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Facial hair was quite big way back in the 18 Gangster mustache styles.

century. You will see elaborately done up beards, mustaches, and sideburns in the paintings and photographs of this bygone area. In those times a man’s virility was often judged by the thickness of his beard or mustache.

Over the years the ideas about men and their masculinity changed and the more urban world believed in a cleaner and more respectable look. The beard was soon left behind and the mustaches were trimmed and shaped to look neat and great.

From the shaggy walrus style to the European imperial style to the handlebar style, mustaches came a long way till the clean shaven look was embraced. A hairless face was deemed sexy and shaving was the new ‘it’ for men. Mustaches soon waved a goodbye only to comeback in the late 90’s with a roar as the younger generation wore staches as fashion statement to show their rebel side.

Policemen, gangsters, and armed forces alike started sporting the mustache and it soon gained popularity.

Hollywood movies reflected new styles of mousers over the ears. Some influenced by the American fashion such as the pencil thin lip line, some by age old cultures such as the very famous droopy Fu Manchu.

Let’s look at some of the famous mustache styles that had women drooling and men excited to have them to get your very own mustache ideas:

Sacha Baron Cohen in Borat:

The oversized caterpillar mustache resting on his upper lips made him look slipshod but adorable. The Eurasian traveller look made quite a statement and had many a man sport the lip warmer after the movie released. If you want to sport the same, go in the hiding and grow out the bush. Shave the area around what you want to keep and then use mustache wax to curl in the mustache wisp by wisp. Done!

Mustache style guide

Errol Flynn in The Adventures of Robin Hood:

This one was dainty. Agreed but the wispy lip warmer on the actor complimented his off-screen persona as well as matched has on screen feathered hat. The little patch of goatee only enhanced the whole look. The thin line of facial hair did so much to make his jaw line look chiselled and his face handsome.

The trick to achieve this look is to use a small moustache comb and a sharp pointed scissors. Start off by inserting the comb in your mustache flat on your lip and cut the hair that is taller than the width of your comb teeth. Pointed scissors to a better job at details than the round pointed ones. An electric beard trimmer will also do a good job provided you use it correctly.

John Travolta in The Taking of Pelham 123:

This one was bold and smokin’ hot. Wrestlers, heavy metal icons, and A-list actors have been sporting this mustache style since a long time now. It projects masculinity and a certain aura. The whole thick mustache running past your mouth all the way to the jaw line is so downright saucy.

For maximum oomph, you should make sure that the rest of your face is as smooth as possible and not have any hair impeding your horse shoe mustache look. We must warn you that growing this style of mustache is not a cake walk. Only a few lucky ones can actually get their lip warmers down to the chin. If you can, you are blessed. Please do your bit to keep this look alive.

Tom Selleck in Sea Change:

The chevron style mustache is a classic and can never go out of style. This mustache style peaked in the 70’s and 80’s but even now if you ask and mustache aficionado, this one’s sure on his list of must tries. It is easy to groom and is bold without being too audacious.

You can get this mustache style you have to get your cheeks and chin all smooth and leave the mustache to stand out like a monument. You want to ensure that the hair does not go past your mouth or far over your upper lip or it might look unruly. Keep it neat and fierce.

Styled beards and mustaches

Frank Morgan in The Wizard of Oz:

century politician mustache style but looks stylish even now nevertheless. It spells style, authority and class effortlessly. The handle bar resembles the Dali mustache style but is thicker than its counterpart.

To achieve this look, you have to grow out your mustache (obviously!) and then use wax to on the sides of the mustache and curl the sides upwards. It is important to know that lack of enough wax or even a slightly improper curling motion could ruin your whole look. So, use a good wax and curl carefully.

Wilford Brimley in Cocoon:

If you are a gregarious soul, the walrus mustache style is for you. It’s over the top, and mouth eclipsing and quite an attention getter. To keep growing your mustache till it covers your mouth and resembles a push broom under your nose requires a lot of patience and courage. It also requires a little sacrifice (like you cannot have an ice-cream without getting it all over your mustache). This style has been carried by ranchers and presidents alike and if you want to catch some attention on your lip fuzz, go Walrus!

George Clooney in The Monuments men:

The paintbrush mustache style looked hot on George Clooney (but then, anything does). This one looks much like the chevron mustache style but it is capped off in round edges on the side and the mustache never extends past the mouth. It looks way neater and more presentable than its counterpart.

This moustache style requires maintenance and you have to make sure you keep the edges neatly trimmed to make it look as great as it was intended to be.

Warner Oland in Fu Manchu:

Well almost nobody will envy you when you grow this legendary moustache style but they sure will applaud the time, effort, and patience you put into this one. After all, to grow your moustache until it becomes long enough to hang below you chin is no mean feat.

First moustache

If you want to imitate the most difficult moustache style, you will not only need patience to grow it but also a great amount of dedication in keeping the rest of your face completely clean shaven. Only when your moustache hair acts independently from your face, you will have gained victory over this impossibly difficult moustache style.

Charlie Chaplin:

We cannot have a mustaches styles list without including this one. The legendary actor sported the toothbrush mustache and was rarely seen without it. This kind of mustache is shaved at the edges except for 3-4 inches resting on top of the mid lip. This mustache style was a success in the 90’s among the Americans owing to its neat structure and low maintenance. Not to forget, even Adolf Hitler sported this mustache style!

There you go! Facial hair has made a comeback and how.

Give your face the mustache style you prefer most and watch how your idea of a mustache changes from a funny fashion statement to a gruffly charming adornment.

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