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Whether you’re balding, or you decided to shave your head, you probably feel a hole in your life (or rather, your style) that needs to be filled. You could try buying a new shirt or maybe trying some cologne, but only one thing is going to bring you back to the level of manliness you deserve: a beard. Mustache styles for bald.

There’s nothing wrong with a bald look, but a man’s face needs hair. That’s just a simple fact of life. Not only will a beard provide the balance your face needs, but it will also take away from the lack of hair on your head.

Bald With Beards

A powerful beard solidifies your style and gives you a style and look that ensures no one will mess with you. Today we’ll take a look at some epic beard styles and why this look is for you.

1. Bald with a Mustache and Beard

A beard doesn’t need a mustache, but the two go together like peas in a pod. If you have one, it’s not uncommon to have the other too.

2. Bald with a Thick Beard

The thing about beards is they need to be maintained. You need to keep them trimmed and moisturized with beard oil to maintain the look you want.

3. The Manliest of Beards

This manly beard suits the shape of the face so well. Matched with a mustache it is a look that simply works. Who cares if the guy is bald, do we we even notice?

Mexican moustache styles

The best kind of beard is one that conveys a manly and confident look. You don’t want something scraggly and unkempt, you want something civilized and manly.

4. The Businessman’s Beard

If you’re a business professional, the bald with beard look is a classy choice. As you can see, it doesn’t matter if you have some grey flecks of hair in there either.

Bald and beaded professionals exude confidence and charisma. As is the case with this smart, manly and executive style.

5. The Black Man’s Bald with Beard Look

Black men can absolutely enjoy this type of look. A thick beard and a shiny top makes you look like a bad ass who is always in control of his style.

The beard, the shades and the mustache all work together closely to create this uber cool manly look.

Mustache styles with beard

6. Daughtry’s Bald + Beard Style

There are many bald singers, Judas Priest for example and Elton John. Daughtry works his beard style well and we are not really drawn to his bald head that much.

Daughtry has some pretty sweet music, but he’s got an amazing style to boot. He’s kept this look intact since he debuted on the music scene.

7. The Gandalf Beard

Who says wizards are the only ones that can have a long and thick beard? As you can see, any fine gentlemen of older age can enjoy this look.

One thing the wizard couldn’t do of course was magic up some new hair. However he had no trouble conjuring up this amazing beard.

8. Sir Patrick Stewart

Here Patrick Stewart baldly goes where no man has gone before and with a great beard style to send him on his way.

Black man moustache styles

Patrick Stewart can do no wrong. This knighted man has always gone with a bald look. The beard is an excellent touch to this epic style.

9. A Clean Bald/Beard Look

The biggest thing to remember with this look is the cleanliness of the style. Everything needs to be trimmed and shaved accordingly to ensure the look is solid and intact.

All of these mens beard styles demonstrate that what may be lacking in hair on top can more than be compensated for down below. A great beard, rather than drawing attention to a mans baldness or thinning hair actually does the opposite. This is how to look cool when bald.
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