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Today, about 33 percent of American men and 55 percent of men worldwide have some kind of facial hair. If an average man stopped trimming his beard, it would grow up to 27.5 feet. So far, the Rapunzel look for men has not gained society’s — or Disney’s — approval. How to shape up mustache.

Men’s hairstyles today illustrates today’s most popular beards.

“Gone are the scruffy, unkempt…beards that have been popular the last few seasons,” -Judah Down, the owner of JD’s Barbershop in Gastown. “A proper, groomed-and-trimmed beard is more the look now.”

Beards have stood for citizenship (Ancient Greece), mourning (Ancient Rome), virility, and social status. A clean-shaven face has stood for wealth, military, clerical, and, again, social status. Today your decision to grow a beard and what kind of beard means just that: your decision.

When growing out your beard or other styles of facial hair, your face will probably be itchy from dry patches and new facial hair. This lasts about two weeks and can be soothed with Reuzel Beard Balm. Does beard balm work? Absolutely. This balm combines shea butter and argan oil to treat irritations, massage into the skin for moisturizing and itch relief.

Do not buy the smallest size balm. After the symptoms ease and your beard begins to look like one, use the balm to make your beard appear thicker, stay moisturized, and tame rogue hairs. Balm is an excellent styling product to give your beard its desired shape and stay that way throughout the day.

Mustache shape up

You will need a boar bristle brush and comb to train your facial hair to stay in the correct position. Special beard and mustache combs are available, but a regular comb will suffice. These grooming implements also spread the natural oils your body produces throughout your beard. You will need scissors to trim and shape your beard and mustache and to get rid of split ends.

Keeping your beard clean is as easy as washing your hair. Reuzel Beard Foam is a conditioner that deodorizes your beard, absorbs quickly, and helps you tame and control your beard. Did you know that beards with an unpleasant odor are the number 1 no-no according to women? Reuzel Scrub Shampoo gets rid of dirt, grease, pollutants, and other dulling residues, it is also an excellent exfoliate for sluffing off dry skin). Use the scrub shampoo once a week and use the Reuzel Daily Shampoo on other days.

To trim and maintain your beard’s neckline, adjust the clippers two settings below your beard length. Clip everything below an imaginary line that curves between both ear lobes and falls just below your Adam’s apple. As your beard grows, keep the same clipper setting. The hair between your neckline and Adam’s apple should be short even if you have a full beard.

Pay attention to the skin beneath your beard, without regular exfoliating and moisturizing it can develop the dreaded “beardruff”, so Reuzel Beard Balm and Beard Foam should be used daily. As your beard grows, you will see its natural shape and decide with or without a barber the best beard style for you.

According to a beard is an advertisement of good health and a sign to women that you are good mating material. But living with a beard requires some diligence, especially while eating. Be sure to avoid wearing the following three greatest offenders out of your kitchen or a restaurant: pasta sauce, cappuccino foam, and rice.

Thin mexican mustache

To keep stylish, remember the following tips:

Do not accessorize your beard with beads.

Give your mustache as much grooming attention as your beard.

Shave all neckbeard hair.

Do not let your beard just grow. Keep it clean, trimmed, and styled.

Fu mustache

…And what about the ladies? As Minnie Pearl, a Grand Ole Opry comedian for fifty years, said:

“Kissing a man with a beard is a lot like going to a picnic. You don’t mind going through a little bush to get there!”
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