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Men seem to be more interested in style than ever before, and app developers are taking notice. Latest moustache style.

From apps that deliver the best designer apparel flash sales to ones that allow guys to "try on" different types of facial hair, there are plenty of choices for the fashion-forward male.

We searched through some of the top-ranked options out there, and these are the nine apps worth an immediate download.

One of the best websites for designer clothing flash sales, the Gilt app lets you access amazing deals on shoes, clothing, outerwear, and accessories. The men's section typically features fashion powerhouses like Gucci, Puma, Prada, and more.

2. ShopStyle

iPhone shoppers swear by ShopStyle's app that makes shopping on your phone as easy as it gets. ShopStyle pulls in the latest fashions from hundreds of retailers like Nordstrom and Burberry that customers can then curate by price, color, size, and style to find exactly what they're looking for.

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The men's version of Stylish Girl, Cool Guy lets you create outfits, pack for trips, and search through your own closet to create looks. There's also a news section that curates content from fashion blogs and magazines, as well as a shopping feature where you can add items to your wish list and see when they go on sale.

4. Men's Hairstyles

Wondering if you should grow out your hair or buzz it short? Just bored? Men's Hairstyles lets you virtually try on over 140 men's hairstyles and 98 beards and mustaches to see what you'd look like with everything from a soul patch to a Justin Bieber cut.

The Four-in-Hand, the Cavendish, the Batlhus, the Bow-Tie — there are over a dozen ways to tie your tie. This app has easy instructions for all your favorite knots, plus advice on what goes best with each outfit and ways to care for and store your ties.

6. Beardify

It's a scientific fact that women find men with beards more attractive. Amp up your facial hair game with Beardify and see which beard or mustache suits your face the best. Just upload your photo, and have fun trying on styles like mutton chops or the chin curtain.

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Valet. Magazine is a fantastic resource for fashionable men online, and its app is a way to have fashion news, advice, and resources at the touch of your fingertips. The best part is The Handbook, with over 100 how-to guides and step-by-step instructions on everything from etiquette to grooming.


If you're into fashion shows and the latest runway looks, is the app for you. It features news and reviews, plus photographs of the catwalk styles. It's also designed to recognize new trends and inspire street-style ideas based on runway looks.

Easily one of the best men's shopping sites around, MR PORTER also has an app where you can shop, manage your wish list, and see what's new in the store from brands like Alexander Wang, Acne, and J.Crew.

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