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David Beckham remains one of the most prominent figures in the sports, even though he retired from soccer in 2013. He dedicated 20 years of his life to the game and continues to promote it even years after withdrawing, achieving the title of a British cultural icon. He is also widely regarded as one of the most stylish men in the sports world, from his tasteful fashion sense to his admirable haircuts. Get inspired with these David Beckham hairstyles below! Hairstyle with mustache.

1. David Beckham Hairstyles Undercut

One of Beckham’s most popular hairstyles to date is his undercut . He often incorporates this detail into all his haircuts, whether it’s a subtle undercut or visibly shaved down. In most cases, he pairs the undercut with a slightly longer top.

2. Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

It’s clear why hairstyles that have short sides and a longer top have been majorly trending in the past couple of years. In essence, they form a hairstyle that flatters basically any face shape or features. Take David’s example and try it out for yourself.

3. David Beckham Hair Short

We’re accustomed to seeing Beckham with a few inches of hair, but sometimes he decides to go really short with his hairstyle . From where we stand, this approach is A-okay. When he does his hair this way, he usually completes the look with shorter sides and a spiky hairstyle.

4. Man Buns

There has been a lot of controversy going around about the concept of a man bun . While some believe it’s a cringe-worthy hairstyle, others embrace it as a practical and stylish look. If you were in any doubt, you can rest assured knowing that it’s Becks-approved.

5. Side-tossed David Beckham Hairstyles

What can be more appealing than a nonchalant hairstyle? David is a pro at this look, always boasting an effortless hairstyle. It works best if your hair is lightly wavy and at least three inches long, with the sides of your head well-trimmed.

6. David Beckham Hair Slicked Back

Sporting slicked back hair is definitely one of Beckham’s style staples. However, he has the knack of doing it in quite a refined way. Instead of pouring on product and slicking it back, he prefers to lightly rake his locks back.

7. Comb Over Hairstyles

Are dapper, fetching and gentleman all main traits that you seek in your style? If this is your personality, you can never go wrong with a comb over hairstyle. Allow your hair to grow a few inches and gracefully comb it to one side.

8. Buzz Cuts

9. Pompadour David Beckham Hairstyles

David is one of those guys that look phenomenal with almost any hairstyle. That’s why he can rock a short and sporty hairstyle just as well as a handsome pompadour . Take note that he adds a personal touch to all of his haircuts, like the neatly cut sides in this photo.

10. Crew Cuts

Don’t like complicating things? You should stick to a simple hairstyle, such as the crew cut. It’s ideal if you want to stay away from a high maintenance haircut, or if you just like sporting short hair. We also recommend it for athletes.

11. Taper Fade David Beckham Hairstyles

This shot of the global football ambassador proves that he can pull off a taper fade haircut flawlessly. To get a similar look, make sure that the gradient from the top to your nape is gradual, with a subtle fade until you reach your skin.

12. Skin Fades with Shaved Bangs

Judging by the photo, Beckham most likely had this look quite a few years ago, to say the least. However, there is one valuable lesson we can take from the style. Dare to experiment with an unconventional look; one that fully represents your personality, regardless of current trends.

13. Shaggy Haircuts

We can all agree that David looks exceptional with any hairstyle, whether it’s clean-cut or tousled. In the end, it’s all in the way you carry yourself. For example, this seemingly careless shaggy haircut he had was rocked with attitude.

14. Messy David Beckham Hairstyles

It’s hard to find a hairstyle more appealing than a messy one. Even though you will be showing off your rebellious side, it will all result in a charming and captivating appearance. Follow Beckham’s style by messing up your strands every now and then.

Pointy mustache

15. Quiff David Beckham Hairstyles

David sported a quiff long before it became a grooming staple for men. It’s an easygoing hairstyle that men can adequately wear in any situation. No matter if you’re engaging in a sport, off to the office for a meeting or prepping for a special event, always consider a quiff hairstyle.

16. Shaved Heads with Beards

Among David Beckham hairstyles, we admit that this is definitely one of the most imposing. At one point, Becks opted to fully shave his head. To enhance the impact of the look, he grew an extended beard. Top it all off with that penetrating stare and you have the perfect bad boy allure.

17. Angular Fringe David Beckham Hairstyles

Even though many angular fringe hairstyles feature bangs across one side of your forehead, we also like the way Beckham personalized his version. He prefers to style his angular fringe upwards. As a result, he prevents his hair from getting in his eyes.

18. Induction Cuts

Out of all military haircuts , the induction cut is definitely the most drastic. It’s named after the very first haircut soldiers get when they enter the military, making it the shortest. David proves that you can still be highly attractive even with a 4-clipper-length haircut.

19. Fohawk David Beckham Hairstyles

Guys with thick hair should always keep a fohawk (or faux hawk) in mind if they’re out of hairstyle ideas. Although your hair needs to be 3-4 inches long to get the styling right, the results are worth it. As a side note, you should have naturally straight hair for easy maintenance.

20. Side Bangs

Despite the fact that Becks typically brushes his bangs away from his face, there are some occasions in which he allows them to drape his forehead. More specifically, he chooses to sweep them to the side. A layered haircut helps with this look.

21. Grown Out Hairstyles

Whether you enjoy displaying a messy and shaggy hairstyle or you’re just tired of haircut appointments once every two weeks, this is the look for you. It appears to be grown out nonchalantly, but also smartly layered throughout.

22. Shoulder-length David Beckham Hairstyles

When you see this photo, you’ll most likely do a double take to see if you’re looking at David Beckham or Kurt Cobain. It’s none other than Becks himself, quite a few years back when he preferred shoulder-length locks. We still dig the idea.

23. Brushed Back David Beckham Hairstyles

To support our claim that fully slicking your hair back may not be the best solution, here is a photo with Beckham showing brushed back hair. It’s even more effortless than our first example, with the hair ever so slightly combed back.

24. Shaved Lines

It’s always fun to play around with your hairstyle from time to time. That’s exactly what David did in the period that he was captured in this picture. To spice up his standard buzz cut, he decided to shave two lines on one side of his head. Props for originality!

25. Side Swept Bowl Cut

In his youth, Beckham tried out plenty of hairstyles that were trending at the time. Among them is the blonde bowl cut idea, which was highly popular in the 90s and 2000s. The side-swept bangs complemented his sharp features nicely.

26. Hard Part David Beckham Hairstyles

While we don’t quite see David with highly visible hard parts , he often accentuates his side part when wearing his hair combed over. It’s an essential detail for emphasizing this type of hairstyle and defining the contrast between the longer top and shorter sides.

27. Flattop David Beckham Hairstyles

We are truly impressed with the way Beckham can flaunt a flattop in his own way. He steers clear of rough bristles, instead going for the brushed up look we’ve grown to love throughout the years. Like with most of his looks, the sides remain cleanly cut.

Stache short for mustache

28. Long Bangs

A modern way that you can wear side bangs without having a bowl cut is depicted in this shot. The undercut shapes his hairstyle nicely, while the long bangs are thrown to the side without a care. This hair length allows you to wear various styles, including slicked back.

29. High and Tight Haircuts

Beckham frequently goes back to extremely short haircuts, at least once every several years. When he was younger, he went so far as to shave the majority of his head, excluding the top. The outcome is a high and tight haircut with a stately impact.

30. Mohawk David Beckham Hairstyles

In addition to his fohawk hairstyles, David also fancied traditional mohawks. Even though he never went full punk with his mohawks , he did shave the sides of his head, leaving a large portion from his hairline to the back of his neck with longer strands.

31. Cornrows

One of the obvious benefits of having long hair is that you have more options for styling. Around the time that Becks had shoulder-length hair, he also wore cornrows. This is a particularly enjoyable look in the summertime, as your hair won’t add to the heat you experience.

32. Spiky David Beckham Hairstyles

It seems that Beckham always had some sort of spiky haircut, whether accentuated or discretely styled. Thanks to his numerous layers, his spiky hairstyles achieve a textured look. Together with shaved sides, you’ll have a sharp appearance.

33. Curtain Bangs

Can you believe that David was only 21 when this picture was taken? If you’re feeling nostalgic and want a retro vibe to your look, get inspired by his curtain bangs approach. This works especially well if you have fine hair and want to add some dynamism to it.

34. Brush Up David Beckham Hairstyles

Aside from brushing his locks back or to the side, Beckham also tends to switch to a brushed up look from time to time. This well-shaped hairstyle combines elements from pompadours and quiffs, resulting in an eye-catching haircut.

35. Middle Part Hairstyles

Whether you’re thinking about growing your hair out or you already have long locks, you can think about parting your hair in the middle. This option is perfect for men with smaller foreheads and a layered haircut.

36. Strip Mohawk Hairstyle

Another one of David’s unforgettable mohawks was this bold hairstyle. In this year, Beckham decided to almost shave down his head entirely, with the exception of a 2-3 inch strip in the middle. The remaining hair is styled towards the middle, in a visibly mohawk-inspired fashion.

37. Fanned Up David Beckham Hairstyles

There’s no denying Becks’ style icon status. He is the face of numerous campaigns from huge brands, from Adidas and Calvin Klein or Gillette and H&M. Whenever promoting one of them, his hair will always be on point with one of these fanned up looks.

38. David Beckham Hairstyles with Moustaches

We’re used to seeing David with at least some form of facial hair, usually as a well-trimmed beard or 5 o’clock shadow. Still, we can observe variations from time to time, like this thick mustache. If you want to grow one, think about pairing it with the hairstyle he had in this photo.

39. Headband Hairstyle

If you’re an avid sports player, you know how annoying long hair can get when you’re in the game. If man buns aren’t your thing and neither are braided hairstyles, you can settle for a headband to uncover your face.

40. Classy David Beckham Hairstyles

There’s no doubt in the world that Beckham is a classy man. He succeeds in blending athletic with polished in an extremely flattering way, inspirational for all men. A major part is played by his casually yet attentively styled wavy hair.

Mustache styles for young men

41. Facial Hair Styles

To go back to our facial hair ideas inspired by DB7 here is one of the times when we preferred a longer beard instead of a tightly trimmed one. We agree that it complements his signature hairstyle well, serving as inspiration for men who like a good amount of facial hair.

42. David Beckham Hairstyles with Long Quiff

What we possibly love most about the quiff hairstyle is that it works even if you have longer hair. For instance, we’re certain that Beckham had at least 6-7-inch long locks in this photo. Still, he achieved the perfect careless quiff.

43. Bleached Hairstyles

Here’s another idea for nostalgics. You can take a trip back in time to the Slim Shady glory days and bleach your hair entirely. While we don’t fully recommend it due to the damage it causes to hair, we do believe that you can get away with it once in your life.

44. Top Knot David Beckham Hairstyles

We’ve talked about David’s iconic man bun, but what about his smaller top knot period? Even if your hair isn’t long enough to create a full out man bun, you can tie your short tips into a tiny top knot for a similar effect.

45. Funky Hairstyles

Life is too short to take yourself seriously all the time. This is a valuable lesson we often learn from ‘Golden Balls’, from his continuous smile to his funky hairstyles. Take it easy with an unconventional hairstyle from time to time and have fun with it.

46. Copper Color Hairstyles

Want to change up the color of your hair but without going Eminem-blonde? You can try out the light copper-caramel color that David used for one of his mohawks at one point. It will look amazing if you decide to choose this haircut too.

47. Half Up David Beckham Hairstyles

Styling hair half up half down isn’t only for women. It’s a fantastic idea for men with long hair who are tired of constantly brushing it out of their eyes. Essentially, it’s a cool way that you can tie your hair up without using a man bun approach.

48. Disconnected Undercut David Beckham Hairstyles

Just like his Real Madrid successor Cristiano Ronaldo , Beckham also generally prefers disconnected undercuts. Even though he experiments with faded haircuts more than the Portuguese soccer player, he often goes for an abrupt transition with his undercuts.

49. Shadow Roots Hairstyles

After more than a decade since they’ve gone out of fashion, shadow roots are back as a trend for women and men alike. You can either dye your hair starting with a few centimeters from your scalp or fully color it and wait for it to grow so your roots will show.

50. Casual Ponytails

We’ll end on a light-hearted note, with a hairstyle that will bring out the youthful side in any man. Provided your hair is at least shoulder-length, you can casually tie it in a ponytail. An additional advantage is the slicked back aspect you’ll enjoy.


To wrap everything up, it’s easy to see why David Beckham hairstyles are so popular among men. Not only are they all incredibly well put together, but they also offer a broad variety for all personalities and tastes. Regardless if you recreate one of his short and sporty haircuts or a longer and shaggier alternative, wear it with confidence! So, what will you choose?
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