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The Van Dyke beard has been around for centuries. It was made famous by a Flemish painter, Anthony Van Dyke, who always wore his facial hair in this style. It is now making a big comeback as more celebrities and sportsmen choose to wear their facial hair in this unique style. Johnny depp moustache style.

Best Van Dyke Beard Styles

A Van Dyke beard style is normally categorized by a separate beard and mustache. The style is usually quite narrow with most of the facial hair sitting on the end of the chin. Cheek hair and sideburns are usually avoided in a classic van Dyke look, but modern beard wearers have changed the rules a bit! Below are some of the subtle Van Dyke beard style variations.

#1: Anchor

For a nautical-themed beard, style your facial hair into an anchor shape. The beard style curves around under your chin and then join up to your mustache with a narrow strip of hair under your lips.

For a subtle take on the Van Dyke beard style, fashion your beard into a patchy goatee beard style. Keeping your hair thinner gives the style less intensity and means that it is suitable for lots of different occasions.

#3: Pointed Van Dyke

A pointed beard style can elongate your face. Style your beard so that it tapers at the end to give a really pointed look. Any style that is good enough for Brad Pitt is the height of fashion!

#4: The Johnny Depp

This style has become synonymous with Johnny Depp because he has sported this look for a number of years. He likes to keep the hair on his chin short and patchy for a real Bohemian look.

Long thin mustache

#5: Intense Depp Style

Johnny Depp’s look has more intensity when he grows his beard slightly thicker. His Van Dyke beard style really suits his thin facial features.

#6: Sloped Goatee

For a sloped goatee look, make sure that your mustache is wider than the beard section of your facial hairstyle. This type of van Dyke beard style will make your face look softer and more approachable.

#7: Anchor with Stubble

Although a classic Van Dyke beard should not include any hair on the cheeks, we can just about accept it on David Beckham. The stubble helps to give the Anchor beard style a rough and ready look.

#8: The Van Dali

A Dali mustache is one which has been teased into a long thin shape. The mustache pairs up really well a van Dyke chin puff. These two styles give a really quirky facial hairstyle.

#9: Disconnected Goatee with Light Stubble

Grow your beard and mustache so that there is a slight disconnect between two areas of hair. Adding a little bit of stubble to the look helps to create a very subtle version of the Van Dyke beard.

Moustache or not

#10: Texas Van Dyke Beard

For a Texan cowboy style, tease your beard so that it grows to a point. Groom your mustache so that it is very bushy and distinct from the rest of your facial hair.

#11: Cylinder Chin Puff

Instead of teasing your beard into a point at the end, keep it thick and rounded. This beard style is reminiscent of the 1960’s and 1970’s and is perfect for chilled-out, laid-back guys.

#12: Modern Colonel

Colonel Sanders has a very distinctive look, but some style icons think that it is a bit dated. Luckily, it is possible to give this beard style a modern twist with careful grooming.

#13: Skinny Chin Puff

If you don’t want to commit to a full-on Van Dyke beard, try this gateway look instead. A few wispy hairs create a non-threatening beard style which is perfect for those who want a softer look.

#14: Wide Anchor

The Wide Anchor style is a little bit different to a normal Van Dyke beard as it covers the whole width of the chin. This beard style has a little bit of a retro touch to it.

Barbershop mustache styles

Take your beard style back a couple of centuries by trying out a classic Anthony Van Dyke look. On the other hand, try out one of our more modern twists on the fascinating Van Dyke beard style.
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