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Growing a moustache can be fun and rewarding for those gents willing to put a little time and effort into styling and taking proper care of their whiskers. With so many options for products and tools to style the mustache, it can get a bit confusing to navigate all of the brands and products on the market. The following guide can help you choose and use the right wax for your stache. How to get a good mustache.

Men who groom their mustache daily with wax find that, with time, the hairs become “trained” and start to lie over off of the lip more naturally. Once your hairs start to hang over the lip then it is time to start using wax to keep it out of the mouth. The first few days to weeks will not be easy, but with time your hairs will train off the lip as they grow.

Early on those hairs can be quite annoying, and some fellas will chew on their moustache out of habit causing uneven growth. A good wax can prevent this from happening, and if it's too late for you then simply trim those whiskers down and start over.

For daily grooming needs, you will want a regular to medium hold mustache wax to help keep the hairs out of the mouth and the food out of the hairs… Most regular holding waxes are designed for daily use and are much easier to apply. Depending on how course your facial hair is, you may need to apply a medium hold wax an extra time during the day, yet some of you may have a tame mustache all day long after just one morning application depending on the brand you are using.

Watch this quick 1 minute video below on applying our daily grooming medium hold Olde Country moustache wax:

You may be asking yourself "Won't hairspray or gel do the trick?". Yes, but do you like using harmful chemicals that can cause damage to your hairs and irritation to the skin? Many of us have tried such techniques and the lack of quality and performance provided by hairspray and gel are a prime reason that serious mustache enthusiasts always prefer natural waxes to hairstyling product.

Short beard long mustache

Using strong wax to style handlebars, english, or other styles will require a level of commitment. Remember, if you want perfection then patience and practice are required, just as they are for anything else in life.

Waxes that truly offer a "Strong Hold", such as our Death Grip, are made for those who don't mind taking a little time in the morning to style and especially great for those looking to compete in beard competition or for hitting the town on a hot Saturday night date!

To apply a strong wax, it is common practice to use a blow dryer on low heat for a few seconds to help soften and comb the wax into your hairs. As it starts to cool, you should be able to start shaping your 'stache into place!

Watch this quick 1 minute video below on applying our extra strong Death Grip moustache wax:

Whether you use medium or strong hold mustache wax, the temperature you live, work, and play in can factor as to how your wax performs. Depending on your environment, you may need to apply extra throughout the day. Almost all mustache waxes, and most hair styling products in general become soft when heat is applied. Hot beverages, eating, talking a lot, and smiling a lot could also strike the need for an additional application due to the lip being a very active area of the body.

The imperial mustache

Each brand of mustache wax varies with the type of ingredients they use. There are some good brands of wax on the market, such as Vintage Grooming™, that use natural ingredients like bees wax, castor oil, and lanolin. Most of the “cheap” waxes on the market may do somewhat “ok”, but they are cheap for a reason. Many of these lower end waxes are comprised of harmful chemicals that are bad for both your whiskers and the environment.

Here at Vintage Grooming™, we pride ourselves in using natural ingredients in our mustache waxes that are beneficial to the hairs on your lip and also give it a natural looking, no-greasy, hold! Also, beware of some natural ingredients such as petroleum is known in the mustache world to cause acne and other skin irritation issues.

Depending on the brand and your skin and hair type will factor as to what will work best for your stache. We do suggest though doing your research and buying quality tins of wax that are made from all-natural ingredients.

When evaluating the proper wax for your moustache, always ensure the scent is not overpowering. You are applying wax to the hairs directly underneath your nose, so you don't want anything too strong that will give you a headache. So ensure you choose wax with a pleasant subtle aroma or it should be odorless (“odorless” is actually uncommon with most quality waxes). The waxes we hand-make here at Vintage Grooming™ provide naturally fresh pine aromas with no scent added!

Moustache wax and stache needs from person to person will vary depending on hair type, style preferences, environment, and aroma preferences. Again, we highly suggest steering clear of all cheap waxes made from harmful chemicals, as you don’t want to regret this later once skin irritation and damaged hair begin to occur.

New shaving style

You may need to try a couple different brands to see what works best for you. If you are money conscious and don’t want to spend too much trying different products, then ensure you check product reviews to hear what other mustache enthusiast are saying about the wax or look for company's like ours that offer a 100% Moneyback Guarantee!

Do you have any mustache wax tips or any crazy mustache stories? Feel free to comment below with any stories, stache questions, or other ideas for what you'd like to see on the Vintage Grooming Co. blog!

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