New beard and moustache styles. Best Haircuts and Hairstyles for Balding Men (April 2019)

Baldness is the problem almost every man inevitably faces. Fortunately, today, there are a lot of ways to cope with this problem. For instance, there are a lot of hair products and technologies for hair loss preventing, but they are too pricey for most of us. Nevertheless, even if you are not a billionaire, you can look gorgeous by choosing the right hairstyle. There is an unbelievable amount of haircuts that can hide high temples, bald spot on the crown of the head or bald spot in the back. All you have to do is to find the hairstyle you like the most! Do not believe us? Then check out our gallery of appropriate hairstyles for men who are losing hair and realize that such kind of miracle is absolutely possible! Best moustache for bald head.

Trendy Hairstyles for Balding Men with Long Hair

Most men think that the balder they are, the shorter their cut is supposed to be. Well, that is close to the truth, but some guys forget about stereotypes and common rules and prefer to express their individuality and uniqueness!

Do you still have long hair at the top? Use it to divert attention from the sides which have started balding. There are lots of lovely ways to style your top. For example, fix up such a side part with small pomp and fade, completing it with a naturally disconnected beard. A little bit of hair styling product will shape up your disconnected crown and make it sleek and classy. Such classy hairstyles as skin fade undercut with trimmed beard and mustache should be on balding men’s “list of cuts to rock.”

Classy Short Male Haircuts for Balding Men

If baldness has already become one of your urgent problems, you must be familiar with the Caesar hairstyle. In spite of this cut is rather ancient and mundane, it can also be smart and handsome. Besides, it’s well-known that this cut is the best one for hiding your high temples. There’s nothing difficult to make it with a modern twist – just add a clean fade and some sharp lines.

If it is not your option, you can always choose a simple and very short haircut that is rightfully considered to be the win-win idea for all balding men. It does not have to be boring – you can style it the way you want, adding some cool details, such as fade, shaved sides, side-swept bang, etc.

Awesome Hairstyles for Men with Thinning Hair on Crown

No matter how old you are and whether your hair is scalding black or already “salt and pepper,” you mustn’t write off yourself. Just take a glance at the celebrities that do not hesitate to appear on the red carpet with the stylish, super short hairstyles! They do not try to hide their masculinity, and that really deserves respect!

They say that gray hair is God’s graffiti, so if your head is already rather snowy, don’t hurry up to get depressed, let alone writing off yourself! You’d better come to the barber and ask him to make you fresh and fashionable cut, for example, faded side part hairstyle. Don’t worry what people will say, be free and creative!

Huge mustache

Good Haircuts for Older Men Who are Going Bald

Aging and baldness are not the reasons for losing enthusiasm and optimism. Don’t be afraid of being funny – it suits people of all ages. Rock something pompous and extraordinary on your head just for fun! If you like classics more, no problem! You do not have to wear a bun or a ponytail which are pretty unusual for your age, there is a wide variety of classy options that look awesome as well. If your hair is grey, you do not have to dye it black or any other color. A lot of women and recognized beauty experts consider this color to be absolutely beautiful! Just take a look at these men who do not seek for something extraordinary but choose the short hairstyle that never goes out of fashion!

Bald Haircut: Best Idea for Men Who Go Bald

Some men do not want to look for any compromises and choose bald haircuts to highlight their masculinity and awesomeness. Some might argue that bald men are not attractive. Come on, Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel and plenty of other big movie stars have already proved that bald men make women’s heart beat much faster without any difficulty. So why not do the same, stop pretending that you are not balding, and highlight your best features by choosing bald haircut? If you have good head shape and big eyes and lips, do not even doubt, such kind of hairstyle will suit you perfectly!

The Best Balding Hairstyles for Men Over 50

Bald spots on the forehead are a very widespread problem. Unfortunately, it may appear in any age; moreover, even women suffer from it! If you have noticed that you are slowly balding, do not panic, there is no problem you cannot solve, and this one is not an exception! You do not have to try to hide bald spots, you can divert attention from them instead. There are plenty of different ways to do it. You can choose cool and eye-catching clothes, add some great accessories, create your own unique style, and of course, choose the right hairstyle. Fade, shaved side, longer hairs on top, all methods are good in this case! If all these tricks are not for you, just cut your hair short – that is more than enough not to look ridiculous with the long locks and bald spots.

Pick a Haircut for Bald Spot on Crown of Head

If your head is bald and there’s almost nothing to cut, you can switch to your beard. Grow it and go into experiments with “beardcut.” Make it sleek or messy, long or short, change the shape and color, in other words, do all that stuff you did with your hair some time ago.

Side part for medium-length hair at the top with blending sides and back of the head can also look gracefully and attractive despite that balding hairline.

Side-swept top, mid-fade and sharp parting make classic short or medium hairstyles look very accurate and attractive. And, of course, do not forget that it is also a good option that does not even require much time and effort to fix it up.

Top mustache styles

Shaved Head Hairstyles for Balding Crown

As we have already mentioned, some men prefer not to pretend that they are not actually balding and choose clean shaven looks. Such a decision has a lot of advantages. First of all, you do not have to do anything with your hair to look great, particularly, you do not have to spend hours in front of the mirror trying to hide the bald spots on forehead or crown. Secondly, a lot of women consider bald men to be very hot and good-looking. Thirdly, you do not have to visit your barber regularly – some men shave their head by themselves. Finally, such looks are truly unique and recognizable.

Male Pattern Baldness Hairstyles

Bald on top is another option for men who know what hair loss is. Of course, such looks will not deceive anyone, and will not hide the fact that you are balding, but at least you will turn this problem into your unique style. Furthermore, some men know that beard and/or mustaches can easily grab all attention and use this opportunity to turn themselves from bald into bold in a trice.

Another way to look great is to wear messy hairstyles. Of course, they do not have to look like you forgot what hair brush actually is, they are rather a little bit careless, and that allow making hairstyle artistically messy. If you do not like any of these options, you can always choose the above-mentioned shaved head or a traditional Short Textured Side Part haircut or so-called boyish haircut that will make you look a lot younger.

Balding Buzz Cut Styles

Most of the balding men are looking for universal advice. What to do if you are balding? Well, unfortunately, such advice does not exist. Fortunately, there are hairstyles that can help you not only hide the fact that you are balding but also feel more confident and handsome. Buzz cut is one of them.

Once hair recedes to a certain stage, the buzz cut is the best choice to maintain some hair. The best buzz for balding men is one length all over (if you want to do it yourself) or slightly longer at the sides on the top, but not so much that thinning hair is emphasized.

Moreover, this hairstyle is one of the manliest haircuts ever! By choosing it, you will make women’s hearts beat much faster, and no matter how old you are. Choose the right clothes and cool accessories that highlight your masculinity, and enjoy the attention!

How to grow a curly mustache

Best Haircut for Bald Spot in Back

Bald spot in the back is a big problem for plenty of men. Fortunately, there are a lot of cool ways to cope with it. For example, if you’ve reached the advanced age and your hair is coming grey, growing the medium length hair is a pet way to draw focus away from your baldness. You can also style a part of hair from the sides up to the bald crown, that also helps to make an impression of the hairy head. For instance, try such messy interpretation of undercut, add something yours and continue experimenting with your image.

Still, undercut can’t hide everything, but ponytail and bun can! Do not hesitate to wear these hairstyles even you are older than the young hipsters. Grey hair and bun look unbelievable hot and eye-catching. The same works for ponytail as well. But the biggest advantage is that bun and ponytail can hide literally any bald spot!
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