Old timey moustache. 20 Heroic Handlebar Mustache Styles to Rock 2016, The Groomed Male

When you are considering growing facial hair, a handlebar mustache is probably on the back of your list as the most complicated option. However, you shouldn’t be afraid of making it. In fact, such mustache is pretty easy to create. All it needs is some daily styling. Keeping a handlebar neat and stylish will just take a few minutes of your time. But the result will truly be impressive. Knowing how to style such a mustache is a great skill that will help you deal with your hair in the future. If you need some inspiration, take a look at some of the most popular handlebar options to make you understand how great your choice really is. 2016 mustache styles.

Fashionable Handlebar Mustaches for The Bravest Men

A handlebar mustache is something many men dream about. Remember, that in order to sport the most stylish handlebar, you need to grow a pretty long mustache. Allow your hair to grow for a while even if it looks a little unkempt. You will have to sacrifice your neat appearance for about 6 weeks in order to get a perfect result. Brush your mustache while you are growing it. It will help your hair “get used” to a special shape. Use special mustache wax to twist and shape your new handlebar.

1. Handlebar mustache with a stubble

A good way to outline your handlebar mustache will be to contrast it with a stubble and an undercut. The less hair you will have around it, the more interesting and impressive the mustache will look. You can even consider shaving your beard altogether.

2. High ends

Ends of a handlebar mustache leave a lot of room to your imagination. The longer they are, the more experiments you can make. One of the options is to use some wax to shape the ends upwards and make them as high as you possibly can.

3. Asymmetrical handlebar

Did you think that looking modern is impossible with a handlebar? You were wrong. Consider creating an asymmetrical mustache by making one of the sides lower than the other. Just make sure the hair is very neat. Otherwise, the asymmetry will be considered messy.

4. Separated handlebar moustache

A very special way to create a mustache would be to separate it in the middle. This is not an easy job since it requires a lot of precision. Make sure not to overdo the spacing, otherwise, you will end up shaving the whole mustache off.

5. Handlebar with a chin curtain

Growing the right beard is vital for making your handlebar mustache look impressive. If you overdo the fullness, then the mustache will be lost. If you make it too messy then the neatness of the mustache will be useless. Consider a neat chin curtain to suit your handlebar.

6. Silver handlebar

If you have gray hair, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all the wonderful mustache options. Remember, its very important to keep all your facial hair very neat. Men with messy silver hair look a little out of whack.. or a lot…

Fu manchu mustache styles

7. Bushy handlebar with a chinstrap

Another way to make your mustache look even more impressive is to contrast it with a chinstrap. In order to do that, you’ll have to grow a rather bushy handlebar and cut your chinstrap pretty short. The contrast will look fantastic!

8. Handlebar and a balbo

If you are brave enough to sport a handlebar mustache, you can go even further and grow a Balbo beard. These two facial hairstyles look wonderful together and make you appear extremely fashionable. Give it a try and you won’t regret it.

9. Natural handlebar

If you learn how to brush you mustache the right way, you can minimize the use of different mustache products. The mustache will naturally curl where you want it to if you do a good job shaping it on a regular basis.

10. Thick and full

If you are into thick facial hairstyles, you will love this option. If your hair is thick enough, this handlebar mustache will require little to no styling. However, keeping it and the full beard neat will require some dedication.

11. Well-cut handlebar

When you take care of your handlebar, you will need to choose the length. Once you know how short it will be, you have learned how to cut it. A well-cut handlebar is absolutely imperative for a neat and solid image. If you are just starting out, you can ask your barber for some help.

12. Low handlebar

There are many different ways to style a handlebar mustache. One of them is to make the curls low. This is good for long and thick mustaches that naturally fall down due to the weight of the hair. Let the mustache hang low and curl up just the very tips.

13. 90 degree handlebar

If you want your handlebar to look really impressive, consider styling the two sides into a 90 degree angle. This mustache is a little hard to take care of and it might be annoying at first, since it covers a big part of the mouth. But in the end you will be glad you got it.

Perfect moustache

14. Modern handlebars

Some modern men make a choice toward fully eliminating the twisted part of the handlebar. They follow all the growing instructions but forget about the styling. Such mustache can also look solid but the zest is gone.

15. Classical handlebar

This is a good handlebar mustache to start with. It is not too long and will not cover your mouth. This will make it easier to wear and to style. The twisted ends are also not too long or high. You can compensate the neatness of the classics by adding some modern accessories.

16. Leveled ends

If you want to really stand out of the crowd, come up with your own way to style the ends of the handlebar. Consider making them leveled, not curly or shape them upwards. As long as your imagination works, anything goes.

17. Slight twist

If you are not into wild options but still want to add a little zest to your image, you can slightly twist the ends of your mustache. This will not be a classical handlebar but it will still make some heads turn your way.

18. Acute angle

If you like when the mustache covers your mouth, you can opt for an acute angle. In order to achieve this you will need to spend some more time growing your facial hair. The ends can be either twisted up or leveled.

19. Thin handlebar

While a classical handlebar mustache is much longer than the one on the photo, this option is also very interesting. Thin mustaches are considered more modern so this one can be a great choice for a young men who love fashion.

20. Romantic handlebar

If you want a handlebar to have a romantic look, you need to think about the rest of your hair. Grow long locks and a full beard so your handlebar will get an amazing company. Remember, the longer the hair, the beard and the mustache are, the harder it is to maintain them.

Trucker moustache

We hope these options gave you the inspiration you needed to start growing a mustache. You know what the best part about it is? You can always shave it off if you don’t like it. Allow yourself to experiment and your life will become much brighter!

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