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There are countless mustache styles to choose from for Movember, so narrowing them down to one or a few is not an easy task to undertake. Here are a few of the classiest styles to consider and even a few you can transition too. Vintage mustache styles.

Those that want a sophisticated retro look should consider the connoisseur. If your hair grows at a normal rate, this is an achievable look within a month, but of course, it can be grown to be longer and more fabulous over time if you find you like it. To get this look, you need to remember you are going for sleek and curled. Be prepared for regular trimming to keep the mustache looking precise. A quality mustache wax will allow you to get the curl right on the ends. Of course conditioning with an oil will keep your mustache sleek.

This style is similar to the Connoisseur with a few important differences. First off this stache is thinner and lacks the curl. The center ends are narrower, and the curve at the ends is slight. You will still want to use a good set of trimmers to keep this look put together, and a bit of wax on the ends will help create the slight upturn that is characteristic of The After Eight. This is a good look to pair with a prohibition era slick back undercut hairstyle.

If you like the look of a pencil thin mustache or just don't want to deal with the extra cleaning of a thick mustache, then the Abrakadabra is a good compromise between The Connoisseur and The After Eight. With this look, you can embrace your inner magician. Hipsters all over are choosing the Abrakadabra due to its fun vintage look.

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Choosing Your Movember Mustache Goal

Choosing a mustache is best done sooner rather than later. After a week you are going to be wanting to make an extra effort to shape your mustache into the look you want. Of course, it is important to realize that you can easily change your mind and transition to another mustache in some cases. Pencil thin Mustaches can always be allowed to gain volume and length for a totally different look.

Consider a more over the top mustache campaign if you want to gain a lot of donations on your Movember page. People go crazy for elaborate designs and styling when it comes to mustaches. After Movember, you might decide that a mustache is a thing for you and keep your look or even try another one.

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Having fun with fashion that goes with your mustache can add some more pizazz to your Movember. A new suit or some retro shirts and glasses may help you reinvent your style and be more adventurous with your hair and fashion choices.
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