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How to Grow a Beard – You Ultimate Guide for Growing a Beard That’s in Style and Looks Great! How to shave mustache styles.

We live in a time when beards are increasingly popular. Your beard is an extension of your personal style, and it compliments your attitude, charisma, and outlook on life. This is why so many men, perhaps you included, take great care in how they grow a beard. Do you take great care in your beards appearance and pay attention to modern beard styles? If so, it’s likely that you take into consideration all your favorite beard styles and then customize your favorite one to suit your specific face shape, hair-growth, and lifestyle. Great beards don’t happen by accident, and if you’re looking into how to grow a beard, this is the ultimate beard guide for you. Whether you’re growing a beard for the first time or a seasoned groomer, you’ll find something valuable in this beard guide to maximize your look.

How a man keeps his beard says a lot about him. Some guys like to sport a highly detailed beard that’s faded and lined-up with laser-like precision; others would rather just ‘let-er-rip’ opting for a full-blown scraggly beard that just flows with the wind and does what it wants. Most people fall somewhere between these two extremes. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate guide to today’s most popular beard styles, you’re in the right place. Remember, there is no best way to grow a beard. It’s all about how you wear it.

For those of you who are asking, ‘ why can’t I grow a beard ’ we’ve got your back, too. Check out the beard growth products section to get a leg up on your follically challenged situation. This will answer how to get a thicker beard.

Top 3 Most Popular Beard Styles

There are several beard styles that somehow continually make it to the top of the ‘most popular’ list. If these were to be discounted, the beard shapes that would make it to the top of the list would be a bit more adventurous. However, there is a reason these evergreen beard styles continue to make the cut. For most guys, these beards are chosen because they are easier to maintain than other styles, more acceptable to a business lifestyle, and fit into the general cultural landscape.

In most cases, it’s wise to cater to both the evergreen populist, as well as the more adventurous. So in the spirit of giving you the whole picture, we will begin with the most popular beard styles and then cover the more trendy styles later in the guide.

Without further ado, here are the top 3 most popular beard styles *.

Runner Up #2 – The Chris Pine (The Short Boxed Beard)

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Most men sport this at one stage of their bearded journey or another. It’s pretty basic, but it sends the message that you mean business, you’re able to take on what life has to offer, you’re confident, and a bit rogue. It’s super easy to grow and maintain if you are able to grow a full face of hair. If you want to make a great impression at the office (if your office culture permits of course) then this could be a great way to exude that extra bit of confidence over your follically challenged colleagues.

This beard style is named here after the latest Star Trek film series star Chris Pine

Runner-Up #1 – The Brad Pitt (The Full Goatee)

The goatee is a staple in the beard growing space. With so many optional variations in this style, it suits the needs of so many face shapes, lifestyle conditions, and business needs. Even those who have a tougher time growing facial hair can often tease out a modified goatee with a little effort and care. Don’t let the popularity of this style detract you from sporting this timeless classic. It may very well suit your stylistic needs with a little tweak here or there!

This beard style is named after Brad Pitt who sports this style like a champ

#1 Most Popular Beard Style – The George Clooney (5-o’clock shadow aka Designer Stubble)

For many reasons, the 5-o’clock shadow, aka designer stubble, is a favorite beard style for many men. It’s relatively easy to maintain, looks great with nearly any fashion, and creates a certain ‘manly’ appeal. If you love sporting the 5-o’clock shadow, you’re not alone. This is the most popular beard style to date and is all around favorite with most guys.

This beard style is named after George Clooney who makes this iconic style stand out for all to see.

The Ultimate Guide for 42 Different Beard Styles

Here we are! This is really what you’ve been waiting for right? If you’ve been wondering what men’s facial hair styles will work for you, you’re certainly in the right place. In actuality, there are as many beard styles for men as there are faces. This is because every face is a bit different and each requires a unique approach to make things look great. Even so, the general shape and form can be placed into an overall ‘style’ that is referenced when going for types of beards that work for you. Let’s take a look at the 42 most popular beard styles today.

The Brief History of Beards

Throughout history, beards have played many roles. What is a beard for anyway? From an evolutionary perspective, the most basic pre-historic features such as environmental protection, intimidation, and warmth served ancient man as an extension of basic survival and hierarchical needs. Today, interestingly, it’s not all that much different. Although most of us are no longer in dire need of protecting our faces from the elements due to the advent of various clothing and accessory technology, we still use beards to indicate regality, poise, masculinity, and style.

If you were living in ancient Mesopotamia (modern-day Turkey), you likely took great care of your beard, as was the culture. Beard oil, dyes, and various grooming tools were commonplace and were used to indicate status, in-vogue fashion, and overall masculinity. In ancient Greece, beards were often worn curled, seen as a sign of honorability, and were only cut in punishment. Alexander the Great, around 345 BCE, made a law that charged soldiers with the task of keeping cleanly shaven to protect them from being led by the beard into an enemy sword during battle.

Ancient Roman men liked to keep their beards well-kept. Once hygienic reform was introduced around 616-578 BCE, Roman men were encouraged to use a razor to shave. As much as the ruling class tried to implement this hygienic reform, it wasn’t until nearly 100-years later that people actually began to adopt these policies, although philosophers still kept the long-beard.

Up until the advent of Christianity in the early 7th century, even the Anglo-Saxon sported some good ‘ol gruff. However, this was quickly outlawed by the clergy. It wasn’t until the beginning of the crusades many years later that men began growing out their beards again, resisting the rule of law at the time. This initiated a four-century-long bearded liberation that included the likes of Sir Anthony Vandyke (The original Vandyke). This was also a time of innovative gadgets and products to keep and maintain beards all day, as well as during sleep.

Today, in most parts of the world, we basically have a free-for-all approach to how we want to grow, style, and maintain our beards.

New beard and moustache styles

The Best Beard Style for Your Face Shape

How to Get The Most out of Your Face Shape With a Great Beard Style

There are many different face shapes, and the shape of your face can play a big role in the kind of beard style and beard shape you choose. More than this, when looking into how to shape a beard, your face shape can determine the kinds of tools and products you will use to get the best end result from your grooming standards. When adopting a beard grooming routine, keeping your eyes on the target style is all you really need to do. There are always great beard trimming tips that you can use to maximize your style, and they are best used in conjunction with your face shape. To give you a leg-up and save you some time, here is a list of the common face shapes and the beards that go well with them.

What You Need To Grow an Awesome Beard

With a Few Tools, Products, and Accessories You’ll Have a Perfect Beard in No Time.

Looking to be one of the best looking men with beards around? The first thing you’ll need to grow an awesome beard is patience. It just takes time. It takes a bit more or less depending on genetics, but it takes time nonetheless. Have patience, get the right tools, products, and accessories for your specific needs, and let ‘er rip!

If you like to have a few tools, products and accessories on hand for various beard related care and maintenance, here are a few of the most important pieces for your grooming collection.

The Beard Trimmer

A quality beard trimmer is one of the most important tools in your beard care kit. With the right trimmer on hand, there’s really not much between you and a great beard. Even if your one of the follically challenged, you can still sport at least a bit of facial fuzz if you adopt enough of a will to succeed and use the right tool for the job.

When choosing a good beard trimmer, make sure to address more than just your desire to clip and trim. If you’re looking into how to shape your beard, first get into some of the details of how you groom. Do you want a beard fade? Are you fussy about how straight the lines are? Do you carve lines or leave them organic? Do you groom other areas than just your beard? Because there are so many different options when it comes to beard trimmers, asking yourself these questions helps when making a buying decision. The best overall trimmer for nearly any grooming needs is the Wahl Lithium Ion Plus Stainless Steel Groomer. Check out the review here.

The Electric Shaver

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Unless you’re one of those in the most hard-core anti-shave category of our bearded brotherhood, you never really put down the shaver for good. There are still plenty of opportunities to use a more traditional approach to the neck and fine detail areas. Using an electric shaver can help with that. Try opting for something like the Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Electric Razor to get the job done well.

Quality Beard Oil

If you want a beard that looks, feels, and smells great, you’re really going to love beard oil. The look of a well-maintained beard is not always easy to come by. Having a stash of high-quality beard oil can be one of the saving graces in your grooming routine. Beard oil acts like your natural oils would and give your beard that healthy fullness that’s easier to maintain.

If you make beard oil another essential element of your daily routine—like showering, body care products, etc.—you’ll soon see the positive results of its use.

Protect your skin and beard from the weather. It helps to moisturize your skin and hair.

Get rid of beardruff — dandruffs’ uninvited cousin. Nobody likes the little white flakes and itchy side effects of dry skin.

Beard Scissors

Some grooming jobs require a more hands-on approach. If you’re looking into how to trim a beard like the pros, this is where a great pair of beard scissors comes in. Not only are they fast and efficient, but they can also get you out of a pinch when you just need to freshen up for a quick appeal. Make sure not to cheap out on them either. A great pair can cost a bit, but with care will last your whole life. Sanguine makes one of the best all around beard scissors in the world. The 5.5-inch professional barber shears are a fantastic addition to your grooming kit and can handle pretty much anything you’ll ever throw at them. If you want to know how to style a beard like the pros, a great pair of beard scissors is the secret.

The Beard Comb

Wanna know how to fade a beard? For starters, get a great beard comb. Just like peanut butter and jelly, the beard and the beard comb go hand-in-hand. You can get a lot of great work done with just a good beard comb and a sharp pair of beard scissors. It’s how it was done for many years until the advent of trimmers. Not all combs are treated equally either. A beard comb is not the same as a hair comb. Beard combs have polished edges that make sure you don’t scratch the underlying skin. Sometimes they are anti-static as well. If you’re looking for a quality comb that can handle your unique tasks, this 3-comb set by Kent will surely serve your needs for years to come.

The Boar’s Hair Beard Brush

If you love the feeling of a nice brush on your face and appreciate the fine job it does to get those whiskers looking great, then getting a high-quality boar’s hair beard brush is really going to make your day. The reason boars hair bristles are the best choice is that they are natural and help to spread your beards natural oils around. They also interact with the skin much more gently than their plastic or metal cousins. If you want the good stuff, this pure boar bristle beard brush by ZilberHaar is a bit pricey but comes with a lifetime guarantee and can handle all beard types.

Natural Beard Balm

Beard balm is basically a leave-in conditioner for your beard. It helps to keep everything feeling and smelling great — kind of like beard oil does — while keeping the strays under control. Another great thing is that beard balm helps control the itch. If you suffer from a lot of beard itch, then this may be a great solution for you.

When choosing a great beard balm, make sure it contains only natural ingredients. Strong perfumes, synthetic ingredients, and other harsh stabilizers can be off-putting for both you and the company you keep. This awesome beard balm by Rocky Mountain Barber is 100% natural, made with a premium wax blend mixed with cedarwood, jojoba, tea tree, coconut oil and more.

All Natural Beard Wax

If your beard or mustache style requires a bit of fine-tuning to keep the stray hairs in place (or mustache twisted), then you are most certainly in need of a high-quality natural beard wax. Typically speaking, if you’re using a beard wax, your primary concern is all about the hold. The Bearded Goon’s ridiculously strong beard and handlebar mustache wax does a phenomenal job of keeping everything in check, but it also smells divine.

Facial hair moustache

All Natural Beard Shampoo

Some of you might think that a special shampoo just for the beard is more of a marketing scam than anything. After all, doesn’t normal shampoo do just fine in washing the beard? Some might say that they are somewhat the same, but if you’re into really into beard-care, then you know that there is a world of difference between a standard hair shampoo and one designed for the scruffy stuff.

Often hair shampoo is packed full of chemicals and agents that do nothing but irritate the skin and hair. Why would anyone want to put this on their face as well, especially if you already have sensitive skin and a bit of beardruff? Our thoughts exactly. A good beard shampoo like Mr. Natty’s Face Forest Beard Shampoo is free of all the stuff that triggers dry face and beard itch, while still getting the job done… in style.

The Ultimate Beard – Tips and Tricks From the Beard Masters

Like anything in life, you can do things well or not-so-well. Heck, sometimes things can be a total failure. In a recent article in Men’s Health, two professional barbers — Garrett Pike, founder, and head barber at No Club Barbershop. Robert McMillen, founder and head barber at Mildred Barbershop — were interviewed and asked what the best tips for growing a magnificent beard are. Men’s facial hair can be stubborn, as there are many types of facial hair, and any tips or tricks are welcomed.

So, to avoid any undue embarrassment, mishaps, or mistakes in your beard growing and grooming world, here are a few tips the pros have to share with you.

Your Neckline Should Form a ‘U’ Shape

One of the most important areas when it comes to how to trim your beard with style is the neckline. When forming the neckline, there is a single technique that can make or break your style. It’s super simple. Here is what Robert McMillen had to say in the interview:

You Can Actually Fade Your Own Neckline

One of the best parts about going to the barber to get the job done is the fades. There is just something about the way a barber does it that makes things look so good. Well guess what, according to Garrett Pike, you should be able to do this yourself with his simple tips:

“Put a 1-guard on your clipper and close it all the way,” Pike suggests. Then trim into your beard about an inch. “This will create a soft contrast,” he affirms. “Then you can take the guard off and trim halfway up into the 1-guard line for a steadier contrast.”

A Relaxed Face is the Key to Trimming Your Mustache

Often underserved, the mustache does deserve some good attention. Rather than taking the trimmers to it and just going to town hoping for the best, McMillen says to maintain a normal ‘resting’ face when trimming, to assure your mustache is even with all expressions. Use mustache scissors for this task as they have a more natural looking result than a trimmer.

McMillen then adds, “You also need a small comb. Comb the mustache hairs straight down to determine how much length and bulk need to be trimmed. Once the length has been determined, the bulk can be reduced by combing the hairs away from the face and removing the top layer. Your comb and scissors should do the trick.”

It takes a bit of practice to get this technique down, but with a bit of patience, you’ll have it mastered in no time.

The Term ‘Beard Maintenance’ Also Means ‘Skincare’

Do you get a lot of irritation, razor burn, or infection/ingrown hairs? If so you may be in the group of guys who just treat grooming as a chore rather than a multi-step process. McMillen says, Any proper shave takes time, especially when it comes to pre- and post-shave care. Even if you’re just maintaining facial hair and shaving around certain patterns, be sure your skin is clean. You need to make sure the pores are open beforehand and properly sealed after to avoid irritation.

So make sure to take care of your skin. It can make or break a good experience when sporting an awesome beard.

Badass Beard Care 101 – Everything You Need to Know To Maintain Your Beard

Beard Growth Tips – Taking Care of Your Beard is as Important and Growing it

There is a lot of things that people do with their facial hair that often begs the question, does this guy actually care for that muff of fuzz on his face? Most guys are not going for that reaction with their chosen beard style, and a bit of finesse can go a long way when growing and maintaining a beard. There is no limit to how long to grow a beard, or how short to keep it. If you’re looking into how to maintain a beard, the most important condition to keep in mind when growing or sporting a beard is how to keep it healthy.

The first thing is getting all the right tools. Depending on the style you prefer to grow, there are plenty of tools for you to tap into as can be seen above in the section on Recommended Tools, Products, and Accessories. Make sure to stock up on things that can run out, keep blades sharp (or replaced), take care of your electric beard trimmer as per manufacturer’s instructions, and listen to your body for what it’s telling you about the condition of your facial hair and skin.

This is not a section about how to groom a beard. Beard care is really about hygiene. The easy part is keeping your beard the shape you want it. The more challenging part is skin care. Skin care is a two-part process. First, all good skin starts inside your body. That’s right. Your skin health is directly connected to the health of your gut.

When you take care of your health and nutrition, your skin will begin to feel better. The oils will balance, and any dryness, itchiness, or flakiness will clear up.

Next, it’s about what you put on your face. If you are putting harsh industrial chemicals on your face all the time (this is true for you if you are wearing most cologne, aftershaves/lotions, shampoos, conditioners, etc.) because that’s what’s in the products you use, you’re setting yourself up for a skin condition. Avoid using harsh chemicals and opt instead for all natural organic products that are safe for use on your skin. If you wouldn’t put it on a baby, don’t put it on your face.

That’s pretty much it. If you’re looking to sport one of the cool beard styles, you already know how to trim and maintain the hair on your face, but it’s altogether a different story to care for your beard. If you care for your gut, you’ll have great skin. If you care for your skin, you’ll have a stellar beard. Get at it!

Horseshoe mustache history

The Best Beard Growth Products and Supplements – Help a Patchy Beard

First of all, before going out and buying beard growth products or supplements of any kind, for any reason, make sure to consult your healthcare professional. If you have a naturopath to talk to, even better. If they give you the green light, then go ahead and make a move. Before looking into how to make your beard grow faster, you have to look after your health and wellness first.

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Now that the disclaimer is over let’s get to those follically challenged patchy spots in your beard. How long does it take to grow a beard you can be proud of? In short, everyone is different, but there are things you can do to beef up your beard a bit. If you’re looking to get a bit more fuzz on your face, there are a few beard growth products and supplements you can take to stimulate satisfying growth. Nothing is guaranteed though, and you have to be patient. If you’re wondering how to grow a thicker beard and looking for a more natural approach than resorting to ‘ Rogaine beard (there’s nothing inherently wrong with this approach necessarily if that’s the only thing that works for you), then this is what you need to know.

Before we launch in, you need to know a bit more about what actually contributes to beard hair growth, especially a thick beard. What helps beard growth anyway? Well, if you’re wondering how to grow a beard that is full and luscious, it’s not some run-of-the-mill beard growth cream or over-hyped and under-delivering multivitamin like Beardilizer or Vitabeard, that’s for sure. So, if you’re wondering how to grow a beard if you can’t, the two main things that make a man’s beard hair flourish are the hormones testosterone

(Dihydrotestosterone) and a solid multivitamin. Without taking something that boosts one of these two primary beard growing male hormones, you’re just buying expensive pee as you flush your money down the toilet. This is the truth about how to make your beard grow. Never again will you tell yourself ‘ I can’t grow a beard ’ because you’ll now have the tools you need to get one of the best beards you’ve ever had.

If you are looking to grow a beast of a beard, then you need something to boost your hormones production. Try using a natural substance like Mucuna Pruriens , an Indian herbal supplement, to help boost testosterone. It’s been shown to increase your blood levels by nearly 40% in human studies.

Another great way to boost your hormones is Ashwagandha , another Ayurvedic Indian herbal supplement. It was shown in a recent study to increase testosterone levels from 630 ng/dL to 726 ng/dL, not bad for a plant root.

Also, keep in mind that a high-quality multivitamin is needed. This is to make sure that the hair can be built with the right ingredients. Picture testosterone as the builder and the multivitamins as the materials. Make sure to vet a good quality supplement like The Thorne Research multivitamin line.

Final Thoughts – Your Best Beard Ever

This is the most comprehensive guide on how to grow a beard anywhere on the internet. If you’re one of those people typing ‘ how to grow beard faster’ into a google search, then you’ve certainly come to the right guide. If you are really serious about giving yourself a head start to the best beard ever, with one of the best beard styles around, you’re now well on the way to achieving your goals. You’ll have plenty of beard ideas now.

Remember, the best beards come with effort, persistence, and time. You may have to invest a few bucks to get some essential tools, accessories, and supplements, but in doing so, you will be all set up for a lifetime of bearded success.

May the best beard in the world be with you! If your looking into how to grow a beard in one of the best beard styles around, you’ve hit the mark.






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