South indian mustache styles. A Shaved Head Looks Better with a Beard, We Are Bald

Now that you’ve started shaving your head, you might think there is no way to give yourself a unique look that separates you from other bald men. A lot of bald men decide to rock a beard, this can provide a great new look and give you something to style. Also, growing out a beard can balance your face by drawing attention away from your bald head and give you more personality. There are many different styles of facial hair that you can try out, from a simple mustache to a full-on mountain man beard. Best moustache for bald head.

Let’s start out with the goatee. There are numerous goatee styles, ranging from the classic goatee to the full goatee. This is a simple beard that can provide you with a cool new look. Below is Patrick Stewart clean shaven and showing off the full goatee, you can see for yourself he clearly looks better with facial hair.

Next is the full beard. This can give you a much more masculine appearance, but you got to make sure that you are keeping it clean around the edges unless you are going for the full-on mountain man look. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is sporting the early stages of a full beard. Once, again he looks much better sporting facial hair.

Moustache styles for youngsters

Lastly, is the mustache. This style can make you look serious, and it is often associated with authority. When you think of mustaches it may bring to mind law enforcement or wild west outlaws. Bruce Willis definitely demands respect with this mustache.

Even with a bald head, there are many things you can do to give yourself a unique look and add some style. Adding a beard is a great way to balance your face and draw the attention away from your shaved head. In this article, I’ve only outlined a couple of beard styles that look good with a shaved head, but there are many more out there you can try. Now that you made the transition to a bald head, grow out a beard, it’s a great look for any face and an excellent companion for any head bald or not.

How to keep your mustache neat
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