Handlebar facial hair. Trending Facial Hair Styles For Men This Festive Season

Its the festive season here in India and people love to rejoice it with great cheerfulness and zeal. During this time of the year, there are many family gatherings and meetings for which every individual tries to look as good as they can. However Indian men who have busy schedules often find it hard to keep up with the current fashion trends for men. To solve this problem here is a list of top three trending facial hair styles for men to try this festive season. Trending mustache styles.

1. Stubble beard:

This is an easy maintenance yet trending beard style that men can opt for this festive season. Basically, all an individual needs to do to have this beard is ditch the razor for 3-4 days and most men will end up with a nice stubble. Just remember to keep the edges sharp to have that defined look.

2. Short beard with curl mustache:

This beard style is the new trend in fashion for men all over India. Many famous celebrities can be spotted with this style of beard. This kind of beard looks best on people who have an oval face with an athletic physique. The main attraction of this style is the curly mustache for which an individual needs first grow their mustache hair without trimming them too much and then apply some wax and shape it to keep it positioned.

Nice shaving style

3. Thick and bold beard:

One of the most famous beard style the thick and bold looks stylish when done properly. Any individual who has a thick beard without any patches can go for this style of beard. This trendy beard generally looks good on people who have a round or square face shapes.

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