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Maybe you are wondering what kind of look can match your bald head. There are a lot of stylish trends of beard and mustache styles that you can try even if you have a shaved head. Whether you want to have designer stubble look or you want to try a full beard, I’m sure that you can properly kick it off. Different styles match different kinds of facial features and structures. There are some styles which may not be appropriate for you, but there will always be one that will look perfect for you. Consulting your barbershop is also a good idea so that you can identify what style fits your features. They already mastered the art of picking and creating the desired look out from your facial hair. If you are looking for the best beard for the shaved head, then you came to the right place. I will show you some of my top choices when it comes to different facial hairstyles that you can try if you are bald. Best moustache for bald head.

The Full Goatee

The full goatee is one of the most flattering beard styles that looks good for bald men. The celebrity Bruce Willis embodies this look. The full goatee and the classic goatee. Although both are nice styles, still differ in different ways. The classic goatee comes with a neatly trimmed facial hair in the chin area while the full goatee has a full mustache and embodies a look that probably almost everyone is familiar with. Bryan Cranston, the iconic star in the Breaking Bad also imposes this kind of look, and he topped it with a well-groomed goatee. Allowing your goatee to look fuller makes it a better finish.

To grow the full goatee, make sure to grow a full hair in your chin area and allow it to extend around the corners of your mouth. In that way, you can look manly in all the right ways. Make sure also to get rid of the facial hair on your cheeks and neck area. You need to let your hair grow for around 2 to 3 weeks time weeks. While growing the whiskers in your chin area, make sure that it will not look uneven for it to look at its best. Be sure always to maintain all the areas which are meant to be shaved.

The Light Beard

Shaping and cultivating a specific kind of style for your shaved head can be very challenging. However, there are a lot of styles that looks perfectly good for a shaved head man. One of these is the light beard style. The light beard style consists of an even stubble which can add unique masculinity and charm to your overall personality and style. Besides being described as a low maintenance look, this beard style can also match your hair loss and can help you achieve a holistic kind of look for your personality.

To start off this style, be sure that you have a nice even thin hair that has a length of around 3 to 5 mm. The hair on your neck can sometimes be unruly so be sure to have regular shaves in that area. When your beard has already grown between 5 to 12 mm, you can already trim it in the desired shape. It’s really up to you how short the length you want it to be. A handy tip for achieving this look is to use a beard trimmer that has a zoom wheel because it can give a more precise cut for your beard. It is also a good idea to start with a longer hair so that you can always trim it down freely. To maintain this kind of look, you have to trim your beard once every two days so that you can always look sharp. Take note that having a short and light beard is all about patience. Constant maintenance is a must to keep it look suave.

The Chinstrap

Others consider this kind of look as a juvenile, and it may not be appropriate for men who want to be in the middle management. Although there are a lot of subjective connotations to this look, wearing a chinstrap beard can still give a persistent look. This beard style is one of the most iconic once and most flattering look to go to if you are bald. This technique is a thin beard which extends to the jawline and under the chin area. You can combine this with a pencil mustache or a classic goatee. It can frame a masculine jawline and can give you a sporting look. The chinstrap is very appealing to younger men who have already lost their hair.

Adding and experimenting various style with the chinstrap is also a good idea. For example, you can do different variable widths with this. This can add an anesthetic trademark to your face. Most men have a tough time to achieve the perfect look of a chinstrap-style. It is because it requires constant maintenance and if you cannot commit yourself to have touch-ups every 2 to 3 weeks, then don’t go for this one. Adding a little variation with the chinstrap style such as including a goatee or a mustache is also entirely up to you. If you want to have the thicker chinstrap like that of David Ortiz or Melky Cabrera, then it is best not to include a mustache as including one can turn into a full beard. The thickness of the chinstrap should be dependent on the shape of your face because it must complement your facial features. Overall, go with the chinstrap beard style if you have strong features but make sure to always consider the shape of your face.

Mustache styles for your face

The Garibaldi

The Garibaldi beard style is a very distinctive and an eye-catching style that you can try if you want to have a relatively long facial hair. In short, this look is a full-grown beard which is connected to the mustache. This can give you a compelling and bolder look that can embrace and capture your masculinity. This look sometimes constitutes to the classic full beard, but this one has a more rounded setting. This is also described as a low maintenance style. Grow a long mustache if you want to have this look.

If you want the Garibaldi style, you have to keep the beard in the bottom part of your face symmetrical and rounded. The rest of the facial hair should be trimmed in a circular shape especially in the ends to create a rounded setting. Keep the length at around 6 to 8 inches. Since the Garibaldi is a member of the full beard family, you need to let it grow fully. You need to keep your mustache trimmed and neat while your beer can go freely as desired. Depending on your genetics, your beard can take for around 3 to 4 months to grow to its required length. The more natural looking your beard is, the better. If you want to make the mustache grow longer, you should always keep in mind that it must be shorter than your beard. If this time is not your cup of tea, then feel free to check out other styles.

Designer Stubble

If you don’t want to go to a full beard, then going for a designer stubble is it a good choice. George Michael has this kind of look during the 1980s, and until now a lot of big names are sporting this look like the famous Jason Statham and David Beckham. The designers double never loses its popularity, and it is becoming trendier every day. If you want to look more mature and add a more appealing impression to your personality without having to go to full beard, then the designers double is a top choice. This style can be a rugged way of adding a little interest to your entire face while still giving a dashing and slightly dangerous appeal. This is very easy to carry out. It adds a more angular look on your jaw and can make you more masculine. Sporting the designer look with a very lovely suit can give you an independent look which can make women go after you.

If you are one of those men who want to stay away from the razor, then going for a stubble look is a perfect idea. It can take keep you away from shaving so if you do not have enough time to maintain a complicated style, then go for this one. Designer stubble is usually perceived by a woman as being classy and sexy. Women prefer men who wear this style because the stubble look adds masculinity to your overall personality. The designer stubble looks good on almost everyone so you won’t be having a problem with this kind of style.

The Soul Patch

A soul patch is also a fresh, stylish, and trendy look that looks good for bald men. This is like having a small patch of hair situated below the lip area. If you want something that is very easy to maintain and want to have an understated look, then this is a perfect solution. It adds a little bit of a touch of wisdom and a bit of an edgy look to your overall personality. Although it is a small size, it can still look kind to your appearance and can complement your baldness. Whether you want to look good or bad, the soul patch beard style generates a nice interest in your personality. This specific facial hairstyle was sported by African-American hipsters and musicians. You can go for the style either in small or big size, but it is usually the size of a thumb.

To start off this style, let the facial hair grow into stubble and full look. Trim the rest of your face while leaving the hair under your lower lip from 3 to 5 mm. Make sure to use a precision trimmer so that it can be shaped up suitably. For the edges of the soul patch, you can use a mini shaver. Get rid of the hair from your neckline and your cheeks to finish it up. The soul patch is very easy to maintain. You just need to trim and keep the width and length for a long period.

Goatee without moustache

The Amish Beard

If you’re not a fan of growing your mustache but still want to keep your beard, the Amish beard style is a very great choice. This also looks good on bald men because it can give a more distinguished look to your overall appearance. The Amish beard is one of the many trendiest styles that look good on shaved heads. This kind of style can give you a spiritual well being and a tribal look. This look is an identification mark of the Amish people. Some men who opt for this kind of look allow their beard to grow in various lengths. However, if you are a bald man, then increasing a relatively short length will give a better look. This will allow you to still give you a modern look without taking away the traditional appearance.

To trim the Amish beard, you would only need a razor, and this can be a very easy task. You should also shave your mustache if you want to try this look. If you still happen to grow one, then it is time to get rid of it. The Amish beard style is ideal for men who have an egg shape face. You have to nurture your beards and keep them clean so that you will not inflict infection. Managing an Amish beard may seem tedious, but it is very simple. Its outline is very easy to achieve, and you do not need to gamble when you trim your beard.

The Full Beard

The full beard style is very popular among black men. Regardless of your hair style, it can be sculpted and shaped to go best with just about any kind of face. Bald men can pull off this kind of look easily. Although it can appear to be a complicated look, the full beard style can still give you an edgy look. If you go for a full beard style, it is important to give it still a neat and clean look. A lot of famous men wear this kind of look, and you can have the similar style if you have the same face shapes as them. Most men who have round faces always go for this style because it can give them an elongated look. If you have a long or oval face, stick with short beards so that it would not lengthen your face further.

There are a lot of various styles that you can come up out of a full beard. It can come in different styles and lengths, and it is always up to you how you will want it to be. To have the full beard look, you need to give yourself a time to grow the decent amount of facial hair that is required. Maintaining and trimming it should still be observed especially in the cheek and neck area. You can visit a salon or a barbershop so that you can achieve the desired look. Avoid shaving the jaw area too much so that it won’t give you an unusual look


Growing a mustache for a shaved head can bring you a stylish look. It is an excellent alternative if you are not a fan of growing a beard. If you want to grow a mustache, allow three to four days to build the whiskers in your face. Although some may think that this is easy, it can still require a lot of factors. You need to consider the shape and density of your face if you want to style a mustache. Remember that these factors are important to match your personality. Master the right way in trimming your mustache so that it can give you the perfect style. Men who grow a mustache constitute a serious and calm look so if you want something like this, then start building one.


That concludes my top choices for beard styles that look good on shaved heads. These are just some of the many great techniques that are available for men who are bald. You can still opt for other kinds of looks but be sure to consider various factors such as your face shapes and structures. Your desired look will still be dependent on your personal preference. Just remember to keep everything precise so that you can achieve what’s in your mind while even accounting your personality. I hope you enjoy some of my top picks mentioned above. You can use this as a guide to picking your desired style to unleash the masculinity within you.

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