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There’s no doubt about it, beards are back in style. Beards, in all shapes and styles, have never been more popular. Men are growing beards in record numbers! From the timber man look to the simple five o'clock shadow to glitter beards, we have seen it all. As we approach “No-shave November,” beards are still in! Mustache face shape.

If you have ever considered stepping out to try something new, now is the time.

And beards are not the only facial hair trending now. Mustaches are making a comeback.

Some popular mustache styles are:

2- The Handlebar Mustache

Stylish mustache

Is a beard or mustache right for you? First, it is critical to determine your face shape. Once you know your personal face shape, you can make a better decision about your facial hair plan.

The three basic face shapes:

Square- Keep sides of beard short. We want to keep the your face looking longer, not wide. Keep it fuller at the chin or add a little length to the chin and jaw.

Round- Keep sides of beard short and grow length for the bottom to add a longer slimmer look to the face shape. This will give you a slimmer look. Achieve this look with help from a TENZING Adventure pack. Choose between Sage Mint and Sandalwood.

How to have thick mustache

Oval - with this face shape you can pretty much do anything you want and it will come out looking great. You can rock out a beard of all shapes and sizes as well try giving a go at the trending mustache look.

Don't skimp on shaving products

Having the right men’s shaving products is essential to achieving the perfect beard. Invest in all-natural skincare for men. Dangerous chemicals like parabens, phthalates and propylene glycol are often found in low-cost shaving creams, and should be kept away from your skin. Find out what’s really in your shave cream before purchasing.

So, if you are considering something new, determine your face shape and go for it. It’s No-Shave November, so why not?

Guy with mustache

Written by: Brandon Bergler is a stylist at Salon Dulay. He is also a cutting edge educator who specializes in men's cuts.
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