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Being clean shaven every day in the military is an absolute must — unless you're a special forces operator and are allowed to grow out a manly beard. Every morning, men (and some women) wake up during with a 5 o'clock shadow that is required to disappear before morning muster. Moustache personality.

But the day you signed your DD-214 and no longer fall under the rules and regulations of shaving, it's time to grow out that impressive separation beard — just because you can.

Not every beard is right for the individual. With several types of styles to choose from, it's necessary to grow one that fits your specific personality. Don't worry, we're here to help you pick one out that fits your unique look.

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1. The Mountain Man

Not to be mistaken for the "Homeless Man," this style says "I work my ass for a living, but it's usually somewhere outside in the cold." It's popular for keeping your face warm and catching food crumbs.

You may take his life, but you'll never take his separation beard!

2. The Chuck Norris

One of our favorites, this traditional style relays to the world that not only can you be rugged, but you take enough time to trim up. This typically looks good enough to step into the boardroom for a presentation, then head right out to the gun range.

Trimming mustache with beard

Chuck Norris doesn't shave — he orders his beard to stop growing.

3. The "I'm not too worried about it"

This unique look informs the world you're just chilling, you're in no hurry, and whatever happens, happens.

Awaiting a "Game of Thrones" audition or something like that.

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4. The Galifianakis

"Inappropriateness is funny to me."

Named after the talent actor-comedian Zack Galifianakis, this ensures your fellow man that you're a hard worker, but you know how to crack a good joke and don't take life too seriously.

How to style beard and mustache

5. The Fuzz

Not everyone can grow a full separation beard — some of us grow them in thin-to-thick patches.

This doesn't inform the world you have low testosterone (the male's dominant hormone) because it isn't a facial hair growth factor — dihydrotestosterone is the chemical that promotes thick beard growth and unfortunately is linked to hair loss. Bummer!

We still respect your commitment.

You get points for trying.

6. The Shaggy

A fashionable look for those who received their separation paperwork and ran straight to the bar, leaving their razor or clipper behind in the barracks.

Handlebar mustache with beard

"Vanity is great motivation, to be fair."

Did we leave any out? Comment below.

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