How to draw a mustache on face. Types of mustaches you can start from when creating your own masculine style

How to grow mustaches?

First of all, think of growing beard first and then cut your beard to the size of the desirable mustaches. That’s in case if you do not want to look as if something unclear grows above your upper lip. Then buy a high quality trimmer, this device will enable fast and easy cut of one-length hairs, evening your mustaches out and shaving undesirable hairs. Remember to razor unnecessary hairs regularly once you decide on the type of mustaches. And the last but not least - be patient! Types of mustaches.

How to choose a mustache form?

It strongly depends upon your facial form. When choosing a mustache style, please pay attention to the place on your face where hair grows the most intensively and densely.

Pencil Mustache. Thin and narrow mustache, form a kind of “pencil” above the upper lip. If you choose this kind of a mustache, remember to leave a thin line of skin between the very mustaches and lips, such mustaches require considerable care on your part.

Toothbrush Mustache. A full mustache needs to be grown, shaved to a wide line in the center above the lip line. The style is most commonly associated with Adolf Hitler.

How to properly trim a mustache

Trylong mustaches - for the best effect you have to be the owner of thick, straight and wiry hair. If you decide to wear the mustache of such a length, the following information can be very helpful for you

English Mustache - this type of mustache starts from the center of the upper lip, the area above the lip corners is usually shaved. Use wax to curl the mustaches upwards.

Walrus Mustache - this style has a bushy appearance, go down on the lips and usually cover the entire mouth. The mustache was made famous by Teddy Roosevelt.

Long moustache styles

Fu Manchu Mustache - a thin line covering the upper lip turned downwards far below the chin.

Tryshort mustaches - a good choice for people with thick dark hair. Here are some popular forms of short mustaches.

Horseshoe Mustache - this style looks like an inverted horseshoe. A full mustache going from the lip corners down to the jaw line. This style needs lots of care and attention if you want to look neat.

Moustache haircut

These are amongst some of the popular styles of mustaches. You can create your own style combining that or other style. A neat look is very important, so wash your face daily, comb, comb and once again comb your mustaches at least once a day. Use of special moistening and modeling agents like waxes, foam or gel will do the part of job for you!
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