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Speaking about beard and mustache style for men is an endless topic. Growing beard and mustache have been so popular since long time ago among men. It looks like having endless interest for men to grow beard. It is only the styles which differ from the past and present period. The past period of men beard and mustache styles look longer and thicker in average. However, men, nowadays, prefer more well-groomed and shorter beard and mustache. Best mustache styles.

Beard and mustache have different meaning among one to other men. In the other word, beard and mustache can be seen to represent as their identity. We can simply acknowledge a man by his beard or mustache. Besides, their beard and mustache preference can also indicate personality of a man. In fact, beard and mustache are indeed unique ornament God gave to men. A man with beard and mustache simply looks more masculine than a man without beard and mustache. It affirms that beard and mustache show men’s character. A study also mentioned that a man with beard and mustache has higher confidence and happiness in life. It shows how big beard and mustache affect men’s life. Thus, all of them are what make beard and mustache unique and special.

Growing beard and mustache are not easy. There are two kind of men, those are men who naturally can grow beard and moustache and men who need special treatment to grow beard and mustache. A man who can naturally grow beard and mustache usually will be able to grow their beard and mustache when they already pass puberty. Meanwhile, some men need certain cream to stimulate their beard and mustache to grow. However, both of them still require their patience and dedication. Having great beard and mustache are not instant. You need to wait and be patience. Your beard, mustache, and whiskers will grow bit by bit. They go to cover your cheeks, chin and to your upper neck. Your beard and mustache, normally, will grow following your facial line. It makes your beard and mustache fit to your face naturally. Usually, men who have decided to grow full beard and mustache will be able to grow them again to any length as they like in the future. Thus, it might be tough at the beginning, but it is easy in the future.

All men, nowadays, want to grow beard and mustache. As the current trend, all men dream of having fabulous beard and mustache now. However, they do not have any knowledge to grow their beard and mustache properly. Moreover, they do not know what styles which are suitable for their face types. Thus, here are some tips and insights about growing beard and mustache.

Growing beard and mustache are all about commitment and patience. It does require time. It, normally, takes weeks even months. Besides, you also need to keep your skin healthy and clean. Your facial skin has to keep clean, yet moist. Consuming some food which contain high vitamin E such as nuts is a good idea. In addition, the application of beard and mustache grower cream is also suggested.

Beard styles

Do not talk about styles in your first attempt to grow your beard and mustache. Make sure your objective is to grow full beard. Wait until your cheeks, chin, and upper neck covered by hair. Afterward, you can maintain your beard and mustache by shaving them in a gentle and circular motion using rotary shaver. Leave it stubble. It aims to have synced beard and mustache to your face. Besides, the first shaving also stimulates your beard and mustache grow faster and heavier.

You will see the result might be after several weeks later. Until then, your beard and mustache will look pretty unkempt. In this time, you can trip your beard and mustache with a comb to get the best length fit and reduce any stragglers.

The next job is to wait your beard and mustache well-filled. After you have well-filled beard and mustache, you can talk about styles and shape your beard and mustache style.

When you want to shape your beard, you need to remember to increase the length setting as you move from the cheeks to the chin. This simply the natural facial line of all men. You must not ignore the facial line when shaping your beard and mustache.

Trim mustache

On your first trim, you just need to focus a bit on your cheeks and upper neck. Rotary shaver would be the best gear. Gentry make circular motion on your cheeks then neck.

To complete your stunning beard and mustache, you need also best style. Thus, here are some popular and modern style for your beard and mustache.

Painter’s Brush

As its name, this style offers you a mustache shape which looks like brush shape. Men are rare using this style. However, if your face fits with this mustache style, you will look stunning.

Horse Shoe

This mustache style is introduced by modern cowboys. Just like the name, it offers you a mustache whose shape looks like a horse shoe.

Best moustache for bald head

Full Beard

This is one of most favorite beard and mustache style. This style allows your beard and mustache cover almost a half of your face. Your beard and mustache will connect each other. However, if you commit to this style, you have to pay more attention to clean your face, especially your neck.

Mustache with Goatee

This beard and mustache style offer you a style which look like goat’s beard. This beard will let you look masculine with big power and influence. It is no surprise that some popular name such as Johnny Depp, Manny Paquiao, and James Franco are so familiar with this style. Beard and mustache represent your identity. Sometimes, people want to apply a certain beard and mustache style, but unfortunately their facial line is not appropriate for that style. This cannot happen. It will look weird to your face if you insist. Thus, make sure you find your own beard and mustache style.
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