other Nobel laureates are American and have nothing to do with Indian.

India has not produced any Nobel prize,Kolkata the capital of Bengal has produced 4 Nobel as first in Asia starting with 1902…Well J.C Bose is now being credited by IEEE and he alone has contributed more than all your Tamil scientist.Subhas mukherjee who created IVF in Kolkata died long ago before Nobel prize was awarded in 2010…

In fact in terms of population Bengali brahmins are best in the world here in US,and 2 Bengali upper caste have produced 2 Hall f fame inventor here in US,while there is only one other Indian who went to hall of fame.

I don't give a crap about your IT,I don't give a crap about rest of India,China,japan because no one has achieved more than Bengali brahmin-kayastha community mostly working in Kolkata,our dear homeland.

Tell India to win 1 Nobel prize from the country(not our Kolkata),otherwise bow down to your master Bengali Brahmin.

hmmm…. this might be a very late response, but…..

A guy asks a simple doubt and what we do, fight between north and south.

A north Indian should reply "YES SOUTH INDIAN ARE DAMN SMART, U R RIGHT"… and a south Indian's reply should be…. "NO THAT IS NOT RIGHT, NORTH INDIAN ARE SMARTER THAN US"

Being smart is not about u r north or south… it is about how you are brought up, the education system etc etc etc….

what the hell going on here,

have all of us forget that we all have only one identity that we r Indians?

wtf all of u r sick, I dnt think any country quarrel over south and north matter. tht's why foreigners call us idiots becoz we really are. it's sad we all south and north indian work together to make our nation a great nation stop argue over nonsense all bastards.

To the author: Is this an experiment to test if the divide and rule policy still works? If yes, then you got your answer. We Indians are still dumb-ass mg idiots

traditionally greater emphasis has been placed on the intellectual development of a child in south india more than the north.

hey.. you south indians…. if u are insulting hindi… ur insulting ur country. it is your NATIONAL LANGUAGE FOR GOD SAKE. so all indians should know hindi.. southern or northern

and helo… southerns just memorise.. idk much about north (mainstream north) but others(east/west) do have practical knowledge unlike southerns

Khan: "South Indians (from my experience) seem to have somewhat of an inferiority complex visa vis the north, especially the Hindi cow-belt. This is partly because of the north's cultural domination. But it's also because southerners are small and darker. If fact, I would hazard to guess that many northern fathers would object to their daughters marrying a southerner purely on racial grounds-backed up of course by traditional caste prejudices."

- Khan has obviously never been to India. Northern fathers would not object to their daughters marrying South Indian men on "racial grounds." What racial grounds? Both are Indians.

Caste prejudices? Same castes in North you find in South.

Steve: "Why are there so many extremely smart people from the South of India? I mean, there's certainly nothing lacking about the big, fairer-skinned folks from the North of India, but the small, dark-skinned Dravidian-speakers from the South are something."

- South Indians are no shorter than North Indians on average. And neither are they darker.

I really wish people would go to India and experience the people for themselves for once before speaking with such self-important authority about them.

I think most intelligent peoples are keralites.It's not my thought its right.according to tamil students they just mug up all the are not under standing anything how can we say that they are brilliant.I am a keralite and i am studing my ug course in tamil nadu and i came to realize

One stupid post by a mostof you forgot that you are an Indian first. Color,caste,race man wonder,the British knew exactly how to divide and rule India.

Stop hating,love one another.United we stand..divided we fall. Get a higher perspective, stop living like a frog in a you can't help a fucking life or a hobby.

Just count how many Nobel prize winners are in India, there are only two states in India

1)Tamil Nadu – 4 winners and their mother tongue is Tamil

2)West Bengal – 3 winners and their mother tongue is Bengali and by blood Tamil and 1 from Bombay that is it. What happened to other states and northerners. Just go to Wikipedia and look for your self the Tamil Numbering system.

Come to your own conclusions my friend.

No one in India is intelligent. We are all fools of our own ignorance. Think it this way why did pandavas win over kauravas…

1.kauravas were born of one father and one mother and their one fertilised ovum.

2.pandavas were born of four fathers and two mothers.

3. Kauravas got defeated by their lack of variability in intellect physique and genetics. intelligent person vidhur was son of vyasa and a slave.

5. Most powerful bheeshma was a son of king shantanu and ganga.

6. Even the king who ruled largest dynasty on this soil chandra gupta maurya was a son of a kshyatriya and a one can be called intelligent only when he realises that lack of genetic variability leads to stagnation of power intellect economy and genetics. …and this stagnation makes us susceptible to every minor change in nature..and that this kind of stagnation is the root cause of all hatred and corruption...

We are all fools fighting over trivialities...

Are elite university admissions based on meritocracy and diversity as claimed?

The sources of America’s immigration problems—and a possible solution

The evidence is clear — but often ignored

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What Was John McCain's True Wartime Record in Vietnam?

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