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There are many trends going on in the Asian beard scene. From the clean face to the daring mustache, there’s a great deal of variety. Clean cut looks are becoming more prominent, but there are those who are taking on the bushy look that is popular among hipsters. So whether you’re looking for ideas for the office or are just looking for a new look in general, here are 25 of the most popular Asian beard styles. Asian mustache styles.

Clean Cut Beards for Asian Men

The clean cut is a timeless look that will never go out of style. Since it offers a polished look it’s perfect for corporate settings and professionals. These styles are also great for men who either don’t like a lot of hair on the face or aren’t able to grow much facial hair.

1. Just a ‘statue

This look features a clean shaved face and a mustache that has been trimmed short. This allows the focus to remain on the jaw line and the precision of the hairline.

2. The Asian Thin and Chin

Here’s another mustache style in which the mustache is trimmed down relatively short and thin. Featuring a soul patch that extends into the chin and long sideburns, this look compliments faces that are oval in appearance.

3. Plain and Simple

This beard look is a detached goatee with a small soul patch beneath the lips. In order to achieve this look, shave the face clean leaving the mustache, chin beard and soul patch intact.

4. Thin It Out

Here’s another detached goatee look that features a thinner mustache and a chin beard. The soul patch is also trimmed pretty thin, giving this look a very subtle appearance.

5. Grow It In

This look features a little more hair, as it features a shortly trimmed chin beard, goatee and soul patch. The beard fades up into the sideburns, which have been left full and thick.

Thin handlebar mustache

6. The Student

This look is a little more carefree in appearance, featuring a goatee style that appears to be growing back in. This is perfect for those who enjoy the 5 o’clock shadow look.

7. Fully Shadowed

Here’s another look that is reminiscent of 5 o’clock shadow, but this beard has grown in a little more than the last one.

8. Add a Chin Strap

This is a detached goatee look that includes a chin strap. To achieve this look, shave the majority of the face clean, leaving the beard along the jaw line and chin intact. Shape and trim the chin strap so that it is uniform and straight.

9. Full Goatee

Similar to the previous look, this beard features a full goatee as opposed to detached. This look is perfect for men who prefer to sport a little more hair on the face.

Moderate Length Beard Styles

This next set of beard styles feature looks that contain more facial hair. These looks are perfect for men who either don’t like the clean-shaven beard style or too much hair on the face.

10. Asian Bad Boy Beard

Here’s an effortless look that offers a bit of edge. The mustache is left prominent while the beard has been trimmed very short and thinned out at the sideburns. Clean lines are what tie this look together.

Thick moustache

11. Rebel

This is another chin strap and detached goatee style that features a more prominent chin strap. The beard and mustache are left relatively thick with very crispy, clean lines.

12. Patchy Strap

This thick chin strap beard style is unique, since the beard appears to grow in a patchy fashion. Coupling this look with a thick mustache and chin beard will give the appearance that the strap is fading into the sideburns.

13. Vaguely Chops

This sharp look features thick sideburns that actually detach from the chin beard, giving the slight illusion of mutton chops. Paired with a prominent soul patch and moderate length mustache, this beard style is perfect for men who are looking to add a little flair to their look.

14. Woke Up Like This

Here’s an effortless look that features a natural chin beard and mustache. This look is perfect for men who want to maintain a clean look that has a sense of effortlessness.

15. Full and Short

This full beard look features very natural fading and patchiness. Paired with a slightly detached goatee and small soul patch, this look gives a carefree vibe.

16. Full Beard

Here’s another full beard look that features a little more facial hair than the last one. The goatee is the focus of this look while the rest of the beard is trimmed down very close to the face and given a clean outline.

How to rock a mustache

17. Asian Long Strap Beard

This chin strap look features a beard that is grown out a little past the chin. While drawing attention to the masculine structure of the jaw, this look also elongates the face making it appear slim.

18. Moderate Shadow

Here’s another look that mimics the carefree look of 5 o’clock shadow with a little bit more hair left on the face. This look can vary from man to man, allowing you to customize the length to your preference.

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