Ways to trim mustache. Calming Beard Grooming Kit: Beard Soap, Beard Oil, Mustache Wax 100% OneDTQ - Best Beard Care

Calming Beard Grooming Kit: Beard Soap 4.7 FL OZ, Beard Oil 1 FL OZ, Mustache Wax 2 OZ, 100% Natural Boar’s Hair. Military Style Beard Brush - Comes as a Beard Grooming Gift Box

Make a beardsman happy! A very manly kit that’s a great gift for a beardsman or a real treat for yourself. 100% Natural and Organic, these products are all original OneDTQ formulas developed in our Brooklyn, NY workshop. Close attention has been paid to all details from products to packaging to ensure a great gift giving experience. Takes the worry out of beard maintenance. It’s healing and calming ingredients will make your facial hair to look and feel good. Beard grooming should be an easy task and Calming Beard Grooming Kit makes it so. Mustache styling wax.

Calming Beard Soap

Calming Beard Soap is a great beard wash that gets rid of all the beard irritants and styling waxes. This Beard Soap will get your facial hair clean, soft and smelling great. The therapeutic essential oils in the beard soap will calm you and your whiskers and chill you out. The manly scent is particularly appealing to women.

Calming Beard Oil

Calming Beard Oil is the beard oil for the man who wants his whiskers to impress and smell good while keeping his cool. This great facial hair conditioner and moisturizer keeps strands smooth and well groomed. The pump makes it fast and easy to use. Just pump this beard oil as needed into one palm, rub your hands together, massage into your beard and you are ready to go. To keep you free of dryness use our beard oil every morning and before bedtime on all your facial hair and facial skin.

Mustache goatee combo

Calming Mustache Wax

Calming Mustache Wax is a great styling wax for all lengths and styles of mustaches and beards. This mustache wax has a medium to strong hold and smells great. It will style, moisturise and condition your facial hair and give it a polished look. If you have a beard and mustache it’s fine for controlling both. Use alone or after applying Calming Beard Oil to all your facial hair. Our mustache wax fits neatly in your pocket and comes in a cool rugged bag. You’ll feel god pulling it out of your back pocket, it's vintage look makes it a winner.

Our mustache wax, like all the facial hair waxes, should be washed out off your strands every night before going to bed. Calming Beard Soap is the best detergent for that. It will melt all the styling waxes away and leave you feeling clean.

Thin handlebar mustache

Natural Boar’s Hair Beard Brush

Military style brush with wooden handle that fits perfectly into the palm of his hand. Bristles are short and soft enough that they won’t pull out his whiskers yet firm enough for a stimulating beard brushing experience. His beard and face will love it. Use dry or wet.

Your whiskers deserve the best and we pride ourselves in delivering the goodness of natural grooming!

Define stache

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