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From perfectly-trimmed pencil mustaches to messy man buns: Clever time-lapse video sees hunky model charting the evolution of MALE beauty trends during the last century

Model Samuel Orson stars in the video, which documents men's grooming trends in America from the 1910s until the present day How to trim a pencil mustache.

Taking inspiration from grooming advertisements and iconic figures from the decades, a team of stylists run Samuel through 11 looks

Published: 21:43 GMT, 2 November 2015 | Updated: 23:15 GMT, 2 November 2015

A clever new video looks at the last ten decades of male beauty in the United States, charting every changing trend, from handlebar mustaches of the 1910s to the 'metrosexual' look of the early 2000s.

As part of its 100 Years of Beauty series, 's team of researchers and hair stylists have finally taken on male beauty for the first time, giving a handsome model 11 different looks to correspond with the trends of each decade over the last century.

The model, Samuel Orson, is morphed into representations for the eras through hairstyles and facial hair grooming - with looks inspired by shaving and grooming advertisements as well as iconic figures from the decades.

The filmmakers at Seattle-based wanted to use only Samuel's natural hair for the project, meaning they had to shoot the clip from from longest hairstyles to shortest hairstyles and most to least facial hair rather than in order of decade - a process that can be spotted during the frantic time lapse styling clips between each look.

For the 1910s, Samuel was given a hairstyle and mustache inspired by grooming ads at the time, including a flawlessly trimmed and styled handlebar mustache and a slicked-back side-parting.

Moustache or not

That parting moves over to the center for the next look, covering the 1920s, and, thanks to advances in industrial production and the availability of home razors, sporting a close shave became the popular thing.

The next style, for the 1930s, the stylists drew their inspiration from Clark Gable, the classic Hollywood actor best known as the star of 1939's Gone With the Wind.

Samuel's hair was once again put into a side-parting with a slick, sculpted style, and his mustache shaved into a thin pencil shape.

For the 1940s, Samuel was styled as George Mendonsa - the sailor who was famously photographed landing a smooch on a woman in Times Square on V-Day, August 14, 1945.

For this look, Samuel was given a sailor hat to place over his long-on-the-top and short-on-the-sides hairstyle as he flashes the camera a winning grin.

Elvis provided the inspiration for the video's 1950s style, with Samuel's locks being coiffed into a lofty pompadour hairstyle, which he combs in a stereotypical greaser fashion between styling.

Paying homage to the commercialization of hippie culture in the latter half of the decade, Samuel's look for the 1960s sees him sporting a long bowl haircut, mustache and small beard - looking not unlike the character of Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

Cool beards and mustaches

Long and shaggy is the style all around for the 1970s look, with Samuel sporting shoulder-length hair and a full face of facial hair to match the wild and free spirit of the counterculture of the times.

The 1980s look is about as far removed as you can get from its predecessor. Taking on a distinctive Patrick Bateman-esque severe, slicked back hairstyle, Samuel looks like he could have come straight out of the Wall Street film.

And in another nod to the yuppie culture of the decade, Samuel also gives his nose a quick rub with his thumb to poke fun at the infamous chemical indulgences of the era's financial elite.

As is based in Seattle, the obvious choice for 90s inspiration has to come from the grunge movement of music and fashion, of which Kurt Cobain is an exemplar.

With that in mind, Samuel is given a choppy, tousled hairstyle like the one the famous Nirvana rocker sported, and also wears a mustache and small beard.

At the turn of the millennium, things have taken a sharp turn, with a clean-shaven Samuel wearing a ceiling-reaching faux hawk as a remembrance to the time when many men were describing themselves as 'metrosexuals'.

The video ends with the model's own natural look - which also happens to be a popular style around America today: the 'lumbersexual'.

Top mustaches

With a full beard and mustache, Samuel is seen pulling his long hair up behind his head and tying it into a man bun.

In past videos, has given their 100 Years of Beauty treatment to the women of the USA, Mexico, Korea, Iran, and The Philippines, all displaying how politics, culture, and the economy can influence beauty trends.

The series has proven to be extremely popular among viewers, with their first installment, showing a model named Nina demonstrating American beauty trends, boasting over 26 million views.
Overall rating page: 4.3 / 5 left 342 people.

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