How to wear a moustache. Men’s Hair Trends 2016

Have you ever gone out, looked around and realized that most everyone around you has something in common? This recently happened to me, in a local watering hole around 7 pm on a Saturday night. My eyes couldn’t believe it. I had just experienced in great volume, the evolution of the metrosexual man into the ruggedly handsome, Lumbersexual! Eight out of ten men were all wearing a similar look: Bearded, barbered, groomed and fashionable sporting flannel or plaid in one way or another. For the first time in my career as a stylist men have come together in large numbers for the greater good of fashion. Hence, the inspiration for this article: Men’s Trends of 2016. Good bye juvenile styles of the Justin Bieber era. Hello, classic, sophisticated men of 2016! 2016 mustache styles.

Men’s Hair trends of 2016 are dynamic and versatile- an important point these days when men need to look professionally groomed at work but, prefer a high fashion look for leisure and social time. These styles are ageless, timeless and can project an image of casual elegance with a professional edge.

2016 styles host a retro 1950’s feel with defined side parts, tight clean sides and long lengths through the top of the hair. To add an additional tailored effect to the hair, stylists and barbers are creating a more defined part by shaving in a thin line into the hair where the desired part belongs. This technique is called a “hard part”. Hard parts can be added to any style to create a clean, tailored look and add a focal point to the haircut. Do not fear the hard part, it is not as committal as you may think. When done properly your hard part will fill back in within 1-2 weeks if it is not the effect you desire.

Men's mustache and beard styles

If the hard part is not your cup of tea you may also try cleaning up your look with a more slicked back style. Similar to the trend discussed above you will want to trim up the sides nice and tight, leave the top long and use a gel or pomade to smooth back away from the face similar to styles of the unforgettable Rat Pack: Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.

The final and defining attribute for must have styles of 2016 is facial hair, making these trends unique to 2016. Whether you rock a 5 o’clock shadow or a full facial mane, well-groomed whiskers suggest manly strength and style. So go ahead and grab your beard oil or mustache wax and get grooming. Fantastic facial hair has become the most important piece to any must have look of 2016.

Pencil line moustache
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