South indian moustache style. Most Eligible Bachelors In Sports- The Official Ranking

It’s that time of the year again where we at put our heads together and rank the most eligible bachelors in sports. We’re not counting just rings and dollars. We factor in looks and personality as well as education. To be the best bachelor in sports, you need to hold all the cards. Going 50-0 in boxing won’t get you there and neither will a perfect six-pack and huge biceps. Without further adieu, let’s take a look at who is the most eligible bachelor in sports. How to grow a cowboy mustache.

Floyd Mayweather

He’s undefeated in the boxing ring and is as good as they come, but can he go undefeated as a bachelor?

Education: None. Rumors even swirled whether Floyd could read or not.

Money: $600 million net worth. Woah.

Personality: Not great. He’s had numerous domestic violence charges filed against him plus he’s a huge trash talker.

Skills: Running in the ring, winning close decisions, fighting people who have never boxed (Conor McGregor), and despite all of this, his fan base continues to grow.

Looks: He’s bald but rocks it well and is only 5-foot 8-inches, so he’s a smaller dude.

Fun Fact: Won a bronze medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.

Final Grade: D- Floyd has tons of money, but he also has tons of baggage. Domestic violence is a surefire way to remove yourself from contention for the top spot here.

Jalen Ramsey

He’s a talented cornerback with an inclination towards big plays, but will his trash talking ways help or hurt the NFL’s youngest defensive star?

Education: Florida State University.

Money: Already at $19 million in just three seasons before looking at his Jordan brand sponsorship.

Personality: He’s loud, aggressive, and sometimes obnoxious. Jalen Ramsey and his trash talk will take no prisoners. Also was caught on Instagram trying to cheat on his girlfriend.

Skills: Athletic interceptions, big hits, and clutch plays. One of the league’s best athletes, and he’s only getting better.

Looks: Constantly changes his hairstyles from dreads to a short afro.

Final Grade: D Just too aggressive and loud to be in the upper echelon here. One false move on a date and he’ll never let you live it down. Also has a child and tried to cheat on his girlfriend.

Draymond Green

He’s a versatile player on the court with a huge mouth for trash talking. Will his obnoxious ways interfere with his love life or will his versatility make for some exciting dates?

Education: Michigan State University.

Money: $48 million to date, signed on to make an additional $40 million in Golden State.

Personality: Draymond Green is a premier pest and trash-talker. He is elite on the defensive side of things and his ability to get into people’s heads cannot be matched. Obnoxious to the Nth degree. Also likes kicking people in places where it hurts. Has a child and has been arrested. Leaked a picture of his privates for the world to see.

Skills: Hustle plays. Rebounding. Below-the-belt kicks. Riding the Golden State championship wave.

Looks: People often compare him to Donkey from Shrek. We’ll leave it at that.

Fun Fact: Donated $3.1 million to Michigan State University, the largest donation ever given by an active athlete to his/her former school.

Final Grade: C- Green is obnoxious, loud, and a dirty player. Despite his impressive wealth and generous contribution to MSU, he has far too many cons to put him in the category of eligible bachelor.

Odell Beckham Jr.

He catches footballs and the media’s attention at a healthy clip. And his big hands compliment his big personality. But is it too much to handle?

Education: Louisiana State University.

Money: Just signed a record five-year $95 million extension with the Giants. Has made $32 million to date in salary.

Personality: Obnoxious. Dramatic. Narcissistic. He’s a lot to handle, both on and off the field.

Skills: Jaw-dropping, physics-defying catches. Crisp route-running. Creating distractions.

Looks: Full sleeve tattoos and his signature yellow, floppy mohawk. One of the more fashion-focused players in the league.

Fun Fact: Fastest player to reach 250 career receptions (38 games) in NFL history and fought a field goal kicking net.

Final Grade: C- He’s just too much to handle off the field. Yeah, he’s great at catching, but he catches too much negative attention and any relationship with OBJ would be subject to his erratic temperament.

Nick Young

Incoming Swaggy P alert. Sometimes he hits the three, sometimes he doesn’t. Sometimes he’s a good dude, sometimes he’s not.

Education: The University of Southern California

Money: Around $38 million in salary, not including any endorsements.

Personality: Where to begin. He’s goofy and unpredictable and he’s a cheater and a ball hog. Yet he has an infectious smile and seems like a funny guy. But he also was recorded on camera talking about cheating on his then-girlfriend Iggy Azalea.

Skills: Streaky three-point shooter, supreme confidence, not being embarrassed about past transgressions.

Looks: Two full-sleeve tattoos and an afro-mohawk combination that he’s consistently rocked for years.

Fun Fact: He is cousins with rapper Kendrick Lamar.

Final Grade: C- Young isn’t the greatest basketball player and his serious character flaws (cheating, jacking up unnecessary threes) make him a hard candidate to choose here. On the flip side, his confidence is something to admire.

Kawhi Leonard

He’s more of a robot than a human, but can Kawhi “The Klaw” Leonard re-program his personality to be an MVP outside of basketball?

Education: San Diego State University.

Money: $61 million in career earnings before his big sponsors like Jordan and his soon-to-be super-max contract.

Personality: Stone cold. Leonard doesn’t know to express emotion, which is great on the court, but off the court this could be disastrous.

Skills: Shielding emotion, defensive abilities, smooth offensive game.

Looks: Classic cornrows and right arm filled with tattoos. He’s a chiseled dude.

Fun Fact: He’s cousins with former NFL wide receiver Stevie Johnson.

Final Grade: C If Kawhi treated his date anything like he did the Spurs organization, you can expect some feelings to be shattered and nights ruined.

Tiger Woods

He may be the best golfer of all time, but is he a hole in one? With a checkered past and a sweet stroke, Tiger Woods is one of the most polarizing athletes on the list.

Personality: Competitive, intelligent, very charitable, and shady at times. He did, after all, ruin a marriage, a family, and almost his career because of his insatiable appetite for extramarital affairs.

Skills: Short game, long game, great under pressure, and ability to retain Nike sponsorship

Looks: Great teeth, good figure (he loves the gym), BUT is balding prematurely and his back has seen better days.

Fun Fact: Tiger has been named PGA Player of the Year a record 11 times.

Final Grade: C He’s aging, balding, ruined a marriage, and can be a bit of a hard-ass at times.

Jimmy Garoppolo

He was undefeated in the league until he went on a date with an adult film actress. That was his first loss. Yikes Jimmy G, you’re a two-time Super Bowl champion and one of the highest paid players in the league, do better than that! Can he?

Education: Eastern Illinois

Money: To date, he’s made over $46 million and is only getting richer.

Personality: Cast in the shadows of Tom Brady, Jimmy G has kept a low profile for most of his career, but since emerging from the shadows, he’s made some headline news. He’s a Jordan sponsored athlete (swagger), went out with an adult film actress (bold), and is getting paid for a limited-body of work (power move).

Skills: Accuracy, pocket awareness, studied under the GOAT at the TB12 Academy- aka the Patriots.

Looks: A handsome fellow that looks as Italian as his last name.

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Fun Fact: Went to the same college as Tony Romo.

Final Grade: C Yeah, he’s getting paid, but he’s unproven. And his highly questionable date lowered his credibility. Plus, his Super Bowls came as a backup.

Cody Bellinger

He’s the young face of the Dodgers franchise, but will Cody Bellinger be the face of the picture sitting in your living room?

Education: None. Straight to the pros after high school.

Money: He’s new to the league and has only pulled in $2 million. Wait until his next contract for him to cash out.

Personality: Despite all the hype surrounding the young star, Bellinger keeps it pretty mellow.

Looks: Kind of looks like a kid; still has a bit of acne, which is okay because he’s only 23.

Fun Fact: Played in the Little League World Series.

Final Grade: C+ Seems like a nice fellow but his bank account severely lacks compared to others here, and for anyone who isn’t trying to date someone who still looks like a senior in high school, Bellinger ain’t your guy.

Kyrie Irving

Although he was born in the land down under, Kyrie Irving has been on the rise since entering the league in 2011. Can his rise to the top of the NBA coincide with being one of sports’ most eligible bachelors?

Education: Duke University.

Money: $75 million in career earnings, not including lucrative endorsements from Nike and Pepsi, among others.

Personality: He’s an oddball, hands down. He is a flat-earther, doesn’t understand gravity, and believes the moon landing was staged. On the court, he’s competitive and flat-out balls and seems like a great teammate.

Skills: Ball handling, willfully denying the truth, and three-point shooting.

Looks: A signature buzz cut and some intricate and interesting tattoos like the mystical hand on his left bicep.

Fun Fact: Kyrie is a member of the Standing Rock Sioux, a Native American tribe.

Final Grade: B- His basketball prowess is impeccable, but his strange inclination towards conspiracies and denial of the truth lowers his grade a bit. Also, he has a child from a prior girlfriend and that could be some unwanted baggage.

Noah Syndergaard

Looking like Thor, Noah Syndergaard is the Mets’ real-life superhero, but in the dating world, will his fastball impress or will it land out of the strike zone?

Education: None. Jumped to the minors after high school.

Money: Only $5 million to date.

Personality: Seems rather intense and guards his emotions pretty well. Fairly quiet. Even when he was ejected from a game he managed to drop only a few F-bombs.

Skills: Devastating fastball, lethal curveball, and sneaky changeup.

Looks: Long blonde hair, very tall, and apparently one of the biggest lifters in the Mets clubhouse.

Fun Fact: Appeared on an episode of Game of Thrones.

Final Grade: B He’s got the Thor look down pat, but his bank account is light and his personality seems a bit too mellow to be considered a bachelor All-Star.

Anthony Davis

He’ll block your shot, but will he block your direct messages on your Twitter account?

Education: One year at the University of Kentucky.

Money: Estimated earnings over six seasons: $70 million. Will make $25 million in 2018-19 season.

Personality: Laid back, funny, connected to his fans and is still just a kid at heart.

Skills: Amazing shot blocker and rebounder. Very durable (played through a torn labrum in shoulder for multiple seasons), and has soft touch under the hoop.

Looks: He has a massive unibrow, and he embraces it. In fact, he loves it, and so do his fans.

Fun Fact: Holds the NCAA freshman block record.

Final Grade: B Only one year at Kentucky knocks him down a bit, but his gregarious personality, self-confidence to embrace the brow, and his NBA stardom make Davis a very eligible bachelor. Then again, many people will be turned away by his prominent unibrow.

Ben Simmons

The thunder from down under, Australia’s Ben Simmons is one of the brightest young stars in the NBA, but can he shine off the court as a bachelor? Will he score or will his ugly jumper interfere?

Education: One year at Louisiana State University.

Money: Currently, he’s made $12 million but is on track to make $38 million. Has big endorsements as well.

Personality: Is he casual like an Aussie surf bro? Or is he intense like a tiger? A bit of both. Ben Simmons has a laid back personality that is fairly averse to drama, but when it’s game time, the claws come out.

Skills: Driving in the lane, good court vision, hustle plays and playing the video game Fortnite. Shooting is not, by any stretch, a skill of his.

Looks: Nothing exceptional here with Simmons, who prefers to keep everything low-key. He’s all about substance not style. Has a nice beard though.

Fun Fact: A dual-citizen, Simmons chooses to represent Australia in international competition.

Final Grade: B Simmons isn’t your flashy No. 1 overall pick. He’s a sound player but isn’t too fond of the highlight reel. His earnings are small by comparison to other listed here. Off the court, he stays out of the news, which is a positive. But he also just seems a bit bland. He rather go home and game than explore the City of Brotherly Love.

Joey Bosa

Drafted third overall in 2016 and hailing from an athletic family, Joey Bosa is primed to be the NFL’s next great defensive end, but can he wrap you up and bring you down?

Education: THE Ohio State University (emphasis on THE)

Personality: A self proclaimed “meathead” and “gym rat,” Bosa is energetic, goofy, and somewhat of a lunk. He is one of the most vocal leaders on the team and a “bro” in every sense of the word.

Skills: Great swim move, knack for hurrying and sacking the quarterback, and can lift heavy things with ease.

Looks: He looks like a young mob boss, which is fitting considering his great-grandfather was a Chicago mobster, and standing at 6-foot 5-inch 280-pounds with dirty blonde hair, Bosa is a solid 9.

Fun Fact: Bosa’s father played in the NFL and his brother is projected to be a top-five pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Final Grade: B A young star in the league, Bosa has the brawn and the bank to back up his childish personality, but having a deep, intellectual conversation with him may be more tiring than running wind sprints all day.

James Harden

People say you can get lost in someone’s eyes, but with James Harden, it’s much easier to get lost in his beard. Will the sharp-shooter climb to the top of the list or will his bushy beard weigh him down?

Education: Arizona State University.

Money: Lucrative Adidas sponsorship and roughly $117 million in career earnings. Bring out the Brinks truck.

Personality: He seems like a cold-blooded killer, a quiet guy who strikes with a menacing precision. He also doesn’t seem like a guy who gives great effort on defense. To his credit, he must be a patient fellow, and his beard is evidence of this.

Skills: Three-point shooting, beautiful handles, not caring about his lack of perceived effort on defense, and his beard.

Looks: Has an amazing faux-hawk and a crazy big beard that has literally given rise to his nickname “The Beard.”

Fun Fact: He initially grew the beard out of laziness.

Final Grade: B As long as he can put more effort into dating than defense and show some emotion off the court, Harden will be a solid candidate to date.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Hailing from Athens, Giannis Antetokounmpo, aka the “Greek Freak,” is one of the NBA’s most exciting players. He’s got a smooth shot and knows how to rebound. Will he be one lucky fan’s rebound too?

Education: No college. Jumped straight to the NBA — drafted 15th overall in 2013 — after playing for Greek club team Filathlitikos B.C.

Personality: Passionate, energetic, goofy.

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Skills: Rebounding, dunking, carrying the Milwaukee Bucks on his back.

Looks: Standing at 6-foot 11-inches, Giannis is one of the most chiseled, athletic figures in the NBA. He’s also free of visible tattoos.

Fun Fact: Both his parents hail from Nigeria, and he’s bilingual (possibly trilingual).

Final Grade: B+ He’s bilingual, probably loves trying different cuisines, and is super athletic.

Rob Gronkowski

A dominating tight end, Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski is known to spike the football in the end zone, but will he be a lock to score off the field?

Education: The University of Arizona

Money: Net worth of $153 million.

Personality: Known as one of the most loveable and goofy characters in the NFL, Gronk is about as loud and funny as they come. His off-field antics are more benign than, say, OBJ’s.

Skills: Super spikes, shaking off defenders, catching touchdowns, and his dance moves.

Looks: A classic meathead, Gronk is huge and has the chiseled physique to back up his physical style of play. But he’s not the angry, steroid-taking meathead many people are accustomed to seeing.

Fun Fact: Has three brothers who have played in the NFL and lives exclusively off his endorsement money. He’s yet to spend a penny from his NFL salary which is being saved and invested.

Final Grade: B+ A super friendly personality, Super Bowl champion, and a very financially-savvy player, Gronk earns high marks here. Only downside is he probably parties too hard for most people.

DeAndre Hopkins

One of the best receivers in the NFL, can DeAndre Hopkins catch the top spot of eligible bachelors?

Education: Clemson University.

Money: $44 million, set to earn an additional $50 million. Sponsored by Adidas.

Personality: Hopkins is a fierce competitor on the field who “only fears God,” but off the gridiron, Hopkins is a genuine guy with a sense of humor. Hopefully he doesn’t fear dating.

Skills: Aerial acrobatics, beating defenders with ease, being the only glimmer of hope on the Texans.

Looks: Has shoulder-length dreadlocks.

Fun Fact: His nickname is “Nuk.”

Final Grade: B+ Hopkins is a dominant force on the field while being a good dude off it. His only downfall, and it’s slight, is his propensity to get into scuffles on field, which could boil over into his personal life.

Andrew Luck

He is smart and a great drop-back quarterback, but can he step up in the pocket and avoid getting his love life intercepted?

Money: So far, he’s earned just under $100 million and that doesn’t include the numerous endorsements he has.

Personality: Very smart, kind of bland, and overly polite. Seriously, he congratulates defenders on big hits. He is not flashy whatsoever, making him a perfect fit in Indy.

Skills: Dual-threat QB, extremely bright, and very respectful character.

Looks: Just gives off this plain look. Nothing special. Could easily double as an accountant and most people probably wouldn’t recognize him at a bar.

Fun Fact: Luck spent 10 years of his childhood in Europe while his dad managed an NFL Europe franchise.

Final Grade: B+ He’s very polite and very successful but a bit bland for the perfect grade. His knowledge of the world also has the potential to overwhelm or bore his guests.

Charlie Blackmon

Can Charlie Blackmon, despite his caveman looks, find a modern day love?

Money: $28 million to date, signed on to make an additional $94 million with the Rockies.

Personality: Despite looking like a red neck and caveman hybrid, Blackmon is a smart man who also has a funny side. Side note: carries a wiffle-ball bat in his trunk, which means he’s a fun guy. Always prepared for a random game of wiffle-ball, whenever that moment may occur.

Skills: Growing out hair and beard, diving catches, keeping it as laid back as the city of Denver.

Looks: Long hair, massive beard. Nothing more needs to be said.

Fun Fact: Still drives his 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Final Grade: B+ Blackmon has a major contract and some major personality to go along with his Georgia Tech education. Plus he’s not all about that flashy lifestyle so many players get sucked into. His only downfall is that beard and hair combo which may repel people while simultaneously attracting food crumbs and bugs.

Klay Thompson

He’s got one of the sweetest strokes in the NBA, but is Klay Thompson sweet enough to steal your love?

Education: Washington State University

Money: He signed a lucrative shoe endorsement with Chinese shoe company Anta and has hauled in close to $60 million in career earnings.

Personality: On the court, Klay is reserved and relatively emotionless. Off the court, Klay keeps his guard up but can be a goofy man at times.

Skills: Perfect shooting form, lockdown defender, and ability to sign toasters with no regret.

Looks: Sharp nose, even sharper goatee.

Fun Fact: Has a bulldog named Rocco.

Final Grade: B+ Thompson has the looks and the loot. But he can be a bit too serious at times which may ward off potential suitors. Also his complete lack of emotion may make for some awkward first dates.

Joel Embiid

Talk about a mouthful, there is no better talker in the NBA today than Joel Embiid. But will his big mouth help him chat his way to the top of most eligible bachelors or mark his downfall?

Education: Kansas University (official University of Kansas)

Money: By the time 2023 rolls around, Embiid will have pocketed $167 million from salary before endorsements.

Personality: Super competitive on the court, Embiid is one of the most loveable, funny characters off it. He loves Twitter and trash talk almost as much as he loves winning, and his sense of humor is first-class.

Skills: Great shooter and rebounder, trash talking, winning the mental battle. Not good at staying healthy.

Looks: Embiid is a giant, standing at 7-feet tall. Rocks afro-twists and is bare of any visible tattoos.

Fun Fact: Speaks three languages (English, French, and Bassa).

Final Grade: A- He’d be one of the most entertaining dates around, can keep it light and easy at all times, and is getting paid. Plus, Embiid and his three languages mean he’s good to travel the globe with.

Kristaps Porzingis

Kristaps Porzingis is a unicorn because of the rare combination of skill and size he possesses. Is he also a rare gem in the world of dating or just your average seven-footer from Latvia?

Education: No college. Jumped from Euro ball to the NBA at age 20.

Money: Nearly $13 million, and expect that number to balloon once he signs a big extension. Also has an Adidas sponsorship.

Personality: He’s funny, hyper-competitive, confident, and goofy.

Skills: Trilingual, can dominate from the inside and out, great work ethic, and doesn’t let his team down like so many highly-drafted European players before him.

Looks: Looks like a classic slavic giant. Blonde hair and defined facial features.

Fun Fact: His dad was a bus driver in Latvia.

Final Grade: A- Porzingis checks nearly every box on this list. The only thing he’s missing is the degree and massive paycheck others have, but don’t worry, Kristaps is set to make big bucks in a few years. Other than that, he’s cultured, smart, and funny, and doesn’t have any known off-court issues or instances.

Julian Edelman

Although drafted in the seventh round of the 2009 draft, Edelman is first-round quality on the dating market. The only question is whether Edelman can out-maneuver the other stars on this list and find pay dirt.

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Education: Kent State University

Money: $26 million in career earnings from salary alone and has endorsement deals with Puma and Dunkin Donuts.

Personality: He’s outgoing, humble, and grounded, and he’s one of the game’s hardest workers. Absolutely no one questions his work ethic. However, he was suspended for taking a banned substance but is still considered one of the game’s most respected players.

Skills: Clutch catching, sharp route running, bouncing back from massive hits in the Super Bowl, and doubling as an emergency quarterback.

Looks: Looks like a surfer transplanted to an NFL field. Posed for ESPN the Magazine’s Body Edition and every inch of his 5-foot 10-inch frame is covered in muscle.

Fun Fact: Edelman was a college quarterback who only became a receiver at the next level.

Final Grade: A- He’s a near-perfect candidate but the steroid allegations hurt his chances at scoring the perfect grade. Fortunately, most willing suitors will gladly ignore that minor controversy.

Giancarlo Stanton

He was once called Mike Stanton but now he goes by Giancarlo. Will he stay consistent in the dating matrix or change things up on his potential suitors? Will he crush homeruns or strikeout? Nobody knows with this mystery man.

Education: None- had an offer to play baseball at Tulane University but elected to play Minor League ball instead.

Money: He’s currently made $64 million but is on track, thanks to his ridiculous contract with the Yankees, to make $334 million.

Personality: He’s intense and passionate, but also goofy and laid back. On the field, he looks and plays angry. Off it, he prefers not to talk about baseball, even with his parents, and loves to travel.

Skills: Can crush home runs, break records, and change the game with one swing. Also can seamlessly transition from one name to another.

Looks: Rocks the classic faux-hawk look and some slashes in his eyebrows. Incredibly strong, but hopefully not steroidal.

Fun Fact: His first name is Giancarlo and his middle name is Mike, but growing up, people couldn’t say Giancarlo properly so he went by Mike. This changed in the pros when announcers could actually say it properly.

Final Grade: A- He’s adventurous because he loves traveling and tasting new cultures, he’s serious at work but knows how to relax away from it, and he’s making insane amounts of money. And despite the stardom and temptations that come with living in America’s biggest city, Stanton hasn’t been embroiled in any controversy.

Aaron Rodgers

A gunslinging quarterback with a glorious mustache, will Aaron Rodgers escape the competition or get sacked and break his collarbone?

Education: Started out at community college before rising to a prestigious institution for higher learning, The University of California Berkeley, commonly referred to as Cal.

Money: When it’s all said and done, Rodgers will have earned over $314 million in career salary before counting any endorsements from brands like State Farm and Adidas.

Personality: A mix between a cowboy, rancher, suburban dad, and college kid, Rodgers is dynamic when it comes to who he is. He can wear a mustache and put on a twang or show his childish side with his touchdown celebrations, and he can take on the role of suburban dad with a humble post-game interview.

Skills: Ice in his veins (clutch), thread-the-needle (accurate), and being the only player able to keep Green Bay relevant.

Looks: Glorious mustache — handlebar or otherwise — and full beard. Looks the part of a quarterback from the 70s and is as casual as a California surfer fresh off the beach.

Fun Fact: He once dated actress Olivia Munn, but that relationship didn’t have a Hollywood ending. Currently, he’s dating Danica Patrick, but we all think that relationship will crash and burn.

Final Grade: A- Good looks, better personality. Great throws, greater bank account. Rodgers checks off nearly all the little boxes. Breaking up with Munn is questionable. Too many concussions?

Aaron Judge

All rise. Standing at 6-feet 7-inches, Aaron Judge is one of the most imposing hitters in baseball. He can crush a ball with ease, but will he crush the competition here?

Money: Since he’s new to the Majors, Judge hasn’t accumulated too much in career earnings. Currently he’s made about $3 million in salary with the Yankees, but should see a lot more in the near future.

Personality: Seems like a kind, gentle giant who respects the game of baseball and his opposition. Also a very funny character who went undercover to interview fans about Aaron Judge.

Skills: Smashing home runs and throwing missiles to home plate from the outfield. Don’t run on Judge, and if you do, prepare for the worst.

Looks: Chiseled jaw, extremely strong, but has a big gap in his front teeth, which could play to his advantage- you never know.

Fun Fact: Judge was adopted the day after he was born.

Final Grade: A- A certified star with a great heart, Judge is the near-complete package and a grand slam for whoever snares the newest Bronx Bomber. A few more millions in the bank and he’ll be A+ material.

Jared Goff

Can a young gun who is commanding one of the most powerful teams in the NFC lead his way to victory on the dating market?

Education: The University of California Berkeley (Cal).

Money: Hasn’t accumulated too much yet, but he was the first overall pick so he’s doing just fine. Salary earnings to date, not including any endorsement deals, are $24 million.

Personality: He’s the embodiment of any relaxed California kid who likes to hang loose and keep it chill.

Skills: Not succumbing to the pressure of resurrecting football in Los Angeles and throwing the deep ball.

Looks: Again, picture a blond surfer and put some pads on him. That’s Jared Goff.

Fun Fact: His father, Jerry, played professional baseball for the Expos, Pirates, and Astros.

Final Grade: A A very high grade here, Goff has earned it by showing excellent poise as a young quarterback playing in a tough market, rocking the classic bleach-blonde surfer look, and staying out of controversy while getting an education at a prestigious university.

Cameron Brate

Don’t b-rate (berate) him for not helping your fantasy team. Harvard’s Cameron Brate is a smart stud who’s IQ blows the competition away. Here’s to hoping his intellect isn’t too hard to keep up with.

Education: Harvard University

Money: To date, $9 million. Projected to reach $44 million after signing lucrative extension with Tampa.

Personality: He’s a fighter. Went undrafted out of Harvard and proved himself worthy of an NFL roster spot. Then he proved himself worthy of being a starting tight end.

Skills: He was an economics major at Harvard, so it’s safe to assume that anything involving numbers and finances are in Brate’s wheelhouse. On the field, he’s got good hands and will block anything, but will Brate block your DMs?

Looks: Kind of looks like Captain America and the prototypical Ivy League graduate. Handsome fellow no doubt.

Fun Fact: He has stated that graduating from Harvard is his biggest accomplishment, not making it to the NFL.

Final Grade: A Another A-list candidate, Brate does it all. Good looks, great degree, deep pockets, and no off-field controversies.

Todd Gurley

Introducing 2018-19’s most eligible bachelor, Toddy Gurley. He will run through you or around you and find the end zone with ease. Gurley will also run straight into your heart. He’s a potential MVP and is just getting started. Expect him to dominate the NFL and take over the dating world.

Education: The University of Georgia

Money: To date, $33 million and signed on to make an additional $50 million by 2023.

Personality: Todd brings it on the field, but seems like a genuine guy off it who knows how to get goofy when needed.

Skills: Bulldozing defenders, finding the end zone, and being the Rams offensive leader.

Looks: Dreadlocks, some tattoos, and a big smile.

Fun Fact: Ran hurdles for Georgia’s track team.

Final Grade: A+ Gurley is the complete package. Has the bank and the personality. Has the moves and the charming smile. Super Bowl or not, Gurley is our bachelor champion, and he should be yours, too.

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