How to trim mustache. 9 Handsome Balbo Beard Styles with Pictures, Styles At Life


Nobody remembers the Italian fascist leader Italo Balbo. But his beard style certainly become a style icon of dashing, cool n sexy personalities giving them an aristocratic look. Today nobody cares about fascist origin of Balbo beard style; the only thing important is that sporting Balbo beard gives a person cool, confident and self-assured look. Beard styles pictures.

Stylish and Best Balbo Beard Styles for Men in Fashion:

Below are dashing top 9 Balbo beard style,

1. Classic Balbo Style:

This particular style is prominently noticeable by hair growth on the soul patch, less hair on the cheeks with no sideburns and a mustache. This Balbo beard style gives a casually handsome masculine look by defining the jaw line n chin.

2. Balbo Beard with Handlebar Mustaches:

Match your full beard with shapely but differently styled handlebar mustaches, e.g. Thick/well cut/Classical/ O curved/ Cape buffalo. Experimenting with different styles adds versatility to your looks without trimming your beard. Are you a? It doesn’t matter who you are; college boy or a celebrity, handlebar Balbo mustache leaves an impact on the onlooker.

3. Prominently Office Look:

Want to sport Balbo beard with mustaches for a professional / office look? Well trim your facial hair to short length and don’t fuse your mustache, keep it separated. Matched with your formal office outfit Balbo mustache gives a cool charismatic as well as an efficient impression.

Handlebar mustache and beard

4. Natural Full Balbo Beard and Shaped Mustaches:

Is your preference is natural full beard with mustache? Then to have a Balbo beard style, trim the facial hair of your cheeks shorter than the chin area. Your mustaches and the beard should be distinctively separate. It requires very little daily care. It gives a rugged looks of an adventurer, fond of outdoor life.

5. Jawline Balbo Beard Style:

This sure is a macho style of young and handsome individuals. To don this particular type of Balbo beard, closely trim your facial hair on the cheeks than the chin and jaw line and the soul patch. It gives an impression of a strong, well defined jaw. Style admired by women.

6. The Neat and Clean Balbo Style:

In case you don’t like clean shaven look then closely trim your facial hair to just a stubble and don’t blend the mustache with the beard, keep it well defined. This Balbo style gives one a very neat and clean look.

7. Balbo Goatee Style:

A perfect Balbo goatee style has hair on the soul patch and you can match your beard with or without mustaches. In this particular style the beard can be trimmed or shaped in various ways and side burns can be removed. This gives a distinct barbarian look.

Good shaving styles

8. Balbo Beard with Long Hair:

Most favored craze of youngsters. Balbo style beard can be grown or trimmed as per the liking of the person and hair also can be grown long and trimmed following the fashion trend. It gives them a casual carefree look.

9. Bald with Balbo Style:

Are you bald? Need not worry, bald with beard are sexy to look at. If this look is matched with the Balbo beard style then it becomes a stunner. Grow your beard, style it like an inverted “T”, trim your facial hair from all sides and look cool and confident.

As hair styles compliment a person’s appearance, the beard styles are also flattering. Even though beard covers a small portion of your face but with a little creativity they can be trimmed and styled cleverly in above top 9 Balbo beard style to give you a charismatic look.
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